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Rig Rundown - Torche
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  • Patrick Mc Kay
    Patrick Mc Kay Hour ago

    Great inspiring playing, greco-collega! Should do more reviews for the Magazine!

  • Marvin Gardens
    Marvin Gardens Hour ago

    Ive loved rock all my life. Kiss fuken sucks. I've hated them since the 70's. They're flat out awful. And a bunch of scuzballs to boot.

  • Bruceolee
    Bruceolee 3 hours ago

    I grew up watching GE Smith with Hall and Oats, Bob Dylan, and then on SNL when I started learning to play. I love seeing that not only has he collected all these amazing pieces of musical history but also that he tours with them and uses them. It would be a shame to lock them all up in storage and only see them as financial investments that rarely see the light of day. He’s a cool little dude with the big sound

  • wahmsi
    wahmsi 3 hours ago

    What a collection... woow. He plays a '59 burst live on stage but worried about the original tuners :DDD

  • Razzle Dazzle
    Razzle Dazzle 3 hours ago

    i was appalled whn i first saw this on the Mirage

  • Oilid
    Oilid 3 hours ago

    <3 P00000RN <3

  • spaghettibender
    spaghettibender 4 hours ago

    Who else thought that was Steve Stevens?

  • Yogi Yudoasmoro
    Yogi Yudoasmoro 4 hours ago

    Tosin "Whale Sex Sound" Abasi

  • Graeme Hill
    Graeme Hill 4 hours ago

    Love the Bol.

  • spaghettibender
    spaghettibender 4 hours ago

    Guitar Tech's dont have "Safe Spaces"......Q!

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia 4 hours ago

    Dance Gavin Dance Rig Rundown pls!!

  • Nam Giang
    Nam Giang 5 hours ago

    Why only 6 minutes we want moreeeee

    • Nam Giang
      Nam Giang 4 hours ago

      Steve Blake just finished watching man. Incredibly fun!

    • Steve Blake
      Steve Blake 5 hours ago

      Nam Giang follow the link in the pull down description

  • terrypussypower
    terrypussypower 5 hours ago

    9:02 “Don’t touch it”! Lol! That flew RIGHT over the interviewers head!!

  • Timothy Bell
    Timothy Bell 6 hours ago

    he said that iron maiden plays star shaped guitars? what the hell? both Adrian and the other players play strats and Gibson les pauls ...don't know what he meant there

  • kevin b
    kevin b 6 hours ago

    Computer: Press Any Key to Begin Fripp: Hold My Beer.

  • Cade C
    Cade C 7 hours ago

    Is that fuckong qotsa in the background?

  • Pamela Hammons
    Pamela Hammons 7 hours ago

    This was so good! So fascinating, beautiful guitars, and so many pedals!! Good grief, wow 😮🎸🎶

  • Matthew Kennedy
    Matthew Kennedy 7 hours ago

    No homo but that guys yolked bro

  • meedily
    meedily 7 hours ago

    Rebecca needs to find tighter shirts.

  • steve dornan
    steve dornan 7 hours ago

    Great review John.. I'm not a fan of modeling.. I just want a plug and play.. I think I've found my birthday present.. Lol

  • Justin Beech
    Justin Beech 8 hours ago

    What a BADASS !!! SS you kick some serious ass ! Great job Sean !

  • MTBAjK 610
    MTBAjK 610 8 hours ago

    "It's like frozen pizza. It's just gotten really good"

  • Bob Poulin
    Bob Poulin 8 hours ago

    "How do I write songs? I walk around the yard in shorts with my daughter's pink acoustic guitar. " Not the hero we want, but the hero we need. Especially since he sound like Ace Freely when asked how he plays. Hope I can have a beer, or water with you someday.

  • yours truly
    yours truly 8 hours ago

    I liked this Tophat's sound the best out of all the amps in this Champions of Chime if anybody gives a shit. :)

  • Blue Eyed Soul Man
    Blue Eyed Soul Man 8 hours ago

    Don't ever just order one. There are good ones and better ones. My buddy unfortunately got a lemon, which is rare. That being said they are a different company from the original. Try before you buy and make sure you get your personal string choice on there as fast as possible.

  • Massive Warfare Machines Rock

    She really is an awesome person and musician!!! Thank you!!!

    MR BIG STUFF 9 hours ago

    😳 No no I don't want any pedals in my arsenal ! I'm not that sorta guy.

  • l o l
    l o l 10 hours ago

    God this is a great rig rundown. Still my favorite PG interviewer. Rebecca's rack rates higher than his though.

