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Is Cremation Biblical?
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Can Jerusalem Survive?
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What Is the Day of the Lord?
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Darwinism IS Dead!
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The Death of Honesty - TWNow
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Will Democracy Die? - TWNow
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Does Marriage Matter?
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Future Shocks!
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  • Audy Bastian
    Audy Bastian 2 hours ago

    subtitle Indonesia please,,,,

  • Scott Thuong
    Scott Thuong 2 hours ago

    Oh, per usual pastor, you're ugly...can I get a witness????????? A lawyer a judge named deborah

  • Scott Thuong
    Scott Thuong 2 hours ago

    There is no "evil plan" .....get along little doggie. OR start a dysfunctional "religious" family. U make me sick with your lies and hypocrisy. AMEN & AWOMEN ( a nod 2 the "feminists" )

  • Phil Hall
    Phil Hall 3 hours ago

    Think China folks EU just doing there part now Islam seems to control EU now Time will take it all

  • Phil Hall
    Phil Hall 4 hours ago

    Putin is the reason It’s that simple Look at China folks When you invade other countries like putin has lately Expect others to prepare for a invade force to attack..

  • immasoxfanbaby
    immasoxfanbaby 5 hours ago

    He runs the physical but god rules the spiritual world.

  • John Iudice
    John Iudice 7 hours ago

    How many of you are following the to circumcise your children. Do you eat pork? After having sex did you wait until sunset to was before producing this video? What laws God have Moses about the sacrifice do you follow? What about all of these laws you seem oblivious to and don’t follow. Do you do the ritual washing before you eat your food? You are blaming the church the people of God saying they are in error. What’s your excuse for not following the commandments given to Moses?

  • Keitha Brown
    Keitha Brown 8 hours ago

    Jesus is lord how again I wonder why the delay how long

  • George Tito
    George Tito 8 hours ago

    You need to study the bible very hard...Saturday is the true Sabbath not Sunday

  • Ossama Elhajj
    Ossama Elhajj 10 hours ago

    Hello. The nations you have mentioned as the south king are not Arabs at all. Please provide evidences.Thanks.

  • Uni BlackSister
    Uni BlackSister 13 hours ago

    The bankers can prepare for whatever nonsense war because no one is gonna support their ass's 😂😂😂😂

  • Edward Dunn
    Edward Dunn 14 hours ago

    Europe can't rely on the US for a couple of reasons. First off, the US is in decline but secondly the US is becoming Mexico and they don't have any connection to Europe.

  • n91605
    n91605 15 hours ago

    Isaiah 14:12 ...How you have fallen from heaven Oh..SHINNING one ...or similar were in the bible does GOD dignify SATAN ..with his personal name that people will not worship him .....the latin word may have been changed from a verb to a noun .....and you go ahead and remove the peronal name of GOD himself....Jehovah ....Jesus Quoted Duet 6:4 at Mark 12:29 you think the Logos THE WORD of GOD ...would be such a political coward as to remove the name Jehovah ....???? John 17:3-6 ...and 17:26 ....yes Jesus was pressured to stop decalring Jehovah God's personal name[search_id]=a4ab269f-2610-4e0f-a334-b6f2fbdcfff9&insight[search_result_index]=2 if your vote in the political sence you are appointing Satan ..without knowing it .....better wake up! Our father in heaven hallowed be YOUR name .....True christians are awaiting Christ's Kingdom rule and are no part of this world ...John 17:17 ....the nations are sybolised by animals or BEASTS ...American eagle vote you legally appointing and approving ..go talk to a lawyer if you do not believe me ...that is the mark or the beast ....Dan 2:44 ...Jesus will be the SOLE ruler or the earth ..if you vote your are without knowing it opposing Jehovah and his appointed King Christ Jesus ....

  • Thelma Lynne
    Thelma Lynne 18 hours ago

    Long long before Jesus popped up on the scene folks on the earth already knew how to live moral, honest, loving, caring, giving compassionate and spiritual lives. He really brought nothing new to the table. Also the religion that came from his being here is one of war and genocide. A real messiah should only have to come once and he should end all wars and bring peace to the earth which he certainly did not do. According to the Jewish Torah book or old testament he was a False or Fake Messiah.

