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Livin' in Hominy
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Fred Fontaine
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Makin' Hinges
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Chicken Sauce Excerpt
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Beef Jerky
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Smokin' Sausage
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The Future of BBQ
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BBQ with Franklin: Sauce
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BBQ with Franklin: The Cook
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BBQ with Franklin: The Wood
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  • Pratt Koon
    Pratt Koon 2 hours ago

    The fact that you think the breast will cook the fastest, let's me know everything I need to know about this video.

  • Superchicken798
    Superchicken798 7 hours ago

    I need a squeaky table like that!!

  • Steve
    Steve 13 hours ago

    Well done video; I must go to North Carolina.

  • Raymond Leung
    Raymond Leung Day ago

    You’re like the Mr Rogers of BBQ. Any way you want

  • BriaN
    BriaN Day ago

    BLACK GOLD! The gold I can afford!

  • Hydromaestro
    Hydromaestro Day ago

    bro focus your camera

  • west _saeed
    west _saeed Day ago

    Man this seems like such an honest and satisfying profession. Always learning something new to improve.

  • west _saeed
    west _saeed Day ago

    If Bill Hader was a pitmaster

  • Jimmy Rogers
    Jimmy Rogers 2 days ago

    AAron I see what you are doing with Stacy. My man!

  • k0d0kan
    k0d0kan 2 days ago

    I really want to try this BBQ. I went there once but the line was SOOOO long. I didnt expect that so I settled for Blacks BBQ, which was incredible by the way. Next time I go there I will be prepared...

  • Denverthe gamer b
    Denverthe gamer b 3 days ago


  • Carlton Firoved
    Carlton Firoved 3 days ago

    What kind of wood did you use? What kind of spices did you put on your brisket? I would you make a video and not give all of the information? The meat looks great the video was worthless.

  • Heriberto  Navarrete

    We got good wood.... And we got good beef too.....

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly 4 days ago

    Save the liver, save the liver. Uh oh now I'v done it, I just cut the dickens out my finger!

  • Chris Geno
    Chris Geno 4 days ago

    oh a lil ice but its a fresh turkey not frozen

  • Magical Pancake
    Magical Pancake 4 days ago

    Thanks for sharing, that was a great watch!

  • TheFlyingKiwi
    TheFlyingKiwi 5 days ago

    'Smoked garlic' that didn't get any smoke cos you wrapped it in foil...

  • Brian Lister
    Brian Lister 5 days ago

    Oh so y’all are from texas?

  • Alansmithee007
    Alansmithee007 5 days ago

    "Burned Before" & "Hot Potato"!!! LOL

  • panchito1993eljc
    panchito1993eljc 6 days ago

    this guy is a moran

  • Bullet Beats
    Bullet Beats 6 days ago

    Any reason brine doesn’t get rinsed like usual ?

  • Mini Moto Revolution

    His rub is fine, I do like just a little garlic in mine. But that may be a North Texas thing too.

  • Mark Barnett
    Mark Barnett 6 days ago

    I played this st .5 and Aaron and his buddy turned into a couple of stoners having a philosophical stoner conversation! BBQ deep diving and at any point, about to nod off!

  • Otavio Diogo
    Otavio Diogo 7 days ago

    Secret rub: salt and pepper.....

  • Mack Langen
    Mack Langen 7 days ago

    Franklin looks like Johnny Knoxville and Steve-o's lovechild. . . . . . .

  • Longhunter
    Longhunter 8 days ago

    I’ll be smoking my bird (this is 3rd year in a row). My birds bigger so I’ll be spatchcocking it, but all the rest works.

    • Smug Smugly
      Smug Smugly 4 days ago

      I'm gonna smoke some crawdads, but first I have to have a little pot.

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 8 days ago

    I watched this in the morning and now I want to just eat brisket with eggs.

  • Russell Bradley
    Russell Bradley 8 days ago

    Might have to start saving a few feral hog shoulders in the future if they’re fat enough.

  • Lucy McTurner
    Lucy McTurner 8 days ago

    Jerky for breakfast, yummm.

  • R Yeckley
    R Yeckley 8 days ago

    The weather that day was beautiful

  • Al Kinisky
    Al Kinisky 8 days ago

    Did you use salted or unsalted butter? With salt in the rub, I might assume unsalted but want to be sure.

  • Angel Lopez
    Angel Lopez 8 days ago

    what brand butcher paper do you use.

  • manacoo57
    manacoo57 9 days ago

    Nice smoker, I just came home with the Wrangler from Old Country BBQ Pits. Pork Butt get ready, you're up next.

  • Tim Philmon
    Tim Philmon 9 days ago

    Recipe for the gravy pah-leez? I gotta try this..

