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The State of NA East.
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Cool Bug in Fallout 76
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YouTube's Good At Life
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  • jai mossow
    jai mossow 4 days ago

    I can't brea i can't bre looooooooolllllll 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Łukasz n
    Łukasz n 5 days ago

    Fucking rabbit

  • Abel Castaneda
    Abel Castaneda 6 days ago

    Great vid bro ur hilarious

  • lobmin
    lobmin 9 days ago

    Nooch where you at? :/

  • MadEagles InsanitY
    MadEagles InsanitY 11 days ago

    Nooch, Woofless, Jerome & Mitch?

  • Milktraap
    Milktraap 12 days ago

    Just looked up NoochM to see how you guys were doing after remembering AwesomeSauceFilms's Call of Duty Zombies videos. Really brings me back. Hope you're doing okay.

  • Just Nathan TV
    Just Nathan TV 14 days ago

    I dont really know if anyone will see this but this was my 2nd liked video ever I was curious (the first one was deleted

  • Daniel Youngblood
    Daniel Youngblood 16 days ago

    First women on the moon.

  • katie cook
    katie cook 17 days ago

    so cute. the way its eyes looked is adorable!!

  • Kody Barnfield
    Kody Barnfield 19 days ago

    Start an rl craft series!!

  • TrashDilan
    TrashDilan 21 day ago

    this video, although less than 1 mil views. is a classic for me when i was 10

  • Sean Avery
    Sean Avery 21 day ago


  • Kazuto Kirigaya
    Kazuto Kirigaya 25 days ago

    Minecraft and Mincecraft

  • GoGo Gungho YT
    GoGo Gungho YT 29 days ago


  • jean
    jean Month ago

    dude, youre back. holy fuck its so good to see you again man...

  • Leppy
    Leppy Month ago

    Iskall would be ashamed of your base

  • ItsCodyTerwey
    ItsCodyTerwey Month ago

    What shaders is that

  • Cade Reimer
    Cade Reimer Month ago

    Rip Nooch

  • Edwin Cristobal
    Edwin Cristobal Month ago

    Check out the Noochstar casino! walk into the portal next to vikks house, then turn around and its forward up

  • jason travis
    jason travis Month ago

    Watch chocos gold farm perspective to get on top of nether... you need a ladders and ender pearls.

  • Noah Jacob
    Noah Jacob Month ago

    jungle saplings only grow with 5 blocks of space around it

  • Ben J
    Ben J Month ago


  • TheGuch
    TheGuch Month ago


  • Brody Johnson
    Brody Johnson Month ago



    my plan is to stop playing dota2 sept.2018 and now im back.. because habits are hard to forget, im playing dota1 since 2005 and switch to dota2 2014, im still using dota1 hotkeys so i decided to stop and forget everything i know about dota.. now im back sept.2019. easy for me to play quick cash and etc. took a risk but it works.. after 1 week im back and stronger than ever before.. back to 4,599 mmr solo rank.

  • anthony Martinez
    anthony Martinez Month ago

    Work on casino?

  • M H
    M H Month ago

    Bethesda is a Bastard! Bethesda made it so you get crap drops more now than ever!

  • Lia Le
    Lia Le Month ago

    The keyboard noises ... too much

  • Benni Ellis-Goertler

    Casino with vick

  • Dr Timothy
    Dr Timothy Month ago


  • Darragh Fox
    Darragh Fox Month ago

    U need to work on the casino

  • Doginatophat
    Doginatophat Month ago

    Mat, you just wasted your pickaxe, you need a shovel for clay

  • slychu
    slychu Month ago

    i do the damn parkour phase all the damn time

  • RainbowSprnklz
    RainbowSprnklz Month ago

    hell ye

  • WasteBand
    WasteBand Month ago

    Nooch, Thanks for these episodes Very cool

  • NV678
    NV678 Month ago

    Do a barrel wall for a storage room

  • Darkrai_
    Darkrai_ Month ago

    nooch is a sexy beast

  • Jared G
    Jared G Month ago

    Glad to see you back Nooch!

