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  • Tom Barry
    Tom Barry 8 minutes ago

    Excellent level headed video. Not like the hysteria being create by the left to gain power.

  • aFatherOfMany
    aFatherOfMany 16 minutes ago

    Amazing job

  • Kate 2 Create
    Kate 2 Create 16 minutes ago

    Wow Thank you Scott!

  • aFatherOfMany
    aFatherOfMany 17 minutes ago


  • joanie Waller
    joanie Waller 29 minutes ago

    It was hot out there too.

  • Kingfillins
    Kingfillins 31 minute ago

    The fact that the city mayor and council let that even happen says everything about them.

  • BoomShakaLaka
    BoomShakaLaka 32 minutes ago

    Those damn trump supporters!! Always helping people out. Assholes!

    PAYDRO707CA 34 minutes ago

    Last time I called the state franchise board about the 900$ fee, there was an option on the automated call, "If you'd like to know why you have to pay the 900$, press 4." I thought, okay there must be a lot of people calling to ask that question, so I pressed 4. The automation says, " The 900$ is a nonrefundable fee due for the PRIVILEGE OF DOING BUSINESS IN CALIFORNIA..... main menu...." I sh!t you not. Who do these people think they are?

  • Cow Farts Cortez
    Cow Farts Cortez 41 minute ago

    A few weeks from now it will look like the before photo again, what a waste of time and energy.

  • Mike Simons
    Mike Simons 45 minutes ago

    I appreciate the effort, but that what we are paying taxes for, not volunteer effort. Plus in three months, it could likely be back to the same. Recall the mayor.

  • Nicholas Maietta

    Thank you!

  • The Noble American

    Nice work. Keep it up

  • lorraine Pacheco

    wow God bless you guys! 💖

  • Brent Testerman
    Brent Testerman Hour ago

    Hey, there all you RIGHTEOUS An0maly Fans! If you folks are interested in the facts of Climate Change, I strongly recommend checking out TONY HELLER's RU-clip channel! It is chock-full of hard data and facts. Peace be with you, through love, strength, knowledge, and Faith.

  • Doak Masarik
    Doak Masarik Hour ago

    Oxnard street is in the valley of San Fernando.

  • Chris A. Medina
    Chris A. Medina Hour ago

    Abolish the Electoral College. LA, San Franshithole, NY, and other super majority Democratic Communist controlled cities are doing so well. Demorrhoids' campaign slogan if they had a shred of honesty: ElectionFraud2020 The Only Way We Can Win 💀💀💀 Edit: If you refuse to give your kids all of the vaccines so that they aren't allowed to attend the public Marxist Indoctrination Centers, CPS (involved in child trafficking) can take them away. Communism is Evil Incarnate 💀💀👹 💀👺

  • Brent Testerman
    Brent Testerman Hour ago

    Breakin' off some big chunks of truth! "Science like the sun, which is very bright, heats up our planet and we pretty much have no control over it"! Word Brotherman, seriously, the Sun, the biggest factor is rarely addressed! Blows my smoke dopin' mind!

  • David
    David Hour ago

    Nice job but there's a lot more trash to be taken out

  • Faceofthesun
    Faceofthesun Hour ago

    Well done.!

  • Joe Montano
    Joe Montano Hour ago

    Hey Presley, if I ever see you in a bar, I can promise you - you will not have to pay for any alcohol.

  • Rich Kid
    Rich Kid Hour ago

    Better watch out for the plague!

  • GetInTheHouseBear

    I wonder how many star bucks cups where found...

  • chelle
    chelle Hour ago

    "The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness." ~Dr. Richard Horton NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHY WE CAN'T BELIEVE ANYTHING ANY GOVERNMENT TELLS US.

  • Brenda Barnett
    Brenda Barnett Hour ago

    So where are the homeless?? Where did the people go? Does anyone even care?? I get it it's trashed but what about the people?? 🤔😑💔🙏

  • Mike McNiel
    Mike McNiel Hour ago

    and where are liberals? starbucks?

