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The Three Cassette 'Boombox'
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RETROTECH - The Bone Fone
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RetroTech: The CalcuPen
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Fixing Mr Dengon
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  • Ryan Pearce
    Ryan Pearce 34 minutes ago

    If I'm trying to build a stereo bluetooth speaker what type of bluetooth receiver would you recommend.

  • Isaac Reemtsma
    Isaac Reemtsma 37 minutes ago

    What's that clock in the background

  • Marty Stines
    Marty Stines Hour ago

    You can even see the grooves getting more crazy towards the outside. Its like a glossy look at rhe beginning and gets hazier as the track gets louder.

  • trublgrl
    trublgrl 2 hours ago

    I'm late to this video. Has anyone commented on the large Fidelipac Beethoven cartridge (@3:00) having a picture of a man with green balls on it?

  • Harold Sweathead
    Harold Sweathead 2 hours ago

    15:02 Amen!

  • Harold Sweathead
    Harold Sweathead 3 hours ago

    They should have made it shaft drive then it'd be perfect.

  • Endor 66
    Endor 66 3 hours ago

    Why aren't you using copper braid?

  • ColtaineCrows
    ColtaineCrows 3 hours ago

    The one thing holding me back from getting one of these is that it'd get absolutely covered in swarf. I'd definitely want one that only had a magnet on the lead.

  • NeptuneReturnz
    NeptuneReturnz 3 hours ago

    It's a pity your wife dominates you.

  • Ollie Bonugli
    Ollie Bonugli 4 hours ago

    You sound somewhat like James May at times. Nice.

  • MyLife
    MyLife 4 hours ago

    I get it....Basically, they're in the accessories selling business

  • Mike W
    Mike W 4 hours ago

    WOW! I use to watch that INXS video all the time back in 1987!

  • No-Conspiracy No-Jobs

    Now that the game is over, is there really any difference between VHS & S-VHS tape, besides it's price & packaging i.e. is there physical difference or just product application differation

  • Marty Stines
    Marty Stines 4 hours ago

    I'm glad you went back and called out everybody that didn't pay attention and all the snobs. Love your content. I have no problems with anything youve done or will do. Keep it all up.

  • Lev Lion
    Lev Lion 5 hours ago

    I had one of those as a kid and dinosaurs fun fact and fantasy was my favourite disc. Even now coming up to my 40th I have a copy on vhs as a memory. I certainly don't remember the issues as a kid just enjoying the experience and wondering what was inside the caddy.

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia 5 hours ago

    I have fond memories of (alcohol based) wet-cleaning the "family records" when living with my parents. A rather zen chore. Thanks for your very well made videos. On the LP records topic, you may want to check this product: Regards, LE

  • Dion Johnson
    Dion Johnson 5 hours ago

    Great video! Wish modern record players still had features like this!

  • MaltLiquor45
    MaltLiquor45 5 hours ago

    alot of my friends had commodore 64 and then commodore 128 - i didn't have a computer until the PC "Clones" came out - i think it was running a windows 95 up from windows 3.1 - i think i had first gen pentium processor. it was a compaq.

  • Perun42
    Perun42 5 hours ago

    Wonderful restoration job!

    PHILIP TYNAN 5 hours ago

    Really cool, I love 80s tech.

  • DTD110865
    DTD110865 5 hours ago

    I almost wished the made one of these with USB jacks for MP3 transfers. The keyword there is "almost."

  • shlooky
    shlooky 6 hours ago

    Back in the early 80's I used to walk buy a hifi store where they sold Sansui amps, tape decks etc. and fell in love with the sound. Sansui then became my favorite brand until the mid to late 80's. I would love to buy a 70's Sansui power amp or an integrated amp and a good turn table, it's all I ever need. The prblem is finding a decent one for sale.

  • Tom Ryner
    Tom Ryner 6 hours ago

    The best portable cassette player I've owned was a Very compact and Expensive AIWA I bought in Torquey in 1987. Not much bigger than a 1 ½ times a casette case. And it had a 5 band eq on the lid. My older brother unfortunately dropped it in 1989... Can't remember the model. But it was dark green and Very very cool. It had record functionality, Dolby A B and played metal tapes.

    • Tom Ryner
      Tom Ryner 5 hours ago

      Oooh almost forgot. It had radio as well. It might have been black and parts were green. It was however awesome. I believe I payed 120 pounds for it at a Dixons. U2 on constant loop. 😊

  • davidofchinkov41
    davidofchinkov41 6 hours ago

    cowboy bebop anyone?

