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"Beast System Is Coming"
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The Holy Land Prophecy
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  • Sibylle Waisznor
    Sibylle Waisznor 42 seconds ago

    Praying protection over you and Heidi.....

  • Kicking Saturday
    Kicking Saturday 8 minutes ago

    With ya Paul

  • Cathleen Mary Darigo
    Cathleen Mary Darigo 10 minutes ago

    Does Pbegley even have a body, he looks like a floating head to me....booooo!!!!

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 11 minutes ago

    Who's authorizing Israeli military strikes if there's no government ?

  • Jorge A.
    Jorge A. 23 minutes ago

    Never heard such st-pid city names no wonder they’re being bombed into extinction.

  • bernard  medley
    bernard medley 32 minutes ago

    No no news of it here Perth W.A.

  • Tiffani Thomas
    Tiffani Thomas 44 minutes ago

    Who censored this video, Israeli government? Curious as to why it’s so heavily censored....

  • Cathy Bora
    Cathy Bora 50 minutes ago

    No media coverage at home

  • Cathy Bora
    Cathy Bora 58 minutes ago

    Please come home!!

  • Cathy Bora
    Cathy Bora Hour ago

    May the Lord protect you pastor Paul and Heidi, my heart is heavy for you Be safe and God bless you

  • Wan John
    Wan John Hour ago

    Really pastor , so you're saying U.S anti-missles defences system is worthless...

  • Thomas Red X Jackson

    Traveling mercies Pastor,wife and people.

  • Sandra Goodwin
    Sandra Goodwin Hour ago

    Serious Censorship on YT channels. Full Effect on 12-10-19.

  • Mister V
    Mister V Hour ago

    Ram that UN mosquito!

  • mark DeGrange
    mark DeGrange Hour ago

    Horrible, horrible the hole world is fighting everywhere, and the only way it’s going to stop is when Jesus puts his foot down on this earth

  • Kristy Burton
    Kristy Burton Hour ago

    AMEN ❤️🙏❤️

  • Chad Crawford
    Chad Crawford Hour ago

    I figure that Paul is on an airplane ✈️ tonight. 11-13-19!

  • Kristy Burton
    Kristy Burton Hour ago

    BE SAFE ❤️❤️

    • Kristy Burton
      Kristy Burton Hour ago

      You BOTH are Always In My Prayers ❤️🙏❤️

  • foothill mama
    foothill mama Hour ago

    It is safe in ours Father's House

  • dkholt1970
    dkholt1970 2 hours ago

    Hardly any sound. And what you can hear is distorted....badly.

  • joyce smith
    joyce smith 2 hours ago

    Hello Pastor and Heidi, stay safe. I never dream about Presidents but I dreamed about Trump. Weird. He was looking at my house and checking It out for a place for his son. Totally weird.

  • Sarah Marshall
    Sarah Marshall 2 hours ago

    may the lord jesus christ protect all israel people amen!!!

  • Ron Fry
    Ron Fry 2 hours ago

    Yeah you're live nice theatrical

  • Blondie Butaye
    Blondie Butaye 2 hours ago

    Dear Lord, shelter Pastor Paul and Heidi underneath your Jesus’ Mighty Name...Amen and Amen...

  • Heather Carl
    Heather Carl 2 hours ago


  • Carolyn T Lampton
    Carolyn T Lampton 2 hours ago

    Are you all ok

  • Heather Carl
    Heather Carl 2 hours ago

    The time of preparation is over, we have to live like we are ready. Prayer Warriors, Prophets, Watchers I want to Thank You all for all the tremendous work you all have done. Trumpets are blowing, the Seas are roaring, Seals are opening. Thank You Our Heavenly Savior, Your Name, Jeshewa, Christ, El Shedi, Jahova, name above all names Thy Kingdom Come, Amen🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Amy C.
    Amy C. 2 hours ago

    Good to share Jesus with the Jews

  • Friar Rodney Burnap
    Friar Rodney Burnap 2 hours ago

    When are you coming home?

