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  • Bit Rage
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    Do NOT think of it as an end, think about it as a bigger beginning.

  • Sneakls
    Sneakls 3 hours ago

    Cannabis / Hemp extract = no more seizures..

  • stevin47
    stevin47 4 hours ago

    how many people owns 580 / 590 or vega cards with many drivers since 19.5.2 have been seen their cards having green screens , pink screens , black screens or system shut downs. updating drivers watch gpu temps also ive been amd only since ati8500 ive seen this alot my cards as soon as they start selling the next big card its like they dont care if their bricking your card forcing a upgrade even tell you if contact them they concentrate on the new cards . bought sapphire nitro+ vega card in april got it may 1st right now strong card if i use 19.5.2 any driver newer is a toss up . it needs to be talked about google black screen vega 64 newer drivers . and not a power issue got a rm850x one driver even dropped my boost clocks 80-100 mhz

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  • derMemory
    derMemory 5 hours ago

    How many people have tried to convince you that your son’s disorder was caused by a vaccination? I’m hoping zero... Expecting more than that.

  • Bo Diddly
    Bo Diddly 8 hours ago

    What is wrong with Futuristic looking cars?!?! I love Future looking cars! Every time I went to a car show or see prototype cars from companies, I get excited! Have you looked into CBD oil for your son's seizures? That is what started this whole "legalize marijuana" movement after-all (Note, it is also the reason I questioned you moving to Florida and not Colorado in a previous comment).

    • Bo Diddly
      Bo Diddly 8 hours ago

      Also, If I ever come across money, I am buying a Jaguar iPace.

  • Michael Fulton
    Michael Fulton 8 hours ago

    “Go all AWOL with nvidia instead of an “actual” AMD solution “ 🙄🙄

  • misterPAINMAKER
    misterPAINMAKER 8 hours ago

    I hope you disabled the hypertheading

  • Sean O'Brien
    Sean O'Brien 8 hours ago

    Its a sad how he had to point out it wasn't caused by vaccines...

  • Jesse Jussila
    Jesse Jussila 9 hours ago

    can i mine my radeon 560?

  • jojo gonjalves
    jojo gonjalves 9 hours ago

    Understood everything but where is the ups How to shut down the pc when power goes off???? Please reply I eat to build it too!!!

  • VolcanoPenguin
    VolcanoPenguin 10 hours ago

    Might be angry. 🤣

  • Dope Mc
    Dope Mc 11 hours ago

    Do you sell them after?

  • Hareesh Kumar
    Hareesh Kumar 12 hours ago

    this guy is using his ill kid as his lottery

  • Nikenzo
    Nikenzo 12 hours ago

    Guys...my friends said dont buy 1660ti for that money buy 2060 instead...wtf i bought best implementation asus rog strix 1660ti...for that money i was gona buy the most shity implementation of a 2060..so bad implementation means noizy hot and i dont like..for 5 fps dont woth buy 2060 for me

  • Seijosske
    Seijosske 13 hours ago

    Amd get your shit together. Seriously making your main products take a back seat do cause if Apple smh

  • Bryan Lopez
    Bryan Lopez 13 hours ago


  • Claudiu Grigore
    Claudiu Grigore 14 hours ago

    goood razen yeaaass

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  • Gunni1972
    Gunni1972 15 hours ago

    stadia brings auto aim to e-sports titles? I would like to know how long the AI has to be trained to aim for the head. what a revelation muahahahaha

  • j s
    j s 15 hours ago

    Ha Ha Suck it Dyson

  • Teardown Dan
    Teardown Dan 16 hours ago

    Intel and other companies that are the sole manufacturers of essential parts can't just quit manufacturing those parts overnight when new products have launched, they have to give adequate notice to every device manufacturer so they can secure however many parts they expect to need to support whatever product cycle lifespan including warranties and extended support is left on devices based on those parts.

