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Pinterest for Actors 101
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Self-Care Tips for Actors
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How to Slate a Demo Reel
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  • Abhishek X
    Abhishek X Hour ago

    0 dislike.. I like it.

  • Koh Kai Lun
    Koh Kai Lun 2 days ago

    I Love U ChrisColfer to Day i 🎤🎹🎵🎶🇺🇸 🇺🇸👒👠👛🛍💄👙💝👗💍💎 GLEE Cast Reveal Final Day on Set Message to Gleeks lnterview

  • Gage The Navigator
    Gage The Navigator 2 days ago

    solid advice

  • Stern Thelma
    Stern Thelma 2 days ago

    Nice work pal!! You should take a look at smzeus”dot”com!! ! It’s a handy tool to quickly grow your channel.

  • Neutral Artist
    Neutral Artist 2 days ago

    Anyone think they should've left the title, It's always sunny on TV?

  • paquete G
    paquete G 3 days ago

    Zoé is 100% right in here. Actors in Hollywood are fucking hypocrites

  • Joan Oduma
    Joan Oduma 4 days ago

    thank you for the message,very helpful to me indeed,

  • Joan Oduma
    Joan Oduma 4 days ago


  • PrankerTv
    PrankerTv 5 days ago

    I love it when this guy reads a line of poetry.

  • Dumfries Spearhead
    Dumfries Spearhead 5 days ago

    One of the best casting I've ever seen was the casting of Danny's son. Where on earth did they find guy who looked so much like Ben Mendelssohn? I could've sworn it was his actual son.

  • Ellie n Aidan
    Ellie n Aidan 5 days ago

    I have an audition in an hour and I’m terrified 😭😱

  • Boy soles
    Boy soles 6 days ago

    I love mom from cow and chicken. Plus those cartoon feet are hot

  • Kevin Philip Quinn
    Kevin Philip Quinn 7 days ago

    OMG Women can be funny! Only joking, this is the funniest Round Table I have seen. They are all funny AF!!

  • Alayna Leighh
    Alayna Leighh 10 days ago

    I’m auditioning for a school play tmrw! It’s a small casting so wish me luck plz! :)

  • Liam Hardy
    Liam Hardy 10 days ago

    Is Peter Jackson a hobbit?

  • Joyce Gibbs
    Joyce Gibbs 10 days ago

    I knew there was a reason why I liked her. I feel, (and always have), felt like an outsider. It explains the hate she also gets.

  • Abdul Reflectt
    Abdul Reflectt 12 days ago

    I'm so grateful for this, a much needed reminder.

  • Lemon Animations
    Lemon Animations 13 days ago

    Me: They have 21 things to pack for dancing but what about ways to cope with anxiety Backstage people: 2 ways. Me: *more anxiety* what if those don't work. There isn't more than two

  • Tierney Sleight
    Tierney Sleight 14 days ago

    Anybody else say “awh shit”

  • Amar Amar
    Amar Amar 14 days ago

    2:25 fantastic shot!

  • debra jenkins
    debra jenkins 14 days ago

    Excellent advice for all young people.

  • Sal d
    Sal d 14 days ago

    Que mujer que porte que voz que bonita Anna .me enamoré

  • NemosPodcast
    NemosPodcast 14 days ago

    I can sit at any lunch table I’m like a freaking Chamaeleon! 😂 I’m serious I got along with everybody and said hi to everybody. I don’t care if you were a nerd dork football player whatever just sit back and be humble that’s what life’s about. Be appreciative!

  • Aaryan Wahed Christopher

    I Love her!

  • Zioqwertyna NonsoloGaming

    2019- she's incredibly beautiful

  • oohwa-a-a-a
    oohwa-a-a-a 16 days ago

    this is probably one of the realest and most comfortable interviews i’ve seen of rami. really refreshing to see him answer fully and truthfully for a good amount of time.

  • Moni
    Moni 16 days ago

    She is such a fabulous person!

  • Worship Grego
    Worship Grego 17 days ago

    So grateful she got killed off on dexter...such a horrible character and actor

  • type1__physique
    type1__physique 17 days ago

    How do you know your “type?” What types are there?

  • Macie Nicholas
    Macie Nicholas 18 days ago

    Helena looks bored out of her fucking mind 😭🤣

  • Quiet Storm
    Quiet Storm 19 days ago

    Chance 😍😊😍😊😍

  • JD Jones
    JD Jones 19 days ago

    Terrible camera angle.

  • citycupids
    citycupids 19 days ago

    She is such a joy!

  • Emily Law
    Emily Law 20 days ago

    completely relate to the hungover and tired thing

  • Lori Wallace
    Lori Wallace 21 day ago

    The response to every answer is not “I love that, I love that”

  • Fats Waller
    Fats Waller 21 day ago

    2:04 Mac: Gangsters don’t sing! Frank: Whaddya talkin about Eva heard of gangsta rap?!🤣

  • bring it on
    bring it on 21 day ago

    Be kind to the interviewer, people.

