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Diving Deeper into pH-1
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  • Milordan Family fun
    Milordan Family fun 27 minutes ago

    I went to their concert in New York this year

  • • frostedjosieos

    Just while watching this, I had the thought: it's kind of like all the BTS Love Yourself title track smooshed into one.

  • Sophie Tao
    Sophie Tao Hour ago

    excuse you seonghwa was always beautiful he didn't "glow up" for your information

  • Kang LiJin
    Kang LiJin Hour ago

    Stray kids - Double knot

  • Red Fernandez
    Red Fernandez 2 hours ago

    Rip sulli

  • chobopanda
    chobopanda 2 hours ago

    MAKE. HER. if you have something you care about, the things you create will have THAT much more value. don't let corporate suits sell you their second-rate bullshit that values margins over message.

  • Allie Adams
    Allie Adams 2 hours ago

    when he watches it again... that’s literally me x10 the first time i clicked on this video

  • Sam Lleva
    Sam Lleva 4 hours ago

    It's a great video and the sound of the song is catchy, but the song feels empty.

  • Amanda
    Amanda 5 hours ago

    It sort of reminds me of the movie "Neon Demon" but in all it's best ways.

  • Hasnae Atif
    Hasnae Atif 5 hours ago

    I love how he praises everything about it and how he talks about all of that but please give me a moment someone said the8 is so hot i am emo r8 now every1 is been ignoring this fact .

  • Fatmaysaroh Siahaan
    Fatmaysaroh Siahaan 5 hours ago

    he's a bad bitch, pd, what are u talking about?😂

  • Angry British Frog
    Angry British Frog 6 hours ago

    I came in to SuperM liking Kai the least of the members, just because whenever I had watched EXO in past he wasn't the one that captured my attention. Man did that fucking change, though. I finally understand the craze about him, lol.

  • BiME
    BiME 6 hours ago

    Almost every comment here is about the song and the music video which I LOVE. but let me tell you, this has to be one of my favorite reaction video i've ever seen. He doesn't just talk about the music and video from a perspective that is usual to most people. He really goes in depth with his opinions and i loved that. I got so intrigued when he was talking about the production of the music video and what his thoughts are. I loved how he also kept thing professional by mentioning small details which might be overseen by some others. I really liked when he also not just said that Jackson is a good singer, buy WHY and how he is that. Not to compare, but alot of reaction/opinion channels doesn't really discuss the different perspective of the artists and the video they're reacting to, and I loved that the kulture study did exactly that.

  • hwaniibee
    hwaniibee 6 hours ago

    dude i became a fan of onf a little after their song complete got released and it was merely by accident but my god idk what i wouldve done if i havent. there wad something new about them and thats what i mainly loved about them. and the fact that poor laun had to leave so unexpectedly broke my heart to the point i did become teary eyed

  • SaGeForReal
    SaGeForReal 6 hours ago

    OMG PLS DO DIVING DEEPER INTO WINNER!! from their debut full album to their mini album to their 2nd full album to their recent mini albums you’ll hear the growth and versatility of WINNER. They just have such a way with composing songs or experimenting with different genres with a twist of making it so very WINNER. You’re right..they all have distinctive voices in this group. However, what you expect them composing wise will surprise you..WINNER always surprises us with their self-composed songs. You’d think Yoon will only compose guitar-based or rock pop influence kind of songs cuz that’s what he is known for since his SSK days. But Yoon has such a love for all kinds of music genres that he likes to take risks and put his own color or spin to the genre. What you think is composed by another look at the credit and you’ll be like WHAT YOON COMPOSED THIS?! It’s the same thing with Mino, Mino is such an eclectic composer and like Yoon get inspired by all kinds of musical genres. So you never really think Mino has the ability to compose a ballad song or trot hip hop but HE CAN AND HE DID. Hoony’s composing skills and witty lyrics has always been a staple in WINNER songs as well. Tbh the songs I thought sound very YOON..can actually be composed by HOONY. So it’s crazy how there’s many facets and diverse composing skills in WINNER. Pls pls DIVE DEEPER INTO WINNER!! I swear you won’t be disappointed and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by WINNER’s range of music and experimentation. Tbh WINNER is like in their own league to me cuz they don’t try to stick to the norm.

