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Exploring with Purkz
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  • Priscilla chapkylo
    Priscilla chapkylo 12 hours ago

    Wow just imagined if able were at nightime whole place creepy abandoned power plant wouldn't been scared have goosebumps. But it sad lefted to rot.

  • ASG66
    ASG66 16 hours ago

    This was not a plantation. Pull the other one. 🖕

  • Mitchell Delashmitt

    i get a sick feeling this place has entities most unsettling. the horror is unbearable. im an empath an its 2 mins in i had to look away several times. nausiated head starting to hurt.

  • Rosefe Bagunoc
    Rosefe Bagunoc 2 days ago

    Beautiful house and location.

  • ハリーブッチ
    ハリーブッチ 2 days ago


  • Robert Joseph
    Robert Joseph 2 days ago

    Shitty video is too fast, to dark. You are a big asshole

  • Jimmy Biggs
    Jimmy Biggs 2 days ago

    Instead of just looking at an empty shelI I want to hear about the history of the home owners and the slaves and what the man of the house did for a living to afford such a grandiose house.

  • Semson Phangcho
    Semson Phangcho 4 days ago

    i just wandered where the owner mighty hv vanished or some mysteries behind.

  • Sarah Mcleod
    Sarah Mcleod 6 days ago

    Loved this video. Congrats on a nice filming of a gorgeous place. I'm so sad it's left to the elements. :(

  • Robert Bungula
    Robert Bungula 7 days ago

    Looks haunted lol

  • Uriel Septim
    Uriel Septim 7 days ago

    Beautiful house. I bet it was glorious in its prime.

  • Kelly Schueman
    Kelly Schueman 8 days ago

    Someone abandoned that poor dog to die in that basement. I hope they have the same fate some day. So sad!! Humans suck!

  • Bits of this and that

    all old abandoned houses are a little creepy. To bad about the history of the house.

  • Kae Freeman
    Kae Freeman 9 days ago

    🎥🎬Great for a movie l like that old typewriter 🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬📽🎥🎬🎥📽🎥🎬🎥🎬📽

  • Cletus2468
    Cletus2468 10 days ago

    So what did this person not understand about the sign on the front porch that said "KEEP OUT"?

  • Rick Dowd
    Rick Dowd 10 days ago

    Somebody had to be living there as recently as the early to mid 80s as I saw what I think is a mid 70s model Oldsmobile .

  • Kathryn J. Hernandez

    Maybe the property on which it sits is what makes it so valuable.

  • Shaun Kamark
    Shaun Kamark 10 days ago

    What’s with the spooky soundtracks 😂

  • sRm
    sRm 10 days ago

    1:52 - "The Bates Motel"

  • Tn wild man
    Tn wild man 11 days ago

    Turn off that dam annoying music you destroyed a good video I mean really wtf!

  • latinpaver
    latinpaver 11 days ago

    Look like ghost house

  • em z
    em z 11 days ago

    Reminds me of the old sugarman place episode from bojack horseman

  • Maayong Aga
    Maayong Aga 11 days ago

    So sad... Watch the Abandon Fantasy land in the Philippines.

  • John Fregona
    John Fregona 11 days ago

    A triple homicide took place on this property. A husband killed his wife, son and daughter then went to the home of his wife's parents and killed himself after realizing his in-laws were out of town.

  • Nita Wealand
    Nita Wealand 11 days ago

    Did anybody else see the black object in the beginning after they showed the car

  • Okie Dokey
    Okie Dokey 11 days ago

    Opening takes forever. Music, Drones... Can we see the Video please ? My other explorers get right to the video.

  • Will Mejia
    Will Mejia 12 days ago

    It's back fi nally!! Every year I go to.wildood this pumps me up

  • lemon cute
    lemon cute 12 days ago

    Tem Brasileiro vendo

  • Ayanna Jenkins
    Ayanna Jenkins 13 days ago

    RIP to the dog

  • VaL Moore
    VaL Moore 13 days ago

    Shit wheres Hollywood ...

  • Sue Moses
    Sue Moses 14 days ago

    Way to fast made me sick so I had to stop watching. But a very beautiful place

  • angela fields
    angela fields 14 days ago

    Kinda funny how it's so dark ,filthy, just plain creepy then Bam Bright Ass hot pink blanket (I think ). You sure go up those stairs like a boss,I usually see people test them out.. that one room looks a little to staged.. and instead of freaking music it would be nice if you tell us a little bit about the history...

  • Ylva Bjarnson
    Ylva Bjarnson 14 days ago

    What state and city is this house in?