  • YaBoiLogan XD
    YaBoiLogan XD 16 hours ago

    Yous should get a dog for him that’s trained in seizures as mine has learned to hold my mums head up and move sharp things away when she has them, and alerts her then alerts me before she has them it also has a button it can hit that alerts 999 there super smart

    • YaBoiLogan XD
      YaBoiLogan XD 16 hours ago

      And it gets pillows once she’s ok and brings them to under her head in case she has another

    • YaBoiLogan XD
      YaBoiLogan XD 16 hours ago

      It also barks when she has one Which Alerts me!!

  • marux1977
    marux1977 16 hours ago

    Probably I'm the only one who is not happy at all to see so much content (and amount is growing) about cars. Honestly, I have subscribed to see news about computers, not cars...

  • StreamerGeo
    StreamerGeo 17 hours ago

    No one is going to pay 20$ a month.

  • Dave man
    Dave man 18 hours ago

    Hi, I jail broke my Nintendo Switch, I backed it up before I jailbroke it, can anyone please tell me how I can restore it to factory settings? I want to sell it, Thanks

  • Alexander Rewijk
    Alexander Rewijk 18 hours ago

    y u need ketchup?

  • Fredrick Rourk
    Fredrick Rourk 18 hours ago

    Prayers sent for your boy.

  • Tragedy Edits
    Tragedy Edits 19 hours ago

    Wait, why is my gpu mining it? Shouldn’t my cpu mine it? Isn’t a cpu a processor?

  • deepfriedlemons

    I don't think he understands the def of a console killer....

  • Goldenhordemilo

    smart carpet?

  • Attila Kos
    Attila Kos Day ago

    Back in the early 80's my dad (electrical engineer) worked with a doctor from our local hospital, long story short; the germans had designs for those large seizure detecting machine Brett spoke of, after a few weeks of studying the designs, my dad made a small device, with a battery pack, that you attached to your belt that would start beeping several seconds (10-15?) before you'd have a seizure or before you faint . etc. the doctor had patients who needed constant monitoring to not fall down the stairs, etc. this device allowed them the time to get into a safe place/ position / call someone before it happens. this allowed them more freedom, and later also made a pager that would alert the doctor / nurse when the device was going off. he NEVER PATENTED IT, my dad refused any larger sum of money for it too, one of them is still there in the hospital, but i don't think they use them anymore.

  • KRAKEN Spirit
    KRAKEN Spirit Day ago

    No benchmarks I am disappointed

  • Ginoong
    Ginoong Day ago

    It's called EEG


    Can we trade GPU for my Vega 56 with ur Radeon 7 yet

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  • Chris Shuler
    Chris Shuler Day ago

    if you need an editor when you get back to the states hit me up :D i live in Nashville

  • Willie Cordoba

    What kind of laptop is that?

  • Benjamin Riley

    Do you think Dyson canned it because...... it sucked? :P

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  • MantaProx2
    MantaProx2 Day ago

    I wonder how much the upgrade to 'headshots only" negative latency will be?

  • Sheriff
    Sheriff Day ago

    Negative latency , "It just works"

  • Joel Rosas Avilés

    Los va paga por difamar y pone me en ridículo gracias por todo

  • Colt
    Colt Day ago

    dude, you need to lift. yes i know life is shit right now but extra strength will stand you good later in life

  • SneakZ
    SneakZ Day ago

    Your thumbnails are terrible

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago

    The US is awesome for medical stuff. It's the place to be if you need the best care humanely possible. I wish we had a similar system in my country. Instead we get to wait in line for months to see a doctor or die waiting or at the emergency. Socialized sucks.

  • Mark P
    Mark P Day ago

    Who has any sense that would down vote this. Idiots in this life.

  • Dustin Walker
    Dustin Walker Day ago

    Have a good trip, Keep UFD alive.

  • Johnathan Oliver

    Lol how is 7th gen obsolete I use it works fine

  • Matthew McKellar

    Dyson, the man who was Knighted by the Queen for a 100 year old filter design he copied, and for claiming he invented the multi cyclone filter despite this improvement being patented in the 1950s

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason Gooden Day ago

    Tesla doesn't make cars look futuristic. Elon Musk: Our new Truck will look Blade Runner-esk

  • Joey Barrelwilde

    Seizures can interrupt the brain waves that makes the heart, & lungs work. A seizure can stop the heart, & lungs.

