Ants Alive
Ants Alive
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  • Joseph Clark
    Joseph Clark 2 months ago

    This would be the music for an ant farm being built in fast-mode...

  • Canadian national fan 2007

    Dear ants alive. I am wondering if you put a queen ant in every vile of ants including the harvester ants as I ordered 2 viles of the harvester ants. Please reply if you see this and tell me what I need to feed my harvester ants as I live in canada

  • 6k911 Channel
    6k911 Channel 5 months ago

    If its temporary, keep them like that. If its permanent, give them a outworld, a queen, and ffs dont use the gel.

  • Random Memes Weekly
    Random Memes Weekly 10 months ago

    rip ants :( im going to raise a real ant colony with a queen

  • Devin the Gamer
    Devin the Gamer 11 months ago

    Show us the ant Queen

    • Blue Keith
      Blue Keith 6 months ago

      There's no queen ant and the tubes are disconnected and they are dead

    • Blue Keith
      Blue Keith 6 months ago

      There's no queen besides there all dead and the ant farms are disconnected

  • Hodowca Pomorskie

    Siema sub za sub ja już dałem;),

  • Rodrigo Pacab
    Rodrigo Pacab Year ago

    I need to know if the anthill is unicel?

  • Kepta
    Kepta Year ago

    Where are the queens ?

    • Blue Keith
      Blue Keith 4 months ago

      @CoOlFroiLGamer 1 do you know how to spell I already passed 5th grade you need to repeat kindergarten

      RCC UNIQUE 4 months ago

      CoOlFroiLGamer 1, yo chill and go take some writing lessons damn

    • CoOlFroiLGamer 1
      CoOlFroiLGamer 1 5 months ago

      @Blue Keith u r a shit bitch

    • Blue Keith
      Blue Keith 6 months ago

      There's no queens and they are dead

    CHIKITIBOMBA :v Year ago

    I hate this people that make ant farms without getting information and giving ants flat ant farms

  • Waffles _ Fries
    Waffles _ Fries Year ago

    I bought the really big one and I’m finding a queen and some worker ant

  • NickThe Legend
    NickThe Legend Year ago

    The biggest female ant is the queen

    • Ryan Putens
      Ryan Putens Year ago

      Aidan and Nicholas Rule Theydont come with queens

  • NickThe Legend
    NickThe Legend Year ago

    Do you know ant kepping


    how long they survive

  • Guden09
    Guden09 2 years ago

    why is it just tunnels and no chambers? are they only digging to find their queen or just energy they have to get rid of?

    • Toxicdoom 3
      Toxicdoom 3 2 months ago

      Guden09 they dig to get away from light

  • Ant nation
    Ant nation 2 years ago

    I am I nerd and knew this all🤓

  • Ant nation
    Ant nation 2 years ago

    Great video

  • Telenovelas Mexico
    Telenovelas Mexico 2 years ago

    do they come with queen ants

      CHIKITIBOMBA :v Year ago

      No he is an idiot

    • Ant nation
      Ant nation 2 years ago

      Caring for Budgies sorry I thought you said they do come with queen ants my bad

    • Ant nation
      Ant nation 2 years ago

      Ant farms have no queens ant colonies have queens why does no one understand this😐

    • Gabriel Marandola
      Gabriel Marandola 2 years ago

      Ravenphin It's prohibited to transport queens between the states, but you can raise them.

    • Anaris10
      Anaris10 2 years ago

      You can buy queens of local types. Look up GAN ant dealers.

  • Mieren Nederland
    Mieren Nederland 2 years ago

    Can I translate your facts to Dutch and make another upload to my channel

  • Jens Aukema
    Jens Aukema 2 years ago

    cool !