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  • Hugo- ff-Edit
    Hugo- ff-Edit 39 seconds ago

    3:55 q porra e essa to rindo pra krl cara mais retardado que eu ksksks

  • Obnoxious Animal Expert

    Actually the cow would be considered a tricorn. There are 3 horns.

  • Kathleen Melissa
    Kathleen Melissa 10 minutes ago

    Isso é falta da para ver os juelo e as pernas separadas

  • Hannan Dennun
    Hannan Dennun 41 minute ago

    I sub

  • Nic Gamer
    Nic Gamer Hour ago

    Da muito medo

  • EGIL X
    EGIL X 2 hours ago

    Will the old powerelite loose and the world will be free ?

  • Jay Nelson
    Jay Nelson 2 hours ago


  • soul Saver
    soul Saver 2 hours ago

    I watched the whole thing. I believe him

  • Damjan Žinić
    Damjan Žinić 2 hours ago

    so if ai is making movies could they make Star wars better than episode 7 to 9

  • Bboi T
    Bboi T 3 hours ago

    Too much! much Weed is bad for the body

  • ragul. ghr38
    ragul. ghr38 3 hours ago

    My question is why do we need to have a chip in our brain which may cause effect to our brain and my brain have lots of questions with unsolved problems which I need to get sort out it's not a funny one so if ur from the future for real give me ur comment I'll start my question and I will ask the question which is exactly solved by me so if u can sort give ur comment am waiting fr u noah bhai

  • John Nathan
    John Nathan 3 hours ago

    How did he get here

  • John Nathan
    John Nathan 3 hours ago

    Why is he still here

  • sugmira sm
    sugmira sm 4 hours ago


  • omary blake
    omary blake 4 hours ago

    Not only you

  • Gaming TZ
    Gaming TZ 4 hours ago

    This is lie

  • Cava Sava
    Cava Sava 5 hours ago


  • Adam
    Adam 5 hours ago

    Hi and I wanna know what happen to Australia in the future and all I hear talk about other countries and never hear about Australia

  • NotAlola
    NotAlola 5 hours ago

    Are you kidding me what person would be scared and then immediately ignored the call but stay on the phone, and then those glass sound footsteps.... bad. Bad channel.

  • Chelle B
    Chelle B 5 hours ago

    1 2 and 3 contain the same mermaid. Fake

  • Best games
    Best games 6 hours ago

    The life of human will be short in future because of temperature increasing

  • Diogo Ferreira
    Diogo Ferreira 6 hours ago


  • Diogo Ferreira
    Diogo Ferreira 6 hours ago


  • Vikinger Icelandersson

    Time to take a walk and get some fresh air !!

  • ThinkOutsideTheTV
    ThinkOutsideTheTV 9 hours ago

    7:32 looks like he caught butchykid doing his bigfoot skits lol

  • Heather Wade
    Heather Wade 9 hours ago

    Omg!This guy is crazy/creepy 😲

  • jernej rozman
    jernej rozman 10 hours ago

    omg omg what a bullshit🤣🤣🤣🤣 this men is on crack

  • Erin Jacobs
    Erin Jacobs 10 hours ago

    Number 4 is a fish you can obviously see that

  • Siobhan Grahame
    Siobhan Grahame 10 hours ago

    Mermaids are not real don’t believe it it’s just people that is just up in a mermaid tale people can actually swim really far away and I’m not stupid mermaids are not REAL

  • Lyndol Porter
    Lyndol Porter 10 hours ago

    I saw on the 2 that the end of the tail open like it was fake

  • beaniea2
    beaniea2 10 hours ago

    How does a bullshit channel like this get so many subscribers. Is your life that shit. I wonder how many people believe this dude 🤣🤣🤣🤷🏼‍♂️ ps no ive not subscribed found it on accident.

  • Flash Français
    Flash Français 10 hours ago

    How can he have the picture ? impossible because it shows us the photo which will generate an anomaly in the choronology that will be disturbed and so it will never make this trip in time! fake! This video should never exist!

