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  • Brandy McNamee
    Brandy McNamee 14 hours ago

    Who the heck is -Adele- that guy? He made Skyfall a banger. Dang.

  • V D
    V D 2 days ago

    *october 2019? like)*

  • Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem 6 days ago

    No one singing in english like it does Irish people even the Brits can't singing like them !!! I fucking love the way they sign !!!

  • Айгул Барселона

    Ужс өмірмен ойнаган нес көргенсіздер осыда өнерма. ...

  • Айгул Барселона

    1 ші лайк менен😎

  • Melwin Gomez
    Melwin Gomez 7 days ago


  • Greg Stickler
    Greg Stickler 7 days ago

    This guy is brilliant singing chandelier

  • From life to death
    From life to death 7 days ago

    Вирусная реклама и говно! автор - убейся, тварь!

  • Jacek Tomczyk
    Jacek Tomczyk 9 days ago

    vicked games - breath taking!

  • Chantal Kroll
    Chantal Kroll 10 days ago

    Cody frost is missing

  • Tinsel MaiteZorro
    Tinsel MaiteZorro 11 days ago

    *McLoughlin* I love it

  • Kalebe Laureano
    Kalebe Laureano 12 days ago


  • Rosendo Lopez
    Rosendo Lopez 13 days ago

    [insert integer] comment

  • murielle chapelle
    murielle chapelle 13 days ago

    formidable quelle jolie voix !!!!!

  • idel Emanuel
    idel Emanuel 13 days ago

    Alguém de Brasil

  • Em E
    Em E 14 days ago

    Is it just me, or does it seem like Blake is almost always one of the first judges to press the button

  • Florian Augsbergers
    Florian Augsbergers 16 days ago

    Decent. :D

  • squ izz
    squ izz 16 days ago

    10:42 when they look nothing like their tinder profile. danny's reactionn lmaaooo

  • Udisha Uniyal
    Udisha Uniyal 16 days ago

    The Loca girl is a mix of Shakira and Christina Aguilera..

  • Angel Monteza
    Angel Monteza 17 days ago

    11th comment

  • f1
    f1 17 days ago

    Every non english the voice: *Hears english* PRESS IT

  • f1
    f1 17 days ago

    0:51 pharrel my nibba be like: I already told u via telephatic brain communication that he's overweight 😂😂😂

  • Jaman Jon
    Jaman Jon 18 days ago

    10th coment

  • Max The Random Lepurchaun

    9th comment

  • Nikolas Paris
    Nikolas Paris 24 days ago

    Wow, what is the russian song I want the title and the traduction of its lyrics

    • Максим Маринченко
      Максим Маринченко 8 days ago

      It's called "Chopin" (Russian: "Шопен") ;) There are the lyrics in English: Take my hand - your - you can not , can not be Do not look me in the eye so - you can not , can not be Remember how hand in hand lay - you can not I am now a little world , though the world in me I wish it was a dream , But in my opinion I do not sleep I support you, I breathe you , Sorry, but I love you Deceiving itself was captured I played the piano all night - Chopin , Chopin Kiss on my lips burned with fire, And all the music he is now about it I wish it was a dream , But , in my opinion , I do not sleep . I support you, I breathe you , Sorry, but I love you. Take my hand - your - you can not , you can not . Do not look me in the eye so - you can not , can not be Kiss on my lips burned with fire, And all the music he is now about it I wish it was a dream , But in my opinion I do not sleep . I support you, I breathe you , Sorry, but I love you

  • Rex Haywood
    Rex Haywood 24 days ago

    Comment No.8 great video.

  • John Blacksmith
    John Blacksmith 25 days ago

    Ginger haired fella at the end whas just incredible

  • Oh yeah Yeah LEADER
    Oh yeah Yeah LEADER 26 days ago

    5th comment. Keep it going!

  • Анатолий Горохов

    Нормально поёт)

  • Максим Шувалов

    Как зовут последнего парня?

  • Daniel Corniel
    Daniel Corniel 28 days ago

    Voice 10?

  • Dylano Stijf
    Dylano Stijf 28 days ago

    The good time of gta4 15:14 of the radio Ook nog Nederlands

  • Dylano Stijf
    Dylano Stijf 28 days ago

    Ik dacht in me hoofd zo van hey een Nick en Simon belike blijkt het Nederlands te zijn is het Nick en Simon. I was like ey Nick and Simon i dont know it was Nick and Simon but it was Nick and Simon like....

  • Eniz
    Eniz 28 days ago

    There must be the list of top 10 worst voice

    • TinyRodent
      TinyRodent 28 days ago

      There probably is. But to get onto he show you have to actually be approved by the producers because they don't want it to become a comedy show like the XFactor became.

  • Miłosz Łachacki
    Miłosz Łachacki 28 days ago

    there isnt Poland lol

  • Kiro Granca
    Kiro Granca 28 days ago

    What is the name of the last song?

  • theresia tambunan
    theresia tambunan 28 days ago

    Kenapa sound ajang pencarian bakat di indonesia gak sebagus diluar sih?

  • Сеня Преник


  • aditya yadav
    aditya yadav 28 days ago

    why always britishesrs cant you get enough og my family india

  • 『Phum』 『ZeKi』

    4:50 very good song

  • Andreas Wiatr
    Andreas Wiatr 28 days ago


  • FireX
    FireX 28 days ago

    The Skyfall guy gave me Gladiator vibes

  • CriZz DarKness
    CriZz DarKness 28 days ago

    9:50 Is it Hayley Williams? :O!!!

  • Toda vez que você ler os comentários eu estrei lá

    Eu pensava que era uma mulher cantando.