  • Kate Kaplan
    Kate Kaplan 3 hours ago

    Pastor Paul and Heidi - prayers for your safe return home and for the protection of Israel, for wisdom and accurate intel for her leaders. As I listened to this message I heard "Gaza shall be forsaken" in my spirit; so I looked it up - I knew it was a Scripture. It's Zephaniah 2: 4--> "For Gaza shall be forsaken, and Ashkelon a desolation: they shall drive out Ashdod at noon day, and Ekron shall be rooted up." The verse right before this is: "Seek the LORD, all you humble of the land, you who do what He commands. Seek righteousness, seek humility; perhaps you will be sheltered (or hidden) on the day of the LORD's anger." <--Zeph.2: 3 (NIV)

  • TheJules1003
    TheJules1003 3 hours ago

    Paul Begley your cab driver is right my friend. My husband's family went through hell over there during the Lebanese Civil War. I have a video here on that war that would make people run under their beds in fright. Many people have not been the same since and I don't need to explain to intelligent people. Paul all the very best to you and prayers your way.

  • TheJules1003
    TheJules1003 3 hours ago

    Paul Begley your video is censored with this music on. I know my husband is from Lebanon a Christian Maronite (aka Catholic). Be careful Pastor you are not in the US just now. Take care and all the best. I don't need to tell you what I mean.

  • misha bell
    misha bell 3 hours ago

    Super sad theifs stole trailors with 70,000 meals ment for VETERANS😭😭😭😭

  • Tracy Whittamore
    Tracy Whittamore 3 hours ago

    God bless Israel God bless you

    SUSAN TOLLEY 3 hours ago

    can someone tell me which video thats talking about the dust in Australia mike was talking about west and east Australia about two months ago I just cant remember the date can someone help please

  • andy bosik
    andy bosik 3 hours ago

    As a follower of Jesus, I stand with Israel. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. GOD-bless the Jewish People. <>< I also pray for those former muslims who have met and believed in Jesus. GOD bless-you! <><

  • Latisha Noble
    Latisha Noble 3 hours ago

    paster Paul is in God's country he will be safe

  • Adalasia Krigare
    Adalasia Krigare 4 hours ago

    Hell will begin to fill up. God never said to kill in his name.

    • Apostle's And Prophets
      Apostle's And Prophets Hour ago

      Yes hell is already filled up ready for the lake of fire ..cause preaches don't preach about it ....and people don't believe in it well soon they will

  • Julia Wilson
    Julia Wilson 4 hours ago

    My God are you OK???????

  • Julia Wilson
    Julia Wilson 4 hours ago

    what happened, you were talking and all of a sudden no sound ,but can see your lips moving. and Jerusalem cry is playing

  • Josh Doebler
    Josh Doebler 4 hours ago


  • Josh Doebler
    Josh Doebler 4 hours ago

    Potentially APOCALYPTIC!

  • Josh Doebler
    Josh Doebler 4 hours ago

    Is that BIBLICAL? Is Rachel weeping? It's possible...

  • Joe Grizzly
    Joe Grizzly 4 hours ago

    Glad you guys are ok, it’s getting cold over here 🥶

  • William Breaux
    William Breaux 4 hours ago

    I'm getting tired of this rocket rinqy dink bs...why dont they just go to war already...get it over with..I no it won't be good war but I don't see any other alternative 😔...they no it's biblical..there's no turning back now..

  • Carole Ann freeling Ghost

    18 dead ? I call BS

  • ken mcdaniel
    ken mcdaniel 4 hours ago

    I pray for Israel and the the people there .

  • Susan Mills
    Susan Mills 4 hours ago

    Pastor, please tell us if you called and spoke with Mike from around the world before you got on that that boat ride, and if so, what did he say to you please! Thank you. Stay safe.

  • Steven Roy
    Steven Roy 4 hours ago

    Paul Begley technology

  • Steve Mitchell
    Steve Mitchell 4 hours ago

    radiation in the pacific..

