Best of The Voice Kids
Best of The Voice Kids
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  • Ana Julia Carvalho
    Ana Julia Carvalho 14 minutes ago

    omg the girl who sang move is so FREAKING CUTE

  • Larry Hopkins
    Larry Hopkins 18 minutes ago

    Love lena

  • rosauara lopez
    rosauara lopez 22 minutes ago

    pero que voz

  • Cob Father
    Cob Father 26 minutes ago

    What are the coaches names on the double chair

    ᎢᎪᏌFᏆQ HIDAγAT 26 minutes ago

    Bahasa ap an tu pusing gue min😂

  • Juan Manuel Channel
    Juan Manuel Channel 26 minutes ago

    How about Best version of *"Let* *it* *go"* by *Bamboo* *and* *Carmelle* *of* *The* *Voice* *Kids* *Philippines* *2019.* Please check it out.

  • jayson lopez
    jayson lopez 34 minutes ago

    wow Sarah at lea mas magaling pa yung bata kaysa sainyu kahit yung kabataan yu. pang International kayu wala pang Philippine lng kayu

  • SizE MiNi
    SizE MiNi 34 minutes ago

    Voice = Christina Aguilera + Shakira

  • Achraf Elkhaldi
    Achraf Elkhaldi 45 minutes ago

    So nobody is going to talk about the titanium girl ?

  • Jasmine Valencia
    Jasmine Valencia 46 minutes ago

    This brought so many memories back to my Sophomore year of High school! I was in Advanced Dance and we Danced this song! 😭💖

  • richad evander
    richad evander 47 minutes ago

    Her larynx is to low.. It could've been better if she raise her larnyx up a little bit

  • Mrs. Rhoseby
    Mrs. Rhoseby 50 minutes ago

    I love the twins

  • S N Smith
    S N Smith 52 minutes ago

    Is Jessy ill?

  • Natália Alves
    Natália Alves 58 minutes ago

    Canta muito uau

  • Mzmsms,s A smsmms

    That girl cussed I swear!

  • Arnold Mahilum
    Arnold Mahilum Hour ago

    I guest she won with many votes😂😂😂

  • aan Monica
    aan Monica Hour ago

    i love this voice🙏💕

  • Straw_Felicia E
    Straw_Felicia E Hour ago

    10:37 Who else knew the lyrics of that song? 😂😂😂

  • •Julcziks •
    •Julcziks • Hour ago

    Poland !💖

  • Neva kizilaslan
    Neva kizilaslan Hour ago


  • Eliza Hernandez
    Eliza Hernandez Hour ago

    El segundo es un chico, y es el más diva de todos😀 canta muy bien

  • MarcyGamers NL
    MarcyGamers NL Hour ago

    Me: Counts how many times the Netherlands is shown. Me: is shocked because he counted 3 people from the Netherlands e.e Is the Netherlands so well-known

  • Jo KhaZee
    Jo KhaZee 2 hours ago

    no. 5

  • Ильгиз Ульмасов

    бл, ахуенно поют) я влюблён в их голоса :)

  • Taylor Rogers
    Taylor Rogers 2 hours ago

    She killed it

  • Chris 1
    Chris 1 2 hours ago

    Antonio and Paco sounded amazing 👍

  • sri rahmani
    sri rahmani 2 hours ago

    Kahitna jadi juri bisa apanya dia, bosan

  • UtokiVlogs
    UtokiVlogs 2 hours ago

    One word: goosebumps

  • Monaliza Naelga
    Monaliza Naelga 3 hours ago

    shes so it.

  • Itz_Ella xx
    Itz_Ella xx 3 hours ago

    one of my favourite performers from the voice but would also love one from keira laver ? xo

  • rita robles
    rita robles 3 hours ago

    Stone cold is perfect pitch!!!!!

  • Norman Rogers
    Norman Rogers 3 hours ago

    it would be nice to see the full songs and commentary afterward.