  • Martin mc keever
    Martin mc keever 21 day ago

    he is a terrible interviewer, jeez, Fiona Shaw is a renowned actress and bloody good at it he cant even pronounce her name properly.. Fail and stopped listening

    • bumdog
      bumdog 14 days ago

      Maybe youll be less sensitive later on

  • th2k
    th2k 22 days ago

    After that I totally see how she could do a season three of Fleabag.

  • Taha E.
    Taha E. 22 days ago

    lil noah

  • Mudasir
    Mudasir 22 days ago

    I am 14 and I haven’t done anything but my teacher thinks I act really good

  • Red Bull
    Red Bull 23 days ago

    Very flattering

  • Akuma Sin
    Akuma Sin 23 days ago


  • King Glasses
    King Glasses 23 days ago

    First comment! Thank you so much for this information!

  • Shay Marie
    Shay Marie 23 days ago

    love this! 🖤

  • Malin Hessedahl
    Malin Hessedahl 23 days ago

    Love both movies of my girl ♥️♥️📷🎬🎥🌎💥💖💕

  • Malin Hessedahl
    Malin Hessedahl 24 days ago


  • Kristina Neuner
    Kristina Neuner 25 days ago

    Not sure where Glenn ends and Dennis begins.

  • TC Campbell
    TC Campbell 25 days ago


  • Angel Harper
    Angel Harper 25 days ago

    I love that dacre achieved what he worked for and what he dreamed of. When I was little I wanted to become an actress but as I got older I realized that’s insane and it won’t happen. Also my anxiety is so bad I wouldn’t be able to do it. But the fact that dacre did it still makes me happy. I just love him so much.

  • Slippin Jimmy
    Slippin Jimmy 25 days ago

    I think every actor/actress is brilliant in BCS casted to perfection

  • Lee Watkins
    Lee Watkins 25 days ago

    Im addicted.

  • Saskia Chana
    Saskia Chana 26 days ago

    Sound advice

  • Montell Carey Iosefo

    “...keep your heart of a baby, and your skin of a rhino”..that is honestly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard 👌🏽

  • Angeline Joyce Nakano


  • lauren s
    lauren s 28 days ago

    MGG is hot as hell and no one can change my mind

  • Arthur Mackeown
    Arthur Mackeown 28 days ago

    I agree about her voice. She reminds me of the French actress, Jeanne Moreau, another fascinating woman.

  • Kaitlyn McCary
    Kaitlyn McCary 29 days ago

    Ugh it sucks that I can’t find a reader

  • Goldzz
    Goldzz 29 days ago

    why is it impossible to get an audition if you are in another country :(

  • Riley RR
    Riley RR Month ago

    I have two auditions this weekend, thank you!

  • Yeet Er
    Yeet Er Month ago


  • Ferrari 2116
    Ferrari 2116 Month ago


  • lavien'estpasunlongfleuvetranquille

    It's pronounced FEE-ona, not FY-ona Shaw. Yet another American who cannot pronounce names.

    • bumdog
      bumdog 14 days ago

      Seth Austin irony?

    • moiraine_damodred
      moiraine_damodred 22 days ago

      I have never heard anyone say "FY-ona" in my entire life and I'm American. This guy clearly hasn't seen Shrek

    • Seth Austin
      Seth Austin 22 days ago

      no one says Fyona, even in America, thats not a thing. And the IRONY of a british person saying Americans can't pronounce something.

  • LeeAnn Pratt
    LeeAnn Pratt Month ago

    Love this!

  • Ur dad Marissa
    Ur dad Marissa Month ago

    Title doesn’t go with the video dislike

  • Livia Amaral
    Livia Amaral Month ago

    It's interesting when she talks about giving people great characters to watch when she managed to be the worst part in terrible movies! She was super annoying in The Mummy and super boring in Tag, uninterested on both. She has no real talent nor charisma, but she is very confident and has a great self-esteem, good for her.

  • I can't think of a good username

    I'm not even interested in working in the film industry, but I still find this guy to be really inspiring. He worked hard even when the odds were against him and now he's a prestigious actor, very well respected and has been able to play amazing roles, like Billy. His work ethics amaze me.

  • Level 19
    Level 19 Month ago

    Omg ! I was thinking about NF monologues but wasn’t sure! ... this makes sense to keep things current and unique.

    OCUBOX Month ago

    So true, cast yourself.

  • Сан Шингаля

    Gay and homosexual people are the results of the normal people's sex life So don't blame homosexual.

  • Dr.triangle 77
    Dr.triangle 77 Month ago

    I thought it was real glad to see you are alive my favorite part was when you found the picture i was surprised

  • zufgh
    zufgh Month ago

    Waltz - The single most overrated actor of the last 20 years.