  • Wikus Kruger
    Wikus Kruger Day ago

    Still getting this in 2019?

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates Day ago

    Thank you Brett! Picking up some merch!!!

  • Knights Of God KOG

    Brother here is a gift trust in the Lord pray tonight and ask the Lord to heal your son and it shell be done may the Lord bless you

    • Knights Of God KOG
      Knights Of God KOG Day ago

      I will be praying for your son tonight as well I hope you trust in the Lord

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    Ken Shaw Day ago

    Genetic illnesses are no one's fault. Even if you and your wife were carriers it still would not be your fault that your child has this condition. Every person has several defective genes. Autosomal recessives only express if both of the specific genes are faulty. The odds that 2 parents will share the same faulty genes is very low, except for a few such conditions that are more common in some populations. But even if both parents are carriers the odds of any child expressing the illness, by receiving defective genes from both parents, is 1 in 4.

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  • Shadicgunman
    Shadicgunman Day ago

    Google wants to play your games for you.

  • ZanderLexx
    ZanderLexx Day ago

    Ironically, the Dyson car will probably suck :D !

  • ‌
     Day ago

    Not all miners are the same and not all gamers also. If you are a miner with non free electricity if electricity is a lot they usually take care of the card better than gamers and undervolt but many don’t. Undervolting is very useful to not damage components but Mining means 24/7 which already wears out the card. Obviously when you are not certain get the card with warranty. Never get it refurbished.

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  • Jo Grey
    Jo Grey Day ago

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop! You've got thousands of fans wishing him the absolute best. Anything that can help track those seizures is worth it, shout out to the hackathon winner!

  • theldun1
    theldun1 Day ago

    I had a brain injury as a young child that gave me epilepsy. I'm now 50 and only suffer Petit Mal which are like day dreams. I hope your child receives the treatment they needs soon.

  • Joe Baker
    Joe Baker Day ago

    I knew how much people actually care, would blow your mind 😂 especially when it comes to kids. I hope that VTOL doesn't use the same software that the 737 Max does lol

  • Jenna Talia
    Jenna Talia Day ago

    it came with my mother board

  • angelo lopez
    angelo lopez Day ago

    Scrubs is one of the best shows!!!!!!

  • Stealthy Sloth

    This is a very difficult situation. Stay strong.

  • Johann Gomez
    Johann Gomez Day ago

    Your content sucks but i am liking all your videos for your son, you need the money. I know i dont make a difference but I wanted to comment that.

    FRAG aLOT Day ago

    Atari VCS? is vaporware and will remain that.

    FRAG aLOT Day ago


  • fintux
    fintux Day ago

    I know of somebody for whom pulse oximeter has been a way to detect seizures during the nights (if you don't know what it is, it's a device that measures blood oxygen level using a clamp on a finger, connected with a wire to a monitoring device). There are some quite small devices available, and in case of disconnect, you'll get an alarm. I don't know if it works for every patient, though, but at least if you don't have any good way for monitoring, you could discuss this with a doctor.

  • ricky v
    ricky v Day ago

    I didn't hear anything that was really worth hearing about. Except for the fact that Intel 7th gen chips are no longer for sale. Yup, that's great news here. ;)

  • Jesper Monsted

    I hate the stupid blue backlight in the kindle paperwhite. The rest of the device is pretty nice, but the software and UI is horrendous.

  • Glen Waldrop
    Glen Waldrop Day ago

    Couple this with Tesla's cybernetic implants and you could, actually have something as good as an EEG.

  • 666Maeglin
    666Maeglin Day ago

    Have you thought about a seizure dog? They seem to be sensing an upcoming seizure and warn the patient or family so they can prepare

  • Lick Kitty Split

    We need a F for Respects hoodie please!! I'll buy 2 when they come out!!!

  • Dominic H.
    Dominic H. Day ago

    There are so many technologies that are being developed to help people with different health conditions to improve their quality of life, I wish they would get more media coverage. In an age where even pets have an online presence, these efforts need more exposure. I do have my own "issues" and almost all of the things that could be beneficial for me, I discover by chance.