  • John Jones
    John Jones Hour ago


  • xee doll
    xee doll Hour ago

    Wow. Great video.

  • Erick Bell
    Erick Bell Hour ago

    Good work!!

  • Stacey Flores
    Stacey Flores 2 hours ago

    God Bless you! Amazing work!

  • Better With The Irish

    This seriously makes me 😢 cry! So amazing, it shows there is still love in this world!

  • Jimi Love
    Jimi Love 2 hours ago


  • Mo Wilson
    Mo Wilson 2 hours ago

    Your amazing!! My hero.

  • The Irritated American

    It takes us conservatives to say something to get the clean up AKA (Baltimore Las Angeles)

  • The Irritated American

    Why don't the fake leftist ever march for all this trash in our cities

  • locomojoboy2
    locomojoboy2 2 hours ago

    It’s still a #ShitholeCity.

  • jason putney
    jason putney 2 hours ago

    I absolutely love what you do on your Channel, I personally am just tired of hearing about California and problem after problem after problem. It's depressing with Nancy Pelosi Maxine Waters and Gavin Newsom.. sometimes people just have to cut their losses and make a new start somewhere else instead of staying in an unhealthy situation... year after year after year of corrupt politicians and $1.3 trillion in debt. ... I'm sorry for your loss but the writing is on the wall! California is over

    • jason putney
      jason putney 2 hours ago

      Keep up the great work on your Channel and Common Sense reporting👍🏆

  • James Hobin
    James Hobin 2 hours ago

    Scott is doing an amazing job.

  • Lisa Carey
    Lisa Carey 2 hours ago


  • Kevin Odom
    Kevin Odom 2 hours ago

    The filth & the real problems facing America & the planet & instead of doing anything to actually help they skip school(bet it was hard to get them to do that) & March telling us how virtuous they are. Of course they won’t do 1 thing to inconvenience themselves. Just look at it being on a Friday instead of Saturday. Think they didn’t do that on purpose knowing most wouldn’t show up on Saturday?

  • roadkill103
    roadkill103 2 hours ago

    A few people with little money can do what a city with 1000's of workers and millions of dollars can't. Time to clean up the L.A. Swamp next

  • Jack Dragon
    Jack Dragon 3 hours ago

    Such a fascinating campaign of right-wing propaganda, complete with hundreds of solicited/paid angry comments. You guys are so good at this. You know that a lot of people (angry people who need people to tell them what to believe) will read and believe the blatant and shameless lies about Democrats (or as you call them, "Communists") being responsible for the mess (and the homeless problem), while all the saintly conservatives save the world once again. People with brains don't believe it for a moment, but you know (and you use this knowledge to your advantage always) that you don't need a brain to vote. Or to write angry comments echoing Republican lies.

  • Stan Watkins
    Stan Watkins 3 hours ago

    Good for them. I hope none of them get sick. It looks like they are taking precautions .

  • wjatube
    wjatube 3 hours ago

    Dump all that shit at the governor's mansion.

  • Ben Matlock
    Ben Matlock 3 hours ago

    Fantastic video! Liked and subbed!

  • some dude
    some dude 3 hours ago

    Only way to save LA is to throw the Dems in the dumpster.

  • rachray83
    rachray83 3 hours ago

    The current Beto is the real one, the previous one laid low by lying until his actual position was main stream, same thing as Obama on marriage. He was for it and then for its destruction

  • Nikki Raw
    Nikki Raw 3 hours ago


  • Mike Cochran
    Mike Cochran 3 hours ago

    Scott is action, keep at it, you are doing amazing work!!!!

