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  • Het Patel
    Het Patel 8 hours ago

    Best one.

  • Prithwish Maiti
    Prithwish Maiti 14 hours ago

    that is the runtime complexity of this algorithm?

  • Let's Learn JAVA
    Let's Learn JAVA 18 hours ago

    Panda in MATLAB -->

  • Playcorner247
    Playcorner247 Day ago

    wow, this was faster than speed of light

  • LJKazuasd
    LJKazuasd Day ago

    Hey, on 11:21 you're not closing the file stream like on 10:55, why? You forgotten that?

  • abhishek kumar

    what will it return?? babaji ka thullu??

    DAVE BECKHAM 2 days ago

    Excellent tutorial. Very well explained.Many thanks for sharing.

  • Gino Peduto
    Gino Peduto 2 days ago

    everything works fine - except the Examples with the "Integer.parseInt" lines. Line 17 in example 11 - I can not find out why? Would be nice if anyone could give me a clue!

  • Nismo
    Nismo 3 days ago

    The explanation is god tier.

  • Analyst Rising
    Analyst Rising 3 days ago

    Great Tutorial! I also provide programming tutorials on my channel!

  • Gino Peduto
    Gino Peduto 3 days ago

    thx a lot - nice overview and well explained!

  • Sanket kumar
    Sanket kumar 3 days ago

    great video

  • mark
    mark 4 days ago

    Really wish the file import REALLY was that easy -- its not, does not work for me.

    • mark
      mark Day ago

      The issue relates to file path and active directory. Since your method didn't work, I used the file path method, which worked. Thank you for quick response Joe.

    • Joe James
      Joe James 4 days ago

      Using your data or data I provided? And using my code from GitHub or code you typed yourself?

  • vincent allan ramoso

    send me the code sir

  • louchehy
    louchehy 4 days ago

    this is so good??

  • Mari Campbell
    Mari Campbell 5 days ago

    This video is super helpful. My mind is blown on what I just learned in a couple minutes. Thank you!

  • Asmaa Cherief
    Asmaa Cherief 6 days ago

    Thanks a lot for this video, it helps me a lot, how would you modify the code if you want to remove one or many vertices ?

  • surya teja
    surya teja 6 days ago

    Very concise and useful Thanks

  • rasha yahya
    rasha yahya 7 days ago

    Great tutorial 👍👍

  • macticus
    macticus 7 days ago

    Joe nice primer. Thanks for this!

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  • Adam NZ
    Adam NZ 9 days ago

    Intro music is way too intense for the subject contained within.

  • Ashish Kubade
    Ashish Kubade 10 days ago

    brief and clear !!! thanks

  • Jashan Preet
    Jashan Preet 11 days ago

    very good tutorial...hey can u please continue the program to delete the node..

  • Shivam Kumar
    Shivam Kumar 12 days ago

    private static int partition(int[] A, int start, int end) { int pivot = A[end]; int pIndex=start; //find number less then pivot => move (swap) it to first position //find next number smaller than pivot, movie (swap) it to second position, next smaller to third //continue till all smaller than pivot move at starting position for(int i=start;i<end;i++){ if(A[i]<pivot){ swap(A,pIndex,i); pIndex++; } } //after filling all number less than pivot and pIndex moves to next position //that position is of pivot so move (swap) pivot here; swap(A,pIndex,end); return pIndex; }

  • Umar Faruk
    Umar Faruk 12 days ago


  • yoooyoyooo
    yoooyoyooo 12 days ago

    I would like a comparison between Python and php let's say. Any language compared to Java is easier to comprehend.

  • Dr. Dibya Jyoti Bora


  • Alexandra Schminke
    Alexandra Schminke 12 days ago

    Wow, I spent so long trying to get my head around an algorithm to solve this in order to create a flowchart. Gave myself a headache. Didn't get it. Less that 3min into your video I could suddenly see the light, lol. Cheers xx

  • Kashyap V
    Kashyap V 13 days ago

    why didn't you use a set instead of list for neighbors?

    • Joe James
      Joe James 12 days ago

      You sure could use a set, but the set is unordered

  • Kashyap V
    Kashyap V 13 days ago

    Can we use "insert(self.leftChild, data)" instead of "self.leftChild.insert(data)"?

    • Joe James
      Joe James 12 days ago

      Try it and see what happens. You need to call the Node class’s insert method, so putting the name of a node object and using.insert tells Python which insert method to call.

  • 2Cool4Games
    2Cool4Games 14 days ago

    Thank you! This is so spectacular.

  • YGN Variety
    YGN Variety 14 days ago

    Precise, clear and cover the various scope of usage. Thanks.

