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  • Learn Henna
    Learn Henna Day ago

    Cute babyyy

  • Tyler Troughton
    Tyler Troughton 3 days ago

    are you a childminder? I am to I recognise meal times like that anywhere 😂

  • Carly Bennett
    Carly Bennett 4 days ago

    I went there last month

  • MrsTashaGraham
    MrsTashaGraham 6 days ago

    Loved this video. Thanks for all the great ideas! Please can you show how you did the little Hey Duggee faces x

  • Emily Liew
    Emily Liew 7 days ago

    Lovely ideas! Like the way you use cutters to make fun shapes, might have to get myself some but just wondering what do you do with the leftovers? I hate to waste food and can see myself ending up eating all the “off cuts” NOT good for the waist line!

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods 6 days ago

      With the bread I sometimes make the shapes first then assemble so I can use the offcuts for breadcrumbs. The offcuts of fruit go in the freezer for smoothies!

  • Saphia Shah
    Saphia Shah 8 days ago

    Hi all ideas are brilliant for kids picky food can i ask where your chopping board is from please

  • Eats Amazing
    Eats Amazing 8 days ago

    Fab ideas, love the veggie train! Thank you for the lovely mention too 😊

  • Kiarra Hand
    Kiarra Hand 9 days ago

    Great ideas! I’ve just had my son’s 1st bday party but bring on when he’s 2! I feel like there’s a whole new world of ‘kid food’ that I’m learning 😄 x

  • Marianne May
    Marianne May 9 days ago

    Cute ideas! Love the blueberry, marshmallow & watermelon wands xx

  • Catherine Armstrong

    Great video!! Pineapple rings have gone straight on this week's shopping list. Thanks for all the fab ideas 😊

  • Barry Battista
    Barry Battista 15 days ago

    Amazing video 🍾🍾🥂🥂🥂

  • Lady Likeables
    Lady Likeables 20 days ago

    What a lovely video to watch. They are so excited for their stockings. I'm a new subscriber to your channel and I would love to support each other 🌹

  • Sakila Rajmayuran
    Sakila Rajmayuran 21 day ago

    Nice video so natural :) cute kids. Why dont you put subscribe reminder at the beginning or end only saying because you deserve more subscribers and if will be good to remind them :) x

  • Lisa H
    Lisa H 29 days ago

    Newbie subscriber from Charlotte's channel xx

  • Candice Doble
    Candice Doble 29 days ago

    Love this not long until back to school my girly is nearly 8 and my son is 2 I love the lunch box where is it from all compartment are idea xxx

  • Sakila Rajmayuran
    Sakila Rajmayuran 29 days ago

    So cute cooking little boss. Pleasant watching this video :)

  • Hollie Thompson
    Hollie Thompson 29 days ago

    Just found your channel, loving your videos definitely going to try those omelettes with my two xx

  • Claire Turnbull
    Claire Turnbull Month ago

    Came over from charlottes channel!

  • Claire Mannion
    Claire Mannion Month ago

    That was ace!!! Harry I'm coming round for dinner. Xx

  • Lovely Sarah
    Lovely Sarah Month ago

    I’ve come from Charlotte channel, keep it up xx

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    Brigit Colwill Month ago

    Loved the video.... great to see you back xx

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    Victoria Seamer Month ago

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    Mrs Hible Month ago

    Hi I’ve headed over from charlottes channel. Loved all your ideas how cute are the jigsaw crisps!! Subscribed and can’t wait to watch more of your content xx

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    Nice recepies :). Charlotte sent me . Subscribed:)

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    guyyvver Month ago

    Charlotte sent me. New subscriber here :)

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    Elain Hayter Month ago

    Hi lovely.. come from Charlottes channel and subscribed.. great food ideas.. looking forward to seeing more videos from you 🤩 X

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    Just G Month ago

    Charlotte sent me, subscribed

  • Deborah Manneh
    Deborah Manneh Month ago

    I don’t know what it is about school holidays that make kids snack constantly ! Good ideas ! Love it x

  • Janine King
    Janine King Month ago

    Hiya, found you via Charlotte's channel and I am really enjoying your videos. I have a fussy toddler and need to continually shake up the meals and snacks to keep his interest. X

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods Month ago

      Aww thank you so much! It's lovely to have you here :) Having to keep mixing up the kids meals to stop them getting bored is the main motivation for my blog x

  • Deborah Manneh
    Deborah Manneh Month ago

    Nice content 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I’ve come from Charlottes channel

