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  • Fla-bushcraft Prepper

    If you find you are out of Brown Sugar, you can make it with regular Sugar and Molasses. Molasses is actually a type of ALMOST burnt sugar. Similar to making caramel, burnt sugar is the caramelization of sugar to produce a very deep, rich, brown-colored syrup. So what if you are out of Molasses and do have some brown sugar? You can make a Molasses substitute.

  • GenXisT
    GenXisT 4 days ago

    Good recipe. I tend to either reduce the amount of ketchup or eliminate the vinegar. The reason is because ketchup already has vinegar and therefore you end up with a double dose. But that's just me.

  • Pedros Henriquez
    Pedros Henriquez 5 days ago

    Can I kiss you 😍??

  • GarPunkt.TV
    GarPunkt.TV 5 days ago

    Amazing BBQ sauce recipe! :-)

  • Antonino Iaria
    Antonino Iaria 5 days ago

    You're back!!!

    • Postal Barbecue
      Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

      Yeah man. Summer is my worst posting time because of work. So it’s exciting to start thinking again about more bbq content again.

  • Phil N Florence
    Phil N Florence 5 days ago

    Nice lookin sauce. Doing ribs Satdy. I'm tempted.

  • Grill Top Experience

    Welcome back Jabin. I always love a good sauce recipe. Those ribs looked amazing.

  • Daddy Dutch BBQ
    Daddy Dutch BBQ 5 days ago

    Great looking glazing sauce a Jabin ! Love the ingredients!

    • Postal Barbecue
      Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

      Thanks buddy.. I always love a good whiskey sauce.

  • Daddy Dutch BBQ
    Daddy Dutch BBQ 5 days ago

    Jabin , I make my own honey jalapeño bbq sauce. Should I make a video for it or keep the recipe under wraps ?

    • Postal Barbecue
      Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

      I saw you give me the recipe to try it out first ;) I have something that would taste great on btw..

  • Doug Lynch
    Doug Lynch 5 days ago

    The only problem I see with this recipe is that you left out how much whiskey to add to the cook.

    • Postal Barbecue
      Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

      I'm a both and kind of guy. You should see the full rib video of this cook if you haven't already. It's totally infused with whisky flavour with each step.

    • Doug Lynch
      Doug Lynch 5 days ago

      @Postal Barbecue ... I'd say what doesn't go to the sauce, goes to the cook. Cheers

    • Postal Barbecue
      Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

      haha... good point... I knew i was missing something!! how much would you recommend we all have while the cooks going down?

    • Doug Lynch
      Doug Lynch 5 days ago

      @Postal Barbecue .. LOL , what I mean is how much whiskey does the cook get, I'm down here in Tennessee in Jack Daniels country and I know I'm gonna need more than 2 ounces of whiskey before the ribs are done.

    • Postal Barbecue
      Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

      You will see after the base sauce was made and tasted I then added 2oz which is my preferred.

  • Trent Wade
    Trent Wade 5 days ago

    Where you been man

    • Postal Barbecue
      Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

      sitting by the river soaking up the sun and navigating life... Glad you stopped in man, there will be more coming like normal ASAP.

  • Richie Nguyen
    Richie Nguyen 5 days ago

    uhh... did this video look familiar to anyone else? like from the bbq ribs episode

    • Postal Barbecue
      Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

      i think your going crazy... haha... jk. yeah this was filmed back then and was supposed to come out right after that as it's own stand alone but never made it. now you have more reason to try it. haha.. Appreciate you stopping by, stay tuned for new videos right away.

  • Baby Back Maniac
    Baby Back Maniac 5 days ago

    That looks good Jabin. Great to see you back cooking and posting. Hope you’re doing OK.

    • Postal Barbecue
      Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

      Thanks man.. I really appreciate it and you guys.

    • Baby Back Maniac
      Baby Back Maniac 5 days ago

      Postal Barbecue I still think of you guys often. You’re in my prayers

    • Postal Barbecue
      Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

      Hey buddy, glad you liked this. I filmed it months ago as a subpart to another video but never got it out. Doing ok in the midst of the mess of life right now...