  • Simon Vegetable OIl
    Simon Vegetable OIl 6 hours ago

    If you are going to do more radios could you look at Hacker Radios (the best ever British radios)?I'll say no more keep up the great channel,

  • Filip Cetkovic
    Filip Cetkovic 6 hours ago

    Video old he has a head phone jack on his phone

  • kayjay Stony
    kayjay Stony 6 hours ago

    Update 2019 a cheap MQA Player /Streamer Search for *cocktailaudio x14* 600€ Up to 8 TB storage!!!

    YAUUN 6 hours ago

    Probably reminiscent of those crumbling hotels in fading seaside towns because that's what they were playing.

  • Donk
    Donk 6 hours ago

    Every shop counter should have one, really.

  • Donk
    Donk 6 hours ago

    I thought it was on a par with an Amstrad from the 70's.

  • Brad Gustoff
    Brad Gustoff 6 hours ago

    Can you put an LED in this?

  • Jett Blast
    Jett Blast 7 hours ago

    During playback on the last ones that recorded something you sound like a Dalek from Doctor Who

  • rvenden
    rvenden 7 hours ago

    That DAT flopped surprised me at the time. I didn’t follow things closely enough to pick up on the story you told here. Very interesting! Thank you so much! Roger in Wisconsin

  • Gregg North
    Gregg North 7 hours ago

    I still use the Sansui QRX-9001, Technics SL-1300, Pioneer CT-F950, and Akai GX-630D-SS that I bought in the mid 70's when these brands were capable of building solid and reliable electronics. I wouldn't trust any of their products these days.

  • Little Rick
    Little Rick 8 hours ago

    Nice way to summon the gods of Chaos.

  • jordan secrist
    jordan secrist 8 hours ago

    i always wondered how other people had so much better pictures than me.

  • Dezwarteschijf
    Dezwarteschijf 8 hours ago

    Mister Techmoan ?? That true anolog sound can be reproduced by hooking up the turntable to a decend amplifier and back to the CPU on the tape out source of the amplifier to the microphone in on the CPU .. only needs a single mini jack for that .. actually there is no expensive pre-amp needed .. only when you want to make it stand-alone though

  • mike u
    mike u 8 hours ago

    I remember when they were for sale in the United States. They were inexpensive. Now they go for around two hundred dollars in working condition. They sound terrible but I believe they were geared towards children and teenagers.

  • 0ace0hitta0
    0ace0hitta0 8 hours ago

    Yo Techmoan! Would you please make a video about 70-80ties Boomboxes / Ghettoblasters? I would like to buy one but there are so many second hand and I dont know which ones have good tape drives. Or maybe a review of your Sony tapedeck? I would buy something like that too! Thanks a lot for your high quality high fidelity videos by the way! You rock!Cheers!

  • airscrew1
    airscrew1 8 hours ago

    I've just ordered the Majority Oakington DAB/DAB+ Haven't got it yet but it's only £90.

  • David Toups
    David Toups 10 hours ago

    I had a Sansui VCR/DVD recorder back in the early 2000's and it was crap! The DVD recording process was complicated and the thing didn't recognize and gave errors often when trying to play pre-recorded DVD's

  • Kaguya Houraisan
    Kaguya Houraisan 10 hours ago

    0:45 no shit sherlock

  • 陳順利
    陳順利 10 hours ago


  • Rich Kearney
    Rich Kearney 10 hours ago

    That terrible joke at the end really made the video, for me. Superb stuff.

  • Velleity
    Velleity 11 hours ago

    There’s an Australian electronics store called Jaycar which used to sell a chess board with a large robotic arm that would pick up the pieces and move them. Horribly overpriced, I almost regret not buying one when they were scrapping them when they never sold any units

  • Bowen
    Bowen 11 hours ago

    is your intro a nod to the money for nothing music video? ;)

  • Ronald Daub
    Ronald Daub 11 hours ago

    I only had one friend in the 70s that had one of these it was different it was a portable but he had Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and another one

  • jfakoggl
    jfakoggl 12 hours ago

    If I only had known years ago of this machine - I wouldn't have sold lots of my vinyl - exactly because the continous play of side A and B and even more the selectability of tracks on CDs was the thing I always had hoped for. But thanks for the video, better late that never to learn cool stuff!

  • Ronald Daub
    Ronald Daub 12 hours ago

    It was called the play tape machine in the states with a manual two-track track changer knob

  • JoMac
    JoMac 12 hours ago

    What's her face has gone and now it's Bozo Boris.

