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  • Wold OliviO
    Wold OliviO Hour ago

    What an annoying reviewer

    • Bob Flavin
      Bob Flavin Hour ago

      Bye now, don’t let the door hit you on your way out bye 👋

  • DGB Services
    DGB Services Hour ago

    This car seems to be a show-stopper! It’s making all the Peugeot haters tear their hair out 😂

  • Stendec Stretcher
    Stendec Stretcher 3 hours ago

    Have you sold out to Peugeot Bob ?

    • Bob Flavin
      Bob Flavin Hour ago

      Just because I like a car doesn’t mean I’ve sold out 🙄

  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger 4 hours ago

    i like the older Juke design. It was original.

  • venkatesh Evander Hades

    Compare this with the karoq please.

  • Brian Barbe
    Brian Barbe 6 hours ago

    How does it perform up hill?

  • Arif Ramzan
    Arif Ramzan 9 hours ago

    The outside looks good. The inside not so . I’m not a fan of them stuck on touchscreen . I rather have it blended in . The buttons don’t seem easy to use while driving .

  • Brian Cullen
    Brian Cullen 10 hours ago

    Bob...What are ya talkin about the big glove box? It's a left hand drive! The UK and Irish glove box will be typically tiny!

  • Mick Delaney
    Mick Delaney 11 hours ago

    Hi Bob great review as always. I'm looking to order a gt line petrol 100 6 speed manual next week. Can I ask, as a 6 footer I'll be using it to carry 2 car seats will I be struggling for space? And also would I be better off paying the premium and ordering the 130 auto instead thanks.

  • Gerry Days
    Gerry Days 12 hours ago

    There was never a bad focus badge snobs just because it's a ford running it down😡😡😡😡😡

  • Bull1the1Great
    Bull1the1Great 12 hours ago

    one of your best videos I must say . nice production . I am also waiting for Citroen to come up with similar car . French were always my favourite, I had Xsara and now C-elysee ... would like to drive an electric citroen in few years . btw, would like to hear more about petrol-diesel differences

  • Arturas P
    Arturas P 13 hours ago

    i only care about electric version

  • zeuss194
    zeuss194 13 hours ago

    If you don't like the small steering and all "french quirck" then take the next Opel corsa , it's the same car

  • Paul Apostoli
    Paul Apostoli 14 hours ago

    1.0 3 cylinder? A lawn mower engine in a vehicle that size? 🤔 Seen faster mobility scooters! Keep the Renault unit engine, i will go elsewhere to spend my cash.

    • Zerofightervi
      Zerofightervi 11 hours ago

      You can get a 1 litre 3 cylinder in the Mondeo. This engine is perfectly adequate in a car the size of the Juke.

  • Scott Goodman
    Scott Goodman 16 hours ago

    She looks so American vs he looks straight up Brit like

    • Bob Flavin
      Bob Flavin 16 hours ago

      We are both Irish with shamrocks stamped on us ☘️

  • Nigel Weir
    Nigel Weir 16 hours ago

    A lot of trees in the cars

  • Gavin Bissell
    Gavin Bissell 16 hours ago

    We I can see why they don't show pictures of the rear end

  • penguinred651
    penguinred651 16 hours ago

    Its a shame you can't see the fancy binacle display due the ridiculous steering wheel and the UK cost of the electric model is equally ridiculous for a Peugeot.

  • organthruster
    organthruster 18 hours ago

    loved this bob. an honest review about an honest car, which is what you've always done best. however, even after a substantial sweetener from the government, a small EV from a mainstream name like Peugeot is still too much of a stretch economically. given EVs are supposed to appeal to the hard-headed, financially prudent driver in each of us, nothing about this segment stacks up. we hear lots of talk about EVs saving money but I've yet to see anything compelling, particularly in light of the fact that the #1 cost of running a car is depreciation. not fuel. can't help think that the only way you're going to get the majority to even consider EVs is if you turn them into a despotic lifestyle cult, as has been the case with Tesla, or you ramp up the tax implications and force combustion engines off the road (in the UK the revised 2020 BIK arrangements will certainly help with this). either way it's going to be an uphill struggle when the little E-208 is more expensive than the 508, and that's supposedly Peugeot's flagship!