  • John Metcalf
    John Metcalf 3 hours ago

    God be with you

  • Nikki Raw
    Nikki Raw 3 hours ago

    So this is all of peoples property? You are calling the homeless peoples belongings trash? Check this out. Kiss my ass. This was peoples property that was taken from them when they were told to "get up and sleep somewhere else" , or " we dont want you here". To call these peoples, forcibly left behind things, "TRASH" makes me SICK! DEMOCRATS, YOU CAUSED THIS. INSTEAD OF GIVING THESE PEOPLE A PIECE OF FISH FOR DINNER, TEACH THEM HOW TO GO FISHING SO THEY CAN EAT EVERYDAY, WITHOUT YOUR HANDOUTS ! Like I said, KISS MY ASS!

  • John Pilgrim
    John Pilgrim 3 hours ago

    Amazing work guys! Doing great things for the community.

  • Fellatio Raptor
    Fellatio Raptor 3 hours ago

    Scott needs to run for office

  • GetInTheHouseBear
    GetInTheHouseBear 4 hours ago

    It needs to be a law in LA to watch the movie Wall-E every Sunday.

  • Rose Janeska
    Rose Janeska 4 hours ago

    We (both local parties) should campaign with clean ups and shelter aid. It should be a competition for who's more willing to clean up their community. Not who's smarter and why the other side is evil.

  • Tony Pearl
    Tony Pearl 4 hours ago

    Brilliantly said, sir!!!! Everyone should see this. These lying leftist politicians are so full of shit. You have to be 2 french fries short of a Happy Meal to believe these fools! The Dems will say anything they have to in order to get power. They'll lie, cheat, and steal to get your vote. And once they get it, they won't do anything for you. Smh

  • I hear Ya
    I hear Ya 4 hours ago

    Wow man nice to meet you thank you so much Scott Pressler -AnOmaly 👍 all the best for getting this out🤗🇺🇸🍀💖From The N East!!

  • Q Tē
    Q Tē 4 hours ago

    It doesn't take a political party, it takes Americans with pride in our country & fellow Americans to fix the wrongs😉 Wish congress would get it😉

  • Logical Lily
    Logical Lily 4 hours ago

    what are they going to do with all this waste? drop it off at Pelosi and Maxine Water's estates?

  • Laura Yale
    Laura Yale 4 hours ago

    Truth and honesty aren't even in their lexicon.

  • Steve Ryan
    Steve Ryan 4 hours ago

    It's like with 9/11, I find the most arrogant and outspoken champions of the official narrative are the ones who have put the least amount of effort, if any at all, into assessing the available information on the topic.

  • Lisarose bud
    Lisarose bud 4 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Ron Cipriano
    Ron Cipriano 4 hours ago

    Here’s another thing Where is you people and planet loving liberals at ? No where to be found . Their home snorting coke or shooting heroin . They don’t give a shit !

  • Laura Yale
    Laura Yale 4 hours ago

    2 Billion?

  • Ian Jackson
    Ian Jackson 4 hours ago

    As soon as it gets clean again from all the hard work the people are doing the government will say it was because of their policies

  • Madam Vonkook
    Madam Vonkook 4 hours ago

    The city should put dumpsters and garbage cans ...If the city knows people are camping in certain areas they should have a "mobile unit" that goes around to homeless sights to pick up trash it would at least keep the city clean...The people in charge of the city are in their ivory towers and not managing things!

  • Ian Jackson
    Ian Jackson 4 hours ago

    All the trash you picking up is going to be claimed by the dems of your state

  • Laura Yale
    Laura Yale 4 hours ago

    How many of these volunteers were liberals or progressive?

  • I hear Ya
    I hear Ya 4 hours ago

    AMEN DUDE 🙏🏻🤗🇺🇸🍀

  • Tod Chappuis
    Tod Chappuis 4 hours ago

    Very good point about take care of your local neighborhood and City before saving the World.