  • Flash Français
    Flash Français 10 hours ago

    I comment in 2019 ! Maybe in few years The Time Travel will be exist !

  • Gabriel 543
    Gabriel 543 10 hours ago


  • Angel Thompsom
    Angel Thompsom 11 hours ago

    At 6:57 u can till that someone's wearing a fake mermaid tail plus the tail looks really fake and everything so...

  • K Deng
    K Deng 12 hours ago

    Not a single video is real 👎🏻


    how to become time travel tell me i ready tk learn

  • AccGenius (official)
    AccGenius (official) 12 hours ago

    @15:42 sorry to say but this image is photoshopped image this is not real

  • carlsjoseph13
    carlsjoseph13 13 hours ago

    Unsubscribed from this stupid channel!

  • carlsjoseph13
    carlsjoseph13 13 hours ago

    Unsubscribed from this stupid channel!

  • carlsjoseph13
    carlsjoseph13 13 hours ago

    Unsubscribed from this stupid channel!

    UNKNOWN GAMER 13 hours ago

    I m from 2076 I m not lying cause I m form Nepal. Lol😂😂😂😂😂

  • video Videos
    video Videos 13 hours ago

    noah you nambar

  • Yuan Zakari
    Yuan Zakari 13 hours ago

    This is how worse fortnite is compared to Minecraft

  • video Videos
    video Videos 13 hours ago

    noha 2030 you see tha indian famas name in brudin tell me

  • Bigmoneygripz247
    Bigmoneygripz247 13 hours ago

    Stay in school

  • gummi bear 1123 Fourie

    the one thing that scars me is the RAKE a creepy ledand

  • suave Moore
    suave Moore 14 hours ago

    Why yall always making up some dumb shit

  • Joan Jamito
    Joan Jamito 14 hours ago

    Maybe the first one is just a shooting for a movie or TV serie

  • Ragav Murugan
    Ragav Murugan 15 hours ago

    Plz one help apex tv......5.50 video recorder where? Plz tell

  • BL4Z3 G4M1NG
    BL4Z3 G4M1NG 15 hours ago


  • fusi-on can play GAMES!

    Plzzz reveal your face man🥺🥺😓😥😢

  • Panda- Pubg Mobile
    Panda- Pubg Mobile 16 hours ago


  • JAD gaming
    JAD gaming 16 hours ago

    It is not amazing though because that forehead chip and right hand chip that are the mark of the Beast and I don't wanna get that because that against of Jesus our Lord 🙏😇😇 and savor

  • Sekiしんのすけ
    Sekiしんのすけ 16 hours ago

    5 elements 😂🤔🤣🤣

  • Sekiしんのすけ
    Sekiしんのすけ 16 hours ago

    The picture is blurd nonsense 😜

  • Daisey Meadows
    Daisey Meadows 17 hours ago

    BBWAHAHAHA and BBWAHAHAHA 😂 surely you could have got him to discribe to an artist or something.

  • Daisey Meadows
    Daisey Meadows 17 hours ago

    Is he in disguise?

  • Daisey Meadows
    Daisey Meadows 17 hours ago

    Again with the pyramids??

  • Daisey Meadows
    Daisey Meadows 17 hours ago

    I have nano liquid that constructs a shield around my phone.. It makes it practically indistructable. I'm sure it gets even better later on.

  • Daisey Meadows
    Daisey Meadows 17 hours ago

    Are those orgone pyramids? . Are they essential in the future?

  • greyco cyrus no subs
    greyco cyrus no subs 17 hours ago

    I been travellering in 6090

  • 大竹英之
    大竹英之 17 hours ago

    本当にこの人が大統領になるのかな~、 本当だったらビックリだなぁ~、

  • montanajjf
    montanajjf 17 hours ago

    complete lies he messed up when he said in 2021 internet will be free and Wi-Fi will be global lol , FULL FIBRE WONT EVEN BE RUNNING IN THE WORLD BY THEN LOL

  • Amber Reynolds
    Amber Reynolds 19 hours ago

    So where’s the evidence? Also, can you take a picture of 2028 or 2045 and bring it back to 2019 for all of us to see?