  • Paul M
    Paul M 19 hours ago

    Lexus claim that the battery will last the life of the car, in a Lexus that's a minimum of 300,000 miles and plenty of the hybrids are already over 500,000 , I wouldn't worry too much about the battery life.

  • Philip Scott
    Philip Scott 21 hour ago

    What I wanna see is the state of these cars in 10+ years. Peugeot quality? Questionable

  • jaro essa
    jaro essa 21 hour ago

    Let's be honest...the "new" 208 is NICE!!! They did a great job on the redesign. The 208-e...a 100% RIP-OFF!!! Why? Because of it's 100% markup on price. In other words, DOUBLE THE PRICE!! Trust consumers will NOT be flocking to the 208-e. Not when they can get the SAME EXACT stylish car for 1/2 the price in the ICE version.

  • JettoGospel
    JettoGospel 22 hours ago

    was expecting some ieds going off

  • Przemysław Wiśniewski

    I wish they made a SUV or even combi with this suspension and a 33" tires.

  • patho094
    patho094 Day ago

    The glove box is big because its a LHD, a RHD will still have the fuse box in there

  • Brendan Devoy
    Brendan Devoy Day ago

    The electric ine looks amazing but no irish price , i went on Peugeot uk and its £33000 , here in Ireland it'll be about €40000 crazy money for a small city car . It is gorgeous though

    • Brendan Devoy
      Brendan Devoy 18 hours ago

      @organthruster i meant the gt line one sorry . I think the lower spec ones dont look nearly as good

    • organthruster
      organthruster 18 hours ago

      prices start _below_ £30K and that's _before_ you deduct the £3,500 grant. so the entry level E-208 is £25K.

  • Kfp Prep
    Kfp Prep Day ago

    Australia. I have now owned one for 3 weeks. Amazing is an understatement. Base price downunder is 66K, and all up $70K. Cheaper than a Merc or a BMW with more tech, and upgradable anytime with software updates. Routinely get 320-350km per charge. My driving has gone to 80% on Autopilot, 20% actual driving. I drive 180km per day. No range anxiety for me. I have my own charger at home (free with car) - so never need to publicly charge. My workplaces have charge points. Easy.

  • N Q
    N Q Day ago

    This car is going to sell itself ! Thinking about the 206 years ago ...they were everywhere . Can’t wait to see it in the flesh.


    This car is going to sell like crazy, it’s the first new 208 I’ve seen that is colour coded around the wheel arches, I must say I prefer the black adds character to the car.

    • jaro essa
      jaro essa 21 hour ago

      The 208 will have a good following. The 208-e - NO!

  • Brian Rocks
    Brian Rocks Day ago

    Looks tiny in the front.

  • 73henny
    73henny Day ago

    The steering wheel looks like its blocking the view of the dials?

  • Brendan Devoy
    Brendan Devoy Day ago

    A GTI version NOW

    • Brendan Devoy
      Brendan Devoy Day ago

      @Ibrahim Seck 😳 what . Sacrilege

    • Ibrahim Seck
      Ibrahim Seck Day ago

      They dropped the word GTI, it's Called "Peugeot Sport Engineered" now

  • ivorbukovac
    ivorbukovac Day ago


  • Patrick W
    Patrick W Day ago

    Are you getting the MG EV in Ireland? That's causing a bit of a stir at the moment.

  • Nick Powell Photography

    Puuuugoe 🤣🤣

  • Bruce Kennedy
    Bruce Kennedy Day ago

    Love your reviews Bob. Agree this is a gorgeous little car and in particular a great new EV choice.