  • Kyle Watson
    Kyle Watson 4 hours ago

    Scott Presler - 2 Leftist communists -0

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith 5 hours ago

    The answer to this problem is simple for all these Americans that want to be socialists and Communists that get food stamps and Welfare make them clean the mess up before you give them the food stamps and Welfare it got there communism and we have clean streets problem solved

  • Mark Elley
    Mark Elley 5 hours ago

    Americans that rely care

    HEQUBISS HEQUBISS 5 hours ago

    Amazing----Need to turn cali red----

  • Timothy Mccarthy
    Timothy Mccarthy 5 hours ago

    Because the politician's use this homeless problem to get more federal funding. And if they never fix the problem they keep getting the money and never fix the problem.

  • Paul Wooton
    Paul Wooton 5 hours ago

    Looks like a nice place to camp.

  • N Brown
    N Brown 5 hours ago


  • N Brown
    N Brown 5 hours ago

    BEFORE pictures of democrats crap AFTER. pictures of conservatives cleaning democrats crap as always

  • TooLegit ToQuit
    TooLegit ToQuit 5 hours ago

    Incredible what action instead of hollow words can accomplish 🧐

  • Debbie I
    Debbie I 5 hours ago

    Climate change is nothing more then a money grab . They care nothing about the environment. Trump 2020 .

  • Raven R
    Raven R 5 hours ago

    The Democratic Communist Party to worried about giving illegal aliens clean drinking water, bathrooms, and free housing. The Communist Control Act of 1954 needs enforced to remove these Crimnals from our Congress. This law also applies to Communist U.S. citizens. Socialism=Communism. The Socialist use mobs to destroy our freedoms. ANTIFA is one of them.

  • Straight HUMBLE
    Straight HUMBLE 5 hours ago

    Don’t give all the credit to your self bro.. at least give some credit to those who helped out.

  • Rants Derek
    Rants Derek 5 hours ago

    12:15 straight truths

  • elisa orozco
    elisa orozco 5 hours ago

    Everybody sign the Impeach Gavin Newsome petition!! Its coming out within days!!! OAN!!!

  • The Blade Runner
    The Blade Runner 6 hours ago

    Pretty sure the mayor gave them the ok to use it as a homeless encampment. He needs to step down. He's a disgrace.

  • C B
    C B 6 hours ago

    Good job!

  • The Blade Runner
    The Blade Runner 6 hours ago

    Local news won't cover this great

  • elisa orozco
    elisa orozco 6 hours ago

    What part of L.A. is that? You better put on some protection, Bro!!!

  • Bonnie Faulconer
    Bonnie Faulconer 6 hours ago

    Scott is amazing 👍🇺🇸❤

  • Kathy Borthwick
    Kathy Borthwick 6 hours ago

    Take care Scott - love this - be safe!🕊🐉🕊💚

  • berniepeng
    berniepeng 6 hours ago

  • Bink
    Bink 6 hours ago

    Scott Prezler is freaking awesome! I hope he comes to Seattle because I'd be there right along him! Stay safe everyone!!

  • Libby Hi
    Libby Hi 6 hours ago

    Are these cities stopping trash pickup or is it just too much to do on a regular basis

  • Marie Golet
    Marie Golet 7 hours ago

    I had a crappy roommate once that said why clean up if I wait for you to do it for me-the city is that shitty roommate get them out

  • DJ See's through it
    DJ See's through it 7 hours ago

    don't worry leftist,commies will rebuild the pile ...

  • Kima Kazeee
    Kima Kazeee 7 hours ago

    Just curious, is this being reported on MSM? I don’t watch TV, so I wouldn’t know.

  • Major blitz
    Major blitz 7 hours ago

    Its to bad they cant take the people who cause this to the dump as well.

  • M P
    M P 7 hours ago

    Get Gavin newsom out!

  • Kima Kazeee
    Kima Kazeee 7 hours ago

    Scott Pressler, you and your crew are like angels on the front lines. God Bless each and every one of you. Your good deeds are not going unnoticed.❤️

  • chillinebony
    chillinebony 7 hours ago

    God bless you for this

  • OnTheMove News
    OnTheMove News 7 hours ago

    another conservative lie. Wake up sheeple!