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  • Rex 86
    Rex 86 Minute ago

    she will use the money to pay mobster to destroy Hong kong

  • 34 subscribers
    34 subscribers 2 minutes ago

    Try to clone a dog there will many people come to you *STONK*

    CLUMSY SANA 3 minutes ago

    Same i did that to when i was a kid i was holding my phone and where going on grocery and i just keep looking at my phone and then i hold the wrong cart my sister called me and i was shocked like “wOt happened” i laughed myself even my sister laughed

  • Mo Cuishle
    Mo Cuishle 3 minutes ago

    Seems USA is the hatred most wants HongKong to die.

  • acd cat
    acd cat 4 minutes ago

    This cow needs to go to pasture...

  • Thomas McGillivray
    Thomas McGillivray 4 minutes ago

    As for the so-called 5 demands, if I was Carrie Lam I would tell the protestors that I won't even consider talking & negotiating until all the violence stops & only then might it be time for both sides to sit down & talk things through...that would be my bottom line.

  • Kim Johng Trump
    Kim Johng Trump 6 minutes ago

    I bet she practices falung gong

  • Lucas Pundi
    Lucas Pundi 7 minutes ago

    Shame on you USA. Stop interfering Chinese internal affairs and mine your own business.

  • chnchris
    chnchris 9 minutes ago

    You can do whatever you want...we do noy care

  • Titans North
    Titans North 9 minutes ago

    What a deceitful person! Despeakable when you make money off teens in their 15-18 motivated by you to break the law and pay with their future in jail!

  • Alain Tran
    Alain Tran 9 minutes ago

    He’s a sellout to all Americans and he showed us why money is more important to him then the freedom and democracy Hong Kong is protesting for

  • Eric BAI
    Eric BAI 10 minutes ago

    Pls refuse all things from mainland, vegetables, water, electricity...etc, don't be so selective.

  • Brick Life
    Brick Life 11 minutes ago

    i bet the boss is laughing

  • 丁盯
    丁盯 11 minutes ago

    The US doesn't welcome traitors

  • Eastorian Pride
    Eastorian Pride 12 minutes ago

    A great politician should be👌 In a democracy the poor will have more power than the rich, because there are more of them, and the will of the majority is supreme. Aristotle

  • Nick J
    Nick J 13 minutes ago

    There’s nothing wrong with being honest about being a patriot. He didn’t say anything against protesters, because he understands they are (majority) very young. Those wanting chaos and anarchy posing as patriots are the real liars.

  • zorgrica
    zorgrica 13 minutes ago

    whats the bet he fakes own bashing, probably try and blame china or police officer or fairy, i dunno had a look at the photos kinda looks staged, plus if i where to go bash someone with a pole or hammer, i'd go for the face and head not his arms. pretty convenient his face still intact something suss about this

  • jake poh
    jake poh 14 minutes ago

    At least is better than Hk rioting video

  • Alex KiRaj
    Alex KiRaj 15 minutes ago

    Probably twenty years old, but having bot the IQ and the brain of a twelve years old. Natural selection again.

  • a-inc
    a-inc 15 minutes ago

    well, looks like everyone doing business with China nowadays in some kind of geopolitical trouble...NBA, Dreamworks, LV, D&G, GAPS, etc...

  • Yu Been Lim
    Yu Been Lim 17 minutes ago


  • Uler Kadut
    Uler Kadut 18 minutes ago

    well hope there is footage from nearby cctv... well better if it doesnt have... so protester can create another story to prolong their protest.

  • Dave ja vu
    Dave ja vu 19 minutes ago

    *everybody a gangsta until one asian kid comes into school with dozens pack of cards*

  • reifukaiyukikaze
    reifukaiyukikaze 19 minutes ago

    This man is a legend!!....I love to have one of his kimono for occasion.

  • Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin 21 minute ago

    Now I can rest easy. The Chinese are normal people after all.

  • MrCommenterx
    MrCommenterx 21 minute ago

    This is nothing but snake oil in the education industry. Their parents are fools think there's a shortcut to hard work and studying.

  • Christopher Law
    Christopher Law 22 minutes ago

    A sad and pathetic representation and depiction of double standardness and melodrama, victimising themselves when they go around destroying everything and hurting anybody who disagrees with you. How pathetic.

  • T.M. Faul
    T.M. Faul 23 minutes ago


  • Shebu Khan
    Shebu Khan 23 minutes ago

    Kash Hamare Desh Ka Bhi media ISI Tarah Hota

  • Grace Fu
    Grace Fu 26 minutes ago

    I respect your right to protest, but this should never be done in such violence

  • Gan Cheng Aik颜征益
    Gan Cheng Aik颜征益 28 minutes ago

    1billion vs 7 million you think I choose who? U think u what hk? Without china? U think u can survive?