  • Druuzil Tech & Games

    Kinda sounds like anyone in the market for a 5700/5700 XT should wait and see if a newer version comes out with something akin to Nvidia's Ray Tracing cores, like a 5800 or 5900 XT (assuming you care about Ray Tracing). I'm curious if games that already work with Nvidia RTX will be locked out to AMD, or if you'll be able to use AMD's implementation of Ray Tracing in the future on those games (like BF5 or Control for example).

  • _ _
    _ _ Day ago

    Good luck being a truth seeker in the future with deep fake technology. Sorry, cops, (real) journalists, etc.

  • Silver JRL
    Silver JRL Day ago

    Since your son's health is due to genetic mutation has the subject of gene therapy come up?

    • ProGenji69
      ProGenji69 Day ago

      @Kasey Boles while this is true they do so very slowly and only if you are in good health furthermore it's not like most cells do it where the cell that is being replaced splits and creates a new cell the type of cell growth you are referring to happens in the hippocampus, and these cells are then used to repair or replace brain cells and while these cells do take on every function of the old cell it doesn't tie in particularly well to gene therapy while you can grow "new" neurons the old ones don't "regenerate" which means that the application for new neurons wouldn't help you out with gene therapy as we could only change the DNA in a few specific cells, so while you are correct. For this specific situation the cell generation and creation is inconsequential as it would not allow you to create "normal" cells. unless you could get at the cells that make the new neurons which would be really hard to do without potentially killing of the hippo campus which im sure you are aware of is quite important to most people. So for the sake of the argument I left it out it's not possible to edit brain structure unless you want to risk death of the hippo campus, besides that it is such a specialized and vulnerable process it is debatable wether it applies to all people.

    • Kasey Boles
      Kasey Boles Day ago

      @ProGenji69 Not sure what you mean by 'if it did happen'. If you mean new brain cells, that does happen, just very, very, slowly. They thought it didn't happen at all until few years ago. I think at the time they estimated less than 1% per decade. It doesn't erase memory, especially considering how that appears to work.

    • ProGenji69
      ProGenji69 Day ago

      @Kasey Boles not just that, even if it did happen you would A) lose all your memory or B) The cells that would currently be part of your brain have a longer life expectancy than you as a person. this means that you are correct however these types of brain conditions are quite rare and other nerves in say your hands often can regenerate making it a tricky thing, but rule of thumb is your right. (at least for now there is very little we can do about diseases embedded in the brain cells or in other parts of one nervous system, however there is a chance that we could at one point. it's all a matter of how quickly we are going to progress in the next half a decade).

    • Kasey Boles
      Kasey Boles Day ago

      @ProGenji69 Sadly that is slowly for brain cells (slow enough it used to be thought not to happen).

    • ProGenji69
      ProGenji69 Day ago

      @Kasey Boles yeah I know but brains being poorly built based on mutation or errors in DNA are pretty rare, in order for gene therapy to workit needs to be a cell that is going to be replaced by a new one at some time, like every other cell in the body

  • Mushfiq Rahman


  • Dennis Jonker
    Dennis Jonker Day ago

    If only the price of the 7700k will drop though... Call me dumb for upgrading my 6600k to a 7700k for wanting HT. Call me dumb for not wanting to upgrade my watercooled system as a whole because I don't have 2k laying around in an old sock.

  • JViz
    JViz Day ago

    Microsoft AZOOOOR

  • Joseph Farhat
    Joseph Farhat Day ago

    I honestly think any of the deep quote on quote fake technology should be highly and I do mean a highly regulated. Just because of the temptation to do nefarious things with the Deep fake technology and deep audio fake technology. And should have punishments for abusing the fake technology or the Deep technology that is on par with class 1 high felonies

  • Chase Ramos
    Chase Ramos Day ago


  • John Manderson

    Please make sure your son don’t ingest monosodium glutamate ( E621 ), it triggers epilepsy crisis as it overstimulate neurons.

  • Juan David Ruiz Serna

    Great news, hope everything keeps getting better

  • dwyte21
    dwyte21 Day ago

    Research Dr sebi for more info and ideas.