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I'm Back!!!
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  • Ksenia Dostanic
    Ksenia Dostanic 7 hours ago

    does she have an elastic??????

  • Joshua Brooks
    Joshua Brooks Day ago

    Why is this demonized?

  • holly rapps
    holly rapps 2 days ago

    I'm having mine done for the 2nd time tomorrow

  • Rosella Felcie
    Rosella Felcie 6 days ago

    How to know if your pointe shoes are dead: really soft and makes your arches beautiful

  • Giovanna Ribeiro
    Giovanna Ribeiro 8 days ago

    Your arch is so satisfying

  • Helen Huang
    Helen Huang 14 days ago

    "this video may be inappropiate for some users"lmao

  • Rosella Felcie
    Rosella Felcie 14 days ago

    I’ve tried finding the split sole one but they don’t have it...

  • Ellie Demetriou
    Ellie Demetriou 24 days ago

    My studio does performances at summer . It sucks . You die from sweat.

  • Anna Elephant
    Anna Elephant 26 days ago

    Wait why is this age restricted for me?!

  • Sofia Alonzo - Ortega
    Sofia Alonzo - Ortega 2 months ago


  • E Hoen
    E Hoen 2 months ago

    This is pretty helpful! I’m having the same problem of any shoe I wear dying within three weeks. I want to switch to gaynors but I wasn’t sure so this is reassuring

  • idk
    idk 2 months ago

    why is this age restricted??? lmao

  • spilling the tea
    spilling the tea 2 months ago

    Why is it age restricted

  • lasso올가미
    lasso올가미 3 months ago

    Wow guess i have to be a certain age to see ballerina stuff

  • Tara N
    Tara N 3 months ago

    I got these gel pads online, where they’re super thin all around. I love them so much but they rip so easily :(

  • Kim The Baked Patato
    Kim The Baked Patato 3 months ago

    It’s been 2 YEARS please upload

  • Miriam Fease
    Miriam Fease 3 months ago

    You have a great arch! :) it’s clear that the dead shoes weren’t hugging your arch enough. I’m glad you switched! I’m actually switched to freeds for the same reason!

  • mia derensteyn
    mia derensteyn 3 months ago

    my friend always does the braid one and i literally couldn’t figure out how to do it!! THANK YOU!!!!

  • Lexi Jefferson
    Lexi Jefferson 3 months ago

    If you don’t cut the satin off your pointe shoes before you darn them does it still fray ?? Xx

      OK AMANDA 3 months ago

      They usually don’t drag for me

  • Some person10
    Some person10 4 months ago

    You made me comfortable because I'm getting a surgery too

  • XnamzX
    XnamzX 4 months ago

    The only part that really "hurts" was the syringe

  • That Crazy Miraculer
    That Crazy Miraculer 4 months ago

    Lmao how tf is this age restricted

  • Izzy Fitzsimon
    Izzy Fitzsimon 4 months ago

    I wish I could do ballet, but my ankles are so weak it would take 2029837494930228 years just to get on Demi-pointe, let alone I’m so broke haha.

  • Animal lover
    Animal lover 5 months ago

    Too risky!!!

  • Suzanne H
    Suzanne H 5 months ago

    A lot of professional companies don’t allow gaynors. And I’m going to warn you it’s very hard to switch from them

  • Neave Dryden
    Neave Dryden 5 months ago

    I had it today the injection was the worst and they are so sore

  • its andrea
    its andrea 5 months ago

    I just had this surgery an hour ago and I am watching recovery videos rn so I know what to expect. the numbness is wearing off and my toe is super painful😵

    • Charlatte
      Charlatte 10 days ago

      Obviously its painful, but why? In what circumstance. When your just walking or...

    • EL Miore
      EL Miore 5 months ago

      I'm gonna have it soon. Still having pain?

  • Paula Kouame
    Paula Kouame 5 months ago

    Why the fuck is this age restricted

  • Skylie Watson
    Skylie Watson 5 months ago

    Can they give you open toed shoes??? Bc I don’t have any and can you use crutches???😂

  • Zoe Curtin
    Zoe Curtin 6 months ago

    I have an ingrown toenail and I’m waiting for a letter to come through for my surgery appointment, I’m so exited for it I’m getting bored of the pain now. This will be my first ever ingrown toenail surgery and I’m not nervous just exited 😂

    • Karan Ghuman
      Karan Ghuman 8 days ago

      Zoe Curtin I'm getting mine in a week. 😢 does it hurt?

  • Sofia Pigurina
    Sofia Pigurina 6 months ago

    Omg the dead ones tho eeee plz No.