  • John Lover
    John Lover 5 days ago

    I can't find your brisket on the pit barrel on your page

    • Postal Barbecue
      Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

      Hey John I haven't done a brisket in the PBC yet but go check out @BarlowBBQ I believe he's done one.

  • Bottlecap Barbeque
    Bottlecap Barbeque 5 days ago

    Ketchup, good. Molasses, good. Whiskey, GOOOOOOOD.

    • Postal Barbecue
      Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

      Whiskey... REALLY GOOOOOD.... haha... Cheers buddy!

  • Elain Jones
    Elain Jones 5 days ago

    I still can't here your video's so I'm close up the videos

  • Smokes A Rollin
    Smokes A Rollin 5 days ago

    Great looking sauce, Jabin

    • Postal Barbecue
      Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

      It's a very tasty sauce that pairs well with pork and chicken. I hope you give it a try man.

    THEREALSHOWBBQ 5 days ago

    Hey Jabin great to see you again bro. Hope you and family are doing well. I'm going to have to give this recipe a try.

    • Postal Barbecue
      Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

      DUDE, you're going to enjoy this for sure. Hope you're doing well my friend!

    UNITECV YA 5 days ago

    Yummmm. !!! I need to make some of this ASAP!

  • Postal Barbecue
    Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

    Here's a delicious and easy Homemade Whiskey BBQ Sauce recipe that tastes amazing!! QUESTION: What's your favourite whiskey to use in a sauce like this?

    • Postal Barbecue
      Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

      yeah can't go wrong with those while cooking.

    • Bottlecap Barbeque
      Bottlecap Barbeque 5 days ago

      I'm more of a Bourbon guy, so I go straight for the Jim Beam. But, Maker's Mark is also great in BBQ.

  • ramon andrade
    ramon andrade 6 days ago

    I tried didn't like.... I added baking soda n it formed clumps. I screened it out and tasted n it was not sweet. How do I sweeten it

  • Sins Hacks
    Sins Hacks 6 days ago


  • Sharon Mae Anderson

    Used this as sauce for fried Tofu 😍😍

  • Eddie3074
    Eddie3074 8 days ago

    Those wings look like they were cooked to 200 degrees. Are they still good at that temp?

    • Postal Barbecue
      Postal Barbecue 5 days ago

      you can cook wings anywhere between 175-200+. My preference is 190ish for most.

  • kimberly collins
    kimberly collins 9 days ago

    I love this recipe. Goes great with my stir fry!!

  • Wee Karl Zandro
    Wee Karl Zandro 11 days ago

    thanks man! 👏🏽

  • Russell Cooks
    Russell Cooks 12 days ago

    Looks good brother

  • Jaya Maruthan
    Jaya Maruthan 12 days ago

    I've got the Lodge too.. simply amazing!

  • sandra burke
    sandra burke 13 days ago

    How long does it keep

  • nathan workman
    nathan workman 13 days ago

    The way you stir hurts me

  • Clayton Thomas
    Clayton Thomas 15 days ago

    Definitely a winner made these yesterday super easy and very very very good

  • Tracy Ashley
    Tracy Ashley 16 days ago

    Great video

  • Massey135
    Massey135 16 days ago

    Thanks for the post. Gave this recipe a try today on my Weber Genesis II 315. The family enjoyed the wings. A nice change from the deep fried wings.

  • Ben Walker
    Ben Walker 16 days ago

    Those wings look a bit nasty dude

  • Nick Cosentino
    Nick Cosentino 16 days ago

    Can you skip the baking powder and just use a little more flour instead???? Asking for a friend :)

  • Nikki Taguiam
    Nikki Taguiam 16 days ago

    going to make chicken teryaki for my papa's it....tnx

  • jimmy mak
    jimmy mak 16 days ago

    It aint shit but skoked ham

  • tony roy
    tony roy 18 days ago

    don't nitrates (curing salts cause cancer?)

  • maria Kim
    maria Kim 20 days ago

    Thank you...

  • Something
    Something 20 days ago

    Is this channell still on?

  • sam adams
    sam adams 21 day ago

    Greenbrier restaurant in Limestone County Alabama makes the best white sauce

  • Bob Ginther
    Bob Ginther 23 days ago

    We used fresh whole wings today and split them after cooking. I did not add oil to bag and just hit them with canola cooking spray. No Fire Marshall Bill moments. Also used Vortex on Weber.