  • Andrew Barbee
    Andrew Barbee 10 hours ago

    I wanna hear that guy with the black guitar that walked up at the end. He looks ready to take on Johnny.

  • Polly Anderson
    Polly Anderson 10 hours ago

    That slide has completely changed the game... BRILLIANT! No wonder he doesn't want to talk about it ... Patent that thing Scott; and put them into production... that alone will spawn a million new slide players. I don't think Mr. Holiday has anything to worry about... nobody is going to sound like him. Just like Sonny Landreth with his chording behind the slide technique... The utility of that homemade lookin' Frankenstein slide Is completely unique and that unbelievably effective. I've just recently found Rival Sons and I am sooo glad that did! The deeper I dive into their catalog the more I like them.

  • Truth Or consequences
    Truth Or consequences 10 hours ago

    Mr Trower is the top of the pops ,completely underrated

  • Sam Armstrong
    Sam Armstrong 10 hours ago

    Stupid toy thing.

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga 10 hours ago

    I cant understand....what is it in this instrument that keep pulling me back over and over again to listen to it.... there is just something Really Special about it and its sound...

  • Dave Hossack
    Dave Hossack 10 hours ago

    Amp sounds great...agree with the pricing concerns for an amp that costs very little to produce. Would sell buckets of them at $300 less. Did anyone else notice the strat he was playing?....looks like the headstock decal is poorly placed, maybe a frankenstrat??? If so Premier Guitar should find that embarrassing

  • James Graham
    James Graham 10 hours ago

    Looks lovely. Not really digging the sound

  • Doleegop
    Doleegop 10 hours ago

    Just got one. Right off the bat--solid, smooth and inviting. Any good intrument I've played kind of bekons you to go in a little deeper. I think this one does that. Admirable for an Asian made "Jazz box". I've played a 335 for decades but this adds a little Gretsch to the feel and tone which I've been looking for.

  • Toxic Potato
    Toxic Potato 10 hours ago

    I've only ever laughed out loud at 3 rig rundowns, guess what 2 of them were brits, one was Devin Townsend

  • bmcpsd31
    bmcpsd31 11 hours ago

    Playing the same riff on all three was a great idea but, I wish you wouldn’t have done it. Thought going in I wanted the 50. Now realize I want all 3.

  • Buck And Evans
    Buck And Evans 11 hours ago

    "No Gadafis" 😂 That's gotta of the best lines from a Rig Rundown ever!

  • Patrick Kowalski
    Patrick Kowalski 12 hours ago

    This is guitar heaven for me. Always will be

  • JohnnyArt Pavlou
    JohnnyArt Pavlou 12 hours ago

    Tease!!! Better have that Tonewood Amp stuck on the back!😉

  • Endezeichen Grimm
    Endezeichen Grimm 12 hours ago

    I thought that was Seymour Duncan from the Thumbnail.

  • IETCHX69
    IETCHX69 12 hours ago

    Let me show you my Cuntz. What? You have more than one ? Yes . I have two , actually . Lemme get my camera .

  • Steve Blake
    Steve Blake 13 hours ago

    Just watched the full video Hilarious stuff

  • Ernie Fern
    Ernie Fern 13 hours ago

    Kingfish is a Great guitar player. I have a Cousin Joe Fuoco is also Great guitar player. Thought you guys like listen to Joe. Thanks So Much.

  • Premier Guitar
    Premier Guitar 13 hours ago

    Watch the episode: Don't Miss a Rundown: Subscribe to PG's Channel:

  • lenard joswig
    lenard joswig 13 hours ago

    They look and sound identical hahaha

  • Winston Texas
    Winston Texas 13 hours ago

    Not quite understanding how at 15 he can afford a Les Paul imported to Belfast in the ‘70s?

  • Carmine Anastasio
    Carmine Anastasio 13 hours ago

    He describes playing through the amp, like Bob Ross painted his “happy little trees.”

  • Putrid Abomination
    Putrid Abomination 13 hours ago


  • hcavn
    hcavn 13 hours ago

    Phist and phoot.

  • zzubuzz
    zzubuzz 14 hours ago

    You mean the run of the mill '65 reissue does not have a pine cab?

  • Gordoman
    Gordoman 14 hours ago

    I’m not as good as these guys yet,but to me it’s all about the clean channels because the rest is just grit/dirt imho.not to say that they don’t have a place in music world

  • salmonline
    salmonline 14 hours ago


  • Darren C
    Darren C 14 hours ago

    Gina sounds like beavis and butt heads wet dream

  • Starr Guitar Works
    Starr Guitar Works 14 hours ago

    Celluloid pickguard.

