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  • Paul wilkinson
    Paul wilkinson 7 seconds ago

    There's nothing wrong with barbie 😒😤😝😩😡

  • Sony Guerra
    Sony Guerra Minute ago

    That movie was awful and a waste of my time. The plot made no sense and the ending was crap.

  • Savi Lea
    Savi Lea 3 minutes ago

    In the last episode of season 3 we saw marionette taking master Fu to the train station. They could start season 4 by showing that Adrian was also at the train station and saw Mary with master Fu. Naturally, he'd wonder how she knew him, and would lead him to assume she could be lady bug. He struggles with his own desire and pushes the thought aside for Lady bugs sake. Trying to believe it's just coincidence. But since seeing that, he starts picking up on the little things, like how Mary leaves at the same time he does when an Akumatised person appears etc. One day, Nino accidentally Burt's out Mary's love for Adrien, and with his suspicions she could be lady bug has to know now. He tries to convince lady bug that she should tell him who she is in case he needs her as the new master. Like how they'd visit master Fu for help, how can he go to her for help if he doesn't know who she is? But she refuses. Now knowing Mary's affection for Adrien, he decides if lady bug is Mary, detransforming in front of her could be the only way for her to love him. Seeing who he really is. So before detransforming he takes her by the hand and takes her somewhere safe, out of public eye. Once he lands he detranforms and Mary sees him for who he is. On seeing Adrien, Mary cries out "you've loved me all this time and I never knew!" To which she finally exposes herself as Mary. Both sides now happy to see they've both been in love which each other this whole time. And happily every after the end!

  • Zoyagalaxy Playz
    Zoyagalaxy Playz 4 minutes ago

    Marrie is always nervous

  • Ellie Harcom
    Ellie Harcom 5 minutes ago

    It’s in 2020 :(((((( I want it rn!!!!!!

  • Aria Gonzalez
    Aria Gonzalez 9 minutes ago

    Wow. Now I love dove cameron even more

  • Miraculous Morgan
    Miraculous Morgan 12 minutes ago

    Back in high school, I would have been a mix of Belle and Ariel because I was very nerdy and smart but also very shy and I hated to be called on by the teacher in most classes...

  • Paul Andrew H. Reponte
    Paul Andrew H. Reponte 12 minutes ago

    The Lost Avatar Like this please hahahaha

  • Родион Плотников

    Peppa pig SUCKS, he is pewdiepie hater 😈

  • Agnello Dei
    Agnello Dei 20 minutes ago

    What a bunch of bullshit and over analyzing. Worse than GoT theories that never came true.

  • Jean Buenafe
    Jean Buenafe 21 minute ago


  • Ellie Beverly
    Ellie Beverly 22 minutes ago

    I can't imagine Descendants without Cameron :((

  • MrOlvidado89
    MrOlvidado89 26 minutes ago

    You remember the skull on Sids shirt? Well it’s on here, it just looks nothing like it.

  • Zaynab Niazi
    Zaynab Niazi 26 minutes ago

    Elsa and Jack frost all the way, a Disney princess with a girlfriend will confuse small children since in every Disney movie a princess gets a prince.

  • Mi-a Y. Dela Cruz
    Mi-a Y. Dela Cruz 26 minutes ago


  • Marija Kozar
    Marija Kozar 27 minutes ago


  • Emily Federico
    Emily Federico 29 minutes ago

    why doesn't she think that all the girls are good! Of course she has to point out that Maddie's the best

  • lee dondoy
    lee dondoy 35 minutes ago


  • Nj B.
    Nj B. 36 minutes ago

    Is desecendanr 4 happening??!

  • SmilesAndDaisies
    SmilesAndDaisies 38 minutes ago

    Every time I watch one of these the pronunciations annoy me. Are they deliberate at this stage? Or am I just too British?

  • Laxmi Kharga
    Laxmi Kharga 39 minutes ago

    Nice 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    MENG LIAN GONG 43 minutes ago

    I feel like Elsa is adopted and the voice singing she hears are her true parents calling out to her???

  • Cyenna Joe
    Cyenna Joe 44 minutes ago

    'please nobody's watching my show ' Sounds like Daz black

  • SteveMaple228
    SteveMaple228 44 minutes ago

    don't worry, If I got a miraculous I would follow the rules. I would like like a spider miraculous (if there is one) and I would be called "Spider-Knight"

  • Mariel Kabanova
    Mariel Kabanova 46 minutes ago

    I wonder where this "truth" come from... we can't say it was "truth" initially because the Disney cartoon tells us nothing about that. Where the hell did they take all the info... just from their own heards? And want us to believe that just because they themselves worked out this story? o_O Then each of us has the right to create its own "past" about Maleficent and it will be just as true as what we see here.