  • lightheart5
    lightheart5 6 months ago

    Dem legs

  • Alesia Wilson
    Alesia Wilson 6 months ago

    It has been frickin 2 years 3=<

  • Diarra Amoa
    Diarra Amoa 6 months ago

    Dude i was singing this song in my head right before i clicked on this video

  • sip sip
    sip sip 6 months ago

    I am getting a surgery in 1 and a half weeks. I have had ingrown toenails since I was 2 or 3, and they have always been so painful. I am now a teenager and I have had enough of them. My mum took me to a podiatrist (foot doctor) and they suggested getting a permanent surgery to fix the problem for good as my ingrown nails kept coming back. I have to get two needles in the side of each big toe, and I am so scared! I really don’t want the needle to hurt... if you have ever had it done, please let me know your experience and whether it hurt! :)

    • Yaren Atmaca
      Yaren Atmaca Month ago

      sip sip Did the needle hurt?! I’m having surgery in 1 week!

  • Charlie Johansson
    Charlie Johansson 6 months ago


  • You Can ALDC
    You Can ALDC 6 months ago

    How is this age restricted?

  • KÓÒDÀ 420
    KÓÒDÀ 420 6 months ago

    Has anybody got stitches in ther toe or a big bump under the big toe please help me😭

    ARMY X BLINKS 6 months ago

    Oml i was scared seeing u witht he dead ones...i have imaginations when im wearing my pointe shoes

  • Cord Johnson
    Cord Johnson 7 months ago

    Why tf was this age restricted? Cuz of the music? I’m confusión. Also, the thing with dead shoes (speaking from experience) they make your arches and feet look amazing but are crazy dangerous and have zero support. Dead shoes have no support so your feet bend ethereally and unnaturally adding beauty, I’ve danced in dead shoes in a shoe before but only for 5 minute scene when all the focus was meant to be on my feet looking good. I’m a man so en pointe my feet look horrendous in alive shoes and bomb af in dead ones so I use dead shoes much more than I should and the other people I dance with slap me regularly for it, keep in mind however, I also wear ankle braces so I’m a bit less likely to hurt myself. I still cringe however when other people use dead shoes (I’m a hypocrite)

  • Caterina Cevallos
    Caterina Cevallos 7 months ago

    My Gaynor's stretched out so quickly I ended up sinking in the shoe and with terrible big toe pain. Don't recommend them at all. I'm returning to my Blochs. I truly think Gaynor's are overrated, they depend a lot on your type of foot

  • Zoe Curtin
    Zoe Curtin 7 months ago

    I have to take four pills a day for a week to clear the infection then get it removed, I have never had an ingrown toenail before.

  • emily
    emily 7 months ago

    i just switched from Russian pointe to gaynor and I LOVE MY GAYNORS, they’re so comfortable and fit me so well, and form to my arch and hold me up. Probably gonna stick with this brand now :)))

  • Haven Gallmeyer
    Haven Gallmeyer 8 months ago

    Can I use dental floss

  • Morgan F.
    Morgan F. 8 months ago

    Shouldn’t you keep them in a mesh bag?

  • Lily HP
    Lily HP 8 months ago

    My big toe is the longest. My go-to padding is either a thin pad with lambswool in my box under my small toes or the Perfect pointe inserts that mold to your feet.

  • Tara N
    Tara N 8 months ago

    I miss her so much!!! Pls post again

  • Kity Kat777
    Kity Kat777 8 months ago

    Why is it age restricted

  • Naomi F
    Naomi F 9 months ago

    How long does it usually take for a pointe to die?

      OMGSTOPIT- 6 months ago

      If you over use it in a lesson they could last a day

  • Jj Lulu
    Jj Lulu 9 months ago

    Why is this age restricted

  • Kim The Baked Patato
    Kim The Baked Patato 9 months ago

    two years what happened

    HANNACA 9 months ago

    Missing your content, love your videos! Hope everything going really great for you!!

  • Lauren Price
    Lauren Price 9 months ago


  • Anna Urbanowicz
    Anna Urbanowicz 10 months ago

    are they good for my really narrow feet?

    • bellatrix lovegood
      bellatrix lovegood 10 months ago

      Yes, Grishkos are good for narrow feet. In fact, i have 2007s and my foot is not very wide but im the widest in Grishko sizing. They are perfect for your foot type

  • Aeryn Koon
    Aeryn Koon 11 months ago

    The only upside of dead pointe shoes is that your arches always look amazing

  • Lima Bean
    Lima Bean 11 months ago

    I’m still waiting...

  • Yk Kim
    Yk Kim 11 months ago

    여러분 왜영어로 달아요??

  • Rebecca Jones
    Rebecca Jones 11 months ago

    Why is this age restricted?

  • 찐뽀
    찐뽀 11 months ago


  • adrianahelen24
    adrianahelen24 11 months ago

    You should check out wish for dance supplies. I’ve gotten leos, shoes and equipment all from there and it’s cheaper than what I usually get from discount dance or just for kix. Sizing can be a little tricky but I have a couple of dance haul videos with try ons if you need help figuring out sizes

  • Juleigha Windom
    Juleigha Windom 11 months ago

    I have grishko 2007

  • One Spark Dancer
    One Spark Dancer 11 months ago

    Those arches are amazing 😍

  • mackenziefearon
    mackenziefearon 11 months ago

    Honestly I got the full nail removed two days ago and it didn’t hurt at all took like 5 minutes to pull the nail off it was so quick. Update today I changed the dressing for the first time and it’s all gunky but it hasn’t bled through any of the dressings which are literally a big plaster and I have had no extreme pain just slight pain which isn’t as bad as stubbing toe so nothing major. I’m literally walking fine and gonna be going back to gym tomorrow so I would recommend this surgery it’s so easy. And I’m never going to get my nail back btw

  • Ballerina_6 Ballet vlogs

    Mine are the pink shank and make my feet look so good

  • Ilary Ferri
    Ilary Ferri 11 months ago


  • Syd the kid
    Syd the kid 11 months ago

    How good are the Grishko 2007 pointe shoes because I have had Suffolk for quite some time now and I hate them so I’m trying a new pair and my friend suggested Grishko 2007. I have a pretty good arch that allows me to get right on my box but will the be the same with Grishko?