  • Samuel Bomorse

    I had the previous 512GW and before it was a year old it went back. It kept saving protecting recording on start up, randomly stopped recording etc. Drove me mad. Now got to find a replacement and I'm still leaning towards this new 522GW for the fact that Nextbase make the best cameras.

  • Drive4fun
    Drive4fun Day ago

    I don’t like it inside, outside is nice but interior is simply overdone as usual from Peugeot. E version will be a deal for sure

  • Barry Rathbone-Ledsom

    Love the pronunciation of Peugeot it reminds me that Dacia (day-see-a) will never be datcher as they call it!

  • Crash Box
    Crash Box Day ago

    8:00 should have done you piece to camera while sitting on the lion.

  • gooldii1
    gooldii1 Day ago


  • Conor Nugent
    Conor Nugent Day ago

    They expect to sell about 10% as electric.

  • JDN Rotterdam
    JDN Rotterdam Day ago

    If daf still was there( the netherlands brand) it would be allsow big

  • JDN Rotterdam
    JDN Rotterdam Day ago

    Skoda is good for the US i think people will love it! Just like a Seat Leon or Ibiza

    • JDN Rotterdam
      JDN Rotterdam Day ago

      Skoda octavia wagon or liftback with a TSI engine and a DSG automatic transmission. Fulloptions. It’s a golf! Just the same Quality. But a littlebit bigger and cheaper

  • Robert Xavier Betancourt Junior

    Lordstown Ohio GM plant is for sale. Will Peugot buy the factory for the electric version. Trump has abandoned Ohio. Renault ZE is also interested.

  • James Doodle
    James Doodle Day ago

    LHD 308 fuse box is not in the glove box. This review is like a Peogout advert .. not the normal "independant" review from this channel .. wonder why, Peu"tron" (sorry, paytron) maybe ???...

  • computerbob06
    computerbob06 Day ago

    I'm afraid I'm that 2nd or 3rd user! Looking forward to paying for a new battery in a 9 year old car!

    • Conor Nugent
      Conor Nugent Day ago

      We have a fairly good climate for battery degradation so if they can guarantee it for 8 years in Spain we should be doing just fine

  • Russ Cattell
    Russ Cattell Day ago

    Meanwhile here in rural France, my works car park is full of the French partisan only Renault, Peugeot, Citroen drivers. A few Opels & Fiats about but i'm the weirdo English with a Skoda. They'd have a funky fit if I still had my old Vauxhall Chevette HSR.

  • Brian Evans
    Brian Evans Day ago

    Hi,Two other reports have said E208 has a jiggly ride and is restless, Bobs around at low speed (speed not known). I am concerned about this, as I have ordered a corsa E, which is on the same platform. Is your opinion as said " excellant car" I'm hoping.

    • Conor Nugent
      Conor Nugent Day ago

      @Brian Evans unconventional cars age well so your option might change.

    • Brian Evans
      Brian Evans Day ago

      @Conor Nugent Hopefully. I will try the e 208 as soon as a test drive is available in UK.Not sure about the fangs, LED front lights.

    • Conor Nugent
      Conor Nugent Day ago

      It's not exactly finished yet so there is to fix it. Just a matter of changing springs and dampers to deal with the extra weight

  • Nima Mortazavi

    Love your reviews Can you please review kia optima disel 2019/2020 and compare it to skoda 2019/2020 thanks

  • Robert VanZant

    Bob your killing it ! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Andy McAfee
    Andy McAfee Day ago

    Really like the look of this from Peugeot, cracking colour and cracking review. ps. I am sure the little shelf thing in centre console cubby is to put phone(s) on, one horizontally or 2 side by side stood up.

  • Eric Rochford
    Eric Rochford Day ago

    Nice review. Car of the year next year??

  • AoToGo
    AoToGo Day ago

    Have to completely agree Bob, 0-60mph times are old hat now, there is much more to cars than that, or there should be! Great review, I can feel your enthusiasm. cheers

  • Glen hall
    Glen hall Day ago

    How much will ev version be ?