  • Chloe  Brown
    Chloe Brown 23 days ago

    Do you think browning the butter slightly with this recipe would be nice? Has anyone tried that?

  • Joyce M Le Mire
    Joyce M Le Mire 24 days ago

    Love the fact that you supplied the r cipe below.

  • Darren Cummings Jr
    Darren Cummings Jr 25 days ago

    Added some sugar the ginger makes it spicy

  • Lorena A
    Lorena A 25 days ago

    Looks amazing!

  • thomas oliver
    thomas oliver 26 days ago

    Great instructions but don't play background music while talking!

  • Eric Chavez
    Eric Chavez 26 days ago

    Yes sir that sauce is the bomb so easy and so good awesome man.

  • Hawa Eltayeb
    Hawa Eltayeb 27 days ago

    Thankyou, nice and simple I love it .👍🏼

  • paul mcdowell
    paul mcdowell 28 days ago

    Cutting it with a old hickory knife i see lol.

  • Michael P
    Michael P 29 days ago

    Awesome, I’ll have to try these delicious looking babies. The background music is a bit much.

  • smiley Racs
    smiley Racs 29 days ago

    Wow I'm new here thank for this Yummy sauce😋 small youtuber here, i hope you will give me a Good Hug🤗🙏 stay connected🙏

  • Mary Sunshine
    Mary Sunshine Month ago

    Maybe will add a good pinch of red pepper powder. Chop up some green onion tops.

  • D
    D Month ago

    Please explain why there are multiple RU-clip videos about people having to grind down the surface of the pan because it's too rough and then re-season it themselves in order to achieve a smooth surface.

  • Lutfi J C
    Lutfi J C Month ago

    Thank you for this recipe/video! I can't consume alcohol and this video helped get a step further to that teriyaki recipe! Also, liked this video and subbed to this channel ;) Cheers!

    • Everlasting Breath
      Everlasting Breath 10 days ago

      Lutfi J C i thought wine was good to eat if it was cooked thourougly

  • Victoria Robinson

    Left out the nasty sugar and used Red Wine Vinegar Paprika excellent idea!

  • brick bro
    brick bro Month ago

    What's your favourite wood??

  • brick bro
    brick bro Month ago

    What's your favourite wood??

  • Patrick McCrea
    Patrick McCrea Month ago

    What was the BBQ Sauce that you used on those tenderloins? Looked like a honey glaze. They look amazing! Thanks for the look.

  • Chris Drew
    Chris Drew Month ago

    Following the recipe right now!

  • Steve Wilson
    Steve Wilson Month ago

    Love this. Thinking about doing one. Thanks

  • rommel zapanta
    rommel zapanta Month ago

    i love to make that during summer season

  • Marites Percil
    Marites Percil Month ago

    Thank you!

  • Micah Heard
    Micah Heard Month ago

    Not saying it's not good but I still find it funny how all youtube cooks talk up their food after they taste it...

  • L M
    L M Month ago

    Awesoommee saauuccee.

  • wjcallihan
    wjcallihan Month ago

    Great recipe and nice clear video explanation as always. Thanks!

  • connie valtierra
    connie valtierra Month ago

    🤗Ver y Good

  • Jayl
    Jayl Month ago

    Tried this but my chicken coat looks clumpy after putting the oil

    • wjcallihan
      wjcallihan Month ago

      Try putting the oil on first, then the coating. It might be easier to put the chicken in a bowl, then put on the oil, then the coating, and toss in the bowl. Good luck!

  • raiyu1985
    raiyu1985 Month ago

    04:10 Close the lid, after an hour, open you've got potatoes included. hhehe

  • Jenny Lynch
    Jenny Lynch Month ago

    Thank you!!! It was delicious ❤️❤️

  • VicDaShadow
    VicDaShadow Month ago

    Wait it takes an hour? Damn.