  • Mike Vilogi
    Mike Vilogi 14 hours ago

    so this is where guitar technology goes to die #13pin #parkerSystems #GraphTechGhostSaddles #RolandVG99 #VariaxSystems #DigitechMidi

  • Jason Brooks
    Jason Brooks 15 hours ago

    If there was ever a dude that I would say plays’s Jimbo

  • Jason Brooks
    Jason Brooks 15 hours ago

    Great rundown gang!

  • Gary DECEDER
    Gary DECEDER 15 hours ago

    Met these guys on their initial tour with the motors that are free concert in Pittsburgh at the Stanley Theater very cordial very professional Rick and Tom sure know a lot about guitars

  • Kyle Bowers
    Kyle Bowers 15 hours ago

    No Duesenbergs anymore?

  • Mike Vilogi
    Mike Vilogi 15 hours ago

    well I KNOW there's a chorus pedal there

  • Glenn Jimenez
    Glenn Jimenez 16 hours ago

    It’s a miracle she didn’t burst

  • Glenn Jimenez
    Glenn Jimenez 16 hours ago

    Forget the EQ and learn how to play Pretty accurate

  • Alex Otterwell
    Alex Otterwell 16 hours ago

    Stephen Stern will be making a copy of that Jet as we speak...

  • Led Zeppelin
    Led Zeppelin 17 hours ago

    That band is utterly crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Qas Perr
    Qas Perr 18 hours ago

    You should do Full of Hell or The Body or Thou.

  • Daniel Veiga
    Daniel Veiga 18 hours ago

    When the robots overlords takeover they will spare Tom's life based only in this videogame sounds

  • George Heil
    George Heil 18 hours ago

    Steve Vai complaining about not getting music on the radio ... rich ...

  • Joey VanOstrand
    Joey VanOstrand 18 hours ago

    That fuckin' kid can play!!

  • Haassan1
    Haassan1 19 hours ago

    Lol, u cannot really specify what 'cool' is, but it is safe to say this guitar is not cool. I guess they forgot what 'cool' is, cuz of age.

  • Jaime Gianola
    Jaime Gianola 19 hours ago

    a fuckin living legend...

  • Marcos Camillo
    Marcos Camillo 19 hours ago

    Jason and Sadler are great guitar players, love 'em.

  • Дядя Gaga
    Дядя Gaga 19 hours ago

    She doesn’t really care

  • Дядя Gaga
    Дядя Gaga 19 hours ago

    What a bitch

  • Glenn Jimenez
    Glenn Jimenez 19 hours ago

    I want to marry the orange version

  • James Klecker
    James Klecker 19 hours ago

    The POG2 definitely has its place with regular guitars. Jack White is the one who first influenced me to get one years ago.

  • Charles Turnage
    Charles Turnage 19 hours ago

    Leslie was a cool band!

  • Wesley Brandon
    Wesley Brandon 20 hours ago

    Ty nice review

  • embermarrow
    embermarrow 20 hours ago

    The Dobrato, with a Bigsby AND a B-bender?? Oh snap!!

  • richard cramp
    richard cramp 20 hours ago

    I can mask off binding better than you can walk

  • Scott LaPier
    Scott LaPier 21 hour ago

    Vernon Reid and Doug Wimbish: Gearheads that are also musicians or Musicians that are also gearheads?

  • aartmark
    aartmark 21 hour ago

    That's funny to see a Fender ad at the beginning of this Gibson video.

  • Jake Stone
    Jake Stone 23 hours ago

    Why is he so fashionable and so good lmao

  • seamanjive
    seamanjive 23 hours ago

    I would take a piss into a jug and rub it on the fretboard as conditioning oil. I would then take a bit of old fish head, put it in the control cavity and replace the cover. I would then take the guitar case, lift it the lid on that little box in there and take a dump.

    • GoDamnWeird
      GoDamnWeird 18 hours ago

      And never work as a pro guitar tech anywhere, ever again! Sweet retirement plan, man.

  • IETCHX69
    IETCHX69 23 hours ago

    ONE time , I saw John Bolinger SMILE !!! I shit you not .

  • IETCHX69
    IETCHX69 Day ago

    Whatever happened to guitar players egos ? Everybody is so cool and well mannered now. Bring back Axlhole Boast !

  • Mieke Peters
    Mieke Peters Day ago

  • TheZooropaBaby

    Amanda Shires must be a really cool person I mean look at all these expensive guitars

    • Michael Allen
      Michael Allen 2 hours ago

      She's a musician, too... so she understands about GAS-ing for sweet gear

  • Luke Fisher
    Luke Fisher Day ago

    Not interested.., Izzy should be in this, not some douchebag session musician.