    • Bob Flavin
      Bob Flavin Day ago

      I don't have Irish prices yet, I'll post them in the comments next week

  • Stephen Middlehurst

    So this is something I never thought I'd say: as good looking as this new 208 is (and it really is, very impressive thing inside and out)... I think I prefer the 3008. No idea why, maybe it's just that Peugeot's current design works better with more metal to play with? Honestly the only thing keeping me from looking at this is I'm still gunshy over their reliability which is kinda a problem when you do 20k+ a year.

    • The Dons
      The Dons Day ago

      @Stephen Middlehurst funnily enough, I have the same feelings about vw/audi right now after having two duds in a row in the late 00's. Passat and A3. I wouldn't go near them now, but their poor reliability is also backed up by poor showings year on year in warranty directs reliability index and driver power too. I chanced Peugeot on good results and would happily go again now.

    • Stephen Middlehurst
      Stephen Middlehurst Day ago

      @The Dons See that's the problem... I know on an intellectual level that they're likely fine (let's face it, most cars are pretty damn good these days). But a succession of dodgy Pugs for family and friends in the 90's and 00's really did put me off the brand. It's not rational at all and I'm sure it'd be absolutely fine if I took the plunge and yet.....

    • The Dons
      The Dons Day ago

      Ive had a 508 for six years now and never had to replace even a washer in it. Among the best for reliability these days. Peugeot topped driver power survey this year too. The 308 also best car rated by Honest John readers. The reliability issue is nonsense for everything they've launched post 2012.

  • cms1104
    cms1104 Day ago

    You really like the Peugeot 208 :)

  • Mick Daly
    Mick Daly Day ago

    Agree with you on buttons needed for air con,the one they had in old 208/2008 was ideal simply switch click up or down

  • Brian j
    Brian j Day ago

    What’s the price for the electric version bob???

    • jaro essa
      jaro essa 21 hour ago

      In short, prices are DOUBLE for the e-version. That simple...

    • ΝΟΜΛ
      ΝΟΜΛ Day ago

      UK prices on their website begin from £28,550 Active trim, £29,750 Allure, £31,600 GT Line and £33,150 for GT

    • Mick Daly
      Mick Daly Day ago

      Can't wait for the 2008 review

    • Bob Flavin
      Bob Flavin Day ago

      Prices aren't announced yet, I'll have them next week and I'll post them here

  • chez421
    chez421 Day ago

    Why is it acceptable to have range performance loss year by year for EV's, yet if your ICE, lost performance in range or power most would throw it back to the manufacturer....... until EV's come up to the same standard we hold ICE manufacturers I will stick with ICE, diesel or petrol, all the same to me, dino fuel.

  • Stephen Fahy
    Stephen Fahy Day ago

    Looking forward to the Electric review. Where did you do the Video with the Lion ?

    • Bob Flavin
      Bob Flavin Day ago

      The Lion is in the Hotel, it's a new thing with Peugeot but I like the change back to the big roaring Lion

  • Nice Shot
    Nice Shot Day ago

    Did she just lean that against the car?

  • Nick Truelsen
    Nick Truelsen Day ago

    Yet another great review, my go to reviewer.

  • Robert Langham

    6:55 Peugeot marketing team give a collective groan, "Lion Bob, it's an effing Lion". 7:50 Watch out for that Peugeot tiger behind you Bob 🤣 Re: This is s "pre-production model" means, some company director got carried away and arranged the press launch before being given the green light, oops.

  • Ray Jennings
    Ray Jennings Day ago

    The one thing we can expect from the French - no matter what car you buy, is a stupidly small glove box because of their obsession with using it for a fuse box. I've got a 307SW and it has exactly the same problem but what really gets me is that there's a second fuse/relay box under the bonnet as well. Why oh why can't they combine the two? No excuse. Absolutely no thigh support in the back. This will get tiring. Personally, I can't wait to get a feel for the new style 2008 with the petrol engine and auto box. The EV is tempting but the charging network in the UK is terrible so that option might not happen. I'd like it to but I have a regular long-distance trip with no possiblity of re-charge, which wouldn't be possible with the limited range.