  • prathyusha davuluri
    prathyusha davuluri 14 days ago

    Wonderful explanation Joe. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Apocalypse Meow
    Apocalypse Meow 14 days ago

    Jupyter notebook is great for Machine Learning, especially explorative data analysis :)

  • Valizada Vali
    Valizada Vali 14 days ago

    hi, i have a question about http requests in stackoverflow, could you please look at it?

  • Julian
    Julian 16 days ago

    very well-explained, thanks!

  • Bei Bei Miao
    Bei Bei Miao 16 days ago

    Thank you ❤

  • Claudiu Gurita
    Claudiu Gurita 16 days ago

    Thank you. Nicely explained

  • Arjun Kapoor
    Arjun Kapoor 16 days ago

    Hey I wanna create a program in which the progress bar exceeds according to input.Can anybody help please?

  • Niyomuhoza Jean de Dieu

    tell me the reason why am trying to run that codes given above and then tell me with this notice (((undefined index))) but i writee it please help mee?????

  • Joseph Kollannur
    Joseph Kollannur 17 days ago

    That's awesome. v.good descrptions. short and sufficient. Request more videos on other topics

  • WW1 Flying Ace
    WW1 Flying Ace 18 days ago

    Similar to VB.NET

  • The Plug
    The Plug 19 days ago

    Thanks so much for this!

  • Kai Shen
    Kai Shen 19 days ago

    Nice and clean!

  • Krishna Surakanti
    Krishna Surakanti 19 days ago

    My Notepad++ does not highlight anything at all (keywords, brackets...etc) how can I change that?

  • House Karl
    House Karl 19 days ago

    Eric seems to be good for a python beginner like me. Running on Linux mint. It looks and feels like Visual studio.

  • Freddie HORNE
    Freddie HORNE 19 days ago

    thanks my dude

    Jack ANASTASI 19 days ago


  • skull_is_dull
    skull_is_dull 20 days ago

    Typo at the start card Buble

  • Bimal Debangan
    Bimal Debangan 20 days ago

    Sir you keys() function is not working correct..please update it.

  • Rudra narayan Dash
    Rudra narayan Dash 20 days ago

    Is stream is only applicable for multiple data(list,has map,set,Array....) or we can use only single(integer,long,string) data?

  • Rogério Almeida
    Rogério Almeida 20 days ago

    Have you tried ?

  • yopandas
    yopandas 21 day ago

    dude the music scared me. I had headphone on and was not expecting this kind of epic music in a math video.

  • Yash Senjaliya
    Yash Senjaliya 21 day ago

    Opportunities vs Living Cost? Who weighs more? A little bit of more information about USF would be great? Umm, avg living cost in SF?? monthly expense?

  • Decision Guider
    Decision Guider 22 days ago

    The best explanation I've found on youtube so far. Thank you Joe James

  • Hrvoje kelčec
    Hrvoje kelčec 23 days ago

    @ 6:32 is not correct! It should be: def get_pivot(_list, low, high): mid = int(len(_list)/2) pivot = _list[high] if _list[low] < _list[mid]: if _list[mid] < _list[high]: pivot = _list[mid] elif _list[high] < _list[low]: pivot = _list[low] elif _list[low] < _list[high]: pivot = _list[low] elif _list[high] < _list[mid]: pivot = _list[mid] return pivot

  • ss QqQ
    ss QqQ 23 days ago

    Very nice tutorials! I've learn a lot from ur videos!

  • xspager
    xspager 23 days ago

    tail is a Unix command but also very common function in functional programing

  • vraj Patel
    vraj Patel 24 days ago

    Perhaps the best video I've encountered.

  • Deepak Kumar Jangir
    Deepak Kumar Jangir 25 days ago

    Sorry sir code is not working. I give a input statement after that I write down exact code as you suggest than I write a return and print statement. There is not any type of error but when I give input of 90 70 50 30 10 80 60 40 20 then it give output 10 30 50 70 90 80 60 40 20.

    • Joe James
      Joe James 20 days ago

      Oh, you wrote your own code. Why not run my code on GitHub?

  • Java Coder
    Java Coder 26 days ago

    Beautiful work, sir! Very nicely explained!!

  • Medhasree Ghosh
    Medhasree Ghosh 26 days ago

    how can i sort more than one text files at once?

    • Joe James
      Joe James 20 days ago

      Load multiple text files into the same data structure, then sort.

  • A Bail
    A Bail 26 days ago

    Wow Java is actually much better when it comes to file handling than expected! Great video, thanks!!

  • HeadCrash
    HeadCrash 28 days ago

    lmao this video should have more views

  • HeadCrash
    HeadCrash 28 days ago

    I very much appreciate the tips! thank you

  • puneet kocher
    puneet kocher 28 days ago

    Superb video, i have seen many videos but didn’t find any other video giving this much of examples

  • Raf D'Naah
    Raf D'Naah 28 days ago

    Excellent tutorial. I didn't know this exist in java. Loving it. Looks like Java is expanding its wings in the data science world.