  • Emma Betsy
    Emma Betsy Month ago

    Hi, I’ve come over from Charlotte’s video and subscribed. Thanks for the ideas x

  • Katie Bonneywell
    Katie Bonneywell Month ago

    Great recipes, thanks for sharing! Always stuck for snack ideas and these look quick and easy to do so will definitely give them a try. Brilliant collaboration :)

  • TheBinkyBunnyShed

    Great idea with the snack boxes. Can i ask where did you get them from? X

  • Emily Liew
    Emily Liew Month ago

    Wish my son would eat such colourful food! He will not eat vegetables because he’s a dinosaur obsessed carnivore 🙄

    • Emily Liew
      Emily Liew 28 days ago

      Yes if I make a Spag Bol I’ll blend onions,carrots, celery and put that in. I literally have to blend it cos if he can see veg he’ll pick it out! 🙄 so frustrating cos he would eat vegetables at nursery

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods 29 days ago

      Have you tried finely grating things like carrots or courgettes into mealballs or bolognese? That helped when my little one refused veg x

  • Katie Bonneywell
    Katie Bonneywell Month ago

    Great video, thank you :) Would love to see more of these. Snack boxes are such a good idea too! xx

  • Elena Alcock
    Elena Alcock Month ago

    Thanks for the video. How did you do the omelette in the little cupcake cases? I always seem to burn omelettes when I do them in the pan 😀

  • Rhiannon Amy Tankard

    Going here in a few weeks just wondering what the surroundings are like? Is the beach close and is there shops near etc. Xx

    • Rhiannon Amy Tankard
      Rhiannon Amy Tankard Month ago

      @Kayley Friendly First Foods thankyou! That was very helpful 😁xxx

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods Month ago

      There is a pebbly beach close by, it's the one in the video. (just behind the hotel) and there's a little shop a 2 minute walk away on the same road as the beach. Kos town is a short drive away and I think was about €7 in a taxi. We went a few times and it's a lovely place to walk around. There's a little kebab shop opposite where the taxis drop you off which I'd highly recommend! (It's also in the video). We went on the yellow submarine glass bottom boat which was fun and an excursion to nicyros which was so beautiful. Hope that helps. Have an amazing holiday xxx

    • Rhiannon Amy Tankard
      Rhiannon Amy Tankard Month ago

      Also could you give me some places to visit whilst there please 😂xx

  • Eri Assian
    Eri Assian 2 months ago

    Hi, love it !!! A question. Did u choose all included package? Is worth it? Did u child’s use the mini club ? Curious!!!! Big Hugh family!

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods Month ago

      @Eri Assian have an amazing time!! Xxx

    • Eri Assian
      Eri Assian Month ago

      Kayley Friendly First Foods sweets!! I think we are going there! Thank you for the tip :)))

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods Month ago

      Hi! We went all inclusive. It was fab :) Harry used the mini club a few times and loved it. The staff were lovely but the information available about when it was on wasn't very clear at times x

  • Fiza k
    Fiza k 2 months ago

    My 11months baby doesn't eat 😥😪??

  • Angeles Makeup
    Angeles Makeup 2 months ago

    This is so beautiful!!!!

  • cheryl o
    cheryl o 3 months ago

    Lovely video Harry has the moves! Looks a beautiful place xx

  • Mel Mcmanus
    Mel Mcmanus 3 months ago

    What a lovely video. I really enjoyed watching. Harry dancing at the side of the pool made me laugh. I really want to book a holiday now! xx

  • Amy Hughes
    Amy Hughes 3 months ago

    What a lovely family you have and a well deserved holiday for you all! P.s your hubby is very handsome 😂😊

  • Aileen Burke
    Aileen Burke 3 months ago

    This is such a lovely video! Your kids are so cute. I’m glad ye had a lovely holiday. I follow you on Instagram and I think your such an amazing mum and your account is very open and honest. I really enjoy following you x

  • Kasia G
    Kasia G 4 months ago

    I am impressed!!! I have 3 kids 4,9,12, and we spent a lot of money 💰 on food 😬 Start to change this!!! Thank you for your inspiration 👍😁😉

  • mark g
    mark g 5 months ago

    Your husband is a lucky man to have such a considerate partner. Good vid.

  • Rizliya Bhuiyan
    Rizliya Bhuiyan 5 months ago


  • SpareTelly
    SpareTelly 5 months ago

    Without the pesto an Tom sauce. Include Worcester sauce it's a dream .I Will do a RU-clip video soon . And tag the founder xxc

  • estela rodriguez
    estela rodriguez 6 months ago

    Wow that baby eats better than me

  • Ellen DL
    Ellen DL 7 months ago

    God is she cute!!!