  • AuriGnal
    AuriGnal 47 minutes ago

    Alya will feel bad. She will

  • Puryn C.
    Puryn C. 50 minutes ago

    Come on they weren’t dirty jokes from the beginning you didn’t even watch the show

  • mimi_
    mimi_ 51 minute ago

    but in season one when luke was injured he said that whoever drinks from the cup becomes a shadowhunter, and clary asked why that was a bad etc etc.. humans wouldn't doe if they drank from it

  • Jessbert Gines
    Jessbert Gines 53 minutes ago

    So elsa is the avatar

  • Melinda Harding
    Melinda Harding 54 minutes ago

    i see the blury thing

  • Isabella FREER
    Isabella FREER 55 minutes ago

    i like hades and mlenficesnt

  • Olivrex Pie
    Olivrex Pie Hour ago

    The last one doesn't exist

  • Phia Channel
    Phia Channel Hour ago


  • Вольпина Кей

    I watched silencer 4 times

  • Upsy Daisy Easy Cheesy


  • tsetan dorjee
    tsetan dorjee Hour ago


  • tsetan dorjee
    tsetan dorjee Hour ago


  • Rakhi Sharma
    Rakhi Sharma Hour ago

    I totally ship Adrienette it's so obvious Adrien and Marinette are meant to be together

  • XX XX
    XX XX Hour ago

    Japanese is always hot af

  • Azra Allie
    Azra Allie Hour ago

    It is not modo or how ever u spell it

  • Azra Allie
    Azra Allie Hour ago

    It's hades

  • sasaselly
    sasaselly Hour ago

    So the true story is to watch the movie and have someone repeat the movie to you. OH MY GOD. Lol

  • Ivy Yesmin
    Ivy Yesmin Hour ago

    nice video...😍

  • Ivy Yesmin
    Ivy Yesmin Hour ago

    nice video...😍

  • Ender Angel19
    Ender Angel19 Hour ago


  • Rakhi Sharma
    Rakhi Sharma Hour ago

    She was just confused but in the end she did what was right so is definitely not the villain

  • Ariel Melnik
    Ariel Melnik Hour ago

    I have another theory than pretty much CONFIRMES Lila will be the NEXT Hawk Moth. At the end of the episode Time Tagger. Right before Bunnix takes Teenage Chris to the future she tell him "Com'n Chris" and Ladybug looks very shocked that Actually Nino's younger brother. And she shouts twards him surprised "CHRIS?!?!?!" For a second before Croosing the portal Chris stops and I think at that moment he thought "she sounds familiar" And if he IS going to be Lila's assistant (like Natalie and Hawk Moth) and just like Natalie he LOVES Lila. He'd obviously tell her who he thinks Ladybug is!"

  • Nanna Juhl
    Nanna Juhl Hour ago

    They Are perfekt together

  • I'm a Couch Potato

    Oh, how I miss them 💔😔

  • Isla Lay
    Isla Lay Hour ago

    Goofy is a donkey..... I thought everyone new that

  • gacha girl
    gacha girl Hour ago

    Who is Kagami ? She is a fucking bitch and a piece of shit .

  • ZATHORA Sana and Tanisha


  • GladiatorKnightGhost

    Whoever Mia marries, he won't be King. The husband of a ruling Queen is a Prince Consort, not a King.

  • Isla Lay
    Isla Lay Hour ago

    My stomach rumbled when they said about Donald’s hat looking like a slice of cake lol

  • Alyssa wright
    Alyssa wright Hour ago

    annies 14 not 15

  • Roger Tetengean
    Roger Tetengean Hour ago

    🐞+🐍 ship


    My mind says adrienette but my heart says kagami and Adrian.

  • Mohd Haffiez Mohmad Nazri

    Finally! We all learnt the truth on Aurora, Maleficent and who twisted the story to make she look bad, Ingrith!

  • Rosaleah Ben
    Rosaleah Ben Hour ago

    She's gorgeous ❤

  • Suzan17 Rose
    Suzan17 Rose Hour ago

    6:59 what episode??