  • Starseed
    Starseed 5 hours ago

    Whos always hit first? Childrens! The way the Satanic do all time. Shame on all of them

  • Joias Do Mar Edwardo O Americano Rivera

    I had placed "Red Alert" on my iPhone 8+ and last night this alert system went crazy I stopped counting after Sixty and then this afternoon on Wednesday the 13 more than thirty and at night was at least sixty. What I have noticed is every three hours they shoot their mussels. Okay so Hamas is waiting for people to start to rest and they start shooting at about every three hours. Psychological Warfare. They are so pathetic. God please father protect our brother and sisters in Jerusalem and bring those who wish to curse Israel to be cursed.

  • Suzanne Gunn
    Suzanne Gunn 5 hours ago


  • Becky Lynn
    Becky Lynn 5 hours ago

    Prayers for your safety! God Bless you both!!!

  • jamie turnage
    jamie turnage 5 hours ago

    what are you doing there in the first place you need to be home out of harms way or at least go when there is no fighting

  • jamie turnage
    jamie turnage 5 hours ago

    you video is censored pastor by you tube or google they dont want us to no something we should they cut you off with music and then the sound

  • Aaron Bryant
    Aaron Bryant 5 hours ago

    Just another skirmish that leads to nothing, as always. Netanyahu has no backbone to really and truly clean house with these thugs.

  • Full Shilling
    Full Shilling 5 hours ago

    Why would a Christian pastor visit the synagogue of Satan Israel... 🤔 why aren’t you in Syria helping helpless people

  • Landie H
    Landie H 5 hours ago

    Praying for your safety...Father have your ANGELS place their wings over JERUSALEM creating a hedge of protection over Pastor and Sister Heidi...❤❤❤Amen...Thank you FATHER GOD

  • Travis Cypert
    Travis Cypert 5 hours ago

    Yeah that's right keep telling guys God is moving

  • Travis Cypert
    Travis Cypert 5 hours ago

    Godbless you to brother

  • Travis Cypert
    Travis Cypert 5 hours ago

    There's a lot of things were praying for peace is one of them among one

  • Travis Cypert
    Travis Cypert 5 hours ago

    Well we're praying for you brother trusting God he's going to do some things

  • jewdy wilkerson
    jewdy wilkerson 6 hours ago

    If they don't want the people killed, tell them to stop sending the rockets!!!!! They start this mess, then cry when they retaliation comes.

  • Travis Cypert
    Travis Cypert 6 hours ago

    Me and a bunch of my prayer Warrior groups have been praying for Israel Sydney Australia I've seen it it's horrible and the prayer warriors were on top of it

  • Sharon Reynolds
    Sharon Reynolds 6 hours ago

    Stay safe friend. Prayers 🙏

  • Felice Thornberry
    Felice Thornberry 6 hours ago

    please click (cc) for deaf and hard of hearing people. thank you.

  • Travis Cypert
    Travis Cypert 6 hours ago

    We are praying brother

  • Manuel Aguayo
    Manuel Aguayo 6 hours ago

    They are playing music while u speak...

  • Donna Pierce
    Donna Pierce 6 hours ago


  • Rick M.
    Rick M. 6 hours ago


  • Diane Whitlock
    Diane Whitlock 7 hours ago

    Blessings Begley's, much prayers!

  • Lisa Prentice
    Lisa Prentice 7 hours ago

    Did he actually play the song or no? I dint think he did honestly. Wow what is going on?

  • Gift
    Gift 7 hours ago

    God bless you pastor and your wife🙏

  • Dana Anderson
    Dana Anderson 7 hours ago

    Be very careful Heidi and pastor Begley. I've prayed for your safety

  • Rene Ange
    Rene Ange 7 hours ago

    These plagues are also in Los Angeles CA. Homeless problem is out of control, filth and rates abound. The estimate is one million rats infesting the city, City Hall, PD Dept, etc. Diseases long thought eradicated are back - typhus and bubonic plague!!