  • Parthav Shah
    Parthav Shah Month ago

    You should have just muted his ass

  • Vibhor Kumar
    Vibhor Kumar Month ago


  • DRskayker
    DRskayker Month ago

    That guy is actually such a meme lol

  • marnus roestof
    marnus roestof Month ago

    play more dota!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Imong Mama
    Imong Mama Month ago

    Post more Dota Mister Nooch

  • Hentee
    Hentee Month ago

    the insults that guy used took me back to 2011 :,) thank you matt for uploading this gem

  • Lewis RMJ
    Lewis RMJ Month ago

    Omg can this dude hear himself lol you handled this great nooch

  • James Beresford
    James Beresford Month ago


  • Gustavo Tiavo
    Gustavo Tiavo Month ago

    8:32 nice juke

  • MrVhatever
    MrVhatever Month ago

    Welcome to the internet. Oh and welcome to DOTA. And oh x2, how do you even know he's from the US?

    • IlluminatiNacs
      IlluminatiNacs Month ago

      Accent? he sounds like hes from ohio or some shit xD

  • Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam Month ago

    I remember how you were the last one to quit htm 5 Respect from me

  • CouchPotatoCNPB
    CouchPotatoCNPB Month ago

    For the purposes of this video, Mat is a Buddhist with a kink for degradation

  • Coleton Logue
    Coleton Logue Month ago

    Please play more Dota nooch ;^)

  • Woke Woe
    Woke Woe Month ago

    The south will rise again!!

  • jamesproximity 15

    Fucking scum of the earth

  • 79treefrog
    79treefrog Month ago

    I would say I promise all Americans aren't like this, but that's really a good 1/4 of us I'd say. On the bright side, at least we're not as bad as Russians. I've played a couple games where test servers are Russian servers only, and jesus Christ you wouldn't believe how awful the toxicity is there.

  • Tre' Runyon
    Tre' Runyon Month ago

    It’s also hilarious that bad players ALWAYS resort to trying to insult someone by calling them young... like nigga what? If I was 15 and In a higher Elo, then shouldn’t you feel bad about yourself for being worse than me? 😂😂

  • Tre' Runyon
    Tre' Runyon Month ago

    Honestly... I want to be offended that he generalized us “Americans”... but he’s right. In Dota and Lol, those is pretty standard for NA East. Most times when they start to get racist I just pretend to be one of them until they get comfortable, and then I tell them I’m black and it’s listen to them audibly squirm. It’s the beat part of the game for me usually. Considering the rest of it is filled with being called a “dirty nigger!” So... you know, gotta have my fun somehow

    • roxfox011
      roxfox011 Month ago

      Nobody is squirming cuz you say you’re black

    • lobmin
      lobmin Month ago

      @Tre' Runyon lolllll this just made my morning

    • Dank Meme
      Dank Meme Month ago

      @jamesproximity 15 issue is to alot of people its just memes

    • jamesproximity 15
      jamesproximity 15 Month ago

      Tre' Runyon some people can get really toxic but I seriously don’t think enough is done about racism in gaming fullstop

    • ownagemunky
      ownagemunky Month ago

      Tre' Runyon sucks that we let gamers get to this point

  • Keb
    Keb Month ago

    "yo dude you on drugs?"

  • CouchPotatoCNPB
    CouchPotatoCNPB Month ago

    I don't think I've ever seen such masterful editing

  • Biffyguy Biffy
    Biffyguy Biffy Month ago

    15:14 feels like shit.

  • Hurlington von Migllesworth

    Yeah we aren't all like that. This is what we call the vocal minority that as a whole we all despise.

  • YoshiBrine
    YoshiBrine Month ago

    Techies is the censor boi

  • GGsolokid
    GGsolokid Month ago

    I thought I was toxic. Then I watch this.

  • Bearcat0611
    Bearcat0611 Month ago

    4.4k hours in and I don't think ive ever dealt with someone that toxic and unaware. Dear god.

  • Jackson Green
    Jackson Green Month ago

    hey im American we aint all toxic ahha

    • Anna
      Anna Month ago


  • KittenSnuggler
    KittenSnuggler Month ago

    Loved the video as always, good job dad :)

  • gbk3
    gbk3 Month ago

    Sick vid

  • MrGamerMan94
    MrGamerMan94 Month ago

    Such a toxic mofo

  • nyx.
    nyx. Month ago

    Hey I watched this live!

