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  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 9 minutes ago


  • 2FunnyComments 7
    2FunnyComments 7 11 minutes ago

    I was dead when he said for paul george he said "Idk who he is, but he need a haircut." then he said for KD, he said" Kevin heart😆" then for curry he said it was lebron. then for lebron he said it was kobe. then for chris paul, he said that he was the dide that work at state farm!!! NOT TO EMBARESS HIM!!!!!!!!!!! yall 2 are the funniest people i watch

  • Monica Ceballos
    Monica Ceballos 12 minutes ago

    my daddy going to kill my boyfriend

  • Issa INTJ
    Issa INTJ 57 minutes ago

    2:04 ....the way he said it. 😍😍😍

  • Tyrese Campbell
    Tyrese Campbell 58 minutes ago

    King back is the best.

  • Cory Lee
    Cory Lee Hour ago

    Is he a niggaito

  • Nameless King
    Nameless King Hour ago


  • Vinilla Cream The husky

    3:31 when you stub your toe

  • Levi Ortega
    Levi Ortega Hour ago

    Do you no where I can get some drugs Ssshhhh Sorry do you know where I can get some drugs Okay I got plenty

  • And I oop- :O
    And I oop- :O Hour ago

    Reminds me of someone Not Harry styles..

  • Laheera Bridges
    Laheera Bridges Hour ago

    man put piss on his face

  • Shelly Ragusa
    Shelly Ragusa 2 hours ago


  • Shelly Ragusa
    Shelly Ragusa 2 hours ago

    I’m Lila

  • Shelly Ragusa
    Shelly Ragusa 2 hours ago

    Alex is like me Alan is like my twin sis

  • gacha gamer
    gacha gamer 2 hours ago

    It's so funny

  • Faustina Annang
    Faustina Annang 2 hours ago

    Teacher:congratulations Samantha what would you like to be when you grow up? Samantha:a helicopter😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Faustina Annang
    Faustina Annang 2 hours ago

    Mom:if you give a mouse a cookie what happens next? Son:he will choke and die😂😂😂

  • Ashleigh Ratliff
    Ashleigh Ratliff 2 hours ago

    Bach:this ain’t scooby doo I’m out Every actor ever:Hello!

  • nijel_the _best
    nijel_the _best 3 hours ago

    oh no

  • Edderick Walker
    Edderick Walker 3 hours ago

    Please make that blue

  • Edderick Walker
    Edderick Walker 3 hours ago

    I will definitely do that for someone awwwww like if you will

  • Edderick Walker
    Edderick Walker 3 hours ago

    he could have just got it omg

  • Cj Boy
    Cj Boy 3 hours ago

    O:06 he got karma

  • Hafiz II
    Hafiz II 3 hours ago


  • PikaDude YT
    PikaDude YT 3 hours ago

    Anwars dad 1 HimSelf 2 Magic person 3 Prankster 4 to be continued

  • Hafiz II
    Hafiz II 3 hours ago

    You gon piss in my face

  • arif ullah
    arif ullah 4 hours ago

    stup kids

  • Adrianne Shipley
    Adrianne Shipley 4 hours ago


  • Hatija Akhtar
    Hatija Akhtar 4 hours ago

    My mum never laughs at the videos I show her, but she only finally laughed when I showed her these videos which was amazing. It was mostly because he made fun of white people cuz we like to do it at home but haven't had much interaction with them

  • Dingaeh Lah
    Dingaeh Lah 4 hours ago


  • Milana
    Milana 5 hours ago

    The African drive by had me dying

  • Funny Pet Videos
    Funny Pet Videos 5 hours ago

    i like it.

  • Tsuyu Asui
    Tsuyu Asui 5 hours ago

    0:07 ... Unless it's Snape, Filch, Umbrige, or any other professor that Harry pisses off

  • AzRaeL
    AzRaeL 5 hours ago

    He sure puts the Unity in CommUnity

  • Tazerboy10
    Tazerboy10 5 hours ago

    Who is the girl around 5:47? (It looks like the girl from Fear of The Walking Dead...)

    • Tazerboy10
      Tazerboy10 5 hours ago

      Who is the girl around 7:50?

  • Daniel Alex
    Daniel Alex 6 hours ago

    Novo canal da HR mano, mas ai legendado seria top ksksks

  • Tammy Layman
    Tammy Layman 6 hours ago

    L 0

  • Cielo Pat
    Cielo Pat 6 hours ago

    O:55 I could not stop laughing 😂

  • Macy Morris
    Macy Morris 6 hours ago

    Sarah is my spirit animal

  • Harvath W
    Harvath W 6 hours ago


  • UNIX
    UNIX 7 hours ago

    12:16 DEEZ NUTS! GOTTI

  • Carly Lindgren
    Carly Lindgren 7 hours ago

    3:50 When I see Peppa Pig lol

  • Thung Man
    Thung Man 8 hours ago


  • Joshua Arlott
    Joshua Arlott 8 hours ago

    CliMaTE ChANgE

  • Fabien Durand
    Fabien Durand 8 hours ago

    This is sooo funny

  • Sydney McElwain
    Sydney McElwain 8 hours ago

    I’m weirdly attracted to him

  • Debbie Reid
    Debbie Reid 8 hours ago

    Lol love bat dad videos

  • Oscar Ronning
    Oscar Ronning 9 hours ago

    You like freeze your brain

  • Silverstonestables
    Silverstonestables 9 hours ago

    Let the cat out of a bag is a popular phrase because ye olde farmers would take pigs to the market to sell sight unseen in bags but they sometimes put cats in the bags uinstead because cats were cheaper.

