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  • Mr Lakiro
    Mr Lakiro 11 days ago

    Imagine Zack Fair in Smash Bros Ultimate. I mean if they can put Cloud in, I'm sure they can insert Zack in too as an Echo.

  • Ailuropoda melanoleuca Nineoneone

    Dammit Google thought this was about SSH and recommend it when it's just a band agggg

  • D3lkatty
    D3lkatty 3 months ago

    Isnt S.S.H those people who did that SMT album....and did some Touhou stuff?....

  • 300zedcrazy
    300zedcrazy 5 months ago

    I get a hard on over this!

  • Alex H
    Alex H 6 months ago

    Listening to this, I have for strange reason the casting animation and sound for Cloud casting "Lightning"

  • LinuxWizzerd
    LinuxWizzerd 7 months ago

    ssh is always a treat

  • Klavair 89
    Klavair 89 Year ago

    "Dont attack when its tail is up"

  • Jaknite Serenity

    This should be in Smash Bros

  • Md Zl
    Md Zl Year ago

    No cowbell :(

  • Lorn Bastion
    Lorn Bastion Year ago

    I loved this game.

  • Robelo2
    Robelo2 Year ago

    4000th like! This remix is insane omg!

  • Jase 382
    Jase 382 Year ago

    Still fighting further............

  • steve vas
    steve vas Year ago

    holy fuck 2:05

  • le derp
    le derp Year ago

    4:20 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Tanks A Lot
    Tanks A Lot Year ago

    Why do I get a pokemon platinum "team galactic grunt" vibe from this? What is life?

  • Ewan Munteanu
    Ewan Munteanu Year ago

    it sounds good with the xylophone

  • its illumineyes
    its illumineyes 2 years ago

    My god is there any way i can get the tab for the solo at 2:16 guitar. Ff7 forever !! Whos with me

  • Luky Frisco
    Luky Frisco 2 years ago

    Love wins!!! Maybe peace and fight!! Or maybe kindness!

  • jamesw242
    jamesw242 2 years ago

    Very good remix indeed.

  • john doe
    john doe 2 years ago

    check out powergloves version of this called omnislash. it's badass

  • TheBallazan
    TheBallazan 2 years ago

    Anybody else just feeling like taking the Buster sword and go kick the Ultima Weapon's ass?

    • Jake Pearce
      Jake Pearce Year ago

      Or how about getting the actual Ultima Weapon sword instead?

  • Thaumaturgy
    Thaumaturgy 2 years ago

    Oh fuck yeah !

  • mechanic9821
    mechanic9821 2 years ago

    Saitama Saisyu Heiki ?

  • Ender Guardian
    Ender Guardian 2 years ago

    look how many views this has. look how many likes this has . and look how many subs you have why don't you have more

  • Tiexiao Wang
    Tiexiao Wang 2 years ago

    Secure Shell version

  • Matthew Bertrand
    Matthew Bertrand 2 years ago

    This song is called "Fight On!" and the normal battle theme is called "Let the Battles Begin!" on literally every official source for the title Square has put out. Why do people continue to call it wrong?

    • Matthew Bertrand
      Matthew Bertrand 2 years ago

      @TripleA9000 Theatrhythm, the one and only Final Fantasy music game calls it so. Get out.

  • Just Robin
    Just Robin 2 years ago

    I have a mod that makes this the boss theme, nice to know that I found it on RU-clip

  • Euquila
    Euquila 2 years ago

    Big Guard, Death Sentence, go Tifa!

  • tohopes
    tohopes 2 years ago

    Just realized that's not Cloud.

    • Orotasan
      Orotasan 10 months ago

      its the guy Cloud wants to be, Zack Fair SOLDIER First Class

    DEATH EMPEROR X 2 years ago

    Whoever took the picture needs to learn how to hold a fuckin camera. Shot more ground & missed half of Zack's face.

  • ChronicDCJ
    ChronicDCJ 2 years ago

    and fuck u fingrid u assface, this music is fuckin awesome, for real!!!!