  • Dana Anderson
    Dana Anderson 7 hours ago

    Be very careful pastor Begley. Prayers sent out for Heidi and yourself

  • Elipous Cates
    Elipous Cates 7 hours ago

    That's so good 😍😊 that's wonderful..We have to many religious..Holy lands and crazy religious ppl.. Please finish destroing Israel for America freedom..America will claim..These peasants land

  • William Vanderpool
    William Vanderpool 7 hours ago

    no one is talking about this here only you are it's unreal why there not talking about it.

  • AnnaMarie Maestas
    AnnaMarie Maestas 8 hours ago

    WOW, see the information that Steven Ben DeNoon researched about President Trump using an alias name and all his associates and their BIG investments. Evidently this proves how all of the elites are in cahoots with each other. Steven needs to be very careful.

  • Dreamer
    Dreamer 8 hours ago

    You were soooo meant to be there for such a time as this. I plead the precious blood of Jesus over you. Thank you for being there with boots on the ground for us! Ps. 91

  • Carina Rigas
    Carina Rigas 8 hours ago


  • Rd Smith
    Rd Smith 8 hours ago

    From ohio

  • Vern Burden
    Vern Burden 8 hours ago

    Ya I heard music thru the last video and couldn't tell what you were saying.

  • William Vanderpool
    William Vanderpool 8 hours ago

    yes i can here you better now i pray for every one in the holy land and the ....children and the ..old and poor..... be safe guys both of you amen ....pray pray lots and lots of... prays going out to everyone.... take care come home soon... amen. from Alaska

  • George Hernandez
    George Hernandez 8 hours ago

    Stay safe pastor 🙏🏼

  • Beverly Cisse
    Beverly Cisse 8 hours ago

    Praying for the souls of Jerusalem and your safe return. Psalms 121 look to the hills from where your help comes from.

  • Vikki Lawson
    Vikki Lawson 8 hours ago

    Censored on the last video, that explains alot. Come home Pastor Paul and Heidi. We will be praying for your safe return.

  • Deep Impact
    Deep Impact 8 hours ago

    how long is Pastor Paul staying in Israel?

    • Sheryl Draper
      Sheryl Draper 3 hours ago

      He coming home tomorrow (Thursday), praying for a safe trip back home

    • jewdy wilkerson
      jewdy wilkerson 6 hours ago

      Most tours are 10 days long, I think.

  • Ruth Stoker
    Ruth Stoker 8 hours ago

    Jesus Christ is Lord!!! BEBE escalated this; he has no wisdom or concern for life especially Palestinian children. BEBE needs your prayers.

  • Debi Covert
    Debi Covert 8 hours ago

    Thank you for your message but really need to be prepared and speak well ver hard to listen. Most people turn off because we can't listen. Pleases be more prepared and speak better so we can hear your message and not turn you off

  • Little Wolf
    Little Wolf 8 hours ago

    All news is covering is Trumps impeachment process.

  • FaithHopeLove75
    FaithHopeLove75 9 hours ago

    Prayers for safety in Jesus's name! God bless you both! Prayers for Israel!

  • daniel newton
    daniel newton 9 hours ago


  • Wynnye Key
    Wynnye Key 9 hours ago

    Hear you in texas

  • Steven Hutchinson
    Steven Hutchinson 9 hours ago

    The saddest part is, it is most like the American Government doing the Jamming!

    • TheJules1003
      TheJules1003 2 hours ago

      No not the American government folks but the Israeli government and that is for a very good reason. Don't ask and don't make it hard on Pastor Paul. I know what it is all about since my husband's family went through hell during the Lebanese Civil War - no food, no water, no medicine, no electricity, etc. Just pray for the good pastor to come home.

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 9 hours ago

    So it begins...

  • CJ J
    CJ J 9 hours ago

    The Gaza side is saying that Israel provoked the attack first and that the reason for firing is for political strategies for the benefit of Israel.

  • Glenn7780
    Glenn7780 9 hours ago

    I pray that you Pastor Paul and your lady hurry and get back home soon. Isn't it prophecy that Jerusalem will be destroyed? I have thought about Jerusalem is mystery babylon the great instead of the US. After all there will be a new Jerusalem ☝

  • Betty Rickert
    Betty Rickert 9 hours ago

    What time is it there right now?