  • CiCiDiaries
    CiCiDiaries Month ago

    Sounds like good advice, but now I'm just even more anxious because now I'm anxious about me being anxious

  • Katty
    Katty Month ago

    Lea is so cute!! Adorable and beautiful. Love her so much

  • lmfao
    lmfao Month ago

    anyone wanna be in a audition group chat on snapchat? help us out for casting calls and auditions . plus i need new friends 😹

  • Christian Guerrero

    He looks like Christian yepich

  • tie dye
    tie dye Month ago

    I was super close to trying out for an audition for a film casting on backstage but last minute my mum said no

    • Shania Ballard
      Shania Ballard Month ago

      Ikr my parents always mess up my dreams I cant do anything bc my parents are going to say no

  • Zelena Staples Lewis

    I love this guy yeaaah

  • Trinston Yang
    Trinston Yang Month ago

    Grace Shelby 😍

  • Why, Hello There
    Why, Hello There Month ago

    I feel that there is a difference between paying for classes and paying for auditions. I pay for classes at my agency, but the classes are like workshops. Some people think it’s a scam, but I have honestly learned so much. Some people need to realize that you need to bow what you are doing before you go to a job.. So, yes, sometimes you will have to pay for things. It buffs out.

  • Birch Animations
    Birch Animations Month ago

    Chris is adorable and amazing.

  • chesna Kaneza
    chesna Kaneza Month ago

    My name is Chesna and i want to become an actress, im commenting this before ive been in any commercials/ tv shows/ movies. im 12

    • Hailey Dobron
      Hailey Dobron 24 days ago

      chesna Kaneza I believe in u❤️ follow ur dreams u got this

  • Debra Thomson
    Debra Thomson Month ago

    I love this interview. How humble Rami Malek is. God bless

  • Rafaela CO Rafa
    Rafaela CO Rafa Month ago

    I have a audition in one week

  • Greg Pappas
    Greg Pappas Month ago

    GREAT movie.... loved it!

  • Amani Yvonne
    Amani Yvonne Month ago

    .... and the point of this video was? I left with the exact same info I came with .

  • Vlog with Harm
    Vlog with Harm Month ago

    129th like

  • Zoe Chan
    Zoe Chan Month ago

    Dacre is really sweet, humble, talented and hot >_< <3

  • Rosebud
    Rosebud Month ago

    Sis, I am auditioning for choir tomorrow. I don't have a song planned, I haven't had anyone review my singing yet, it is 4am, I am trying to practice, my whole family is asleep so I can't sing as loud as I like, and hjsdfjcfnbvnfm sfenfbvsdjnjkdjsfjkxdbgjndfjbgjfd bjfdbnk gfhljgbfkjbnkjfxnbjlkfdnbuklfdbvhjdf vl jfdbvyjfbd v,jfhub,jnuilfdgvkflhjbhgdbjkfsbgkdbbukefns,fv

  • Kevin Gonzalez
    Kevin Gonzalez Month ago

    Best actor, respect for all his word, very inspiring back story 💪🏻👍🏻

  • Raquel trinchet
    Raquel trinchet Month ago

    Such a humble and Extremely TALENTED Actor. He is LOVED. HE MADE FREDDY COME ALIVE.❤💖💜🧡💛💚💙

  • Savannah Pruitt
    Savannah Pruitt Month ago

    This is truly so inspiring! As someone who wants to become an actor myself, I find his story incredible! He's so talented. I was in awe of his acting in Stranger Things S3. For sure one of the greatest actors of our generation.

  • Malin Hessedahl
    Malin Hessedahl Month ago

    Love stranges things ♥️♥️♥️

  • Shania Ballard
    Shania Ballard Month ago

    It's my dream to be a actress and i cant wait and won't stop into i achieve my goal in life

    • Deen
      Deen 3 days ago

      Wtf did I just write there

    • Shania Ballard
      Shania Ballard 3 days ago

      @Syd L maybe we will 😊

    • Syd L
      Syd L 4 days ago

      Me too! Best of luck to you :) maybe we’ll act together someday haha

    • Øpal
      Øpal 14 days ago

      DO IT

    • Shania Ballard
      Shania Ballard 24 days ago

      @Hailey Dobron thank you sm ❤. Your so nice

  • Enrico Pucci
    Enrico Pucci Month ago

    I would rather hear them talk about his Ninja Info Cards.

  • Zelena Staples Lewis

    You should call Naomi Scott. She is doing very good

  • Zelena Staples Lewis

    Wow, this is so cool

  • Keira Alicia
    Keira Alicia Month ago

    I wish to be an actress on Nickelodeon or something just like that and I live in England and where I live there is hardly any casting rolls but there is a lot of acting classes and I don’t know what to do

  • Tony Tone
    Tony Tone Month ago

    this guy doing the interview is a straight moron, what a fucking waste to time with legit actors

  • JC Eberle
    JC Eberle Month ago

    Wow.a Zoroastrian played by a Coptic Christian.