  • Maureen Howard
    Maureen Howard 18 hours ago

    What a load of bull s...!,,

  • son of perdition
    son of perdition 18 hours ago

    we are temple..not mortal$😣

  • son of perdition
    son of perdition 18 hours ago

    beyond armageddon? meekness👍😏

  • son of perdition
    son of perdition 18 hours ago

    blessed are the meek..but war torn are the weak.

  • Paul Currie
    Paul Currie 19 hours ago

    Religious loons.

  • Fred Furukha
    Fred Furukha 19 hours ago

    Wedding ring will condemn you to hell fire, Gen 35:1-5, exodus 33:3-6, Isaiah 3:9, 16-24

  • vinodh john George
    vinodh john George 20 hours ago

    Thank you for explaining the hidden truths in the Bible, God bless you. :)

  • L. Hayes
    L. Hayes 21 hour ago

    The Roman Catholic Church has been Satan's main tool to "white wash" the Gospel and Churches LIKE YOURS.

  • B&M Bargains
    B&M Bargains 21 hour ago

    I don't get why the bible is such a prominent factor here, that book *as we know it* is more than 400 years old. It won't predict anything, future events that may coincide with the bible are purely coincidental.

  • Keith Lynch
    Keith Lynch 21 hour ago

    4% of the global general population are psychopaths. 10% of the general population are narcissists. The higher levels of corporations, government, the military, the media and education are staffed by 35% concentration of psychopaths. Only God knows what the cencentration of narcissists are at these levels. The world is governed, organised and administrated over by predominantly psychopaths and narcissists. The evidence is there for all to see.

  • Morgan Sorensen
    Morgan Sorensen 22 hours ago

    PROPHETIC UPDATE: TURKEY ATTACKING SYRIA The TURKISH attack on the KURD'S in North eastern SYRIA will be TURKEY'S "un-doing". As SYRIA, being the "Wounded Head" (Nation) discussed in Rev.13:3, of the Four Nation Revived GRECIAN EMPIRE, ( Dan.8:21-23 and Rev.17:8-12, read it in the KJV ) .... consisting of SYRIA, TURKEY, GREECE,( Macedon ) and EGYPT, ( Dan.8;21-23 ) including the SIX Nations mentioned in Dan.7:1-7, and confirmed in Rev.13:1-3, as a "latter day" Fulfillment, consisting of ENGLAND, ( the Lion ) RUSSIA, ( the Bear ) and IRAN, IRAQ, KUWAIT, and SAUDI-ARABIA, ( which are represented by the Four-Headed LEOPARD ) as all four of these were part of, and Signees to the OPEC BLOCK Contract of 1961. Thus being part of the oil cartel domination of World Petroleum, and the Political clout that that entails, in the "mare-up" of this "New World Order" ANTICHRIST SYSTEM of World Control !! The scriptures describe in Rev.13:3, that SYRIA as the "Wounded Head" Nation, will Miraculously be "healed", and this is now a Reality, as SYRIA'S CIVIL WAR began in mid March of 2011, and has Completed more that EIGHT YEARS, in biblical Prophecy the number EIGHT has TWO meanings, the First: COMPLETION, the Second: NEW BEGINNINGS. As Such we are now going to see SYRIA and the KURDISH Fighters Joining Forces, and Run the TURKISH Army out of SYRIA, in fulfillment of the prophecy of Dan.7:8, which describes that THREE of the FOUR nations that make-up the Revived GRECIAN Empire in the "Latter Days", ( namely EGYPT, GREECE, TURKEY ) will have their Ruling Authority being Removed, by it being "Plucked-Up by the Roots". The First one of these THREE, seems possibly to be TURKEY, in this now begun Conflict this week with SYRIA....which the bible describes as the "Head Nation" of the REVIVED GRECIAN as per Dan.8:22-23. and Rev.17:8-11. ( KJV ) All this exposing and debunking the decades long FALSE teachings of a "REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE". As such SYRIA will Now Rise-up as a "HEALED" nation, and become the superpower of the Middle East, No doubt rebuilding its "Bombed-Out" Buildings in the cities of DAMASCUS, ALEPPO, HOMS, etc. What is more, is that this will prove that the False prophecy teachers of our day , such as BILL SALUS, and others, who have falsely propagated that the SYRIAN CIVIL WAR is a fulfillment of Ps.83 and Isa.17, ( which is absolutely ABSURD, as any Theologian as myself, worth his/her salt, know for a certainty that those two passages concern the END-TIME Battle of Armageddon ! ) And these 'Pseudo Prophecy' Guru's like BILL SALUS , and their Collaborating Christian Media 'Gate-Keepers' like GARY STEARMAN, of "PROPHECY WATCHERS", SID ROTH, of "IT'S SUPERNATURAL", PAT ROBERTSON of "THE 700 CLUB", JIM BAKKER, of "THE JIM BAKKER SHOW", JOHN ANKERBERG of "THE JOHN ANKERBERG SHOW", DAVID REAGAN, of "LAMB and LION MINISTRIES", STEVE STRANG of "CHARISMA MAGAZINE", and others, who have intentionally blocked me from being on their Shows, concerning their FALSE presentations on ESCHATOLOGY and END-TIME PROPHECY, will now have to acknowledge their ERRORS, when These my Predictions Finally come to pass, shortly !! Hopefully, the Christian Audience that read this Prophetic Update, will demand that these Charlatan Gatekeepers have me on their shows to discuss these and other issues !!! Morgan Sorensen ( Biblical Theologian )

