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Flying to IRAQ! (Kurdistan)
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  • Roblox Girl
    Roblox Girl 5 minutes ago

    You guys should come to Rotorua in New Zealand the place is awesome you can learn a lot about our culture

  • Ian Snowdon
    Ian Snowdon 6 minutes ago

    Please tell me you guys go up the giant ski jump (Holmenkollen) while yr in Oslo 🙏🏼 🇳🇴⛷#awesomeviews

  • Maja Mitrov
    Maja Mitrov 18 minutes ago

    Croatia it is really beautiful

  • Fransisca Smith
    Fransisca Smith 19 minutes ago

    When I am in KL, I will be trying that restaurant. Thank you for sharing the video. xoxo.

  • Borya Voronyak
    Borya Voronyak 19 minutes ago

    Nice video, hello from Ukraine🇺🇦

    ZIRKA KIT 20 minutes ago

    5:21 как же мне стыдно за то тупое быдло на заднем фоне.

  • Mattia Röösli
    Mattia Röösli 21 minute ago

    wer isch alles schwizer🇨🇭

  • Maja Mitrov
    Maja Mitrov 22 minutes ago

    Croatia its beautiful

  • Alexander Haugbjørg
    Alexander Haugbjørg 27 minutes ago

    Can confirm that that fish and chips is the best I've ever had! (also, I'm probably the only Norwegian that doesn't like brown cheese)

  • *******
    ******* 27 minutes ago

    you guys are always welcomed

  • betterthanyourface
    betterthanyourface 29 minutes ago


  • *******
    ******* 31 minute ago


  • The Sound of Lonliness
    The Sound of Lonliness 32 minutes ago

    Kyiv, our ancient, beautiful and sad home.

  • *******
    ******* 36 minutes ago


  • loyal Summit
    loyal Summit 42 minutes ago

    Okay here I am watching from the start

  • Magdalena Wessely
    Magdalena Wessely 47 minutes ago

    Whats the name of this resort? #needchocolateroom

  • Aggi82
    Aggi82 48 minutes ago

    Finally Norway😍 Welcome to our beautiful country😀

  • lana mourad
    lana mourad 53 minutes ago

    Have you guys been to New Zealand

  • Tyson Wright
    Tyson Wright Hour ago

    If you think the fish 'n' chips was expensive I paid £54 for 2 meals of fish 'n' chips, 1 small larger, 1 large larger in a restaurant in Iceland !

  • Svide
    Svide Hour ago

    NGL I think it should be NOrth Korea

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Hour ago

    Minecraft, irl

  • M1ss Ngo
    M1ss Ngo Hour ago

    49 kroner for a vaffel, not even a local person would buy that. hheheheehe. usually vaffel is around 20 kroner at a local cafe. but I think the timing is a little off, October is like a between season here in Norway, lots of rain, some snow, some sun. best time is summer or Jan,Feb, March. But Oslo has in later years been so dirty, it's kinda sad. there are a lot of better city to visit in Norway ;-) best wishes from a great fan that are from Oslo region, but now lives in the lovely city of North of Norway :-D (google Kirkenes ;-) )

  • Zartelle Rose
    Zartelle Rose Hour ago

    Hey Nate. you losing weight from exercising? eat more.

  • Ken Dorji
    Ken Dorji Hour ago

    Bhutan aka Drukyul. The land of thunder dragon!

  • Dan Richardson
    Dan Richardson Hour ago

    I would say Yosemite (not a county but takes a trip) or North Korea, but its not on the list.

  • the bakers life
    the bakers life Hour ago

    I went their once I wished I lived their

  • Gregory Baguidy
    Gregory Baguidy Hour ago

    Truly Inspiring. Life and relationship goal foreal 🤙🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿💪🏿

  • Hussnain Shah
    Hussnain Shah Hour ago


  • Kimberly Cannon
    Kimberly Cannon Hour ago

    I've watched most of your videos, you guys are cute together ever consider doing a porno? lol jk, you guys are lame Christians..which has worked for you...but Its got to be super sexy, hot to be in different locations, situations to have sex all the time with your partner...that is where you guys are LUCKY

  • Terry Baker
    Terry Baker Hour ago

    I'd like to spend a long weekend in Bergen

  • iShidMyPant
    iShidMyPant Hour ago

    That had to be the best fuck of their lives

  • zzzhannahadam
    zzzhannahadam Hour ago

    I hope backpack guy is watching this video, and all the other videos too. Lol

  • Cheyenne Harris
    Cheyenne Harris Hour ago

    Please come back to the UK at some point! I feel like there’s so much more you could do, visit more cities than just London and definitely check out Scotland and Wales! They’re their own countries so they could count towards the 100 countries 😁

  • crunchers9
    crunchers9 Hour ago

    11:54 Miss Gumby?

  • Tyra Kristiansen
    Tyra Kristiansen 2 hours ago

    You need to try Freia Melkesjokolade and Smash!! It's the best our country has to offer!