  • ChronicDCJ
    ChronicDCJ 2 years ago

    Whooooooooooooooooooa!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

  • Dundershock
    Dundershock 2 years ago

    **waiting for remake?**

  • Jacob Kloutier
    Jacob Kloutier 2 years ago

    ssh VII@finalfantasy

  • custom specs
    custom specs 2 years ago

    Hope they remake this for ps4, graphic and game is best

  • boi
    boi 2 years ago

    i think if slowed down this'd be the best version

  • MetalSmasherGaming
    MetalSmasherGaming 2 years ago

    That piano/guitar duel!

  • Seo Vania
    Seo Vania 2 years ago


  • Blade Wolf
    Blade Wolf 2 years ago

    55 people couldn't fight any further.

  • Seo Vania
    Seo Vania 2 years ago


  • EvilMonkeyZombi
    EvilMonkeyZombi 2 years ago

    I'm listening to this as I study for my finals...

    • Annachu
      Annachu Year ago

      EvilMonkeyZombi Final fantasy got me through nursing school 👍

  • Amateur Home Cook
    Amateur Home Cook 3 years ago

    I wonder, can you hack the PC version to replace this song with the original?

    • Serdax
      Serdax 2 years ago

      As far as I can tell, yes. Search it up on your friendly neighboor google.

  • Syahroni Musthofa
    Syahroni Musthofa 3 years ago

    Dat minute 2:05 !! OMG so crazy!! HOPE FFVIIR HAVE SOMETHING LIKE THIS

  • Knap Gamen
    Knap Gamen 3 years ago

    If they put this in the remake ... hehehe :p.

  • Deniz Chill
    Deniz Chill 3 years ago

    "He always said that just once, he'd like to dress up like a girl." - Aerith <3

    • Antoine Pelletier
      Antoine Pelletier 5 months ago

      @Yakusoku no Ji Yeah the words I used may have confused people... I'll change it

    • Yakusoku no Ji
      Yakusoku no Ji 5 months ago

      @Antoine Pelletier The problem was less that you said "duplicate" but more that you said "Zack is the real Cloud".

    • Burning Sexuality
      Burning Sexuality 7 months ago

      Clouds more like a disturbed weirdo unknowingly doing an impression of his dead friend

    • Antoine Pelletier
      Antoine Pelletier Year ago

      Ho, and adding lot's of synonym's doesn't add much to your argumentation... Not literally or metaphorically, still nice comment against nerd 2.0

    • Antoine Pelletier
      Antoine Pelletier Year ago

      @Aniellio DeCalvano Yeah we all got that men, when i said duplicate, i was talking about his mind during CD 1 and part of CD 2, not the whole human itself, Cloud dress like Zack, act like Zack, uses Zack sword, I mean... that's kind of duplicate to me. Whole Cloud's character is based on Zack. Sorry if it wasn't clear, i know FF7 don't worry.

  • Felix Vega
    Felix Vega 3 years ago

    Makes me feel like going the pushing yourself a bit, limit breaking anyone? Just me?

    • アズールリキ
      アズールリキ 7 months ago

      I feel you. i tend to use this as training for hard games and it rrally does get the feeling of pushing hard and harder.

    • Kawaiironically
      Kawaiironically 3 years ago

      Felix Vega I feel you

  • Addikito Gurlukovichz

    esta rola es para hacer ejercisio

  • Sabri dridi
    Sabri dridi 3 years ago

    THIS IS EPIIIIIIC <3 <3 <3 .....

  • Little Fox
    Little Fox 3 years ago

    Kick it up!

  • Tessa Emily
    Tessa Emily 3 years ago

    This is so unbelievably badass, breathtaking, and amazing.

