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  • Sergio Martinez

    Epic Gravity falls mode planta vs zombie

  • random account

    Hype for new story Steven universe named episodes btw

  • WildWolf 08
    WildWolf 08 Day ago

    How do u go in theater mode

  • FireFrenzy YT
    FireFrenzy YT 3 days ago

    Craig, please come back! Neighborville is looking for a new hero, that HAS to be you!

  • Merg fan 67
    Merg fan 67 4 days ago

    Grafty falls

  • Omar Shalek
    Omar Shalek 4 days ago

    I love this gravity falls inspired show

  • Micah Freeman
    Micah Freeman 6 days ago

    More pvz show on pvz3 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SCP 173
    SCP 173 6 days ago

    At first i thought he was like bill and tje weirdmaggedon intro plays

  • Edilene Faleiro
    Edilene Faleiro 7 days ago

    Area 51 invasion

  • João Carlos
    João Carlos 7 days ago


  • João Carlos
    João Carlos 7 days ago


  • creator Space
    creator Space 7 days ago

    It's done well. blog.naver.com/7heppy7

  • DreamNX
    DreamNX 8 days ago

    Graden warfare fall

  • ElectricPeaPlayz
    ElectricPeaPlayz 8 days ago

    The funny part is, Steven Universe had the same name and type episode for their tv show

  • ElectricPeaPlayz
    ElectricPeaPlayz 8 days ago

    What if you continued or rebooted it on BATTLE FOR NEIGHBORVILLE?

  • RichieStudios 777
    RichieStudios 777 8 days ago

    finally, a story about this wonderfull game that has been by my side since i was just a child, im grateful this kind of stuff exists, and now im glad i got to see how it began, and now, how it ended

  • Maxie Moo
    Maxie Moo 8 days ago

    10:02 gravityfalls (mable land) refrence edit: wow this whole thing is like the mableland episode

  • Jose Vaz
    Jose Vaz 9 days ago

    That scene with corn and the zombie in the corns mind reminded me of gravity falls with the triangle dude's death....... I love it👍

  • emma wilson
    emma wilson 11 days ago

    I cried at the part Paul lost his memory

  • Steve Snyder
    Steve Snyder 11 days ago

    42:06 there just in lunar x map


    Can you do a series on PS4 please

  • Yozé
    Yozé 11 days ago

    I've never seen a shit like this..

  • Classickiller Jr
    Classickiller Jr 12 days ago

    Craig has much to learn when it comes to girls. that’s the code at the end

  • Classickiller Jr
    Classickiller Jr 13 days ago

    3:02 ripped right off gravity falls

  • Stefani Amaro
    Stefani Amaro 13 days ago

    Its a really good serie keep your job 😍

  • Bowser Gamer! Bowserpro

    Me: when they said pops was their hero i cried (Peashooter walks up) Peashooter: YOU'RE HOT Me: WHAT THE F*** DID YOU SAY TO ME? Me: has flamethrower Others: don't burn the place down

  • Grimm Playz
    Grimm Playz 13 days ago

    Wow this is the same plot of the end of gravity falls

  • Jessica Spall
    Jessica Spall 13 days ago

    I love the gravity falls song

  • flare_wolf lava
    flare_wolf lava 14 days ago

    I love this . GREAT WORK

  • skeletonbro 360
    skeletonbro 360 14 days ago

    Anybody else notice that this was just gravity falls with a pvz twist?...

  • Simeon Liu
    Simeon Liu 14 days ago

    Wait a minute.... *Gravity Falls music intensifies

  • João Carlos
    João Carlos 14 days ago


  • GrGJy YouTube
    GrGJy YouTube 15 days ago

    Ok this is just a rip off of gravity falls But I still love it!

  • its ya boy jeff
    its ya boy jeff 15 days ago

    I'm crying

  • its ya boy jeff
    its ya boy jeff 15 days ago

    Endgame ending

  • Rob_Bob_The_Corn_Cob

    Perhaps the story shall continue in plants vs zombies battle for Neighborville?

  • Naruto Furret
    Naruto Furret 16 days ago

    the ending almost made me cry

  • Pvz Plush
    Pvz Plush 17 days ago

    More please also great job you deserve more subscribers and likes that ending Im crying but really good work I hope you come up with more great content

  • Pvz Plush
    Pvz Plush 17 days ago

    Booooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! I want Jerry’s dad to win booooooooooooooo

  • Pvz Plush
    Pvz Plush 17 days ago

    I want jerrys dad to win so much or do something

  • The Gamer Boy
    The Gamer Boy 17 days ago


  • The Gamer Boy
    The Gamer Boy 17 days ago

    The ice cream man was grim insurance

  • chad deathstone
    chad deathstone 17 days ago


  • Squiddy FancySon
    Squiddy FancySon 17 days ago

    so basically steven universe

  • Estefani Gonzalez
    Estefani Gonzalez 18 days ago

    Super sad please make sires 2

  • The gaming Charmander

    32:42 is SMB AKA stupid Mario bros

  • Sinister BB
    Sinister BB 20 days ago

    THIS is how the PvZ story mode should’ve been made

  • sonic the clone headgehog

    11:15 look it's breakfasts brains

  • Bryan Mejia
    Bryan Mejia 24 days ago

    It like gravity fall

  • random account
    random account 25 days ago

    Steven Universe name title btw

  • Артём Корнев

    Pls,make new seriase

  • random account
    random account 26 days ago

    These are named after SU episodes rite?

