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Pinterest for Actors 101
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Self-Care Tips for Actors
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How to Slate a Demo Reel
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  • Il Vento D’oro
    Il Vento D’oro 7 hours ago

    What do you want?

  • Kevin Wiley
    Kevin Wiley 14 hours ago

    James Spader, one of my most favorite actors. Red Redington, one of my most favorite characters.

  • AUroRA BoReAliS
    AUroRA BoReAliS 23 hours ago

    This is not about how the actors got cast lol

  • teddy
    teddy Day ago

    lol these two baldos

  • M W
    M W 2 days ago

    veryy helpful information yo.. wow, shes the best

  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi 3 days ago

    My audition is tomorrow and I’m already freaking

  • Livicat1
    Livicat1 4 days ago

    Me: *auditioning for high school musical* Me, an intellectual: "this is a high school play and I should put all of my waking energy into it. "

  • Eduardo Crestani
    Eduardo Crestani 6 days ago

    What a beautiful woman

  • Greta Brown
    Greta Brown 6 days ago

    Thank you very much! I’m auditioning for Disney Channel, and this is really helpful.

  • aesthetic rose
    aesthetic rose 9 days ago

    my audition is in less than an hour and im freaking out (im gonna update in maybe a week or two to say if i get accepted or not)

  • shawnfuegofilms
    shawnfuegofilms 9 days ago

    2010 was a phenomenal year for cinema.

  • R.A.C Corp Studios
    R.A.C Corp Studios 10 days ago

    I have auditions in 2 weeks and I have to do a monologue wish me luck

  • gabe
    gabe 10 days ago

    im matthew grey gubler hihihi

  • jbela
    jbela 10 days ago

    What a fantastic interview! He is very genuine. He explained his way in his acting career and how it came about. I especially like the part about him being genuine.

  • Spidey Animation
    Spidey Animation 10 days ago

    So Spider-Man & yuri are dating

  • Marc C.
    Marc C. 10 days ago

    Doesn't self producing without much resources or even much of a budget mark you as an amateur?

  • The Great Hawk
    The Great Hawk 11 days ago

    How Jeffrey Wright deals with fright

  • Angry Galamb
    Angry Galamb 11 days ago

    Wait how do you do this if you are in school?😂

  • WinterGirl
    WinterGirl 12 days ago

    Very useful, thank you.

  • peter papadimitriou
    peter papadimitriou 12 days ago

    Loved the show and I'm 47 years old from Hamilton Ontario Canada and miss my mom vassa so much the woman who plays the mother in the show reminds me of my mom, she died on October 16 1988, at the age of 38 from a brain aneurysm and I was 16 years old when I found her dead body

  • Leah Marie
    Leah Marie 12 days ago

    This is a great interview. As an actor, Lucy brings great insight of the acting world

  • a totally random chick on the internet

    thank you so much! this channel helps me a lot, coming from a child myself, wanting to audition for something which requires me to relocated to LA.

  • a totally random chick on the internet

    thanks! this is super helpful. i want to audition for a few things, and i want to know how to handle being rejected!

  • Tim Kerman
    Tim Kerman 13 days ago

    I know he doesn't mind by now BUT It's written Egerton and pronounced Edge-rton. Not Eggerton, not Eggrotton, Edge-rton!

  • 96티파니
    96티파니 14 days ago

    isn’t he the dude from that drake and josh movie

  • Brady Lance
    Brady Lance 14 days ago

    Mmmm she's a freak if u get the bed with her u can tell

  • LivB
    LivB 15 days ago

    He's so precious Love his voice Really good interview, thank you!!

  • J.L. Barnett
    J.L. Barnett 16 days ago

    Natalie Petruch a manager at Backstage is harassing me. What do I do? This is very stressful.

  • carolyn shuluk
    carolyn shuluk 16 days ago

    My taron

  • H. Rose
    H. Rose 17 days ago

    Great interview, thanks a lot for sharing. Waiting for the third season 💕 love you guys.

  • Kayley Rielly
    Kayley Rielly 18 days ago


  • Renae Rufus
    Renae Rufus 18 days ago

    Thank you Lord for John Douglas Thompson 🙏

  • LemonPoweredDalek
    LemonPoweredDalek 18 days ago

    Yes just yes

  • Nathan Francis
    Nathan Francis 18 days ago

    This is one of the best shows ever!

  • abigail trent
    abigail trent 18 days ago

    What are some legit agencies besides backstage

  • Apple
    Apple 19 days ago

    bro, the yawning thing actually helps! it will take some practice but wow. I'm sort of scared my voice will stay low though haha but I know that's probably just because I've never really used my voice that low if that makes any sense. It's just all about getting used to something new. Thanks for the tips!