    • Antoine Pelletier
      Antoine Pelletier 2 years ago


    • Urukosh !
      Urukosh ! 2 years ago

      aach gtfo

    • Antoine Pelletier
      Antoine Pelletier 2 years ago

      personnaly, i think this version is better, i liked a lot when this track played in the game, but it was more the emotion that came with it, when i played. Talking only music, this is better

    • Tyler Cox
      Tyler Cox 2 years ago

      well thats like, your opinion, man. I dont even disagree, but. chill, homie.

    • Urukosh !
      Urukosh ! 2 years ago

      this here is somehow just a recognition of how the track is, yea.. and thats it : /( The original is just everything, no words

  • Melvin Mejia
    Melvin Mejia 3 years ago

    makes me awake every morning \m/

  • Thorium Mammet
    Thorium Mammet 3 years ago

    if they can't top this for the remake. i will be very disappoint.

    • apocalypseap
      apocalypseap 23 days ago

      ​@Meister Xehanort That's interesting. Having it all be orchestral all the time just doesn't seem right, especially in Midgar. I'm a huge FF7 fan, I love the music. Midgar feels like it should have that guitar in there at least a little bit though. Here's to hoping.

    • Meister Xehanort
      Meister Xehanort 23 days ago

      @apocalypseap From what we know now apparently every boss has their own unique theme this time around, so I guess there will be plenty of options to incorporate different parts of the old boss themes and guitars

    • apocalypseap
      apocalypseap 23 days ago

      @Meister Xehanort No guitar. I am a bit disappoint. Not as gritty as I'd like, would've gotten a 10/10 otherwise if he had any guitar in there at all. Oh and no synth at all either, crap. 8/10. It's definitely a good iteration but it's not nostalgic enough.

    • Meister Xehanort
      Meister Xehanort 4 months ago Seems like they're on track to top this.

    • Antoine Pelletier
      Antoine Pelletier 5 months ago

      @Dead Italian Guy Saw all that, still septic, but they seem to go for reel this time

  • Vartholome
    Vartholome 3 years ago

    I expect something like THIS, instead of Advent Children version.

    • joey mcmuffin
      joey mcmuffin 2 years ago

      well, that one part of advent children was good

  • Steven Karl M
    Steven Karl M 3 years ago

    Yes ! è_é/

  • Jacob Tarrant
    Jacob Tarrant 3 years ago


  • Christopher Adams
    Christopher Adams 3 years ago

    bad ass cover

  • Wakish
    Wakish 3 years ago


  • Jes
    Jes 3 years ago

    *Casts All-Haste* *Casts All-Regen* *Casts All-Wall*

  • Timberpelt
    Timberpelt 3 years ago

    Don't forget, it's 12/20/15 and the views are at 390k :>

  • Ultima Weapon
    Ultima Weapon 3 years ago

    Fuck you guys

  • Dreadoom
    Dreadoom 4 years ago

    Finally i find a good remix !

  • Whispered Metsutan
    Whispered Metsutan 4 years ago

    I was expecting the Crisis Core version here with that photo but well this isn't bad but i think they could have done better with this. The solo part is awesome though!

  • Alphonse Elric
    Alphonse Elric 4 years ago

    somehow this still manages the scale of the original with the multiple tiers of music going on at the same time really helps to wear good headphones to hear it in both this and the original

  • D MAS
    D MAS 4 years ago

    Man this sounds generic. On another thought, it's just because I'm so used to S.S.H.'s awesome style that _this_ merely sounds decent.

    • D MAS
      D MAS 2 years ago

      I guess that kinda makes sense, any music can give you burnout. Trust me, I know.

    • Siriusql Belmont
      Siriusql Belmont 2 years ago

      nah I understand your past you... SSH has a very definite sound and if you listen to it too much everything starts to look the same. you just need to take breaks sometimes.

    • D MAS
      D MAS 2 years ago

      Fuck you, old self. This track kicks ass.

  • Assassin Pokemaster
    Assassin Pokemaster 4 years ago

    must be in ff7 remake

    • as esthetics
      as esthetics 3 years ago

      +Prod1gyXtreme2 Agreed - Love this, but in the game I'd like a more updated but still classic feel.

