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Crab vs Pepsi | Street Food
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  • jose cavallieri
    jose cavallieri 2 hours ago

    Caprichou no abacaxi estava tudo lindo indo bem até ele por naquele jornal sujo cheio de Química da tinta afffff meuuuuu Deuuuus

  • L Iyengar
    L Iyengar 3 hours ago

    After watching this I will never ever buy mango pulp! Disgusting!

  • victor victor
    victor victor 4 hours ago

    Might as well just use your feet 🤢🤢

  • siddaling bharatnoor

    In andhra Pradesh area it will be available and it is called as "Bhu chakra gadda"

  • koyla empire
    koyla empire 6 hours ago

    Whoever made this video and posted was a very honest person/s, Bcoz Everthing done is exactly the same way of hygiene at street level, why show in a good way whence actually on streets its this way around, appreciate your honesty bro....

  • India Kitchen
    India Kitchen 6 hours ago

    Nice recipe

  • Muhammed Anas
    Muhammed Anas 7 hours ago

    Ethu enna place location soluga plzzz

  • Chakor Chaware
    Chakor Chaware 8 hours ago

    Mujhe quantity chahiye har item ki

  • walking down an empty street 365 in the world


  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar 9 hours ago

    Where is this located and what is d cost dear ???

  • Pop_ Eye
    Pop_ Eye 11 hours ago

    Very unhygienic. At least clean it once every week. The place where he cut chicken is very dirty

  • Levi 501
    Levi 501 12 hours ago

    Pineapples grow in India?

  • Dafi Anto
    Dafi Anto 13 hours ago

    Kyak saya pas lgi mau ngasih makan ayam wkwkkw

  • Chino Scars
    Chino Scars 17 hours ago

    It has the texture of a jicama.

  • Shubham Deore
    Shubham Deore 17 hours ago

    Unhygienic ,unhealthy ,unclean practices are covered under the name of tradition or homemade .Romantization of village economy and homeland should end and technology should be introduce.That is why indian products get non tariff barriers in international markets .

  • Chitra Salloom
    Chitra Salloom 19 hours ago

    This is NOT Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani. This is a garbage video.

  • A poncé
    A poncé 19 hours ago

    Looks like a bait pile for flies.

  • raja m
    raja m 19 hours ago

    Actually I think the cameraman and remaining crew will eat the food "sharing is caring" so don't misunderstand

  • junior dantas
    junior dantas 20 hours ago

    Higiene é tudo🤣🤣🤣

  • junior dantas
    junior dantas 20 hours ago

    Quase acaba o abacaxi🤦‍♂️

  • Hogger
    Hogger 20 hours ago

    1.33-1.34 its a magic spoon he is using.......... Better not to watch unhygiene.

  • Boys Luv
    Boys Luv 20 hours ago

    Gak kebayang rasanya, kecut asem,, air liurku netes

    DANNIEGRIFFITHS 23 hours ago

    It’s actually not rare it’s data Deficient no doubt it will be soon 🤦‍♂️

  • Farid Sheikh
    Farid Sheikh 23 hours ago

    Friends this is Sole fish .

  • Tịnh Thanh Long Xuyên

    Very good.

  • Lucrezia Ambruoso

    Ça geule de chambar on dirait la cage au folles

  • Daniel Nascimento

    Porcaria do diabo!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chente Fernandez

    It’s the meat from a giant crab leg duh

    BLUE HEAVEN Day ago

    I just UNSUBSCRIBED and i wish 1 day these Motherfckr s will die a sick dog's death.

  • MohammadSalman Salman

    Tum log madarchod aese video q banate ho. Kisiko achcha lage kisiko bura

  • monster gamer
    monster gamer Day ago

    He is not wearing gloves

  • Mubarak M
    Mubarak M Day ago

    It's not cooked fish it's burned

  • Prakash Subramanian

    Sureshot death soon if we eat this

  • Janet Matu
    Janet Matu Day ago

    But Ur very dirty

  • Raj Kothari
    Raj Kothari Day ago

    hi my3 thats very go9od that you show tasty street food but but whats the location and which city thany you as i from london uk

  • Albus DumbleDore

    Location Bata lowdi

  • Raju Philip
    Raju Philip Day ago

    Steam cake with coconut dressing (sada aripputtu)

  • Rahul Kambli
    Rahul Kambli Day ago

    Address please ?

  • Srikant Saner
    Srikant Saner Day ago

    Call me 7020216032

  • neelima pamidi

    Dosa pindini eala ready cheyalo chappandi plese nelluru dosa pindini

  • KOHKIKI 555
    KOHKIKI 555 Day ago


  • 이주헌
    이주헌 Day ago

    My stomach want it, but my brain deny... cuz hygienic condition.

  • Kopperapati Manasa

    Pennergadda Or bhuchakragadda

  • Dusmanta Sahoo


    VISHNU S Day ago

    6:12 How local village people disinfected their hands after doing nature's call.

  • ashok kumar
    ashok kumar Day ago

    very yummy. please try this too

  • Rachala Saritha

    Plz don't waste food.... food leak endaro kastapaduthunnaru...

  • bom bom
    bom bom Day ago

    สามอันกี่บาทอะดูได้น้อยจังห่อกะดาษ แบบนี้บ้านเขาก็ขายได้น้อ

  • Saurabh Sirvya

    Kariya lenda idot

  • Supattra Suebrasri

    What this is?