  • Muchensss
    Muchensss 28 days ago

    1,3,8 best od best

  • A mean'o acid
    A mean'o acid 28 days ago

    16:08 the way he is checking out Ilse.

  • Reyhan DM
    Reyhan DM 28 days ago

    4:55 WTH

  • Eii22
    Eii22 28 days ago

    so bad

  • Cent Smith
    Cent Smith 28 days ago

    Who's the last guy!!!!???

  • Cent Smith
    Cent Smith 28 days ago

    15:14 the BEST AUDITION!!!!!

  • Benni Exi
    Benni Exi 28 days ago

    Wo sind die Deutschen?

  • Aphrodite Ger
    Aphrodite Ger 28 days ago

    Παναγιωτίδης- skyfall🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝

  • DragoniteBlood
    DragoniteBlood 28 days ago

    3:20 Thor after Endgame

    GUMBALL T.G.L 28 days ago

    Como se yama la 1ra cansion ?

  • Jhon Maradiaga
    Jhon Maradiaga 28 days ago

    6:44 que canción es?

  • TheKID HB
    TheKID HB 28 days ago

    Fourth guy said 5 words and instantly got the gold buzzer treatment. 😂

  • Ivan Kvasau
    Ivan Kvasau 28 days ago

    T Voice show available in other countries. Why just a few? Mostly bbc

    JOEL TICO 28 days ago

    Pws no les entiendo ni mda perros 😂

  • Haweater
    Haweater 29 days ago

    The girl with the harp should have performed a Cranberries song.

  • feu feua
    feu feua 29 days ago


  • Carson Ogilvie
    Carson Ogilvie 29 days ago

    That last guy smooooooth

  • Laserpea2003
    Laserpea2003 29 days ago

    Bloody beautiful

  • Jamri yanto
    Jamri yanto 29 days ago


  • viva la vita
    viva la vita 29 days ago

    Name 1 songs

  • Михал Иванович

    хорошо поют

  • Hannah Hess
    Hannah Hess 29 days ago

    Am I the only one who heard that the first is a guy

  • Hannah Hess
    Hannah Hess 29 days ago

    The second girl is wow she is amazing, stunning and her voice wow

  • Akib Hussain
    Akib Hussain 29 days ago

    Pharrell Williams is the kind of a guy I would love to be best friends with but never speak to each other.

  • cinta subakti
    cinta subakti 29 days ago

    indonesia mana suaranya..😊

    • Apip Jz
      Apip Jz 27 days ago

      Nggak ada suaranya mas...

  • Roman Dorokhin
    Roman Dorokhin 29 days ago

    That skyfall guy tho

  • Andrew jay Cardozo
    Andrew jay Cardozo 29 days ago

    The voice Philippines mitoy yonting

  • GiPiS SAM
    GiPiS SAM 29 days ago

    15:14 the most epic performance ever.

  • The Chanty
    The Chanty 29 days ago

    Hola me interesa este canal, si ya no lo usad podriamos charlar sobre el?

  • James Macaraeg
    James Macaraeg 29 days ago

    The second one was like a trans not bullying

  • Constantin Bona
    Constantin Bona 29 days ago

    No one talking about Lee Glasson, he truly is the best

  • 10go Gcia
    10go Gcia 29 days ago

    En español los comentarios por fa jjjja

  • GiGa GiGa
    GiGa GiGa 29 days ago

    Last performance was really awesome, I love it so much, who is this guy?

  • ImRyuGa
    ImRyuGa 29 days ago

    7:26 way to go Tobey Maguire

  • asmita.
    asmita. 29 days ago

    The last guy though...i think i feel something getting we- 😳

  • Sblinger
    Sblinger 29 days ago

    #2 has to be the best of all followed by #3 and then #1

  • BlackWolf17927
    BlackWolf17927 29 days ago

    Skyfall guy shouldn't've been on this list

  • Dario Hall
    Dario Hall 29 days ago

    I didn't expect that first one to look like that

  • Krisztina Antoniewicz

    oh my god!

  • Austyn Kevin
    Austyn Kevin 29 days ago


  • Иван Иванов


  • Despacito Lord
    Despacito Lord 29 days ago

    9 and 8 were pretty bad know where near Jordan but alright

  • Daniel Egan
    Daniel Egan 29 days ago

    Greek judges easily impressed.

  • lION X
    lION X Month ago


  • Hajer Alfadilm
    Hajer Alfadilm Month ago

    skyfall guy 😍😍😍😍👌

  • Ridwar Piether
    Ridwar Piether Month ago

    Luar biasa.... Semua nya hebat 👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Hannah Jacobs
    Hannah Jacobs Month ago

    Any sam and colby fans else here who watched sam and colbys sad edit and began crying because they recognized the song

  • Ali B
    Ali B Month ago


  • Vasco Martins
    Vasco Martins Month ago

    fell in live with the get lucky girl, jesus christ ❤️

    • Reda Mrw
      Reda Mrw 29 days ago

      Vasco Martins me too

  • Chris Tyno Amaba
    Chris Tyno Amaba Month ago

    the first guy his voice didn't match his body he sounds like a think guy

  • euggri
    euggri Month ago

    The last guy is totally my type

  • tihonowsw24
    tihonowsw24 Month ago


  • zems zens
    zems zens Month ago

    C'mon Mr Levine.. why did you take that much time .. we know how much you love auto tune

  • juliana patasik
    juliana patasik Month ago

    The first one make me chill!

  • Badger0fDeath
    Badger0fDeath Month ago

    Who was the girl with the harp?

  • Gnji
    Gnji Month ago

    What about the kid who did my heart will go on? he did amazing