  • Andy Howden
    Andy Howden 22 hours ago

    I could really do without a war... just saying

  • Vicki Auxier
    Vicki Auxier 23 hours ago

    Do you know anything about the rising up of the teaching of the7 Noahide Laws being accepted by some Evangelical church leaders?

  • donna bernick
    donna bernick Day ago

    The white horse is the Antichrist. The Red horse is war. The black horse is famine and death The Pale (green) horse is diseases. They represent the stages of the Trib.

  • Sam Lucas
    Sam Lucas Day ago

    150 people were killed by terrorists!!! negligible number unfortunately, its about power and muscling into other countries jokers, EU will come tumbling down one day

  • Daughter Of Yahuvah

    Hmm... You do know you should throw that globe out.... Our Earth is not a globe, and it does not rotate, and it does not circle the sun... The sun and moon rotate around the earth, which is on pillars and foundation thus making Earth stationary... It's right there in your Bible...

  • jeric cordero
    jeric cordero Day ago

    A prostitute 👩woman representing of God's people who commited different kind of sinful act specifically idolatry in ezekiel chapter16: 15 Not only judaism or vatican but the whole nations, churches, culture, tounges and tribes etc Btw the Satanic bible came from occultism copied from kabbalah of judaism, most of their members are athiest they dont believe devils exist but they were deceived

  • Judith Schulz
    Judith Schulz Day ago

    No one... nur God***Father... Amen!!

  • Valeriano III Nocon

    Are Armageddon, The Media Arm/ "ARM OF MEDIA" Of Broadcasting Children of God? Hence, A Mind Of Devil Spirit, That We Fade Us Up From Evil Power..., D7 / #KING1

  • Valeriano III Nocon

    This Is A Prophecy For Conversion Of The Revelation. Thereby, A Pollution Of The Air From Carbon Poisoning Chemicals. So, Climate Change Has Only Chance To Burn Fuel With Water Blessings Of The Cloud Seeding. Thus, To Fall Down And Increase Support To RENEW POWER, By Clean Energy..., D7 / #KIND1

  • Ted Faris
    Ted Faris Day ago

    And yet evangelicals support trump!

  • Valeriano III Nocon

    Fishes Are Eating Plastic. So also, People Eating This Waste Shall Absorb/ Consume Plastic To Death Dummy Of Catch Fishes (A Self Destruction Of The World)..., DOUBLE7 / #KING1

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    WOW THAT FAKE CUNT (god is not real)

  • JFUgfdskzjLdgsdfgfd fdsffrgfgfdgfghg

    WOW THAT FAKE CUNT (god is not real)

  • JFUgfdskzjLdgsdfgfd fdsffrgfgfdgfghg

    WOW THAT FAKE CUNT (god is not real)

  • JFUgfdskzjLdgsdfgfd fdsffrgfgfdgfghg

    WOW THAT FAKE CUNT (god is not real)

  • JFUgfdskzjLdgsdfgfd fdsffrgfgfdgfghg

    WOW THAT FAKE CUNT (god is not real)

  • alittlestrength

    I dropped this when I learned that Tomorrow's World is affliated with Herbert Armstrong, who founded the cult of The Worldwide Church of God Adventist Church in 1933.