  • ivy bee
    ivy bee 7 months ago

    this is super cute 😊

  • Taylor Lynne
    Taylor Lynne 7 months ago

    Yay I love lunch box videos! So many good ideas

  • Nurseystn93
    Nurseystn93 7 months ago

    Cute!!! X

  • Tammy Lindsay
    Tammy Lindsay 7 months ago

    My baby will be 6 months tomorrow and shes only on stage one 3 times a day. I want to take the next step with food but I'm terrified of her choking. I can't believe how good your baby eats at 6 months!!

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods 7 months ago

      Hi lovely, many baby's don't start weaning until 6m so don't worry at all :) why not start with something soft like finger size and shaped pieces of banana (like in this video) and see how she gets on then you can add more finger food as your and her confidence increases? Also there's absolutely nothing wrong with using purees or soft mashed food, we just chose baby led weaning because it felt right for us. Good luck with it all x

  • Emily Liew
    Emily Liew 8 months ago

    Love their matching PJs! And that rainbow 👌🏼

  • Christopher Mcgregor
    Christopher Mcgregor 8 months ago

    I went on the 23rd of December 2018 it’s brilliant hope you enjoyed it and I love your vids by the way

  • Jennie Davies
    Jennie Davies 9 months ago

    Tooo cute and 'the father Christmas' was amazing. Wish we had taken Daniel to see him but his reaction would of been like Megan's lol. Anyway have a lovely Christmas filled with happiness and joys. Xxx

  • Fazila Fazel
    Fazila Fazel 9 months ago

    She eats alot

  • Nurseystn93
    Nurseystn93 10 months ago

    My one and a half year old won’t eat carrot or cucumber sticks like that. It makes me feel like a terrible mum sometimes because he’s also gone off fruit! Any tips? Xxx

  • Aoife Murphy
    Aoife Murphy 10 months ago

    The little hand sneaking fruit ❤️

  • Kala Dwarakanath
    Kala Dwarakanath 10 months ago

    What a cute baby! And a handsome big brother! I hope you also feed her. A six month old is not capable of feeding herself properly.

    • Kala Dwarakanath
      Kala Dwarakanath Month ago

      I am sorry, but I still believe at this age, she needs to be fed. BLW can be a supplemental thing, not the primary way she eats.

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods 10 months ago

      @Kala Dwarakanath she used her hands mainly at the start but at 1year old now is able to spoon feed herself quite well x

    • Kala Dwarakanath
      Kala Dwarakanath 10 months ago

      @Kayley Friendly First Foods awww, that's so Adorable! I never thought babies at that age would have the coordination to spoon feed themselves. My child is all grown up and I don't remember anything. Milk, yes you are right, it's an absolute must at this stage. God bless your beautiful family!

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods 10 months ago

      Hi, Thank you! We did baby led weaning so she fed herself. I never did I for her beyond preloading spoons for her to pick up. It's amazing how capable babies are at feeding themselves. She still had a lot of milk at this stage too x

  • Rinette Babine
    Rinette Babine 11 months ago

    He is having tantrums. Nothing you did. He doesn’t even know what’s wrong. Let him be. He will figure out how to calm himself with time. He’s adorable.....🌻

  • Gollammeister
    Gollammeister 11 months ago

    I've got a big 6.5 litre slow cooker is there a recipe list as I think I may have to double or triple it in my case as I usually like to make a full load leave one portion aside and freeze rest for rainy day

  • Maggie Geller
    Maggie Geller 11 months ago

    Im considering getting the tidytot, any downside of it? It's pretty expensive, but it looks perfect for BLW

  • 張可昀
    張可昀 Year ago

    HELLO I am the agent from asia May I use this video on our facebook? this video is really amazing!!

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods 11 months ago

      Hi, you are more than welcome to share a link to this video on your Facebook just not to download it and share without linking back to the original source. X

  • Melissa_TeamCastiel

    Why is there so much water

  • Aoife Murphy
    Aoife Murphy Year ago

    This was really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Felicia Crowe
    Felicia Crowe Year ago

    Such healthy meals! My toddler loves blueberries. She will eat anything that has blueberry in it ☺ love the lunch container with names of different foods you put in his lunch

  • Dear Mummy Blog
    Dear Mummy Blog Year ago

    Aww love this video, it’s so nice to see other people’s perspectives on festivals. Love them in the sandpit and playing on the grass x subbed to follow your adventures x

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods Year ago

      Dear Mummy Blog thank you so much! Watched your video earlier and loved it! Fab to see a different perspective from people with slightly older children. There really was something for everyone there!