  • Streaydog 01
    Streaydog 01 9 days ago

    Nice video. Would of like to see the temp on the brisket when you took it off. I cook everything by temp.

  • Me
    Me 10 days ago

    Never seen someone grinding the meat directly into the casing. That's a big no-no, never do this. There are many beginners looking on youtube for information on how to make sausage. Then, they stumble across a video in which the great Aaron Franklin explains how to make sausage. That's a shame. Sausage mixture needs to be well kneaded, to allow for myosin extraction, which is the natural "glue" from the meat that allows the sausage to bind. This operation is called "primary bind". Without it you won't have sausage, but meat crumbles inside a casing.

  • Chris Sean
    Chris Sean 10 days ago

    i did this once... then she filed for divorce

  • Joe Coverstone
    Joe Coverstone 11 days ago

    ..... my jerky is normally done between 4-7 hours >_>

  • Gene Kurtz
    Gene Kurtz 11 days ago

    Should melt butter and heat cream in pot so you don't drop the heat of the taters

  • JM2A JM2A
    JM2A JM2A 11 days ago

    It sucks the caption was blocking what you were doing while you were doing most of the cutting.

  • Waqar Ghulam
    Waqar Ghulam 11 days ago

    You are a fucking genius

  • Luan Henrique Passoni

    0:01 General Kenobi

  • Joe User
    Joe User 12 days ago

    Wonder why he changed the cooking temp from 275 to 250 in the used to say 275...

  • JulianFernandez
    JulianFernandez 13 days ago

    dude is boss

  • ABikerLife
    ABikerLife 13 days ago

    @ 4:50 Or big city. Houston is seriously lacking. Mediocre Q here that I can easily do better at home on my little smoker. I seldom buy something I can do better myself.

  • david bradford
    david bradford 13 days ago

    I’d love to meet Aaron franklin

  • SK Facilities
    SK Facilities 13 days ago

    We have come full circle, aerodynamic brisket. Nice!!!

  • Rockmuncher
    Rockmuncher 15 days ago

    What wood did you use?

  • Ed Hourigan
    Ed Hourigan 15 days ago

    What temperature on the smoker? 300-325?

  • C Davis
    C Davis 15 days ago

    I respect Aaron Franklin period. I've am a Texas native forever. 54 yrs old. Two brothers that own BBQ businesses. Arron is the shit - he really is (that coming from my brothers!) . in Texas at least from Palo Pinto. Tarrant, and Johnson County Texas, LOL, We do use liberally cummino, paprika, garlic, hot pepper powders and some brown sugar. Hey - t's ok. Watch an Alton Brown vid on sugar + salt and see the magic that combo creates. BBQ is awesome, but there is some science behind it. It 'aint magic, but it's real.

  • Indeed
    Indeed 16 days ago

    Who cremated the damned bird?

  • Bearded Ape Beard Care

    Wonderful information Brother

  • datsuntoyy
    datsuntoyy 16 days ago

    What's everybody's thoughts on corn fed vs grass fed beef?

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 16 days ago

    Do you ever wrap pork in butcher paper like a brisket?

  • Fernie c
    Fernie c 16 days ago

    What temp and how long do you cook for

  • Russell Bushnell
    Russell Bushnell 17 days ago

    i love your honesty

  • tomco78
    tomco78 17 days ago

    I debone mine so dog can chew on it and not hurt them when its a raw bone, have to throw that away after cooking! You do a great job cooking and teaching Thanks!

  • ABikerLife
    ABikerLife 17 days ago

    Great 3 part series.. Liked all 3 and subscribed. Thank You!

  • No One
    No One 18 days ago

    Please do not call it blood. The uninformed masses will stay ignorant when you do.

  • ABikerLife
    ABikerLife 18 days ago

    That's the way I take a plain ole HEB brisket and do it at home. Thanks for the video. Like that you keep it simple.

  • bubu mic
    bubu mic 18 days ago

    My mouth leaked buckets ...

  • bubu mic
    bubu mic 18 days ago

    Yea i bet your arteries cry for more butter !!

  • bubu mic
    bubu mic 18 days ago

    I would work for you and open a business in my country with the know-how i`d get from the time spent there :)

  • beerbrewer737
    beerbrewer737 18 days ago

    Sauce on brisket? Heavens to Murgatroyd- NO!

  • Karma Humphrey
    Karma Humphrey 19 days ago

    You mean here in Austin you split it up we don’t cut shit off the brisket maybe the hard parts MAYBE!!! the fat is your flavor and moisture.