  • lânchánđời nguyễn

    if the microSD is not ROM,so its data will be lost during the time.May be few hundreds years.But with CD or vinyl discs,it's forever.And the files shouldn't be stored as flac files because it's easy to copy and may break the copyright.It should be some encrypted files.

  • P S
    P S 12 hours ago

    Who in God's name wants an offline Globalist Encyclopedia?

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas 13 hours ago its another toy for hipsters?

  • SuperMosesfly
    SuperMosesfly 13 hours ago


  • ModMokkaMatti
    ModMokkaMatti 13 hours ago

    What a bit of absolutely useless rubbish.

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas 14 hours ago


  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 14 hours ago

    What do you expect from some trash from trash TV?

  • Mylo Fryett
    Mylo Fryett 14 hours ago

    Put one of them on a smart watch would be quite funny

  • Ethan Llamas
    Ethan Llamas 14 hours ago

    C'mon, the Nissan has this & more better.

  • minsa pint
    minsa pint 15 hours ago

    What I think is essential for a CD player (after the one which I bought did not have it) is that it remembers the last track which it was playing and starts there rather than Track 1 every time.

  • Павел Петро
    Павел Петро 15 hours ago

    Very interesting showpiece!

  • PhenomenalPhenomicsCannabisCo

    Pro Logic II works on RU-clip too.

  • matthew banta
    matthew banta 16 hours ago

    Too bad it only plays a couple of Saturn music files as the Saturn was the most underrated video game console ever. Well it was underrated outside of Japan. It was well loved in Japan which is why they have a nostalgia mp3 player.

  • Jan Erik Edvartsen
    Jan Erik Edvartsen 16 hours ago

    20:14 Made me laugh out loud!

  • Li-Pin Chang
    Li-Pin Chang 16 hours ago

    A lovely gadget. I can imagine that an mid-age Japanese man was watching a live baseball game or horse race on it while his family were watching variety shows on the living-room TV.

  • Jan Erik Edvartsen
    Jan Erik Edvartsen 16 hours ago

    As seen in Star Trek and Star Wars. Right... It IS kinda cool though.

  • F3udF1st
    F3udF1st 17 hours ago

    RIP Sansui.

  • Brian Sorci
    Brian Sorci 17 hours ago

    I love your videos! They are my go to youtube vids which always lead to cruising ebay afterwards. Some constructive criticism, it feels like a barrage of words sometimes with little to no pauses between phrases. Maybe leave in a couple second pause or two when editing, it might keep it from sounding like an onslaught of words. Other than that your content is seller!!!!!

  • crystal stanborough
    crystal stanborough 17 hours ago

    in Canada we say fish an chips, soon iy will be, flying carp in the teeth an chips..... other than that it fries.... i got this thing from goodwill, not made in china.... it looks just like the thing ya screw to the wall and put a pop can in it, pull handle to crush.... so mine ya put in a spud, yank it, fries everywere! every fall i buy a 50 bad of white, and 50 lbs bag of red, my Great Great Grandpa was a Donnelly from Lucan Ontario...

  • Rosscoff2000
    Rosscoff2000 17 hours ago

    I used compact cassettes for portable music from as soon as the classic little Phillip's machine came out. The quality was fine for the purpose apart from dramatic wow if the machine was moved around rapidly. Bear in mind that at the time most people listening to pop or light music at the time were used to AM radio which had a frequency response rolling off below 5kHz, so the cassette's typical 7kHz limit was no deal breaker!

  • Pinco Pallino
    Pinco Pallino 17 hours ago

    Thank you.

  • Keranu
    Keranu 18 hours ago

    That was way more advance for it's time than a smartphone is today. Frankly smartphones weren't even impressive when they came out, the technology had more than readily been available to create a pocket pc with phone and touch screen capabilities, just took awhile to catch on at a reasonable enough price. Plus it was to be expected, handheld television was a highly sought after dream even throughout the 90's and onwards.

  • guo li
    guo li 18 hours ago

    I was very happy with the quality and performance of these earphones. the price is very reasonable, and the full range sound from bass to treble is is amazing. Product as advertised, quick shipping, packaging was great, very nice case with small cloth bag with this order, and works great.. You can really tell the audio range listening to Pandora and Spotify

  • SubZero39
    SubZero39 19 hours ago

    Crocodile clips? Blasphemy. Alligator clips.