  • Musa Leoz
    Musa Leoz 20 hours ago


  • Musa Leoz
    Musa Leoz 20 hours ago

    I saw in future 2021

  • Musa Leoz
    Musa Leoz 20 hours ago

    Dinosares will come again in 2022

  • Kiran 0
    Kiran 0 20 hours ago

    Who is the prime minister of India in year 2030 Hit like

  • A Macca
    A Macca 21 hour ago

    If they can time travel why do they need cars to get around because I assume teleportation isn’t that much different

  • White Ninja
    White Ninja 21 hour ago

    Guys Wanna Be Vampires lol Vampires Aren't Hot Sexy And Cool They're Shown Like That On Just Movies

  • Vsbshsjsj Jsjsjsks
    Vsbshsjsj Jsjsjsks 21 hour ago

    I am going to 2020 not 1992

  • Lito Lobos
    Lito Lobos 21 hour ago

    Time travel again apex tv..... Another noah hehehe

  • Nate Legendward
    Nate Legendward 22 hours ago

    Green screen?

  • Ariel asiaten
    Ariel asiaten 23 hours ago

    You heard China quantum radar there is possible that radar could detect time travelers

  • Ariel asiaten
    Ariel asiaten 23 hours ago

    If he passed another time Show True The time travel evidence this fuck real the quantum radar is exist now the could detect time travelers too in our timeline how about a apextv. Time travel challenge no blue shit screen camera no cgi trick if did you time travel for real. igth I'mma head out If you fake the time travel shutdown your channel

  • Michael’s fun factory Bailon

    It’s a mermaid

  • Honesty Garland
    Honesty Garland 23 hours ago

    What about déjà vu🤔😂😂

  • Princess DC
    Princess DC 23 hours ago


  • Dr Lei Micky Lei

    This time Traveller must be a gay and BBC lover mad man

  • Dr Lei Micky Lei

    Not a chance in hell. This fraud Noah is a worker for the party for election. Loser indeed.

  • Michelle Dailey

    I love love mermaids are that nice or no

  • trisenator
    trisenator Day ago

    4:35 I know this is old now but omg I'm dying at the way they trip and fall

  • Ma Li
    Ma Li Day ago

    3 2 and 1 looks the same

  • Alberto Atilano

    I was born In 2026. Lmfao 6 years from now?

  • Jim C.
    Jim C. Day ago

    The glasses are old & dated, tho much of what he says could be true.

  • Briella Jordan

    Statues are evil

  • Savannah Geer
    Savannah Geer Day ago

    I call bull crap

  • Amelisa Yuki
    Amelisa Yuki Day ago

    She is soo clamsy

  • Amelisa Yuki
    Amelisa Yuki Day ago

    I sud

  • Kcha ShaZaka
    Kcha ShaZaka Day ago

    l'm time travler l'm from 99999999999999999 my countqy told me go to fuature but l saying let me thingـ.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Сергей Остапенко

    Aaa, funny, the cat made this movie

  • Emma Norbury
    Emma Norbury Day ago

    Well the first clip was clearly a human swimming and then there were 3 that were the exact same clip and clearly was one of those fancy mermaid tails !!!

  • sergio rey
    sergio rey Day ago

    if their story beginings with... i know this sounds crazy but.... its a lie.... but let's be real.. these are all fake lol

  • chakrafina casanova

    She was send for a job wherever she’s going she will not age she will come back but years later and have a completely new memory she’s still human but her intelligence or off the charts they will show her how to break it open and explore it more can I just say this already happened I remember this somehow and I don’t know why are we repeating ourselves

  • aly the random

    Imagine taking a quick walk in the woods then see a go pro on a ladder and a man in a slender costume walk towards it