  • Harper Nichols
    Harper Nichols 6 hours ago

    Please react to Tiffany Young “Run For Your Life”!

  • Koya
    Koya 6 hours ago

    I'm so upset ONF doesn't get the recognition they deserve. I started listening to them by accident and I have no regret.

  • Alessandro Palmeri
    Alessandro Palmeri 6 hours ago

    Is it just or like the best choreographies always are just in sync the music like at the end ra la ta ka with yunho omg that was amazing

  • Marianela Vargas
    Marianela Vargas 8 hours ago

    This vid was another call from her asking for help, the third Goblin took it all! . I'm always a passersby that is afraid to be pulled in this sick cyber world but that also love to watch these beautiful talents. It's so sad too, to look how they struggle to live and even lost themselves while trying. May many of us learn and pray for them. Ty for the vid, still didn't watch it with the subs. It was very refreshing to see your analysis.

  • WanderingHobbit
    WanderingHobbit 8 hours ago

    First ever song i'm hearing from them and I'm in love

  • felix's cheesestick
    felix's cheesestick 9 hours ago

    you should listen to moscow moscow!

  • Candii A.L.
    Candii A.L. 9 hours ago

    I'm freaking out. Why would you run away?! I mean... I'd actually run away too cause I can get awkward and blushy. I'm upset that I can't be there, no one ever visits the Caribbean and I can't come to the US

  • Laura Dantas
    Laura Dantas 10 hours ago

    the b sides from this album are good too, especially blue sky and level up

  • maku takahiro
    maku takahiro 10 hours ago

    sulli died

  • maku takahiro
    maku takahiro 10 hours ago


  • J•A•Y
    J•A•Y 11 hours ago

    When she blew out the candles, those three candles represented her three characters. And by blowing them out she wanted to get rid of them aka get rid of herself, then she smiled like she was happy

  • Beca Jane Frigillana
    Beca Jane Frigillana 11 hours ago


  • Beca Jane Frigillana
    Beca Jane Frigillana 11 hours ago

    "woah, ten has lines that amazing" TOTALLY AGREE WITH THAT

  • We miss u sulli
    We miss u sulli 11 hours ago

    You will be missed angel

  • I can’t englisheu
    I can’t englisheu 12 hours ago

    God they’re so talented

  • 청홍사
    청홍사 12 hours ago

    I can't even see but that was so insane it's gotta be San -Today's line 20191011

  • I can’t englisheu
    I can’t englisheu 12 hours ago


  • I can’t englisheu
    I can’t englisheu 12 hours ago

    This is like my 15th time watching this video

  • JSinuYasha
    JSinuYasha 12 hours ago

    I loved the way this video was shot. The woman was great and I love the song but it left me craving for more.😂

  • Antonio Prgomet
    Antonio Prgomet 13 hours ago

    Oneus just cant make a bad song,thats it

  • beyond the galaxy
    beyond the galaxy 13 hours ago

    the only thing that i'm gonna point out other than the amazing story is the use of glasses. i see that in 4:31 you could see the reflection of the crew behind the character :") i go to film school and we have a keen eye on things because our professors's eyes are like hawks. i suggest using a lens-less ones next time, or not to shoot in the dark with that angle since light reflects better in darkness

  • Kai Lin
    Kai Lin 13 hours ago

    Listen to Air and Movie Star

  • Victoria
    Victoria 13 hours ago


  • trcakes
    trcakes 13 hours ago

    They are very talented 🤗🤗💗🤗🤗

  • Skyy 123
    Skyy 123 13 hours ago

    Her song tells something which leads or predicted what happened to her:((( rip sulli rest in peace

  • Revvun
    Revvun 14 hours ago

    So ONEUS is pronounced " ONE US" not "O ne yus"... Okay okay 😂 i always calls them o ne yus lol

  • eguica08
    eguica08 15 hours ago

    Muito bom! Amei!