  • Bee Wah Tan
    Bee Wah Tan 28 minutes ago

    USA has just themselves a FOOL by passing this Bill. Who.are they to interfere with the internal affair of Hong Kong. They still want to act strong but their muscles are gone and crying for attention. Their days are numbered and their turn for Civil War is on the way. The blacks n immigrants are sick.and tired of the White supremacy for too long. Changes are coming and look out in 2020 :-) :-) :-)

  • Victor Millen
    Victor Millen 29 minutes ago

    So... Minecraft earth?

  • Yee Ah Fong
    Yee Ah Fong 31 minute ago

    The street rat are running

  • Master J
    Master J 32 minutes ago

    Woah Woah WOAH... Did she just said Discord? *Deja Vu*

  • Wan Hun Kow
    Wan Hun Kow 36 minutes ago

    I laughed till I farted

  • Ian Hardiansyah
    Ian Hardiansyah 37 minutes ago

    Thumbs up for the last guy. Never give up eventough he has to take many detour. Amazing

  • Taza Taziri
    Taza Taziri 38 minutes ago

    With that kind of body move. We wonder how him practicing when the he not in the kitchen

  • Daniel Asare
    Daniel Asare 38 minutes ago

    People shud understand Trump. He never said no one can come into the us to pursue their American dream. He said it should be legal.

  • AAA P
    AAA P 40 minutes ago

    TRUMP 2020 MAGA

  • K N
    K N 41 minute ago

    It's about time others start to shoot back at them Chinese boats. They have no respect for others. This have been going on for a long time. They bully smaller fishermen who cant defend themselves.

  • dan020350
    dan020350 41 minute ago


  • Ronie Chin
    Ronie Chin 42 minutes ago

    Why waste time. Have a joint with the PM.

  • Jennyoy
    Jennyoy 43 minutes ago

    It's likely that the pro Beijing guys made the attack. These men act in the dark against their opponents. Shame on them.

  • Symone Baker
    Symone Baker 44 minutes ago

    aww :< her voice is awsome

  • for the YouTube iron man
    for the YouTube iron man 44 minutes ago


  • Dragon 100
    Dragon 100 45 minutes ago

    Awww poor crybabys

  • GamerBajan
    GamerBajan 46 minutes ago

    why does she sound like that? I am sure it is not a accent, I have a accent but it is not like that. And why is her mouth twitching?

  • Tenshi
    Tenshi 47 minutes ago

    It was fake news. He used fake blood to feign injury. The hospital has clarified that

  • Asthen Yukimori
    Asthen Yukimori 48 minutes ago

    0:55 so trueee I am in my 20s too, I might break my back bone if I wiggle so hard, hahaha....

  • thermal_jacob67
    thermal_jacob67 52 minutes ago

    Oh look! Piglet is trying to stop the protests!

  • MrSagowoon
    MrSagowoon 53 minutes ago

    In the mean time, no work is planned for some sensible gun control laws, ha-ha.

  • Arthur Leighton
    Arthur Leighton 53 minutes ago

    Crazy woman. I wonder why she did not get arrested. In the UK the police just would have taken her. Maybe send her to get some mental health services.

  • X H
    X H 54 minutes ago

    You could see "小资情调(some petit bourgeoisie sentiments)“ in the background of dancing granny!The phrase is very apt for her!

  • benson dy
    benson dy 56 minutes ago

    so happy to hear this news but sad that he is still alive

  • viboulk
    viboulk 56 minutes ago

    When the support on rioting dry down. You need extreme measure to reactivate it. Somebody in the gang has to be sacrificed to increase more support. He is expendable.

  • chan hua ma
    chan hua ma 57 minutes ago


  • Jaya Stockford
    Jaya Stockford 57 minutes ago

    Pure shameful

  • taranTula leGos
    taranTula leGos 57 minutes ago

    "I knew all those Taichi lessons would come in handy one day!"

  • Lamar
    Lamar Hour ago

    Coward Muslims instead to stay and fight like hk people

  • Lamar
    Lamar Hour ago

    Go Denise. .so many low lives jealous of ur fame..go ahead

  • Djone Tan
    Djone Tan Hour ago

    If there is no cctv video that prove that this guy has been beaten.. than it is a stage act. Oops the protesters already crushes all the cctv before its happened..

    GARY CHEN Hour ago

    Safest city? I really don’t what is this speech for...

  • garima Duralya
    garima Duralya Hour ago

    This video put a smile on my face today 🙂

  • Tony Yu
    Tony Yu Hour ago

    what a bunch of trash

  • Ferrari Spider
    Ferrari Spider Hour ago

    US said protestors need to be protected from the police. Protestors have a right to protest by vandalising, beating up people who disagree with them ........... they seemed to have been brainwashed

  • qjtvaddict
    qjtvaddict Hour ago

    Self hating does this surprise anyone this is most likely vigilante justice

  • Krishna Sharma
    Krishna Sharma Hour ago

    Kutte ke malik koo jel hona cahia aur kutte ko jaan se Mar dalna cahia


    RIP Sulli 🌹

  • D空
    D空 Hour ago

    "Try democracy for a while" Lolwut? India has "tried" democracy for decades -- what they got to show for it?