  • Patricia Coello Zambrano

    Número 8

  • Chris 1
    Chris 1 3 hours ago

    If you can’t pronounce the words it sounds like shit..I wish people would sing in their first language

  • Monish Kumar
    Monish Kumar 3 hours ago

    Excellent Work, its so cool!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird - Death Blow', channel link , you might like :)

  • Monish Kumar
    Monish Kumar 3 hours ago

    Great Job, I Liked it a lot, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird - Death Blow', channel link , if you like to :)

  • ahmet demir
    ahmet demir 3 hours ago

    She is cardi b

  • alvaro gabriel avalos alfaro

    oh yeah best voice

  • maya .k
    maya .k 3 hours ago

    i love this!!!

  • Papari Khiangte
    Papari Khiangte 3 hours ago

    i like only the first song, i get tired listening the other songs.

  • ken marfel
    ken marfel 4 hours ago

    Nissa i love u

  • Jerry Runstrom
    Jerry Runstrom 4 hours ago

    Hands down the best show on t.v. way to go U.K.

  • Lotfi Belhadi
    Lotfi Belhadi 4 hours ago

    No hate but *she is just good sorry*

  • ame cruse
    ame cruse 4 hours ago

    Mantap!!!!! From malaysia....

  • karly Garcia
    karly Garcia 4 hours ago

    1:56 me enamoré

  • Randy fan
    Randy fan 4 hours ago

    Mimi and josefin. With creep are such an Inspiration. I did this song with choir on my school and this version just makes it different but in such a beautiful way. Love it

  • Reyland Marck Nabio
    Reyland Marck Nabio 4 hours ago

    Can't feel any song. I can't even relate even if I know the song. I'm sorry. This is just my personal opinion.

  • Yoodu Army
    Yoodu Army 4 hours ago

    All the mixers around the world SALUTE for the lil boy 💜💜💜✌️

  • Shane Alberts
    Shane Alberts 4 hours ago

    Wow this was awesome 😎 You go Ryan🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • clemencia alvarez
    clemencia alvarez 4 hours ago


  • Charley Melaugh
    Charley Melaugh 4 hours ago


  • skz_rulez_ kpop
    skz_rulez_ kpop 4 hours ago

    I remember watching Daniel's one on my TV

  • Justo Panchana Panchana Asencio


  • Sakshi Spezia
    Sakshi Spezia 4 hours ago

    my gosh... The Lord of the Rings hasn't been forgotten yet! Yay!

  • Milky. gd
    Milky. gd 4 hours ago

    Omg this is amazing!!!!

  • Melody Elo
    Melody Elo 4 hours ago

    I seriously can't hit those notes and all.. yes she had a big deep voice but yet I will say that I feel like she's been pushing her voice a little bit more..(maybe she's told to do so) hope she will be much much better..

  • Nancy Vergara
    Nancy Vergara 5 hours ago

    Me gustó la primera

  • Rollschuh traum
    Rollschuh traum 5 hours ago

    So cute

  • Manuela Verdonck
    Manuela Verdonck 5 hours ago

    14:11 loever

  • Jharamae Silong
    Jharamae Silong 5 hours ago

    too far from zhavia voice .

  • Kevin08915 08915
    Kevin08915 08915 5 hours ago

    So cute

  • Friska R
    Friska R 5 hours ago

    She sounds like a man🤔 Do you guys think so?

  • Johnny Big
    Johnny Big 5 hours ago

    Wtf she's good

  • Jessi O.
    Jessi O. 5 hours ago


  • Bajs Korv
    Bajs Korv 6 hours ago

    Think about when he is 30 years or more.... grrrrrrawwwrrrr!!!!

  • erin ahmad
    erin ahmad 6 hours ago

    Soranya binggit

  • Nuri Handayani
    Nuri Handayani 6 hours ago

    Agnes Mo ♥️

  • movie disk
    movie disk 6 hours ago

    she just huge her voice.. thats not unique she even hard. to try

  • shahadahamyraa
    shahadahamyraa 6 hours ago

    make me so melting 🥰🥺💘

  • Karen Lewis
    Karen Lewis 6 hours ago

    The last act.. those girls are amazing... Their sound is so different.. good luck

  • Shaina Ledesma
    Shaina Ledesma 6 hours ago

    Tree chair? What if i guy not like the singer?