    • DarkAlucard Alejandro
      DarkAlucard Alejandro 4 years ago

      +Prod1gyXtreme2 i agree. but have this on mind :D! i really like this one.

    • Prod1gyXtreme2
      Prod1gyXtreme2 4 years ago

      +Assassin Pokemaster Not to say this rendition is bad (because its not. I actually really love this rendition a lot), but I feel like Square will make an even better one. I've seen a couple floating around here that might be closer to what Square might do, based on the art style they're going with for the remake.

    • Durthul
      Durthul 4 years ago

      @Assassin Pokemaster as you command

    • Yu Cloudz
      Yu Cloudz 4 years ago

      Remake come true now lol

  • Cavator
    Cavator 4 years ago

    Perfect arrangement except for the guitars only covering the rhythm.

  • Joakim Jansson
    Joakim Jansson 4 years ago

    Best game cover ever omg its so damn good i wish i could put my fellings in words but ee.. awesome just awesome thx trhxthx

  • Tsar Alexander II
    Tsar Alexander II 5 years ago

    this is impressive but i lacks the drums of the original

    • TheDiego908
      TheDiego908 4 years ago

      Still, doesn't really make much sense since all you did was trying to insult me for no apparent reason. Oh well * pats on your head *

    • Blinzer
      Blinzer 4 years ago

      @TheDiego908 funny because i copy pasted your reply

    • TheDiego908
      TheDiego908 4 years ago

      That really doesn't make much sense. I'm just pointing out something.

    • Blinzer
      Blinzer 4 years ago

      @TheDiego908 sometimes i wonder wat the hel is with al these dumbasses and not being able to see past their own nose y r u dum

    • TheDiego908
      TheDiego908 4 years ago

      Sometimes I wonder what the hell is up with everyone putting LOL at the end of their sentences. Why are you laughing?

  • Viper Romani
    Viper Romani 5 years ago

    Not bad but could experimented with a wider selection and such

  • George's Masonry
    George's Masonry 5 years ago

    What a kickass workout track.

  • Lunsker
    Lunsker 5 years ago


  • CaptainDynamic
    CaptainDynamic 5 years ago

    FF6,7,and 8 were the best memories from my gaming childhood lol

    • GlidingFalcon
      GlidingFalcon Year ago

      Dont forget FF10 too!

    • CaptainDynamic
      CaptainDynamic 4 years ago

      @Xephyr Weiss Nice use of misdirection but alas i have already conversed with my brain. It said that we only got half way through the first one when we realized that all of the maps were literally straight lines. At that moment we turned it in to gamestop.

    • CaptainDynamic
      CaptainDynamic 4 years ago

      @Spiro Dra Touche Sir

    • Zephyr Weiss
      Zephyr Weiss 4 years ago

      @CaptainDynamic you forgot to add 13 and its sequels into your memory. Me and my colleagues at Big MT have Lobotomized you to make you forget about Final Fantasy 13 and its sequels and also to make you unintrested in the game eve though you have already played them and loved them....

    • Spiro Dra
      Spiro Dra 5 years ago

      Dont ever forget about FInal Fantasy 9! NEVER

  • Derp1231Derp1123
    Derp1231Derp1123 5 years ago

    HOLY FUCK THIS IS AWESOME IN 1.25 SPEED. Maybe too fast but I like it.

  • langbo9999
    langbo9999 5 years ago

    ============================================ \ ( \ (=============0 \ ( =========================================

    • Fred. D.
      Fred. D. 19 days ago

      This Sword is also used by Angeal :)

    • FamiNerd
      FamiNerd Year ago

      rip mobile users

      SAKURA CHAOS 4 years ago

      when you think about it, the creator probably saw a X-Acto Snap-Off Blade and went like ¨¨¨This will be is sword!¨¨

    • TheSty2000
      TheSty2000 4 years ago

      nice copy and paste!

  • Shadow51423
    Shadow51423 5 years ago

    I really want to see if this would fit in the game itself...