  • Kirbfan06
    Kirbfan06 9 hours ago

  • Maya Cross
    Maya Cross 9 hours ago

    He s hoot😆

  • Bledar Mocka
    Bledar Mocka 10 hours ago


  • Pira One
    Pira One 10 hours ago

    3:44 I am your father >:) 5:42 Is that Pennywise? 7:06 *dreams* Oh darn I didn’t look at my calender

  • Eliete Sousa
    Eliete Sousa 10 hours ago


  • Gang Alexander
    Gang Alexander 10 hours ago

    0:53 I am done

  • maryam almnaseer
    maryam almnaseer 11 hours ago

    you guys are the best

  • TheReal FreddyNick1216

    I laughed so hard I created a new sound xD

  • daleketchup
    daleketchup 11 hours ago

    That’ll ruin ma day

  • Snowberry Princess
    Snowberry Princess 11 hours ago

    He laughs at his own jokes and I love him for it

  • Данияр Ягофаров


  • Robyn S
    Robyn S 11 hours ago

    “Mom you always disagree to something” “No I don’t” Me: ok I don’t got time for dis🤣

  • Nur Atia
    Nur Atia 11 hours ago

    Know what? This is all my favourites😛

  • Aria Rogers
    Aria Rogers 11 hours ago

    Mr. hooman

  • moscoso
    moscoso 11 hours ago

    *0:26* _I LOVE THIS AHAHAHA_

  • Melissa Lumley-WIlder
    Melissa Lumley-WIlder 11 hours ago

    at 31:57 i had a heart attack

  • StormGSReal YT
    StormGSReal YT 12 hours ago

    2:25 How You Make This in 1 Time

  • Leesa Kerr
    Leesa Kerr 12 hours ago


  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 12 hours ago

    These are relatable af..

  • Abran Zambrano
    Abran Zambrano 12 hours ago


  • Gang Alexander
    Gang Alexander 12 hours ago

    11:45 I was dying

  • Staryu Animations
    Staryu Animations 12 hours ago

    id want pat as my dad. but i also like my dad now. can pat and my dad be double dads. PAT, MY DAD IS GREAT AT CUDDLING, BEING STRANGE AND HILARIOUS AND HES A MEDICAL SALES MAN WHO ALSO HELPS IN THE THEATRE (medical and drama) OCCASIONALLY. PLEASE DATE HIM, SO I CAN HAVE YOU AS MY DAD TOO. (my mom and dad broke up dont worry iz kewl)

  • Moonlight
    Moonlight 13 hours ago

    My favorite: 10:17

  • Levi Ortega
    Levi Ortega 13 hours ago

    15:20 I am 18 and just said the f**k hhhhhhhhhhhhjj

  • Levi Ortega
    Levi Ortega 13 hours ago

    Dropped the computer 😂🤣

  • Levi Ortega
    Levi Ortega 13 hours ago

    It is women

  • Алсу Ахмалетдинова


  • Lolm Mana
    Lolm Mana 13 hours ago


  • UnicornStudios24
    UnicornStudios24 13 hours ago


  • Scott Lombardo
    Scott Lombardo 14 hours ago


  • Maranda Songer
    Maranda Songer 14 hours ago

    What the

  • BT Fire Eagle
    BT Fire Eagle 14 hours ago

    Me: I got pizza 5 year olds: PIZZA give me the pizza Me: AHHHHH 5 year olds: yummy

  • Ilham Bahadir shah
    Ilham Bahadir shah 16 hours ago

    9:30 had me dying

  • Winged One
    Winged One 16 hours ago

    Dammnnn, I'd build a deck with him!

  • KittyKade00
    KittyKade00 18 hours ago

    0:35 KEVIN YES

  • Surupam Chakraborty
    Surupam Chakraborty 19 hours ago


  • Undead Is me
    Undead Is me 20 hours ago

    6:23 this nigga grabbed a spatula

  • Mayra Cervantes
    Mayra Cervantes 21 hour ago

    You speak Spanish I can que tu ases was la casa

  • Furri Foxer
    Furri Foxer 21 hour ago

    Why is there no sound-oh wait the rabbit bit my headphones cord

  • Leah Garcia
    Leah Garcia 21 hour ago

    Me: are there yet? Friend: im coming! He/she means "im still in my pajamas" Me: im sorry mom... i didn't mean to break your vase.. Mom: oh it's ok! Your mom means... "you only have a few seconds left to live..."

  • Jaela J.
    Jaela J. 21 hour ago

    “Why is he running?! He ain’t even take nothing yet babeh.”

  • Matika Mackay
    Matika Mackay 21 hour ago

    1:52 *Sees Thomas dressed like a dad* It’s PATTON!!!!

  • izuku midoriya
    izuku midoriya 21 hour ago

    1:38 In the near future Dwayne and jazz

  • Rasheda Begum
    Rasheda Begum 22 hours ago

    0:50 *laughs so hard starts having hiccup* omg I’m literally watching that part over and over again 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ad0re Riii
    Ad0re Riii 22 hours ago

    31:39 🤣

  • Jake Hathaway
    Jake Hathaway 23 hours ago

    4:49 best part

  • DontTouchMehSlime _1
    DontTouchMehSlime _1 23 hours ago

    4:477, I am 10 and my brother is 14. If our parents get him some Skittles even tho I hate them, I still ask for some. He's like, "Okay, but just one."... 1 min later I am like, "Okay 7 more may you pls." Yo... this is sooooo meh and ma older bro I swear lol!

  • Disney Medina
    Disney Medina 23 hours ago

    It's so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ronald Hamilton The Channel of Coolness

    This is McDonald’s we don’t sell napkins. Can I get some *MCNAPKINS?* Here,it’s for you!

  • Jo Z yt
    Jo Z yt Day ago

    0:51 Me in a fight