  • Goku Wick Stark 47

    India is ready to be a *Mediator* between two countries *China & Hong Kong* @ UNSC meeting in 3rd country *Taiwan* . It's ok! Dont fear democracy . Its like doctor's injection . Stop being child . Mama's Boy, Do it 😉🤙

  • Max Ruso
    Max Ruso Hour ago

    Vinny the Poo 😂

  • Medi Roquai
    Medi Roquai Hour ago

    Well how about the innocent citizens beaten to death daily for speaking their minds 😏

  • Goku Wick Stark 47

    India is ready to be a *Mediator* between two countries *China & Hong Kong* @ UNSC meeting in 3rd country *Taiwan* . It's ok! Dont fear democracy . Its like doctor's injection . Stop being child . Mama's Boy, Do it 😉🤙

  • Yellow Mellow
    Yellow Mellow Hour ago

    Trump u have no respect for anyone

  • David
    David Hour ago

    In a free country where democracy exists, she would've step down already. Doesn't matter what she says, she represents the the communist China, where there is no freedom. Are the CCP really that clueless? No. They know what they are doing. Carrie Lam, I do feel bad for her. I mean, if she steps down I won't even be surprised if Communist China puts her in jail.

  • Kulo WC
    Kulo WC Hour ago

    Another lg bt running dog. Padan muka.

  • Lamar
    Lamar Hour ago

    Funny.the ignorant imbeciles kept saying he protesters are rioters but pro Beijing sympathizers are just murderers. .this is how evil China silenced it's own people

  • Wong Jin
    Wong Jin Hour ago

    US has got no role to play here lah! Keep your own house in order. The Chinese in China and in HK dont need you as a bullying big brother. Understand that?

  • A. Sontoloyo
    A. Sontoloyo Hour ago

    Wow ! At 73, she still has a lot of energy and stamina. What's more, she dances synchronously to the music rhythm.

  • Daniel Bilgrav
    Daniel Bilgrav Hour ago

    Chinese communist bots in panic mode in the comment section haha

  • Medi Roquai
    Medi Roquai Hour ago

    *The 5 demands aren't helping in any way HK nor it's citizen* *The opposition is clearly a terrorism founding party and should be banned from politics*

  • Joe Qiu
    Joe Qiu Hour ago

    pan demos are cheap, period

  • Mohd Haffiez Mohmad Nazri

    Let me answer: SHENZEN!

  • 天源王
    天源王 Hour ago


  • Dowa Yigu
    Dowa Yigu Hour ago

    first the imagination mind then the body adapt to follow😊

  • IndiependentGame

    Didn't Silver said we should respect free speech? So LeBron's free speech is not respected?

  • tweety bird
    tweety bird Hour ago

    i have 1971 2 pence i want to sell it

  • Samy Bouzaglo
    Samy Bouzaglo Hour ago

    Polio is supposed to be eradicated already, what happened to the UN and WHO funding ? Used for sanction of Middle East?

  • Fugazi
    Fugazi Hour ago

    Kou Jiao for Xi!

  • WenZi Miao
    WenZi Miao Hour ago

  • ching pong
    ching pong Hour ago

    1:50 so you are telling me that u cant afford more expenses on wounded dog. but yeaa ofcourse u can afford 2 BIG BIG SIZED PITBULLS. vao 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Who's got the time?

    Attacked and left him alive.... Too fishy. If the attackers wanted to finish off the protest they would have killed him and throw his body into the water or something.

  • Literally Big
    Literally Big Hour ago

    My grandma can dance better than you

  • Jerome Bendoy
    Jerome Bendoy Hour ago

    I think the Philippines must do this also .

  • a s
    a s Hour ago

    Shut up drama queen 😡😡, wish few thousands of such jokers should hve been also attacked, wait a sec , why attack them just make them vanish 🤣🤣

  • Literally Big
    Literally Big Hour ago

    Jimmy pls die

  • Bindhya Subba
    Bindhya Subba Hour ago

    I love grandma and grandpa a lot but I don't have.... So I'm crying...

  • Yong Dexin
    Yong Dexin Hour ago

    He reaps the seeds he sow.

  • Kris Kris
    Kris Kris Hour ago

    Support POLICE to uphold LAW&ORDER in hongkong city and the WORLD ❤️🌍👮‍♀️👮❤️🌍👮‍♀️👮❤️🌍👮‍♀️👮❤️🌍👮‍♀️👮‍♀️👮❤️🌍👮‍♀️👮❤️🌍👮‍♀️👮❤️🌍👮‍♀️👮❤️