  • yesui b
    yesui b 15 hours ago


  • wonho_addict
    wonho_addict 15 hours ago

    Please react to AB6IX comeback

  • wonho_addict
    wonho_addict 15 hours ago

    Please react to AB6IX comeback

  • wonho_addict
    wonho_addict 15 hours ago

    Please react to AB6IX comeback

  • wonho_addict
    wonho_addict 15 hours ago

    Please react to AB6IX comeback

  • Cyela McKrane
    Cyela McKrane 15 hours ago

    Way to make me cry PD! But seriously. Great job. If you need some visual effects give me a call. I need to get back into the field T-T

  • AnkoMitarashi -
    AnkoMitarashi - 15 hours ago

    ONF HAS THE BEST MUSIC FITE ME You won't be disappointed with their discography Also, thank you for uploading this on my birthday

  • Miles Hendrix
    Miles Hendrix 16 hours ago

    They called themselves the avengers because obviously they got jumped in another type of pop music. And now they sold 4m of album combined with total of 8 mini album and they top now in billboard 200.

  • justtpaula
    justtpaula 16 hours ago

    mood with we must love

  • Cyela McKrane
    Cyela McKrane 16 hours ago

    As a Bi sexual female. I fully support the making of more gay movies! I support you PD!

  • Angiee Santos
    Angiee Santos 16 hours ago

    I swear someone is cutting onions... 🖤🌹

  • well hello chirren
    well hello chirren 17 hours ago

    coming from a person whose hearing is slowly deprecating--that statement you made about being deaf in one ear and appreciating music made me want to cry so much. hits home man.

  • Gewgle Maps
    Gewgle Maps 18 hours ago

    Pd is fangirling half of the time I-

  • Kira haruoko
    Kira haruoko 19 hours ago

    And now she's dead. We lost her

  • Chiara Dal Col
    Chiara Dal Col 19 hours ago

    The more you listen to the song, the more additive it gets

  • Chiara Dal Col
    Chiara Dal Col 19 hours ago

    Oneus truely do deserve more attention. And may I say.. their facial expression- oof! have you seen them perform live. Cauuuse their facial expression are on point along with their dancing. I'm not a big fan but I'm just saying, support oneus even if u don't know them.

  • Jungwoo's skkreut.
    Jungwoo's skkreut. 19 hours ago

    You should definitely do a listening party to the whole album, it's such a good one ! 🙏🏼

  • justlikeit
    justlikeit 19 hours ago

    I miss them so much. Still holding on to that hope that the would come back again.

  • Cthomp91
    Cthomp91 20 hours ago

    Dumb Litty is slang where I grew up about getting so turnt up and wasted and having fun that you’re dumb.

  • Hiiamsnowman
    Hiiamsnowman 20 hours ago

    My fav song is Bomb Bomb just love the tune, great to dance too. Name: Sam, email Atlanta

  • Lily It’s
    Lily It’s 20 hours ago

    Watching this now makes me heart break into pieces.I didn’t get the MV at first,but I understand everything now. Like she said,”would not it be better for people to disappear?”

    • Kata rin
      Kata rin 20 hours ago

      Lily It’s I noticed that line a lot too. It makes me so sad. If her haters disappeared, this might not have happened. They hurt her and now she is gone. I hope she is finally able to smile and rest in heaven like she always deserved.

  • trcakes
    trcakes 21 hour ago

    I love this song 💗🌟💗

  • brisa pijuda
    brisa pijuda 22 hours ago


  • Ren Ren
    Ren Ren 22 hours ago

    rest in peace Choi Jin Ri (Sulli) 1994 - 2019

  • Abigail Yang
    Abigail Yang 23 hours ago

    thank you so much for this PD! and for being so open with us all :)) cant wait for your next reactions to ONF!! i just HAD to subscribe to you after watching your reaction to this lol

  • marianne s.
    marianne s. 23 hours ago


  • marianne s.
    marianne s. 23 hours ago

    duuuude,,,, this song live ,,, ooof 🔥🔥

  • Lalala La Vie en Rose

    FUN FACT: wjsn's comebacks and bsides are all bombbb

  • Iselin
    Iselin Day ago

    2:39 Mingi's too hot for PD!