  • Valeriano III Nocon

    What About Our Traversed Of Justice Events, To All Salvation Today?..., DOUBLE7 / #KING1

  • Steven Artascos

    Love they neighbor as yourself... When was the last time, any of us did something for our neighbors? When was a neighbor over to our house to run the vacuum cleaner free of charge for us??? Lots of lazy , young and old people , not willing to help us, as a nation we have national amnesia... No longer do we know who we are, and what our purpose is, and fear God and what his will is. We all need to repent and sincerely say... I'm sorry, I need help!

  • Senonimous TV
    Senonimous TV Day ago

    Hey you do realize that at the end of Ecclesiates 9: 5-6 it says the dead will know nothing more under the sun? Where ever we go will probably not be bound by space and time or this physical realm under the sun, which means that this verse is simply saying that we will be somewhere no longer knowing of the things that take place under the son in this current physical realm we are in.

  • Mark Spencer
    Mark Spencer Day ago

    A american predicting war. Typical

  • Spike Twelve
    Spike Twelve Day ago

    I ask anyone that reads this, Please pray for me. I am Fighting for my Soul and I confess the LORD JESUS CHRIST TO BE THE SON OF GOD!!! Am fighting the Flesh for my life🙏🏻🙏🏻 I pray for my family and friends in CHRIST ⚡️⚡️✌🏻✌🏻

  • Dead Lama
    Dead Lama Day ago

    This made me feel alot better I am so scared of going to hell

  • Ricardo Tellado

    Isaiah 45:7 Who forms light and creates darkness, Who makes peace and creates evil; I am the Lord, Who makes all these. The role of Satan is only to test your loyalty to The creator of Heaven and Earth Satan can't do anything unless YOU give him that right

  • Saffy • 30 years ago

    Im a Muslimmmmmm

  • Darw!n 42
    Darw!n 42 Day ago

    I thought Armageddon was a place in America

  • captain fatfoot

    The romans did not conquer Jerusalem in 70 AD. They already owned it and they Jews rebelled. That’s a reoccupation.

  • Nuke Em
    Nuke Em Day ago

    Same shit congealing together

  • steve mentzel
    steve mentzel 2 days ago

    Your teaching is right on! I have heard that the Rapture Doctrine can be considered Treason. We must stay & be the salt of the earth. Thank you for spreading the truth, God Bless.

  • Lama Ri
    Lama Ri 2 days ago

    The US is fine and going, no thanks to the doomsayers that were already hailing China. The US was suffering from extreme corruption. There's still the swamp to get rid of but we're AWAKE now and were watching and demanding the SWAMP be drained. Only God knows its plans and timelines for the nations

  • Bacon Crusader
    Bacon Crusader 2 days ago

    4th Reich !!

  • Daniel Foreman
    Daniel Foreman 2 days ago

    Congrats, you're all paranoid bastards. If the world goes this way, it'll be down to paranoid idiots and their fear more than anything else.

  • Alina Nechiporenko
    Alina Nechiporenko 2 days ago

    Wait, but god sees all, so he knew he would become satan. He created him so we would serve him of course, but could he not have found a better way?

    • Angel Sievert
      Angel Sievert 13 hours ago

      NOooo. Youve messed up your logic. ITs always abuse of what you know, how much you know. Much like a child who starts off good, and someday rebels- in between, the child has chosen what it wants and chooses. If it decides too steal cookies or ask for it. PRIDE is never inherent with little child, but along the way, that pride can be used against you.

  • Roderick Edwards
    Roderick Edwards 2 days ago

    Learn about this theological perspective before it comes to your church or ministry. While it can stimulate discussion, it can also be a grave damage to any congregation. Historically, simply dismissing something like preterism as "heresy" only causes people to become more curious. Understand why and how anyone could conclude that "Jesus already came back" -- the main tenet of preterism. Read this short, direct book by a FORMER preterist as he explains it in brutal honesty, even naming names so that you can decide best how to deal with this theological view WHEN is comes to your ministry.

  • brian preval
    brian preval 2 days ago

    Eu is a dictatorship!

  • brian preval
    brian preval 2 days ago

    Eu is preparing for war

  • Jeff
    Jeff 2 days ago

    The spirit of the Antichrist is now ruling the world....I also believe that the person also called the Antichrist is alive and well ...they are one in the same..the only thing left in Bible profecy is the return of Jesus Christ....J.L.T...