  • Geo HVL
    Geo HVL Month ago

    That shit is so nasty. Yes, I have been to Bobs in Alabama. Why would anyone defile Mayonaise

  • Gao Burning
    Gao Burning Month ago

    Buddy, could you Please add the subtitles when you use the spices or other seasoning,so that I can search which I don't know

  • gefloigle
    gefloigle Month ago

    This was the bomb dot com. I didn't have any fresh garlic handy (used granulated garlic), only had some picked sushi ginger, and didn't have corn starch so I substituted flour, and it still was awesome. Thank you for this mirin-and-sake-free recipe!

  • Raul Salazar
    Raul Salazar Month ago

    the grill looks fantastic and look forward to buying one to cook fajitas and carnitas for some fabulous tacos with some friends!!

  • J Wilson
    J Wilson Month ago

    What kind of sauce is that?

  • Rebecca Cheski
    Rebecca Cheski Month ago

    You showed this being cooked the offset way. Would this still cook ok on a PBC?

  • Priscilla elaine
    Priscilla elaine Month ago

    Amazing recipe!!! 10 stars 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Shelly Maynard
    Shelly Maynard Month ago

    Looked like a lot of garlic

  • Jonathan Rossianno

    I liked this before I watched this lol

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover Month ago

    Yum... Thanks 👍

  • Artemis
    Artemis Month ago

    Try pickle juice instead of vinager

  • Aparna Das
    Aparna Das Month ago

    can i use this souce in garlic chicken recipi?

  • jolly fresh
    jolly fresh Month ago

    gogo dluck in rocky ground foureyeys

  • Tvideo
    Tvideo Month ago

    Damn. That kid needs to be kept away from that grill. WTF were you thinking????

    • iluvCR250Rs
      iluvCR250Rs Month ago

      Grill was cold, he was just using it to start his chimney. This guy's not an idiot

  • mikedabucify
    mikedabucify Month ago

    No apple juice? 🙁

  • Dirt Bike
    Dirt Bike Month ago

    Damn yum my man!

  • tacotes16
    tacotes16 Month ago


  • Rocky jet Daguyen

    This is how i like it on my grill sauce. Not with Oyster sauce that burns easily. Thanks

    • Jay Song
      Jay Song 7 days ago

      @Rocky jet Daguyen thanks bro

    • Rocky jet Daguyen
      Rocky jet Daguyen 8 days ago

      @Jay Song uu pre kung chicken teriyaki ang hanap mo na timpla da best to gawin marinate.

    • Jay Song
      Jay Song 8 days ago

      Rocky jet Daguyen pwede pala?

  • TheSkilledKiller
    TheSkilledKiller 2 months ago

    How long did you wait to put the food on once you put that hot coals in? I followed the PBC instructions and put the food on immediately after putting the hot coals in and my meat taste butter from the heaven smoke

  • Tiffany Stephens
    Tiffany Stephens 2 months ago

    Wtf kind of honey is that

  • Max Prigmore
    Max Prigmore 2 months ago

    I'm planning on using this on some duck

  • Saved SalvaNica
    Saved SalvaNica 2 months ago

    Can I just share with you that the way you chopped that garlic was amazing! All my life I've hated chopping garlic and I've always bought minced garlic in a jar. Thank you sooo much. This is life changing.

  • Saved SalvaNica
    Saved SalvaNica 2 months ago

    *Looks at video* Me:"Aww shucks, I don't have ginger" *remembers I bought ginger to make my hair growth formula Me:"Yay! Its the little blessings that count" *Doesn't have cornstarch either Me:"Es okay, you can't have it all in the world" *be greatful with what you have

  • Crow Cooks
    Crow Cooks 2 months ago

    this is a good base try to add in some extra stuff to make it your own like Cheyenne pepper onion powder . to each his own i like it spicy

  • Pervaz Khan
    Pervaz Khan 2 months ago

    Man this looks soooo good😄😄

  • isaiah brinkley
    isaiah brinkley 2 months ago

    you lazy mf

  • Make it work !
    Make it work ! 2 months ago

    Was going to make bacon explosion log style today but I’m going to make these bombs instead, great idea, this way everybody can select their ingredients, can’t wait to try. I like your BBQ , could you share what kind if is couldn’t see a name.

  • NintendoSwitch Guy
    NintendoSwitch Guy 2 months ago

    Does margarine work? Most places dont sell real butter anymore.