    • Tom Hyer
      Tom Hyer 5 years ago

      it would with a lil modding of the pc realease in fact i use this one stead of the orig

    SUNNY RAIN 5 years ago


  • stuwieFF
    stuwieFF 5 years ago

    Great vid, thankyou :)

  • Will Ryan
    Will Ryan 5 years ago

    @CampesinoInmortal Force your Way Opus Zero ^Better.

  • mythicalord1
    mythicalord1 5 years ago

    FF7 is by far my favourite game of all time

    • Saber Reaper
      Saber Reaper 5 years ago

      cranky and annoyed are different things

    • V-jes
      V-jes 5 years ago

      @Saber Reaper well someones a bit cranky :3

    • Saber Reaper
      Saber Reaper 5 years ago

      @mywlan2 Just stop staring freaking arguements, all he is saying is that it is part the final fantasy franchise, so just stfu, stop being an instigator just cause you got nothing better to do and yeah being a brony doesnt change anything a bit of intelligence, it is just a preference of show or a specific genre that this particular person enjoys

    • V-jes
      V-jes 5 years ago

      @Aleksi Vieno u don't say

    • Aleksi Vieno
      Aleksi Vieno 5 years ago

      @mywlan2 This is Final Fantasy 7 Boss Battle Theme, and Crisis Core is part of FF7 universe.

  • thegameijustlost
    thegameijustlost 6 years ago

    Also, the admins ban you for PKing anywhere on the servers

  • Daniel Creasy
    Daniel Creasy 6 years ago

    62 subscribers and over 250,000 views

  • Shadow
    Shadow 6 years ago

    You don't even get a fuckin' staff roll.

  • Shadow
    Shadow 6 years ago

    Spoiler alert: Main character dies at the end.

    • Ahmad Aidil
      Ahmad Aidil 2 years ago

      Zack? Cloud? Vincent? are those three died in the end?

  • thedude isthedude
    thedude isthedude 6 years ago

    You only get one life too.

  • SpaceGrape
    SpaceGrape 6 years ago

    And the end game sucks....

  • Justin Packett
    Justin Packett 6 years ago

    your sir are now my hero, I laughed so hard at the camera angle and the tutorial... yeah too long a good 30-50 years and even then still dont know crap.

  • RipTheJackR
    RipTheJackR 6 years ago

    Thats not why we make videogames,but lets not go into the evolutionary psychology of this,it would be the most satisfying category to have an explaination,but the field and the methods are way too young.Besides we cant do serious studying on homo sapiens' brains and genetics because of the moral outrage it would cause, and justly so.For now we must just acknowledge that somehow our primate brains (and in particular males) enjoy visual stimuli and other methods of excitation so we like :)

  • CoronelVaquerizo
    CoronelVaquerizo 6 years ago

    Muzska gay :D

  • Andrex2311
    Andrex2311 6 years ago

    aerith is in dissidia XD

  • TimelessOne123
    TimelessOne123 6 years ago

    Yeah. So? Is there a problem? Because I don't care if there is.

  • Rimes87
    Rimes87 6 years ago

    Did you just spell laZers?

  • watashima1947
    watashima1947 6 years ago

    aerith should be in dissidia

  • Ryokoshii
    Ryokoshii 6 years ago

    Cant though just cause its fan made haha. sucks tho.

  • rockman229
    rockman229 6 years ago

    well there is a mod that you can you use,search zack dissidia mod

  • Andrex2311
    Andrex2311 6 years ago

    Zack should be in dissidia

  • rockman229
    rockman229 6 years ago

    this should had been used in dissidia

  • Supr Tode
    Supr Tode 6 years ago


  • Quesly1
    Quesly1 6 years ago

    secure shell version?

  • hypersonic610
    hypersonic610 6 years ago

    EPIC.. just pure EPIC

  • Thunderstruck
    Thunderstruck 6 years ago

    exactly what I have said when people want games to be more realistic. we play games because it isn't like reality.