  • Judy Cerda
    Judy Cerda 22 days ago

    Acting is about talent, looks and what you bring to a specific role. It shouldn't matter whether you use Instagram or Twitter. I'd rather spend my time working on my craft, learning my lines when cast, getting myself to work out classes and generally working on myself than posting on those two stupid sites all day. All I hear about them is that people argue about politics and get themselves into trouble. I just put my work on youtube and let people follow me there.

  • imotogin
    imotogin 23 days ago

    Cameron and Jackson sitting next to each other melts my heart smh.

  • khosrok tohidik
    khosrok tohidik 23 days ago

    Great advice . these are the basics . any change to posture returns to basic .

  • Dep Dicius
    Dep Dicius 25 days ago

    Oh God, she actually has that pitchy cute voice irl

  • Sophia Redwood
    Sophia Redwood 25 days ago

    I just came back from another video with these quotes and for a minute I was like “oh wow they’re saying a lot of the same things” and then I thought about it for a minute... 😂

    MICHAEL SMITH 25 days ago

    Proud of my southern accent. If u dont like it kiss my ass

  • Hus Qua
    Hus Qua 25 days ago

    Sam Jackson looks great.

  • liamdude5
    liamdude5 25 days ago

    Spinel, you did you and you tried to kill Steven and his Gem moms. That's bad advice to give yourself

  • Farendor Dlive
    Farendor Dlive 27 days ago

    Bev the best hot mom on TV

  • Mat O'Flynn
    Mat O'Flynn 28 days ago

    Super cool

  • Kita Hatcher
    Kita Hatcher 29 days ago

    Obvious and original! I love it!

  • Kita Hatcher
    Kita Hatcher 29 days ago

    I love your acting! I want to see you In sooooo much more! Please!

  • AcciónMega
    AcciónMega 29 days ago

    who is ur dad? dad is the director of reanimator LOL!!!!! best that ever

  • Studio Autio
    Studio Autio Month ago

    Katie looks like The Overly Attachted Girl

  • Moga Gaming
    Moga Gaming Month ago

    Imagine having him as your neighbor 😭😭

  • NewageRoidrage 24

    Nobody talks about how awesome he was in the Need For Speed movie. That’s the movie that got me hooked on rami and then Bohemian Rhapsody was confirmation that he’s my new favorite actor

  • Vineet mohan sharma

    But why to swallow?

  • Julio Nuñez
    Julio Nuñez Month ago

    James Spader is an amazing actor and an amazing personality. He gives it his all and it reflects.

  • b n
    b n Month ago

    I love watching these kind of videos of actors I admire and study! So Motivational for me as an actor myself!!!

  • Emma Slowey
    Emma Slowey Month ago

    help I'm auditing for just....a band no other detail idk what to sing

  • dogsarefab
    dogsarefab Month ago

    It took me 10 years to realise this was him playing this character! Incredible!

  • Specialized TM
    Specialized TM Month ago

    Anyone get scammed by Famestreet?

  • Noel Isenberg
    Noel Isenberg Month ago

    Shrimp Parm !!!!

  • shaily sky
    shaily sky Month ago

    What about if you've never been on TV and only local theater?

  • caroline
    caroline Month ago

    i have bad social anxiety and i have my first acting class tomorrow .

  • Kevin Mills
    Kevin Mills Month ago

    You can worship oprah straight to hell

  • TimeRider762
    TimeRider762 Month ago

    James Spader has always been a great actor, but today, he is the best. I know many like Robert Downey, and so do I, but Spader is still superior in his acting. I would only IMO, put Paul Giamatti right there with him.

  • Europaii ॐ
    Europaii ॐ Month ago

    This dude is such a good actor. He deserves more work in major motion pictures/tv shows. Love every bit of his prank show appearances.

  • PrettyTiaF
    PrettyTiaF Month ago

    I love her status in the industry bc shes so well known amongst her peers as a student and shes also known to be genuinely friendly and nice. She helped Octavia spencer and a few others earn more money as actresses and you can just tell she has a sweet personality

  • AngesCastings
    AngesCastings Month ago

    Dan has wonderful insight on the Casting Director's perspective on the audition experience for the actor with some great recommendations.

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom Month ago

    whats the name of the book?

  • Marc C.
    Marc C. Month ago

    To be fair, voice actors vary, and there are those with chameleonic voices and a variety of vocal pitches that get cast for more non-human characters that probably other wise wouldn't fly as often with your regular sounding voice. Unless we're talking Mass Effect where almost everyone talks like a proper human. The market is sparse with dynamism and it's not limited to just your voice, as you not only have to express emotion but another dimension in character and persona as well, that includes accents, pitch, and different uses of breathing depending on each character. With commercial VO, that's more where your regular voice is widely accepted.

  • Marc C.
    Marc C. Month ago

    Honestly, you don't get a whole lot of an idea out of a few seconds of a voice, you have no context, you don't know why the voice is the way it sounds. I guess it depends on the actor and the subject matter for the demo too.