  • Moloi Teboho
    Moloi Teboho 28 days ago

    Like a boss

  • Chris Bingham
    Chris Bingham 29 days ago

    when will you return , oh great computer man

  • Chris Bingham
    Chris Bingham 29 days ago

    2019 anyyone gang gang

  • Mingyang Li
    Mingyang Li 29 days ago

    Very straight forward, just one thing: what does the last line of your code mean?

  • Ryan Monson
    Ryan Monson Month ago

    Thanks joe. Really helpful.

  • melodious song with fun

    sir I want to become a software developer can i do through python?

  • Marcello 42
    Marcello 42 Month ago

    thanks finally i got it haha

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    Han Myohset Month ago

    I am in love with Python. (it was weird) But I don’t know why i love it so much. Now I know

  • Skarra Baines
    Skarra Baines Month ago

    I'm trying so hard to grasp this thing, it's frustrating ngl, but I won't give up.

  • Dzmitry K
    Dzmitry K Month ago

    Thank you!

  • Sean Steele
    Sean Steele Month ago

    I',m paying for an expensive college education and this makes more sense to me. Thank you .

  • Dik Dikoobraz
    Dik Dikoobraz Month ago

    print(list(map(square, n))) will not work!!! Because function square awaiting entry iterable object!!!! But function map will pass to function square not the entire array, but substitute each element of the array separately. Do not mislead people!

  • Hrvoje kelčec
    Hrvoje kelčec Month ago

    I think your remove() method has a bug. Code line 31: self.root = this_node. In my opinion, it should be "self.root=this_node.get_next()" - that is a case for a first node.

  • bhallalot
    bhallalot Month ago

    Thanks for the explanation. I really appreciate how you explained the part about the memory. This cleared up my confusion. This was organized really well!

  • Fco. Javier Rodríguez G.

    So what was the point of BSF? To create only a list of nodes? What about from going from A to D?

    • Fco. Javier Rodríguez G.
      Fco. Javier Rodríguez G. Month ago

      @Joe James Yeah, you're right! I didn't think through my question =) BTW, excelent explanations 👍

    • Joe James
      Joe James Month ago

      Discovering all the nodes in a graph. It may seem trivial in this exercise, but discovering routers in a huge global network is not so easy.

  • LivingBlast, LLC
    LivingBlast, LLC Month ago

    4:22 when did Java add functions?

    • Yogesh Govind
      Yogesh Govind 23 days ago

      There is no ADD function, it just prints without a line

  • rajeev Kumar
    rajeev Kumar Month ago

    Your max screen is uselesd better zoom or Use large fonts

  • banjotoothlessbill

    Very cool

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    MetalHead DS Month ago

    The music makes me ready to play counter strike

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    Indhira Jaquez Month ago

    Very clear, for an elementary teacher with no time! A million thanks.

  • Bardamu
    Bardamu Month ago

    Hi Joe, great video. The add method for the linked list. The new node taken as root should also have his next node property set to the next node of the former root so that the new root points to the next node of the linked list. I hope that I am not mistaken. Thanks.

  • Shivam Kashyap
    Shivam Kashyap Month ago

    great tutorial

  • rtyrty12
    rtyrty12 Month ago

    Can you learn the math as you learn python? All I really want to do is create an ai that can play nintendo and arcade games. Any reply would be great thanks

    • Joe James
      Joe James Month ago

      Yes. You can learn the math in parallel. But you shouldn’t skip the math, as you’ll find that not understanding math limits what you can do as a programmer.

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  • member?
    member? Month ago

    This is incorrent...

  • rubbersoulboy
    rubbersoulboy Month ago

    How about Sac State?

    • Joe James
      Joe James Month ago

      I didn’t include it because it’s an hour and a half drive from San Jose. And I’m not familiar with their CS program. But I did tour the campus with my daughter.

  • ValmisFilm
    ValmisFilm Month ago

    any ideas on how to collapse and expand? I accidentally collapsed all at once - but i do not know how

    • ValmisFilm
      ValmisFilm 25 days ago

      @Joe James i mean all at once

    • Joe James
      Joe James Month ago

      The little plus signs on the left column

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    shmack Month ago

    I'm here for the intro music

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    ensoniq2k Month ago

    This is such a mind blowing feature, thank you very much for explaining in such detail!

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    Rafael Lima Month ago

    In example 11, what if your csv file had like 100 columns? How would you print ?

  • Stas
    Stas Month ago

    is the last if statement really necessary?

  • Andres Martinez
    Andres Martinez Month ago

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