  • Bravefart
    Bravefart 2 days ago

    We gave Germany back to Germans. That was a mistake. Who started the last two world wars after all?

  • Chaz Zee
    Chaz Zee 2 days ago

    HA Ha Good joke.

  • Paul Morgan
    Paul Morgan 2 days ago

    On the 1st of November Europe wants our British army on the 1st of November they will be disappointed

  • Ron Banks
    Ron Banks 2 days ago

    Btw no man know's the day or hour, however we should know the "season" when a fig tree brings forth its leaves, you know summer is near. Just like when a pregnant woman has birth pangs.

  • Ron Banks
    Ron Banks 2 days ago

    The mark of the beast is a NUMBER that represents the NAME OR TITLE.....OF A MAN! kinda like the title of the catholic pope. In english it means takes the place of Jesus, or vicar or christ. "Vicarous felli dai" in Latin = 666 roman numerals x=10 v=5 and so on. The popes title =six hundred and sixty six.

    THE VOICEANARCHY 2 days ago


  • Christ's warrior
    Christ's warrior 2 days ago

    False teaching! There will be a mark of the beast. It's not Sunday worship. Sunday is the day of the Lord Jesus Christ (He arose and ascended into heaven). True Christians do not need to follow the Law of Moses. Accept Christ and worship any day you want. Then you will be saved. Listen to false teaching then you may be misled.

  • Forrest Ash
    Forrest Ash 2 days ago

    IT S THE. 5 O 1 C3

  • Tewetso Kapfo Asian Air Force Commander

    Even the single word of BIBLE never lie like others. everything's all future and end are in it because GOD I'm the first and the last. Amen

  • Moises G.V.
    Moises G.V. 2 days ago

    Revived Islamic Caliphate. The empire of the end times... Focus on Israel, not Rome. The Islamic Beast. It rules over all the countries surrounding Israel today, not Rome. The Pope has already signed an agreement with main Islamic leadership.

  • Ronald Verdine
    Ronald Verdine 2 days ago


  • EA
    EA 2 days ago

    Yes, the United States of America will be great again because America will lead the world spiritually. It is America's destiny. YES, President Trump will succeed. It's God's will. Nations shall all rise and do well once they are freed from evil. All nations will work as one spirit.

  • EA
    EA 2 days ago

    The return of Jesus Christ already happened. The world is one and the world will come together as one. So, forget the super powers. Even President Trump is not interesting in being superpower and desires the nations to work as one.

  • Marti Mcdonald
    Marti Mcdonald 2 days ago

    they kept the sabbath prior to Jesus crucifixion, after his resurection everything changed. that is why Jesus gave the parable, "you don't put new wine in old bottles". you got to remember, communication was so slow back then, paul met with the people when they were in the meeting place. it took time for them to understand the new covenant. now the lord calls on us to worship everyday, not the sabbath

    • Miro555
      Miro555 Day ago

      Amen. But they can't accept this simple truth because their mindset is natural and legalistic.