  • R Taj
    R Taj 19 days ago

    Ate there 2 weeks ago, absolutely the best brisket ever. from Minnesota to Austin Tx, worth it❤️

  • Mikeyboy B
    Mikeyboy B 19 days ago

    I really like this guy and his videos... He looks like the love child of Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O

  • John Norred
    John Norred 20 days ago

    Would have subbed, then I saw the immoral wasting of meat. Unreal

  • Eric Henderson
    Eric Henderson 21 day ago

    Beyond his skills and selflessness, I am always amused when he cuts a piece off, says "that could be a nice snack," and tosses it. This is the kind of dude you'd like to have a cocktail (or ginger ale) with.

  • Chef Bojan
    Chef Bojan 21 day ago

    What’s in the spritz?

  • Michael Matta
    Michael Matta 22 days ago

    Used this method today, my best pulled pork to date! THANKS FRANK!

  • Don Post
    Don Post 22 days ago

    damn 16 a pound? now its 25 bucks a pound.

  • Spanky Vu
    Spanky Vu 23 days ago

    Thanks, free Masterclass on RU-clip!

  • Texas Papa
    Texas Papa 23 days ago


  • Corey Miller
    Corey Miller 23 days ago

    I have smoked 3 turkeys over the years using this method and there is no better way, period.

  • Dorival espirito santo

    Who has recipes of Dry Rub send me by Whatsapp +5511948609107 I am from Brazil, there is a wave of AMERICAN BBQ HERE ...

  • Cooking with the Blues, Honey Apple BBQ Ribs

  • BBQSmoker NC
    BBQSmoker NC 26 days ago

    What happen to his videos ? Quit making them. 😩

  • rsx123
    rsx123 26 days ago

    I don't trust him. He's not fat enough. And he said bitsies.

    • tonylwright
      tonylwright 22 days ago

      Go over to How to BBQ Right channel. Malcolm will fit the bill for you.

    • Brian Juno
      Brian Juno 26 days ago

      He’s the owner operator of one of the most successful and well known BBQ joints in America.

  • americanalltheway Redneck

    ive smoked loads of shoulders.but none like this...I cant wait to try it texas style..thanks frank

  • americanalltheway Redneck

    hows the smoke gonna get into wrapped foil?..

  • Lehan Edirisinghe
    Lehan Edirisinghe 27 days ago

    Happy Thanksgiving Y'all

  • Rock Washer
    Rock Washer 27 days ago

    Love you guys. Great job, thank you for sharing. ❤️

  • Matt Bublitz
    Matt Bublitz 27 days ago

    Not that I am an expert by any means, but that turkey looked pretty dark.

  • imba png
    imba png 27 days ago

    laughs in electric smoker

  • JT King
    JT King 28 days ago

    At 5:16 he did it again! GOOD LORD! Somebody stop this man!

  • JT King
    JT King 28 days ago

    Damn! He just did it again! Surely he is the son of Satan! I don't know how much more of this I can take.

  • JT King
    JT King 28 days ago

    He threw away perfectly good pork! WTF! He will burn in hell for all eternity and deservedly so.

  • Shamshu Lakhani
    Shamshu Lakhani 28 days ago

    He dint mention the internal temperature when cooked, does anyone know @ what temp it’s done?

    • J. R.
      J. R. 11 days ago

      it's not a steak, the temperature is "well-done". in texas style barbecue more important than the internal temperature is the oven temperature

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 29 days ago

    Can we get a clam chowder please

  • jojopetv
    jojopetv 29 days ago

    This looks great. Last year I made my first turkey according to Chef Ramsey, this year I'm smoking a Turkey for Thanksgiving. Gonna do a test run first to make sure I can do it well so I don't ruin Thanksgiving dinner.

  • mark on the move
    mark on the move 29 days ago

    Awesome video

  • qfast817 qfast817

    At the end with Alamo beer and a smoked turkey reminds me of king of the hill when hanks turkey is blown up at the airport

  • littletone
    littletone Month ago

    Let's not forget what else LBJ said about blacks before he signed the civil rights act.......

  • mr yorkie
    mr yorkie Month ago

    That's one f**ked up Turkey go to meat church to see turkey done right ..

  • Don Goodrich
    Don Goodrich Month ago

    You know what i hate...people that wrap stuff in tin foil put it on a smoker and call it smoked.

  • Gabriel Berki
    Gabriel Berki Month ago

    That thumbnail looks fucked.

  • Ben Camping
    Ben Camping Month ago

    What kinda of grill is that?

  • MH60CE
    MH60CE Month ago

    What kinda dog is that? Great Vid!

  • Mihail G
    Mihail G Month ago

    I watched a lot off videos and your’s and don’t know which one to get?