  • Shirly Jayme
    Shirly Jayme Day ago


  • Roshan Rishi
    Roshan Rishi Day ago

    Its not Hilsa you morons...Its Pulasa..check your facts before you criticize someone's culture. We dont care how bengalis cook their food...this is our style of cooking...

  • rem145
    rem145 Day ago

    This snow cone stand would have a problem with the health department here

  • G Ramos
    G Ramos Day ago

    Looks like fruity pebbles at the end 😂😂

  • Rose Landa
    Rose Landa Day ago

    Très sale herk.

  • Edgar pit
    Edgar pit Day ago

    Não sei o que e isso parece um tipo de fruta ,só sei que pelo tamanho da fruta e pela crossura dos pedaços que ele tira pra vender se vender cada pedacinho desse a um real com certeza com o dinheiro arrecadado vai dá pra comprar uma casa com carro na garagem um sítio com piscina e sauna , e ainda vai sobrar dinheiro pra fazer uma viagem pra Nova York

  • Ray Trent
    Ray Trent 2 days ago

    What does it taste like?

  • Edgar pit
    Edgar pit 2 days ago

    Essa mulher tá indo com a mão muito perto da prensa ,se não ficar esperta a mão dela vai estragar todo caldo da cana

  • Fabricio Barros
    Fabricio Barros 2 days ago

    Faltou só uma luva nas mãos pra ficar 100%!!!

  • Luciano Ag
    Luciano Ag 2 days ago

    Kkkk no final vc ferro cacildas.... No jornal não dá né.....

  • Ângela Feydit
    Ângela Feydit 2 days ago

    Que delícia.Pe de moleque

  • Johnny Dong
    Johnny Dong 2 days ago

    I got diarrhea from this..thanks

  • سعد عوض الشهري

    الله ياخذك وش القرف ذا

  • DwiAprilia RosaArinaleni


  • Shad Wells
    Shad Wells 2 days ago

    Nice..... what hand is he wiping with?

  • Samia Salim
    Samia Salim 2 days ago


  • Sanjay Kumar
    Sanjay Kumar 2 days ago

    Kaha hai ye ?

  • Sandeep Pun
    Sandeep Pun 2 days ago

    Is there any class for it?

  • Haji Ismail
    Haji Ismail 2 days ago

    Plastic use not good

  • Nonitz V.
    Nonitz V. 2 days ago

    Unlimited overload prawns

  • Kavita Rampersaud
    Kavita Rampersaud 2 days ago

    So unhygienical... Very unhealthy 🤧

  • Ahmet Beker
    Ahmet Beker 2 days ago

    cancer pastry 😛

  • Chris Coleman
    Chris Coleman 2 days ago

    That the biggest carrot I've ever seen

  • Bhagya Shree
    Bhagya Shree 2 days ago

    super talant bro

  • Dragon Player
    Dragon Player 2 days ago

    non fatevi vedere in Italia

  • Susan Lieza
    Susan Lieza 2 days ago

    Food coloring don't use

  • Prashant Kumar
    Prashant Kumar 2 days ago

    Useless this is not idly

  • Susan Lieza
    Susan Lieza 2 days ago

    Don't use plastic pls

  • DHANUSH 53
    DHANUSH 53 2 days ago

    This is big sweet potato

  • vikas singh
    vikas singh 2 days ago


  • fiki Alfatah
    fiki Alfatah 2 days ago

    Oh noooo

  • Rekha Rekha
    Rekha Rekha 2 days ago


  • Gilson ribeiro
    Gilson ribeiro 2 days ago

    queria saber q bebida é essa msm ?

  • Vignesh Koduri
    Vignesh Koduri 2 days ago

    The person from which he would purchase butter would be millioner now.🤔

  • Yar mohammad Shah
    Yar mohammad Shah 2 days ago

    Tukda maarna nahi ata

  • Prank today
    Prank today 2 days ago

    Time lapse cheyandi bro chaala lag undi

    ALEXIS NEFF 2 days ago

    No. 2 looks like kare kare and no. 5 looks like chicken adobo here in the Philippines.

  • Ricardo Tongol
    Ricardo Tongol 2 days ago

    Wow super hot food from the pot.

  • Dr. Harmonica
    Dr. Harmonica 2 days ago

    It is virtually impossible to cook a proper stirfry at home because a home stovetop flame can never get high and hot enough to flash fry the food. The intense quick heat is what makes stir-frying unique as opposed to just pan-frying.

  • Byju Mk
    Byju Mk 2 days ago

    Hygenicaly prepared good

  • Dosti Place Online Radio

    You must show where does he has his stall! Taking others efforts shouldn’t be taking for granted.

  • emilio palac
    emilio palac 2 days ago

    2x peed

  • emilio palac
    emilio palac 2 days ago

    The 2nd man appeared after peeing nearby

  • Klum Hür
    Klum Hür 2 days ago

    We're also producing the same product in our own country. However , the process is far better in terms of hygiene considering that we are also using manual process. I understand India however I have lots of Indian friends also whom they don't like this kind of process in their own country too.

  • Carlos Diego Pache Ortega

    Sem luvas...

  • Badal Meena
    Badal Meena 2 days ago

    Hey bhagaban insan se bura kon h agar insan ko janwar kha jaye to usko Mar dete h pr insan yha lakho janwaro ko kah jata h...


    this is from my state kerala..

  • Supur Star
    Supur Star 2 days ago


  • Anirudha Chawan
    Anirudha Chawan 2 days ago


  • nash7448
    nash7448 2 days ago

    Is it on uber eat??