  • Ramesh Lal Dhimaan
    Ramesh Lal Dhimaan 2 days ago

    Triangle में Triangle जिसका नाम है Superpowers का बरमूडा Triangle!! दूसरा हैं Triangle Pe Triangle जिसका नाम हैं सुतसूर्यपुत्र कर्ण का मकरव्यूह! औऱ औऱ अग़र मकरव्यूह में बरमूडा Triangle Fit कर दिया जाए तो क्या बनता है महाभारत के सुतसूर्यपुत्र कर्ण की महा ख़तरनाक व्यूह रचना के अनुसार!😘 स्वयं सोचों जी, क़भी क़भी अपने सनातन सूर्यवंशी वैदिक शास्त्र भी पढ़ लिया करो, दूसरों के महापुरुषों को गालियां देने के आलवा!तुम्हारे पास वो समझने का समय नहीं है, पर दूसरों के शास्त्रों व उनके महापुरुषों व उनकी भाषा का अपमान करने का पुरा समय हैं, जबकि सभी सूर्यवंशी शास्त्र व महापुरुष एक ही बात कह रहे होते हैं और अपनी अपनी भाषा के अनुसार समझा रहे होते हैं! पर इन मानव Robots को अपने Dead Mummy अच्छी लगती हैं दुसरो के पिताश्री माताश्री, अब्बा, अम्मा, Mother Father बुरे लगते हैं!😘 कितने महान गोपियों द्रौपदियों के बच्चे हो आप सभी!😘 विश्वभर की गोपियों द्रौपदियों के महान बच्चों के महान कारनामों की आज़तक की ताज़ा ख़बरें!पुरा अजंता एलोरा की गुफाओं की चित्रकारी बनाने पर तुले हुए हैं अपनी मां, बहन बेटियों पौतियों संग!😘👍 जैसे Dead Mummy वैसे Zombie Process ,पढ़ी है ना Unix Solaris Open Source Code! मां पर बेटी पिता पर छोरा, ज़्यादा नहीं तो थोड़ा थोड़ा! जिसका जीता जागता उदाहरण है जय वीरू श्री 420 आवारा छलिया कन्हैया ,अभि, Sunny,रणधीर का परिवार जो हैं असली बेनाम,बेशर्म लवारिश,शराबी,क्रोधी, लोफ़र जोकर जुगनू नटवरलाल पुरे सभ्य समाज के लिए तेज़ाब! अब बोलो तुम स्वयं "चाचा भतीजा" रजिया के ग़ुलामों ,क्या सच नहीं कह गए हैं लोग पुराणे,बुरे काम का बुरा नतीजा! 💝एक "प्रेम कहाणी" ,यदुवंशी श्री बलराम रेवती जी की नदिया में बहता पानी!💝 Nightly News 12 Oct 2019! वैसे सारी बातें छोड़ो, ये Nuclear आतिशबाजियों का Match आप सभी पांडव व नन्दवंशी नाई हलवाई तेली वामन अवतार वंशज कब खेलने जा रहे हो बस हम सूर्यवंशी कौरवों को ये बता दो,क्योंकि हम भी Ticket Book करवा लें जी, आप के इस WW3 की जी!😊👍

  • damar _U 0_ angki
    damar _U 0_ angki 2 days ago

    war wil happen later cuz human error I was en world war

  • craig nelson
    craig nelson 2 days ago

    know one knows when Armageddon is going to happen .The bible will tell you what you need to no .I would not have to buy that guy'snook to find all that stuff out

    SUB TO PEWDIEPIE 2 days ago

    I’m athiest,why am I watching this

  • Marcus Taylor
    Marcus Taylor 2 days ago

    You forgot the black horse with the rider holding the scales which is predicting the economic crash that causes the wars and famines.

  • Pascal Ginos
    Pascal Ginos 3 days ago

    Soon will be America

  • Donna Roberts
    Donna Roberts 3 days ago

    Trust no one

  • Donna Roberts
    Donna Roberts 3 days ago

    The chruch on earth is imitating the true or what they think is true when God places his holy spirit in the body you begin to wait on Jesus and your spiritual body or temple how can anybody be waiting on a flesh chruch to save them when the bible tells you to follow Jesus's foot steps the earth chruch will be over all denominations of churches and all the Kings just like Jesus would be king over all the only difference is the chruch of earth cannot furnish you with the spiritual holy temple they don't even tell you the truth about it it's a one on one thing it takes hope and faith and love and patience and belief and trust and the truth the truth better than the others because Jesus is truth the word lots of deceiving going on in the flesh get righteousness and truth through the spirit of the holy spirit all you have to do is ask the road is narrow and time is getting short there are no special people it's a spiritual hope and belief and trust come out of her my people is a system where someone claims he is the savior over the churches and governments same as Jesus the government will be on Jesus s shoulders and his people will have Same holy spirit as him same body same thoughts what they are trying to make today thier fake kingdom just like God's true kingdom

  • Donna Roberts
    Donna Roberts 3 days ago

    No it's a spiritual city new Jerusalem Jesus wife is Jerusalem holy city no temple in this city the people are the spiritual temple revelation 21 Jerusalem comes down from heaven it's so frustrating that the flesh talks when it's about spiritual there will be no churches Jesus will be the king over the spiritual temples of people's that know the truth you cannot enter yhis temple without the truth and are cleansed by the blood of the lamb

  • Yuri Thy
    Yuri Thy 3 days ago

    I don't get it.Please help.

  • 72 Virgin Goats
    72 Virgin Goats 3 days ago

    switched off when you mentioned "you can get a free copy of..."