  • This no gay, this Wesley

    wow high praise indeed.

  • JohnnyDub
    JohnnyDub Day ago

    Great review, enjoyed that. I agree, Peugeot are in a real sweet spot now in terms of design. Any mention of a gti version? 👍🏻

  • Mark Turner-smith

    Good video Bob, never been much of a French car fan but this does seem very good styling nice. Hope your enjoying the sun (& beer) - have a pint on me it's currently pouring with rain/thunder and hailstorm here in Bournemouth.

  • Mark Bennett
    Mark Bennett Day ago

    Bob's correct... Proper switches/knobs for the climate control/ventilation.... The Peugeot steering wheel is an ugly thing that should be ditched.. Not sure it's a jolly as Bob states but it's not bad....

    • Juho Jalonen
      Juho Jalonen Day ago

      @Mick Daly I'm trying to troll here, excuse me.

    • Mick Daly
      Mick Daly Day ago

      @Juho Jalonen very mature comment,well done

    • Juho Jalonen
      Juho Jalonen Day ago

      @Mick Daly Small steering wheels are for men with small weaners.

    • Mick Daly
      Mick Daly Day ago

      Try it, after while you be so used it you be asked why don't all cars have small wheel

  • Clive Thomas
    Clive Thomas Day ago

    Most people only want to see the electric version. No one should even think of a diesel.

    • jagman84
      jagman84 14 hours ago

      alex21212121 so are petrol cars but they hide it well. They produce PM2.5 particulates that can cause respiratory issues too.

    • alex21212121
      alex21212121 Day ago

      Id rather have an electric car than a diesel, but petrol over both of them. Diesels have never been any good, and theyre so dirty

    • chez421
      chez421 Day ago

      @Glen hall All the way where? People have choices, don't need to be a nazi about it. UK car owners got screwed over by th efat government lie that said diesels are good, then they bought them, then the gov, said not any more, now the consumers are fucked ......again! Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, comes to mind.

    • Glen hall
      Glen hall Day ago

      E.v all the way.

  • Tom Hickey
    Tom Hickey Day ago

    Hi bob, has the e208 the same amount of room in the rear as the petrol version?

    • Bob Flavin
      Bob Flavin Day ago

      As Mick says there, they are the same inside as all the batteries are under the floor

    • Mick Daly
      Mick Daly Day ago

      They are exactly same inside

  • Allan Ø.N.
    Allan Ø.N. Day ago

    Really looking forward to Road testing the electric 208 .. especially interested if they fixed the drivers ergonomics. we owned a 206 for almost 18 years and some of the dna from the 206 is still present.. if it aint broke..

  • Paul Barnett
    Paul Barnett Day ago

    Brilliant review as ever Bob and yes it looks a stunner!! Keep up the great work!!!

  • David Gatt
    David Gatt Day ago

    awsome... still need in the infrastructure for electric cars.. i would love one , but naff chargers all in Cardiff !

  • Geordi La Forge

    Looks nice. Regarding degradation I think the same applies to ICE cars, each year the engine is less efficient/gets less mpg.

    • Geordi La Forge
      Geordi La Forge Hour ago

      @piglet5287 Agreed exciting times ahead.

    • piglet5287
      piglet5287 13 hours ago

      @Geordi La Forge a lot depends on the manufacturer (and battery manufacturer). For example I'd be wary of Nissan installations because of their lack of active cooling, and the associated rapidgate issues. On the other hand Tesla batteries - though not necessarily the rest of the car - seem to be dependable, and I'd trust Toyota if they ever get around to a full EV. They are as cautious as I am!

    • Geordi La Forge
      Geordi La Forge Day ago

      ​@piglet5287 I have concerns about EV but until I see evidence of such degradation I think we should keep our eyes open to false rumors. If a battery degrades I think the "damaged cells/modules/portion" (not sure of terminology) can be replaced without needing to replace the whole battery.