  • Kami Harris
    Kami Harris Year ago

    More vids plz

  • Andrea Taibel
    Andrea Taibel Year ago

    You can use silk paint😉- and wash it off easely!

  • Mewing Manda
    Mewing Manda Year ago

    I Love gaynors! These were my first pointe shoes and they helped my feet get so much stronger! :3

  • jum hitty
    jum hitty Year ago

    I have a surgery in 4 days O.o

  • mark abordo
    mark abordo Year ago

    Wow she almost did

  • Ballerina_6 Ballet vlogs

    you havent posted in ages and why am i subscribing to you just delete the channnel

  • Matt Wise
    Matt Wise Year ago

    Wow, truly amazing. You got some really nice pointe shoes there. I've seen a lot of dancers on Pointe and I got to say you can dance with the best of them

  • Meagan Hiller
    Meagan Hiller Year ago

    I still have my gaynors from 15 years ago!

  • 찐뽀
    찐뽀 Year ago


  • super shook
    super shook Year ago

    She hasn’t posted in 1 and a half years....

    • super shook
      super shook Year ago

      Oh I understand now but will you only be posting on your other channel not this one because you don’t dance anymore btw love the name sky💕

    • Pointe as Usual
      Pointe as Usual Year ago

      Check out my second channel (Sky Gray) for an explanation

  • Вика Ивашова

    Your feet it so good

  • Kristy Quinlan
    Kristy Quinlan Year ago

    I'v trund ť the bell on😜

  • Grace Spriggs
    Grace Spriggs Year ago

    Who’s watching in 2018

  • Bianca Danielle
    Bianca Danielle Year ago

    Please post again on this channel I love your dance videos

  • Rylee Lavelle
    Rylee Lavelle Year ago

    Hi I can relate to that ive had it SEVEN times

  • Floppin
    Floppin Year ago

    I've had 3 ingrown toenail removals in one sitting 2 weeks ago

    • jdragon jds
      jdragon jds 3 months ago

      Dude instead of surgery i asked surgeon for cutting all the infected flesh and clean the toes via surgery he did it without numbing it he cut the flesh with scissors without anesthetic

  • Grace Snow
    Grace Snow Year ago

    Why is video age restricted it's literally just a girl showing us her pointe shoes Dead vs alive

  • Panic
    Panic Year ago

    Bro people are saying they didn't feel pain till way later, I felt the pain come back before he even put the bandage on my toe. The medicine wore off so fast I felt a little bit of pain during the procedure and he kept having to put more medicine in. The needles and after pain hurt like a mother...

  • Maya Pope
    Maya Pope Year ago

    What is your go to ballet outfit?

  • Alexandru Octavian

    I knor very good this surgery is hurt i am from Romania

  • mackenziequeen 123

    Im 11 and ive just had mine done this month and i can relate to everything u said . I was ment to get it done last year but i chickened out but im happy that i got it done .

  • hh Boba
    hh Boba Year ago

    I was cringing so badly when I saw the super dead pointe shoes 🤣

  • 45743455 tyler5744


  • Nayang Motsete
    Nayang Motsete Year ago

    I love your hair !! It’s so beautiful 😍!!

  • samia
    samia Year ago

    I have to get two of mine done at once! Hopefully I'll still be able to walk to the car😂

  • Svietta Aguirre
    Svietta Aguirre Year ago

    Dubstep alemán :u

  • It is Noor
    It is Noor Year ago

    Why is this video age restricted

  • Miya Denise
    Miya Denise Year ago

    The alive one were pretty good. But the almost dead and super dead were cringey. Ugh.

  • Penutbuterrhooha Boioioioing

    It all most looked like your foot was about to give in.... It made your arches undeniable...but I remember wearing worn out one with completely no boneing or support. It hurt badly

  • John Wayre
    John Wayre Year ago

    Can you please take down Christina Perri and David Hodges as writer they are not John Wayre PRS

  • Hazel Rodriguez
    Hazel Rodriguez Year ago

    The super dead is my pointe shoes after the first day of wearing a new pair.

  • uwu roses
    uwu roses Year ago

    Oooooh the black ones.... I cringed so hard

  • Lavenia Gyshella

    Im dont understand

  • 2014 Ford Focus
    2014 Ford Focus Year ago

    Okay idk why I am here. I don't do pointe.