  • Alex Olsson
    Alex Olsson Day ago

    What an amazing song and music video

  • Simply Supplementary

    lol, your so awkward. I saw you at Kcon Ny. I was so surprised when I got to the bottom of the escalator and you were just there standing all by yourself. I waved and said omg, its you. I love your videos, etc. You looked around, smiled and nodded, and then looked away. I walked away thinking, cool I guess I'm not the only awkward person here. Im still a big fan :)

  • pain the gamer

    RIP sulli

  • drama llama
    drama llama Day ago

    “wow ten has lines” RIGHT.

  • Lily Bennett
    Lily Bennett Day ago

    The album is even better😍

  • Irmak Öztürk

    This is sad :'(

  • Cy Giraffe
    Cy Giraffe Day ago

    Your camera work and editing reminds me of Burn The Stage this feels like a movie about ATEEZ bro your so talented thank you for your hard word. 💜 Also you captured San and his possessed part. Lol

  • Cy Giraffe
    Cy Giraffe Day ago

    Please react to their performance bro the chorea is so fucking good as fuck!!

  • codebrker24
    codebrker24 Day ago

    Oneus outdid SuperM. This seems fresh and a Celebration of Korean Culture. I love the fact the MV shows and tells. It's kind of a History lesson of sorts. I love the lineup of SuperM,however, unless they come different with lyrics and concepts they will look and feel out of step. Great Job Oneus!😁😁😁😁😃😃

  • Nixiestixx
    Nixiestixx Day ago

    love pd's reactions!!!!

  • Xx_ Romi _xX
    Xx_ Romi _xX Day ago

    Reacts to the Twice album pls

  • Faye Potter
    Faye Potter Day ago


  • doutor esquisito

    Crying... :(

  • zeynatura
    zeynatura Day ago

    When i went to their concert in Oct 6th and was the time for the Hi Touch, J.Seph made me panic because of how beautiful he is and he was the first one to greet us, then Jiwoo and Somin made me feel bad for tainting their hands with mine and then BM grabbed my hand with both of his hands and didn't let go for like 5 seconds and OH MY GOD, at that moment i tought "this is how every BM biased feels" xD so, i can't even imagine how you felt but definitely relate

  • Ur CoMpAdre
    Ur CoMpAdre Day ago

    God I had listened to ONEUS before but none of the members had caught my eye but- RAVN HOLY FUUIUCKDKDK his aura in that rap was so grAnd like GD, MINO, Hongjoong vibes Like lord literal god tier rapper vibes 🙏😞😤😫

  • Thirstae For Tae

    PD Meets BM *runs in gay panic* 🏃💨

  • I Am RockStar13

    React to Dear Love by BTOB Hyunsik

  • Álvaro García Madrigal

    Wheres plt's reaction video? I'd swear i had seen a reaction yo blind + Igoholic and i want It so bad OMG

  • 비앙카
    비앙카 Day ago

    All i wanted in life was to at least see your reaction to Pirate King either by MV or by a first listen and you skipped it on here too!!! Ahhhh LMAO

  • Tea Light
    Tea Light Day ago

    You know PD is mesmerized when they lean in and are silent. Thank you for the reatcion. Thanks ONEUS for the art.

  • sunnyhosexk
    sunnyhosexk Day ago

    imfact are so underrated it’s unreal

  • malenita7713
    malenita7713 Day ago

    Did you make a reaction video of mino fiance?? I can not find it

  • Tony Kang
    Tony Kang Day ago

    Name is wack and this group will fight and break up. Need to go back to the drawing broad.

  • Maria Olender
    Maria Olender Day ago

    "I don't give a shit"

  • robyn browne
    robyn browne Day ago

    You come off as an intellect sir lololol

  • inYOUNIVERSE there is purple rain

    PD she’s gone . Hope she went to a better place. Where she doesn’t get hate that she doesn’t deserve ;(