  • Evert von Bischopink

    You should visit Luxemburg

  • VovkaBC
    VovkaBC 2 hours ago

    What a chance to go to Ukraine and meet russian psycho with a hummer? Not a big chance, you are lucky.

  • tony volkov
    tony volkov 2 hours ago

    I think to get 1M before their's 100th country they should show how they fuck in each room they stay over. Think about it)

  • VovkaBC
    VovkaBC 2 hours ago

    Not Kiev, but Kyiv.

  • iris pellenaars
    iris pellenaars 2 hours ago

    That's so cool

  • Holden Rogers
    Holden Rogers 2 hours ago

    i still can not get over how cool the stabilizer is!

  • Diana Artemis
    Diana Artemis 2 hours ago

    My home country Jordan 🇯🇴 ❤️

  • loyal Summit
    loyal Summit 2 hours ago

    After the 100th country you guys should do a movie of all of them and put it on Netflix

  • fahmida ahmedrima
    fahmida ahmedrima 2 hours ago

    go to sudan

  • Jonathon Murphy
    Jonathon Murphy 2 hours ago

    What was the fish and chips place called?

  • Gary Suaco
    Gary Suaco 3 hours ago

    Go to singapore,where i live

  • Бред Плут
    Бред Плут 3 hours ago

    The girl is very beautiful athletic legs , I slender for his thirty years have not seen

  • Svide
    Svide 3 hours ago

    Finding Where to travel and editing Video isn't considered "work" RU-clip gives a lot but I dont think they give so much where you can travel the entire world

  • Ernest Chabowski
    Ernest Chabowski 3 hours ago

    you doesnt showing up the places but its only you in the videos :/ it's a pity i came here to look up what is going on in Norway, Oslo i was curious, but whole video i just see your faces.... i wont subscribe s,th like this, peace

  • Lyra C'est La Vie
    Lyra C'est La Vie 3 hours ago

    We'll be doing Stockholm, Copenhagen and possibly Oslo for our anniversary next month, your video has me both excited and slightly scared about the Scandinavian cold!

  • John Ingram
    John Ingram 3 hours ago

    Wow Kara! You master the turnstile this time! Turnstiling like a BOSS! 😃

  • Sarah Bethel
    Sarah Bethel 3 hours ago

    Something hit me while watching this. I like your guys videos so much not because how crazy years of travel seems to me but because of how sweet and genuine your guys relationship is. Makes me happy watching good people get to do cool things

  • Svide
    Svide 3 hours ago

    New to the channel but how tf do these people afford for everything?

  • Vladimir Saruta
    Vladimir Saruta 3 hours ago

    It's not a first-class btw ;)

  • Наталія Савчук

    Я полгода работала в этом готеле 😂🤗

  • Peter McClung
    Peter McClung 3 hours ago

    Y’all are hilarious. Soggy in funny places. No Nate, frugal? Ha ha. No Ferris wheel for you!

  • earthbyapril
    earthbyapril 3 hours ago

    Kara laughing deleriously & them immediately being like "I'M HUNGRY NOW" is a mood

  • alaskangal82
    alaskangal82 3 hours ago

    My friends visited Norway back in 2009 when still having recession prices. Ouch! Looked like a great day and definitely a good one for being done on the fly.

  • ibnerazababa89 raza89

    Nice video

  • Mike Gindling
    Mike Gindling 4 hours ago

    I had a great dy in Oslo after spending 3 weeks in the Lafoten Isl.

  • Buddy Rojek
    Buddy Rojek 4 hours ago

    Learn Ukrainian, because some English is known in the big cities only. It is difficult. Russian is also understood but some people will ignore you due to Russian Ukrainian conflict in the far east. Overall very very safe for travellers. But be wary if someone is too helpful, seek help, don;t accept help. It is a poor country and people will scam you if you are so gullible

  • Boba Tea queen
    Boba Tea queen 4 hours ago


  • Buddy Rojek
    Buddy Rojek 4 hours ago

    I am an Australian. I bought a cottage in the Carpathians, near Yaremche. I am renovating it. I now only work 6 months in Australia and relax 6 in Ukraine. I am living on 600 Ukrainian grevnia $40 Australian a day, living well, all utilities. If you buy a house make sure it has all documents, best to buy from an old person that had all the Soviet era paperwork

  • Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis

    I’m. It a fan of that brown cheese, either. Kara, he wasn’t kicking his child, he was trying to catch the tumbling baby...like dads of triplet, quints, sextuplets do!

  • Fettklomp
    Fettklomp 4 hours ago

    Yay! Been looking forward for your Norway trip since I discovered your channel 6 months ago. Hope you guys went up north in the country like Bodø or Tromsø (my hometown). You guys find the craziest most awesome stuff to explore! I'm so excited for whats to come!!

  • somma pt
    somma pt 4 hours ago

    😎 cool cheers from Portugal 🇵🇹

  • Helen M
    Helen M 4 hours ago

    In fact quite a few of my favourite places are in Norway

  • Lilian Rangel
    Lilian Rangel 4 hours ago

    Hi guys...Wow, I'm laughing a lot with Kara. You are amazing. Norway is an amazing country, but such cold water discourages an outdoor bath.