    • piglet5287
      piglet5287 Day ago

      @Geordi La Forge looking after an EV incurs costs too. 30 percent degradation is what would trigger a warranty claim. For degradation less than that, the owner would not be covered. Owners may be lucky, may not. It's a risk an EV owner takes, but it seems to me that it's less easy for an owner to manage battery degradation than it is to maintain an ICE properly. If you need to fast charge frequently then it's hard to get round that situation, but it reduces battery life.

    • Geordi La Forge
      Geordi La Forge Day ago

      @piglet5287 I agree but looking after an ICE car properly has a cost. Where are you getting 30% loss from? I haven't seen any reports of such a massive degradation for EBV.

  • dufonrafal
    dufonrafal Day ago

    4:50 the fuse box in the glovebox is only for the RHD. LHD always had a big glovebox.

    • BrackenDog10
      BrackenDog10 Day ago

      Just try reaching the fusebox in a RHD Zoe....

  • Simon Clark
    Simon Clark Day ago

    I don't agree, my 3008 is the best design Peugeot have created in years. This nonsense about A/C knobs is getting tedious. Just how many times do you want to alter the A/C? If you love the petrol version so much, why aren't we seeing that one?

    • Simon Clark
      Simon Clark Day ago

      computerbob06 still tedious nonsense. I have the same setup in my 3008 but not onscreen all the time. You set it, you forget it.

    • computerbob06
      computerbob06 Day ago

      When Bob talks about the A/C, he's talking about the whole cabin air system!

    • Simon Clark
      Simon Clark Day ago

      @Mick Daly I know he did, so why didn't he film that?

    • Mick Daly
      Mick Daly Day ago

      If listened to start he said he drove petrol day before

  • Leonis Bacher
    Leonis Bacher Day ago

    The new Yaris is much better.

    • Glen hall
      Glen hall Day ago

      No Yaris ev no game changer!

    • Christopher Wain
      Christopher Wain Day ago

      yaris self charging car :(

    • Bob Flavin
      Bob Flavin Day ago

      I haven’t driven it so I can’t say. Peugeot will remains my favourite small car

  • Johan Ek
    Johan Ek Day ago

    Great review as always! Keep it up!👍🏼

  • Eric Wadge
    Eric Wadge Day ago

    I agree with you. Fabulous car. Peugeot have really upped their game.

    • Bob Flavin
      Bob Flavin Day ago

      Yes they have, I’m looking forward to driving it in Ireland soon

  • Kenneth Sharpe

    Having purchased a dashcam I took my car to the garage for its MOT when I picked up I found that the camera had been pulled off the windscreen because it would have failed it's MOT,I had positioned it in the middle of the windscreen at the bottom of it behind the binnacle so was not stopping my view but I could still see the screen if they are a good aid why is it illegal on the car is vauxhall meriva.

  • Nigel Weir
    Nigel Weir 2 days ago

    BMW catching up fast ???, not much evidence of that . Shut lines just fud, merc bmw vw Audi actually not perfect either, all years behind , by the time they have anything near the model 3 they will have y to contend with

  • ismeto
    ismeto 2 days ago

    I am between Tesla model 3 and 2020 Mercedes a250e , Mercedes is hybrid about 80km electric miles and front rear drive and mercedes a 250e will be far away cheaper than Tesla 3 which one you choose ? thanks all

    • ismeto
      ismeto 2 days ago

      @Bob Flavin Thanks Bob , but Mercedes A250e will be available in 2020 NOT now

    • Bob Flavin
      Bob Flavin 2 days ago

      Trust me, wait until 2020 for a new EV. There'll be so much choice!

  • Sean Stephens
    Sean Stephens 2 days ago

    I like how honda has eliminated the transmission. Cant wait to check it out when they arrive in USA

  • Dimitar Davidkov
    Dimitar Davidkov 2 days ago

    How do you think that compares to Seat Arona ?