  • PilaPerea48
    PilaPerea48 Year ago

    Wow, cool.

  • Jack & Joe’s Kitchen

    Good work Harry, look scrummy! We love baking with our mummy too!

    • Alexandria Hodge
      Alexandria Hodge Year ago

      Really nice video :) I love how real it is and love the music. I have a little stubborn and mischievous 16 month old and I can just imagine him being like Harry when he grows up! Really love this lovely memory of you and Harry. Thank you for sharing! xx

  • Nurseystn93
    Nurseystn93 Year ago

    Beautiful family x

  • 이연호
    이연호 Year ago

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    Taylor Lynne Year ago

    Love your channel! I just subbed!

  • Finding Tori
    Finding Tori Year ago

    Great video Hun! I don’t think that’s a lot, that’s not far off what I eat and I’m not breastfeeding! You look fab by the way xxx

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods Year ago

      Finding Tori aww thanks lovely! A long way to go but it's a start! I'm a firm beliver that it's what you eat and not how much you eat. Seems to be working so far!

  • Rosie May
    Rosie May Year ago

    I’m amazed that Megan hasn’t pulled the bowl of the table! My 6 month old would grab it straight away! She is doing so well with eating it’s a little frustrating as my 6 month old doesn’t seem interested sometimes but other times she will have a go xx

    • Kala Dwarakanath
      Kala Dwarakanath 10 months ago

      Rosie May, your daughter is just six months old. Don't expect too much from her. A six month old is too young to feed herself.

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods Year ago

      Rosie May oh bless you, thank you! If it helps she threw a bowl of vegetable soup on the floor yesterday.. it went everywhere!!! 😣

  • Amanda Blackburn

    Such wonderful memories for you to keep ❤️

  • Just Average Jen Family Blogger

    Awww lovely video. When my boy was young the teething choices were more limited they look great x

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods Year ago

      Just Average Jen aw thank you! They are fab. Can't believe how much relief they seem to give her x

  • Ivetka's Slimming World Journey

    Hi Kayley, what do you use your HEA on? I didn't see you mention them in your food diary xxx

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods Year ago

      Ivetka's Slimming World Journey hi, I used my a choice on the milk in my hot drinks and my b choice was 2 HiFi light bars x

  • Ivetka's Slimming World Journey

    Hi, I just came across your channel. I have 4 month old daughter and I am also breastfeeding. I have subscribed to your channel and would be grateful if you check my channel out we can support each other on our journey xxx

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    Mum And Son Year ago

    So glad I found another British grocery haul! It's hard to come by British ones, all the ones I see are in dollars. I've just uploaded one myself 😊 great video!

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods Year ago

      Mum And Son hi!! Thanks for your comment :) off to check out out your food haul too! Where do you shop? X

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    ralfielicious 2 years ago

    What a good idea to grate the mushrooms! Had never thought of doing that. In Spain they grate tomatoes

    • Jeff Miller
      Jeff Miller 2 years ago

      I never thought of it either. Always something to learn on the tube!

  • Cuddle Fairy
    Cuddle Fairy 2 years ago

    We adore Going on a Bear Hunt, it's one of the kid's favourites! Your strawberry oatie balls look yum!!

    • Cuddle Fairy
      Cuddle Fairy 2 years ago

      Kayley Friendly First Foods thank you!

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods 2 years ago

      such a fab story isn't it! the oat balls recipe is here if you want it: friendlyfirstfoods.co.uk/strawberry-oat-balls/ so easy to make! x

  • A Mom of One
    A Mom of One 2 years ago

    Congrats omg !! Beautiful moments

  • A Mom of One
    A Mom of One 2 years ago

    How did you make that pizza tho! Would love more info of the actual recipes and info of the brands just for people like me who take these videos as a recommendation of products lol. Thanks tho! Loved this ! I always forget my sons drink too lol

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods 2 years ago

      A Mom of One thanks for the feedback :) the tortilla pizza is a tortilla wrap, toasted under the grill with tomato puree, cheese and peppers on top! I'll start putting links to the recipes in the descriptions. all my recipes can be found here: www.friendlyfirstfoods.co.uk/recipes

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    kerrie martin 2 years ago

    Great video with ideas :)

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    Sonika Prakash 2 years ago

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    LOVED this! Do more! Want to see you soon when we are slap cheek free. xx

    • Kayley Friendly First Foods
      Kayley Friendly First Foods 2 years ago

      Charlotte Louise Taylor oh bless you! I posted it last week but on the wrong youtube account 😂😂 so much to learn! 😂😂 Hope Bill is feeling better x

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    Geordieboy83 2 years ago

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