  • Helen M
    Helen M 4 hours ago

    The Vigeland park is one of my favourite places in the world

  • Let’s get this Bread

    I went to Norway last September to visit family! They live in Førde if you ever get the chance to visit, please do! Such a beautiful and small town 👍🏻😁

  • calebvdk
    calebvdk 4 hours ago

    great bloopers

  • Sham -
    Sham - 4 hours ago

    Fun video

  • Anna Spray
    Anna Spray 4 hours ago

    classic goat cheese! We eat it on digestive biscuits. The lighter stuff is nice and sweet and goes well with the biscuits!

  • Justine H
    Justine H 4 hours ago

    Them getting on and off the camel s never gets old 😂

  • It’s Not Taco
    It’s Not Taco 4 hours ago

    Now I want to go to Norwayyyyy! Is there ANYWHERE that Kara and Nate go that I don’t want to go? 😂

  • Elementary Explorers

    Did Kara end up doing that jump three times?!?!?! Once on her own, once with Nate and the GoPro and a third for a picture!! Im so impressed. Dedication. 😆

  • anti awkward
    anti awkward 4 hours ago

    Hello, I'm planning to get to Saransk from Moscow by Train. But literally I'm little bit afraid of my 2 Suitcases. I will bring my 30 inch Suitcase and 24 inch suitcase. Does the train for 3rd class or 2nd class have baggage storage for huge suitcases? And if i buy the upper deck, so where i supposed to put my huge Suitcases?

  • Madeline St. John
    Madeline St. John 4 hours ago

    Must go to Tonga! It is the only place in the world where you can swim alongside humpback whales!!! :)

  • It’s Not Taco
    It’s Not Taco 4 hours ago

    ❤️❤️you guys inspire me 😁 and I’m twelve.

  • Allan Howard
    Allan Howard 4 hours ago

    White people crazy is ass

  • Angelia Stewart
    Angelia Stewart 4 hours ago

    You guys... This video. I. Laughed. Out. Loud. Numerous times! Love your videos and being able to travel with you.

  • Jake & Ry Travels
    Jake & Ry Travels 4 hours ago

    For someone who hates the cold - Kara, you go jumping into freezing water and snow A LOT! Haha.

    • Kara and Nate
      Kara and Nate Hour ago

      How do I keep getting talked into things like this????

  • steve peirson
    steve peirson 4 hours ago

    Oh my gosh , Im totally laughing at the "dirty goat comment " A quick questons to you if I may , How are you liking the away.com luggage? I am thinking of getting a set ? I really enjoy the videos and am looking forward to where #100 will be . I chose Fiji.

  • mattloveOHIOST5
    mattloveOHIOST5 4 hours ago

    You guys should go on the Amazing Race!!

  • silver opp
    silver opp 5 hours ago

    Mmmm...gjetost...I'm of Norwegian heritage and I can't stand it!...Lefse however is delicious!!!

  • Larry Smorgasbord
    Larry Smorgasbord 5 hours ago

    why WOULDN'T you be drinking a beer??????????????????????

  • Danielle
    Danielle 5 hours ago

    I think Nate outdid himself in this one with his dirty goat and unique places HAHAHA Loved it!

  • Taarush Goyal
    Taarush Goyal 5 hours ago

    Cant watch these vlogs while eating, my instant noodles taste like shit now...

  • Francesca Cortinovis

    Imagine if you run out of toilet paper up there.

  • Karoline Bergh
    Karoline Bergh 5 hours ago

    So, I live in Oslo. I didn’t know you guys came here. Now I’m sad, and you were legit up the street from where I live ☹️ hope you enjoyed your stay (even though it’s expensive here)

  • Itzari20 22
    Itzari20 22 5 hours ago


  • Megan Fischer
    Megan Fischer 5 hours ago

    You are the best...both of you!

  • Artrem Iurev
    Artrem Iurev 5 hours ago

    Пропиарить жопу, как интересно! На что рассчитываете? Украина это дно! За тридцать лет убили страну с огромным потенциалом! Будущего нет!

  • Dipan Das
    Dipan Das 5 hours ago

    Heyyyyy... We took the tram no 12 too!

  • Dipan Das
    Dipan Das 5 hours ago

    Loved Norwegian trams. Took them all the time were there. The sculpture park was so fascinating.

  • Ivy Cadle
    Ivy Cadle 5 hours ago

    I spent a summer in Norway in International Summer School. It was awesome, love that place. Harbor town of Bergen is cool

  • kj smith
    kj smith 5 hours ago

    What LVIV is really missing is the bomb craters and wrecked buildings they inflicted upon their neighbors !!!!! Oh and still are and will get quite angry about me posting this !

  • Rick C
    Rick C 5 hours ago

    He must have just bonked her all night long.

  • Trips and aviation HN

    Your videos are the best! Hello from Honduras i voted for my country so you can come here!

  • Nancy Rosales
    Nancy Rosales 5 hours ago

    Man you guys really made that fish and chips look good at the end 😋