  • KarenPlayz Gacha

    mother Gothel has a Daughter named Cassandra From Tangled The Series

  • Eman Shishani
    Eman Shishani Hour ago

    Kim:monkey miraculous Luka:snake miraculous Max:horse miraculous in episode startrain Alex:bunny miraculous in episode timetagger Alex:bunny

  • wizards578
    wizards578 Hour ago

    Honestly they could still do short stories with other characters that the original 4 dont have to be in

  • J.E.J Gonzaga
    J.E.J Gonzaga Hour ago

    PFFT LOL 2:33 ISNT THAT FAMILIAR YOU GUYS? And hi this I've watched up to the latest ep now saw that xDD

  • Char Holly
    Char Holly Hour ago

    How can u make a video about this when u can't even pronounce half of their names correctly

  • Anika Cacdac
    Anika Cacdac Hour ago


  • I'm ayano and a fam of Everything

    5:18 where's LBs tied hair ?

  • Charolette Purves
    Charolette Purves 2 hours ago

    Two of the pair's rolled of the table

  • QQ女神
    QQ女神 2 hours ago

    We can’t hv Descendants without our lovely Carlos😭

  • Alexa Arevalo
    Alexa Arevalo 2 hours ago

    Remus is my favorite teacher in harry potter and I think he is always talked and remembered

  • Mask Girl
    Mask Girl 2 hours ago

    She’s already got akhumitized in the one we’re she got expelled,but she got instantly de evilised

  • Армен Мнацаканян

    I want season 3

  • Carlos fun Adventure

    Carlos & evie

  • ipsita hossain
    ipsita hossain 2 hours ago

    I dont ship nick and judy cuz their friendship is really special

  • Bubble Shine
    Bubble Shine 2 hours ago

    5:23 to 5:26 , Kalani looks like such a good friend awwww

  • gacha Aerith playz
    gacha Aerith playz 2 hours ago

    I rise for lukanette what he said was so sweet

  • Niaomie Anders
    Niaomie Anders 2 hours ago

    How did Cameron die? I’m sorry I’m curious

  • Jyusraei A
    Jyusraei A 2 hours ago

    How can Ariels mascara not get removed even though she lives under the sea

  • Samira Umchajeva
    Samira Umchajeva 2 hours ago

    Chloe is now evil she doesn't LIKE ladybug anymore

  • Gacha Mint_
    Gacha Mint_ 2 hours ago

    I'm Evie

  • The Boy Minecart
    The Boy Minecart 2 hours ago

    this is luan 💇 👕 👖 👠👠 LOL i tried

  • Romel King
    Romel King 2 hours ago

    The only Lila is hawkmoth she very strong.

  • Kiara G.
    Kiara G. 2 hours ago

    This video has missed a part. Maleficent wanted to lift the curse because she believed that there is no such thing as the true love's kiss, and she said it just for the sake of putting a little relief in the villainous king's heart.

  • Kiki Chaos
    Kiki Chaos 2 hours ago

    Wrong lol

  • Gacha girl 1230
    Gacha girl 1230 2 hours ago

    0:11 that’s thumbnail

  • Thick eyebrows Cat
    Thick eyebrows Cat 2 hours ago

    Well master fu is gone

  • Inner Jinuu
    Inner Jinuu 2 hours ago

    Adrien:She Just A Friend Me:ASKSKDKJAKJ

  • Jake Badger
    Jake Badger 2 hours ago

    Personally I'd like to see the offspring off Scar possibly named Scratch.

  • Dirk Aeron Uy
    Dirk Aeron Uy 2 hours ago

    We all know dat gabriel wants his wife back and we also know dat there might be a chance of adrien dying

  • warlito moralidad
    warlito moralidad 2 hours ago


  • Tallulah
    Tallulah 2 hours ago

    Umm, you got Nia's last name wrong

  • Yen Yen
    Yen Yen 2 hours ago

    🐱And ladybug I dont have a ladybuf emoji

  • That One Shipper
    That One Shipper 2 hours ago

    Im so angry you keep saying agrestE AHHHHH ITS PROUNOUNCED AG-RE-ST NOT AG-RE-STE MA GOOOD IT WAS KILLING MEEEE *atleast in English*

  • lentävä pallero tulee sun uniis

    Lukanette ❤ UwU

  • Yasodha Shrestha
    Yasodha Shrestha 2 hours ago


  • Casserole
    Casserole 2 hours ago

    dude after the season 3 finale , im over here crying

  • ann TJ
    ann TJ 2 hours ago

    I've already watched some of the season 3 videos 😊you wanna watch

    • ann TJ
      ann TJ 2 hours ago

      So in one of them marinette weres all of the miraculous 😚

  • Familie konink
    Familie konink 2 hours ago

    Jojo is deffintly a slytherin she is the girl with the most ambitious

  • Esther Edgerton
    Esther Edgerton 2 hours ago

    What did you say officer Esther that’s my name as well

  • Jeannette Thorpe
    Jeannette Thorpe 2 hours ago

    Make sense