  • Zexuan 21
    Zexuan 21 26 days ago

    the best series in youtube

  • Vitor Vale
    Vitor Vale 26 days ago

    Its so got i Almost cryed

  • papieros bad
    papieros bad 26 days ago

    You are the extra Man from pvz the movie but i hate grimanur he is idiotic Man but Craig and pulse are extra Kids from this movie i leaved like 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Deybith Oporto Ibarra


  • papieros bad
    papieros bad 29 days ago

    I like pvz show grimanur is stupid i leaved like caus this pvz show is super 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Marzipan Cross
    Marzipan Cross 29 days ago

    How to you get the camera angles?

  • papieros bad
    papieros bad Month ago

    Can you Doo pvz show from gw3 pls pls

  • Muffin king
    Muffin king Month ago

    The creators need to see this it's awesome

  • Xskull
    Xskull Month ago

    2:01 I don’t know if I’m laughing or crying lmfao

  • Peacannon Pvz master

    No the shows is over 😭

  • hendrick YT
    hendrick YT Month ago

    Quiero español

  • yay2993 l
    yay2993 l Month ago

    War never changes

  • Depression
    Depression Month ago

    You just ripped off the series finale of gravity falls-

  • Silver 11
    Silver 11 Month ago

    The ending is good but... WHERE IS SOS, SOS WHERE ARE YOU

  • Manuel crack el pro

    Gravity plants

  • Edwin Alfaro
    Edwin Alfaro Month ago

    I know is been 8 months but the cactus is not a guy is a girl.

    • Edwin Alfaro
      Edwin Alfaro Month ago

      @PvZ Show That's is true and I guess some people were confused about the cactus gender. Even at the beginning of pvz gwf original and why bother to read the character disruption.

    • PvZ Show
      PvZ Show Month ago

      I know that, but we made the cactus in this show a boy. It was to change up the cliche of constantly having a Peashooter be the main character.

  • Trenton White
    Trenton White Month ago

    The edits and time u put in is godly great work

  • Parker TheWizard
    Parker TheWizard Month ago

    Almost cried at the end

  • elchapo 456
    elchapo 456 Month ago

    Wait a minute this hapened in gravity falls?

  • yay2993 l
    yay2993 l Month ago

    11:40 best music ever

  • yay2993 l
    yay2993 l Month ago

    Weres part one

  • Hannon
    Hannon Month ago

    I’m not crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I love this so much. THANK YOU 💕

  • Vinicius Sortino
    Vinicius Sortino Month ago


  • Vinicius Sortino
    Vinicius Sortino Month ago


  • Robo Creeper9000
    Robo Creeper9000 Month ago

    Best series ever

  • THE CTF 245
    THE CTF 245 Month ago

    1:51 “1v1 me snipers only m8”

  • Hannon
    Hannon Month ago

    OMG This is soooo cool I really like it! 😍😍

  • Vinicius sotirino


  • Rainy
    Rainy Month ago

    I miss gravity falls

  • Derpy
    Derpy Month ago

    Pulse shouldve sung theres a zombie on your lawn

  • steponkus čeponas

    0:46 ah, what a wonderful morning in our glorious people's republic

  • Crappy Cringe
    Crappy Cringe Month ago

    bruh he is bill cipher from gravity falls Edit: ooooohhhh its based off it

  • Alexen The cool
    Alexen The cool Month ago

    I love this episode it’s so perfect!!!

  • Alexen The cool
    Alexen The cool Month ago

    did anyone break a leg?

  • Sky Tuzon
    Sky Tuzon Month ago

    is this dedicated to gravity falls

  • Jayden Rain Señolay


  • neil ?
    neil ? Month ago

    gravity falls plot intensifies

  • yay2993 l
    yay2993 l Month ago

    How much trouble was the AI plants and zombies were where making this?

  • Suzanne Newton
    Suzanne Newton Month ago

    10:14 See?! I told all types of jonnys can help!

  • yay2993 l
    yay2993 l Month ago

    What was the equation?

  • Денис Лецкий

    Craig a cactus wooooooooooow

  • Денис Лецкий


  • Christy Mania
    Christy Mania Month ago

    19:19 I’m dying

  • PatheticTrash Gaming

    Y do I always laugh at how funny the shrimp imp looks?

  • Bendy Fish
    Bendy Fish Month ago


  • Tey Games
    Tey Games Month ago

    I made my chemist grimnuar

  • Miggy Dungao
    Miggy Dungao Month ago

    Did you miss me?

  • Miggy Dungao
    Miggy Dungao Month ago

    " The end is near"