    • adrian chan
      adrian chan 13 hours ago

      Too many times you advertised that dvd. BIG turn off

  • Danite Watchman
    Danite Watchman 3 days ago

    Very good reading of scripture up until the reading of Daniel 11, which is given as a past even, however it remains prophecy. The abomination of desolation has not yet appeared nor occurred. The definition of why Jesus Christ has not yet occurred is not given in Jesus own prophecy (The Book or Revelation).... Only one prophecy of Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 has occurred... The parable of the fig... Jeremiah 24... Which marks the final Generation. That prophecy was fulfilled in 14 May 1948..... The verses the presenter should have given as evidence of why Jesus will not return at "Any Moment" are Revelation 9 through 11.

  • Gwen Ketterman
    Gwen Ketterman 3 days ago


  • Ray Seaman
    Ray Seaman 3 days ago

    You forgot about Turkey, which is NORTH of Israel ! I really think Turkey has the potential to be a real Super Power! (Did you guys forget about the Ottoman Empire? It lasted over 600 years and invaded half of Europe.)

  • Andie Dufresne
    Andie Dufresne 3 days ago

    Is god really real? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • Ronald Daub
      Ronald Daub 13 hours ago

      Nah you just been hurt

    • Ronald Daub
      Ronald Daub 13 hours ago

      I don't think I'll take your word for it and I also don't think you know what you're talkin about in fact I know you don't

  • Arliss Young
    Arliss Young 3 days ago

    Warning this is old false teaching. The mark of the Beast will NOT be what they do with their right or in their minds. 2 Tim. 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. It's up to each person to study (not read) the Word of God to be approved to Him, not what someone thinks it's telling us. The best way to know a fake is to know the real word of God. The mark of the Beast will soon be roll out to all the world.

  • olly 77
    olly 77 3 days ago

    Really loving Jesus.

  • Jeffrey Perry
    Jeffrey Perry 3 days ago

    Jeffrey also no one I is in heaven nowonlygodjesus24eldersangels

  • Gary Wilson
    Gary Wilson 3 days ago

    How tragic that you have no idea who the millions of the actual descendants of the Israelites (not Canaanite/Edomite "Jews") really are, scattered over the earth in every land and speaking every tongue....and you embrace Universalist "Roman Catholicism" trying to mix it with Yahweh worship based on your desire to be Catholic. Yahweh is not liar, nor does he "change"

  • Benjamin Burbank
    Benjamin Burbank 3 days ago

    Hope you’re willing to put your eternal life on the line with the claim that whoever doesn’t worship on the Sabbath isn’t saved, I’m not. I challenge you to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that our current calendars are correct back to the times before Moses so that you know for sure you are worshipping on the true Sabbath, since apparently it’s the Sabbath that saves, not Jesus. Moreover, what about Colossians 2:16-17 which says let no man judge you in regards to meat, drink, festivals or sabbath days? And finally, there is probably an issue with your theology if you think God only deserves to be worshipped one day a week anyway. He is our Creator, and deserves to be worshipped every day.

  • Przemko Waliszewski

    Unlikely! Every social and political structure gets corrupted and is not able to continue to develop! This is a law of nature. You placed abomination in the center of your moral values. So, how do you want to develop? Recently, your president betrayed your best allies, the Kurds selling them in a cynical way to their eternal finds. And according to your values everything is fine ...

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 3 days ago

    Matthew 24:36 ESV “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.”

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy 18 hours ago

      Karen So the Bible tells us that Jesus isn’t ‘God’s human son’, rather, that Jesus, who is co-eternal with God (that means that like God, he existed forever) became human. Jesus was like God - eternal and perfect - but he became human so that he could enter into our world and die for humans. The Bible treats this as something to marvel at: ... Jesus Christ ‘though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.’ (Philippians 2:6-8)

    • Jeremy
      Jeremy 18 hours ago

      Karen I agree with you that it is confusing. The son of God 100% human and 100% God. They are separate yet the same.

    • Karen
      Karen 18 hours ago

      Jeremy Wait, but the Son doesn’t know, however the Father does? But they equal? Someone explain. Not trynna be clever, just curious.

    • Danite Watchman
      Danite Watchman 3 days ago

      Jeremy .... You are correct. however the sequence and the appearance of Jesus Christs return are given in the book of Revelation (11:15), Its not a time but a sequence of events which we must watch for (hence Watchmen).