  • Julie Forrester
    Julie Forrester Month ago

    Wheres the full interview?

  • For The Love Of Seattle

    James is a whole lot different than Pretty in Pink and a lot different than Stargate. I didn't care for his character in Pretty in Pink but loved him as Jackson in Stargate.

  • Real Recognize Real

    So... They are all Genius

  • mellissa compston

    You guys project paperclip too

  • mellissa compston


  • mellissa compston


  • mellissa compston


  • Dragan Kovačević

    I hated her as Rita. Actually, she was great, I hated the character of Rita.

  • pikiwiki
    pikiwiki Month ago

    Christoph Waltz.

  • Axe Hole
    Axe Hole Month ago

    "Inches away from having the time of my life" to Murray 😏

  • Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford Month ago


  • Linda Fulco
    Linda Fulco Month ago

    All three actors are spectacular in their roles. I resent your description of Sam, he's not just a pretty face, he's soo much more.

  • Carmen86
    Carmen86 Month ago

    I love James!

  • Charleigh Rosae
    Charleigh Rosae Month ago

    Much respect for this amazing man :)

  • CJ Kell
    CJ Kell Month ago

    doesn't look like anything to me

  • ZacharyLee 1995
    ZacharyLee 1995 Month ago

    Blumhouse movie that Started it all

  • Julia S.
    Julia S. Month ago

    I could listen to Nicoles English for hours and I LOVE Helena and Hilary, they did such an incredible movie together, Eleanor and Colette!♥️

  • Blue pillin N chillin !

    GARBAGE GARBAGE RUBBISH AND AN IDIOTIC PRACTICE. Thought I'd say I'm not an agent nor am I in SHOWBIZ BUT I. Know how these industries/world's work. This is complete rubbish SO I'll give you another analargy/ example of the same situation and NOT ONE OF YOU( not even the dumbest will follow her advice). You Don't go to court without a lawyer NO you pay them to fight your corner. OR You don't ask a mountain guides dónkey if we really need the guide lol 🤣. Point being YES of course an agent or anyone who knows the landscape of the biz your entering better than you, yes they will rip u off BUT that getting ripped off pays itself back in full through parts, people who you'll meet and a lesson in life that both nothing costs nothing yet progress costs money . But that progress and life lesson which no college can teach is worth 10 times the lessons learned in a classroom as it matures your attitude, experience and helps to make you who you are. The BEST ACTORS IN THE BIZ , were always up against it, treated like shit and not getting parts like your Charlie Sheen's of the world. So take the high hard road as the low easy road is prone to rocklanche n avalanches... Always take the harder road as it leads to karmatic rewards if you're a good person

  • Girl Named Nino
    Girl Named Nino Month ago


    OCUBOX Month ago

    So true, ask yourself, what would you do in this situation. They say acting is about listening and reacting and seeing how you can bring YOU into the scene, or if you can't draw from experience (emotional experience), that's where imagination comes into play...

  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams Month ago

    I'm auditioning for Heathers: The Musical at my high school, tomorrow!

    LISA WALKER Month ago

    Awesome, thank you Benton!

  • Suzanne Fox
    Suzanne Fox Month ago

    Just love this makes me think back so funny😂

  • Chrissy Stewart
    Chrissy Stewart Month ago

    Hi Matt My Name's Chrissy I'm from Baltimore Maryland I'm interesting in film directing, producing, cinematography, & acting as well. To be honest with you after I get my G.E.D I want to persue my acting career & I'm interesting interacting with people who do film directing, producing & cinematography & do you have Pinterest ? I want to fellow people who are professional on pinterest I have 2 Pinterest pages on my phone & tablet

  • Dorkistein
    Dorkistein Month ago

    This could be helpful because i'm a contralto singing as a tenor and sometimes we have to sing in a "comfortable" bass range which I can't do.

  • K D G
    K D G Month ago

    We get to know Rami in this...good job! It's a great interview!🥰

  • Trisha Gay
    Trisha Gay Month ago

    No... She is a sociopath in real life. She is terrifying. Which is awesome considering her role in the show, from a weird dark perspective.... I just hope it is actually revealed.

  • Amanda Woodhouse
    Amanda Woodhouse Month ago

    I have a question can you have more then one agent in Canada Ontario.

  • Marci Aye
    Marci Aye Month ago

    James :) i dig the stash. As far i can tell, you and the green dude are the smartest in the room.

  • KittyKat Sanchez
    KittyKat Sanchez Month ago

    Can somebody explain me What’s UNION WORK?

    • Terence Robinson
      Terence Robinson 9 days ago

      Union work is SAG aka screen actors Guild so union jobs are major gigs so a project like breaking bad is a union project. non union projects are underground like student films that aren't affiliated with SAG

  • discordia712
    discordia712 Month ago

    What a lovely human being. So happy to see her thriving ❤️

    • M W
      M W 2 days ago

      dude yeah