  • Josh Bromberg
    Josh Bromberg 14 days ago

    That company has been closed down... Breach of trademarks infringement laws. You can't just open a graphics shop and use any logo you feel like. Alot of these cowboy graphics shops getting hit now.

  • Yhaw Nyame
    Yhaw Nyame 14 days ago

    Pls I need work so that I can feed my homeless family pls

  • Jeannie
    Jeannie 14 days ago

    So Sad to look at ..... Some Sorry People

  • Jeannie
    Jeannie 14 days ago

    Clean it up plz..................................Made No Hope For it

  • Webbit2019
    Webbit2019 14 days ago

    I wish you would do a classic hosting and narration...this music and random pics feels like a movie intro that doesnt end. Music is loud in your face and annoying.

  • Ehh Hammond
    Ehh Hammond 14 days ago

    Creepy Creepy odd they would build a huge deck off the bdrm but no door they must of had to climb out the window to enjoy it

  • green
    green 14 days ago

    Get outta there!!! Burn it down!

  • Jason Woodall
    Jason Woodall 15 days ago

    Somebody liked 1962 Chevrolet Impala convertibles....

  • Mari Stresemann
    Mari Stresemann 16 days ago

    I would have enjoyed a tour much more than the jumping around out of context. The music didn't fit either. Love old places like this but not this way.

  • Fouzia Rajput
    Fouzia Rajput 17 days ago

    Once upon time it was beautiful. House

  • Mordrina
    Mordrina 17 days ago

    what a beauty back in it's glory

  • kellyjbarnett
    kellyjbarnett 17 days ago

    If I had the money, would buy it in a NY minute!!! Restore it, live in one part, and rent it out to ghosthunters!!!

  • S. O.
    S. O. 17 days ago

    Absolutely loved your filmography and the creepy music you set this too! Couldn't wait to see what was around each and every corner. But please be careful walking around these very old houses. Sometimes the flooring can be rotten. You could have fallen through the floor..........and there would be no one around to hear your screams!

  • permadi fauza
    permadi fauza 18 days ago

    😇 how much price this home ?

  • Bo
    Bo 18 days ago

    Looks like a 62, or 63 Impala convertible

  • Betty McNally
    Betty McNally 18 days ago

    Much evil done there

  • Diamonds Shinebright

    That goodness for ppl like you I would have never gone alone but I would have gone lmfaoo

  • Leslie Bilotta
    Leslie Bilotta 18 days ago

    So what is the dark history?

  • erika gakovich
    erika gakovich 19 days ago

    The music is dumb and get some lighting. Somebody go to the town office, find who owns the house and make them an offer. This house is neither sinister or evil - just un-lived in and unloved.

  • Randy Lambert
    Randy Lambert 19 days ago

    Im from haggerstown md what place is this cuz i would like to explore myself and just got told the old leather factory on bottom road wasnt an option

  • Captain John
    Captain John 19 days ago

    Gotta be some bad spirits lurking around that place. Hope none of them latched on to you while there. 🚬👓...

    • The Joker
      The Joker 17 days ago

      Ikr, was thinking EXACTLY the same!

  • ozbrah nuke-em
    ozbrah nuke-em 20 days ago

    Next time, open the hoods on those cars, please !

  • chui 1
    chui 1 20 days ago

    I still watch her. Its so sad she's still one of my idols. We never really die. 💗

  • hoborock007
    hoborock007 20 days ago

    Awesome camera~work..smooth

  • awe Ruby
    awe Ruby 20 days ago

    Imagine how beautiful this house was in its younger days it was probably a luxurious off the grid homestead in its former glory

  • Leticia Bankston
    Leticia Bankston 20 days ago

    Whoa! Amazing; What a place and location! ...so makes one want to know what happened and who

  • CoaCoa Channel
    CoaCoa Channel 20 days ago

    Maybe do the music shots at the end but it would be nice to have been told wats wat

  • Shawn Lane
    Shawn Lane 21 day ago

    Nice short video. Love the leaf throwing at the end. Well done!

  • Kkmsprit N
    Kkmsprit N 21 day ago

    May I take zombie movie short film in this place?

  • tortilla1soup
    tortilla1soup 21 day ago

    Is this Norman Bates old house?

  • Angelo Wong
    Angelo Wong 21 day ago

    Ur music is so annoying

  • Gennie Jefferson
    Gennie Jefferson 21 day ago

    I’m sure house was really beautiful back in the day. Love the filming.

  • Roxanne Randle
    Roxanne Randle 21 day ago


  • Katrina Haskins
    Katrina Haskins 22 days ago

    Please read The book of Obadiah all of YOU who think this a "lovely home" and would like to restore lol. And remember He that leads into captivity shall go into captivity. Enjoy your evil selves and the memories of your evil things while it lasts Esau and his descendants ENJOY!!