  • Naphrite Jade
    Naphrite Jade 6 hours ago

    Which country of this the voice kid? They r so talented and Yatra coach is so handsome.

  • Pink Flamingo
    Pink Flamingo 6 hours ago

    Why r ppl complaining about the vietnamese person. The shake it off person was even worse My opinion

  • shapedragon
    shapedragon 6 hours ago

    can you feel the love tonight?

  • Kawaiko Hana
    Kawaiko Hana 7 hours ago

    Anak kecil suaranya ky orang dewasa banget,, merinddiinng, kereeeenn gila 👏👏👏👏

  • Syarif Alkaf
    Syarif Alkaf 7 hours ago

    Christina banget malah ini

  • Janese Johnsen
    Janese Johnsen 7 hours ago

    Stay away from disney

  • 25hasterblue 27blue
    25hasterblue 27blue 7 hours ago

    Todavía me a cuerdo la del rey león España ♥️

  • DanZee Channel
    DanZee Channel 7 hours ago

    05: 30 di intro nyium2 lagu lesti hahaharusnya tak beginii...

  • shapedragon
    shapedragon 7 hours ago

    " A whole new world" would be if I didn't hear I the interpretation of an Irish super talent (Allie Sherlock)

  • Neti Kusumawati
    Neti Kusumawati 7 hours ago

    What is the name of the second song?

  • Shreya Bhala
    Shreya Bhala 7 hours ago

    Mixer for life!!💚💛🧡💙🖤💜❤️

  • Nhan Pham
    Nhan Pham 7 hours ago

    She has unique voice but it sounds like she pushes it too hard. I feel tired that I couldn't finish the video. She's still young and has her future ahead.

  • Isabelle Broker
    Isabelle Broker 7 hours ago

    The Netherlands 🇳🇱❤️❤️ was beautifol the rest ol so but the Netherlands ❤️ ( I’m sorry I don’t can so good English )

  • Quinty Bresh
    Quinty Bresh 7 hours ago

    She sounds like Zhavia Ward...damn u so good grlll

  • Fairuz Nadhifah
    Fairuz Nadhifah 7 hours ago

    Nada tingginya ky ketahan di tenggorokan gt jd kurang greget dan performance dia kaku jd bikin boring

  • Eemeesa Colney
    Eemeesa Colney 8 hours ago

    amazing voice

  • The Shadow
    The Shadow 8 hours ago

    Fast forward and let this kid win!

    BENALOGY 8 hours ago

    mumble style everywhere

  • Megan Astfalck
    Megan Astfalck 8 hours ago

    Wow just wow I love this girl so much.

  • Sari Natasha
    Sari Natasha 8 hours ago

    I'm in tears :)

  • Putu_Ayu_Adhista
    Putu_Ayu_Adhista 8 hours ago

    Serasa nyanyi pake tembolok🤣

  • SAN Oviedo
    SAN Oviedo 8 hours ago

    did she win? because she deserves to

  • SAN Oviedo
    SAN Oviedo 8 hours ago

    that collab with was SO EPIC!

  • Didoy gulmatico
    Didoy gulmatico 8 hours ago

    She is so pretty😍

  • MeLoWcitron •
    MeLoWcitron • 8 hours ago

    1. Je vous Déjà être roi 2. Je voudrais un bonhomme de neige 3. New World 4. Colors of wind

  • Jam Sihombing
    Jam Sihombing 8 hours ago

    Powernya blom dapat..... Gak greget kita dengarnya.....

  • Umar Syarif
    Umar Syarif 8 hours ago

    She's win fyi

  • Saddam Salindingan
    Saddam Salindingan 8 hours ago

    She's not a good singer, how come she won in this competition? Try to compare her to other young singers for you to know how wasn't good she is in singing.

    • Ryan Alf
      Ryan Alf 7 hours ago

      Shut up dude , she's just need more confidence. Her voice is amazing, and sure she's a singer ! You'll se Her on the top of your youtube recomends one day

    QUATORZE JANVIER 9 hours ago

    12 tahun aja suaranya keren begini apalagi besok udah gedenya aduhhh👍🏾