  • Josh Whetzel
    Josh Whetzel Month ago


  • MAZZ0Murder
    MAZZ0Murder Month ago

    One of mine thumps when people are around. The other thumps when he tries to woo the females and gets rejected XD

  • Kam Sandhu
    Kam Sandhu Month ago

    This is like a week old lol

  • Solid_Mafia786 Hi

    Good video noochm

  • SkilloDSR
    SkilloDSR Month ago

    anyone here remember the master quest?

    • Thesisterfister
      Thesisterfister Month ago

      Oh my fucking god yes! Tis the reason I subbed to Matt not Mitch tho because Mitch sounds really similar to Bitch and I don't trust bitches

  • june wataha
    june wataha Month ago

    lol, poor badboy

  • lobmin
    lobmin Month ago

    Just here for my fix

  • Dr Timothy
    Dr Timothy Month ago

    Love you videos, pls keep it up

  • Hentee
    Hentee Month ago


  • Jessie Sandoval
    Jessie Sandoval Month ago

    Amazing video!

  • Mark Dagipa
    Mark Dagipa Month ago

    haha that loot though

  • RainbowSprnklz
    RainbowSprnklz Month ago

    be the johnny appleseed of jungle trees

  • lobmin
    lobmin Month ago


  • I own a Fender
    I own a Fender Month ago

    When are you gonna build the casino with vick? I wanna see people start wasting their money 😂

  • Tharshey
    Tharshey Month ago

    Started watching you again because you played with Mitch so try play with other youtubers as well like join their discord sessions and boost your channel🔥👌

    • Tharshey
      Tharshey Month ago

      Alfie Rolfe Yeah it was just a suggestion thou, I don’t want him to quit again.

    • I own a Fender
      I own a Fender Month ago

      JensenSnow i don’t think matt really cares about views

  • Unoriginal OG
    Unoriginal OG Month ago

    Get in discord chat with others, try little missions with the other guys that's not too long or say f it and troll someone random to kill or bait them. Bring some thrills and not paying Bill's nooch This is a big opportunity to give a little or big boost to your channel depends how YOU conduct it

  • Brolanna
    Brolanna Month ago

    Yo nooch, make some bone blocks out of excess bone meal for another building block for the Nooch cube

  • SLI Morpheus
    SLI Morpheus Month ago

    Loving the videos! Keep up the great work.

  • Filipe Teixeira
    Filipe Teixeira Month ago

    Love you, man

  • MoeDro -
    MoeDro - Month ago

    Bro just realized that you could've been postin from h6m and i def wanted to see an update especially from seeing you last talk about your life, its amazing to hear you're a GAME TESTER and you seem sooo happy, real glad for you man

  • Tre' Runyon
    Tre' Runyon Month ago

    Still can’t believe Nooch is back on Minecraft. It’s been forever since he said he’d leave but still.

  • Tharshey
    Tharshey Month ago

    Nooch Can You Take Part In Minecraft Monday? Last Week They Only Had 12 Out Of 24 Teams Anyway So They Need More Players.

  • WyattRumore
    WyattRumore Month ago

    Matt: I feel like im just a short dude, pummelling through the wall with my pickaxe. Me: You, you mean like a Dwarf? Digging a hole? You are a dwarf and you're digging a hole. Diggy Diggy hole...

  • Lewis RMJ
    Lewis RMJ Month ago

    Yo mat you should do one of the walls on your base out of sandstone

  • James Byrne
    James Byrne Month ago

    If I had an owner like you ide be pretty angry too.

  • James Byrne
    James Byrne Month ago

    It wouldnt be angry if you stopping sticking a phone in its face and petting it. Leave the poor thing alone you sick fuck

  • Nguyễn Huy Hoàng

    U should ask kenny for a fortune 3 book he has so many of it

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts Month ago

    Wait nooch made the game dota

  • 98kungfuman
    98kungfuman Month ago

    AHahahahah I remember when you destroyed Dard's library

  • Dan Gleesack
    Dan Gleesack Month ago

    Nooch Is back omg I wish I knew earlier

    • Haseeb
      Haseeb Month ago

      Dan Gleesack i don’t think hes the same though

  • RainbowSprnklz
    RainbowSprnklz Month ago

    nooch: i will not accrue wealth monetarily, i will only accrue property value

  • RainbowSprnklz
    RainbowSprnklz Month ago

    the timeline of when these eps were actually streamed is an enigma