  • Marcus 2Rell
    Marcus 2Rell 22 days ago

    3:19 boo boo stains on the toilet.....what a shitty place

  • Tracy Midkiff
    Tracy Midkiff 23 days ago

    Wrong turn!!

  • Leray Bojangles
    Leray Bojangles 23 days ago

    Almost a million dollars in the shape it's in 🤔. It will never sell for that! It will take alot of money to restore it. Real estate company needs to come down to earth on its asking price! Good vid thanks for sharing.

  • MKI fatiha
    MKI fatiha 23 days ago

    Wow, this house fixed up would be so cool. A really beautful house with great layout. Any modern family could live there. Great land too, right next to a major road, so not so desolate. Great property.

  • Priss Inc
    Priss Inc 23 days ago

    Why would this property be abandoned? No family to take over? Does thr bank own it?

  • Super Day Day
    Super Day Day 24 days ago

    If you knew you were going to head out and explore why not have a flashlight and other things in your vehicle? Like an emergency kit. Is this up property/house is falling apart for sale it would of make more interest if you had done some research on the back story of the place where it is at today in the real estate market.

  • MMGJ10
    MMGJ10 24 days ago

    I love these videos. This house is amazing. A real shame it fell into such disrepair but still really cool to see. As a bricklayer, the chimney right up through the middle of the peak is pretty cool too. I feel bad for the poor bastards that had to build it though. Lol.

  • Sibele severo
    Sibele severo 24 days ago

    Que mansão espetacular

  • Chris Gonzalez
    Chris Gonzalez 24 days ago

    Man i wish i could go on a trip with you..that looks fun and educational..plus fun lol id take them cars and some collectibles...🤘🤘🤘🤘😉😉😉😎😎😎😎😎how do u find these places...let me know plz

  • Lois Austin
    Lois Austin 25 days ago

    Heartbreaking, I want to cry every time I think about this beautiful place going to ruin. Back in the 70's and 80's we went there nearly once a month on Sundays for the great family style dinners the hotel served. I loved that place and cannot understand how the town did not fight to save it.

  • Rita SouZa
    Rita SouZa 25 days ago

    Nossa porque será que abandonaram tudo ai

  • pinacoloda226
    pinacoloda226 26 days ago

    Very creepy and thumbs up to the background music!!👍

  • niña e
    niña e 26 days ago

    Que de escaleras que miedo!!!😲

  • niña e
    niña e 26 days ago

    Que miedo de una casa tan grande...yo no podria vivir en un lugar asin ufff.

  • niña e
    niña e 26 days ago

    Que casa más escalofriante!😱😱😱

  • 420 Boy
    420 Boy 26 days ago

    No light no information was a pointless watch 🤔

  • Savage Rose
    Savage Rose 27 days ago

    Where is this located!?!

  • real truth
    real truth 27 days ago

    Garbage video. Music sucks, talk, explain stuff.

  • Geneva moreno Bacoyani

    Look so creepy... i have a strange feelings that there is something unfamiliar spirits that stays on that house

  • Deirdre Pasko
    Deirdre Pasko 28 days ago

    What's so evil about the basement?

  • Yvette Lopez
    Yvette Lopez 29 days ago

    Was that a bone I saw in the basement? Could barely see what else was down there but I liked the video and also liked how you left the imagination to the viewers.

  • miguel amaya
    miguel amaya 29 days ago


  • Obscurity Stunt
    Obscurity Stunt 29 days ago

    Went here in the 80's. Need to go back, sounds like a rad place to throw a skate rock show.

  • José Rodríguez
    José Rodríguez 29 days ago

    Where is this house at?

  • Даша Андреева

    Ох...ну музыка ПРОСТО ЖУТКАЯ...

  • Takeshi Akimaya
    Takeshi Akimaya Month ago

    If i was very rich i would renovate this

  • angel de amor
    angel de amor Month ago

    Esa casa es espectacular me encanta

  • Hugh Johnson
    Hugh Johnson Month ago

    I was there in 1969 for my 7th birthday. The restaurant was beautiful. That was the day that a fire broke out, and we had to rescue my sisters bass violin from the third floor tower room. My dad knew the owners, so we always go the suite when we visited.

    DEBRA ZIMMER Month ago

    Where is this place ?

  • Janice E, H,. Janice E, H,.

    Turn on mute. Stupid depressing music.

  • 5,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge!

    The beginning could’ve been the start of a horror movie but with different music lol

  • Antonio Santos
    Antonio Santos Month ago

    Muito sinistro parece coisa de terro

  • rashel hossen
    rashel hossen Month ago

    I want to go there