  • Øystein
    Øystein 19 hours ago

    I would not call that little box "Hi-Fi". I would also not have called that little woofer a "subwoofer" since it's not even close to play subsonic freq. "3D" sound just ruins the original sound.. Adds some echo etc to try to simulate the vider sound

  • Enja der Let's Player
    Enja der Let's Player 19 hours ago

    Mp3 sollte man auf so ein Gerät gar nicht mehr machen mindestens CD-Qualität sollte schon sein aber am besten natürlich da drüber

  • GrandeTaco
    GrandeTaco 19 hours ago

    Its only right you take a picture with John Lennon, he's the guy who reached from beyond the grave to take your money.

  • Bronson Savage
    Bronson Savage 19 hours ago

    What the hell was sony thinking making a portable cd player that you couldn't put in your pocket while in use?

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net 20 hours ago

    And of course tube technology was around since the 40s/50s. BUt these specific ones are much more visually appealing of course. lol

  • Vinayak Jadhav
    Vinayak Jadhav 20 hours ago

    That ghost is under the table.

  • cdcollura
    cdcollura 21 hour ago

    Patience is a virtue :)

  • Colin S
    Colin S 21 hour ago

    It's sad that Sansui, Nakamichi and Akai are not as good as they use to be. Thank you for the Video..

  • KiwiPokerPlayer
    KiwiPokerPlayer 21 hour ago

    I was thinking "why didn't Seiko just release the first calculator watch under their main brand", but after a quick google, it turns out they didn't buy Pulsar until 1978... I wonder if the calculator watch was the catalyst for that purchase? This was such a great video. I'm guessing they used the triangle on the HP because it seems to be used as "delta", the symbol for "change/difference" in physics/maths.

  • Nicholas Marcilio
    Nicholas Marcilio 21 hour ago

    Who makes the little bus that drives around the record? Have you ever tried, heard, or had any experience with the Dunlop Systemdek II? I love the design, but heard they are not the greatest. Thanks for another great video!!

  • Soren
    Soren 21 hour ago

    what happens if the computer wants to make the move 1. Nc3? can the knight fit between the pawns?

  • Matt McIrvin
    Matt McIrvin 22 hours ago

    Remember the early days of CDs when they came in longboxes? They gave more space for artwork, about half as much as a vinyl or laserdisc sleeve, but I recall there was a huge musicians' campaign against them as wasteful and environmentally irresponsible. I suppose part of the issue with longboxes was that they weren't really designed to be kept in your collection--they were just a throwaway vessel for the jewel case.

  • jordan secrist
    jordan secrist 22 hours ago

    If you said April fools at the end and said this was actually a Star Trek prop I would believe you.

  • Intelligent Quoter
    Intelligent Quoter 22 hours ago Good deals on quality products.

  • Paul Slaughter
    Paul Slaughter 23 hours ago

    Ironically, I'm watching this on a cheap Sansui combo TV/DVD player I have hooked up to my computer ;)

  • Truth or Dare
    Truth or Dare Day ago

    Many, many years ago I spoke with a person who worked in the recording industry for one of the large publishing houses. He swore by compressed air for cleaning a record, and nothing else. I would think he used well-filtered air with moderate pressure. I never tried it.

  • Enzo Perruccio

    Yeah, the cleaner is as shitty as the format itself.

  • Sean Mondout
    Sean Mondout Day ago

    Not good for the environment. Lots of crap nobody needs. Pass...

  • platypusfrenzy

    1:25 - "the SL6 was the first technics compact record sleeve size linear tracking turntable with direct access" - has Mat considered auditioning for Star Trek? That's some smooth technobabble right there, at least to me as a non-audiophile..

    RENZEENO Day ago

    The nail breaking! Ahhh!

  • Guillemo Federico Gomez

    Sansui aun en los 90s y hasta sus ultimos dias tuvo su linea de alta calidad como los AU Alpha 907 por nombrar alguno. Segun Silvio Pomar, que es uno de los referentes de audio en Argentina, siendo uno de los coleccionistas mas serios e importador de McIntosh aqui, dijo "Sansui murio haciendo lo mejor de su historia". Seguramente por eso siendo por un lado muy mediocre, y por otro super elitista no siguio en el negocio.

  • 509g1
    509g1 Day ago

    This device should be 4k lol.

  • 509g1
    509g1 Day ago

    The price can fuck off lol. I'm glad I didn't see this video in 2017. Cuz u can get higher output resolution bigger actual size projectors within £100 lol

  • Fernando Pagnotta

    Can you record on how this translates to sound? maybe you can comapre hifi vs this?? thanks awesome channel

  • Kenny S
    Kenny S Day ago

    Hmm i dont trust anything that comes from china to be plugged in my computer

  • J.A.M
    J.A.M Day ago

    What’s the HDMI for ? Maybe you can play whatever you want ..