  • David Farrell
    David Farrell 2 days ago

    A €30k VW ID3 will be the car that changes EV in Ireland. Pitty we will still pay more that all other EU countries but thats why EU love us. We love paying more.

    • David Farrell
      David Farrell 15 hours ago

      @gooldii1 I meant what does that mean ? Best to reply in english

    • gooldii1
      gooldii1 16 hours ago

      @David Farrell Was?

    • David Farrell
      David Farrell 16 hours ago

      @gooldii1 what ?

    • gooldii1
      gooldii1 17 hours ago

      @David Farrell Mit einer Batterie um die 40 Kwh, ohne jede Ausstattung. Ein Id3 mit "grosser" Batterie, also 78 Kw, genauso gross wie die vom Tesla Model 3 kostet, normal gut ausgestattet, 50.000! Und hat dann hohen verbrauch, sieht aus wie ein Golf7 und hat weniger als die Hälfte an leistung wie ein Model3 Longrange! Hehe! Ein Shortrange Model 3 gibt es ab 43.000

  • Beorn
    Beorn 3 days ago

    Hi Bob nice review thanks. I have to differ though on your comment not bothering with Parking mode. My car was hit recently in a car park and the person did not stop and leave any details, no surprises there. I have a Nextbase 512GW the predecessor to this one. It did not capture anything leaving me to pay my £250 excess. Having spoken to Nextbase to get advice on future better protecting my car they advised using a hardwire kit (around £30) and setting the dashcam in parking mode. The hardwire kit powers the cam from the vehicle battery so its "G" sensor remains active to protect the car. There is battery (car) protection built in so you dont get a flat battery on your vehicle either.

  • asphalt hedgehog
    asphalt hedgehog 3 days ago

    I will never know... With 6'3" I don't fit. Have to live with my NC...

  • Bulgdoom
    Bulgdoom 3 days ago

    That engine is a big letdown, there needs to be a higher output version like the previous 1.6L turbo.

  • Hunc HancHoc
    Hunc HancHoc 4 days ago

    Meh... :-/

  • Kevin A
    Kevin A 4 days ago

    6:15 You're driving a model 3, not a model s

  • Mercedes Perera
    Mercedes Perera 4 days ago

    Hi Great to see it. please send some more pictures of 2006 car . i have the same

  • Philip Scott
    Philip Scott 4 days ago

    Well thank goodness that atrocity of a CVT transmission is gone.

    • Zerofightervi
      Zerofightervi 11 hours ago

      The Japanese brands love them, the journalists less so.

  • Bruce Solomon
    Bruce Solomon 4 days ago

    As an outsider who doesn’t receive it in their market seeing it for the first time it looks like an early 2000’s design. Odd to me because I’ve seen the Peugeot 3008 and think it’s dynamite.

    • Bob Flavin
      Bob Flavin 2 days ago

      Agreed, it looks dated already

  • Hare Brahs
    Hare Brahs 4 days ago

    why would you buy a large suv that has the shape of a shoebox and care of performance? doesnt make any sense..

  • John Amedu
    John Amedu 4 days ago

    I'm getting the Hybrid 4

  • E Roche
    E Roche 4 days ago

    If ever there were a car brand that need not exist. They launch DS and then Peugeot goes full avant-garde and does DS better than DS. From the same stable. And as Bob confirmed that despite all the pretensions, its built of crap materials and VAG will not be concerned.

    • Bob Flavin
      Bob Flavin 2 days ago

      Citroen and DS have a lot of work to do

  • Lulzim Muhaxheri
    Lulzim Muhaxheri 4 days ago

    Good car I like it outside and inside, but interior not so functional with vents and some other stuff. Good job Bob. Great review

  • Richard Ogden
    Richard Ogden 4 days ago


  • John M
    John M 5 days ago

    Does it have a 360 degree view camera for parking ?

    • Bob Flavin
      Bob Flavin 2 days ago

      Yes, it might be an option in your market