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    Oh thanks!

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    Unsub this guy

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    More like people sitting bored near a PokeStop with a lure on. :(

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    so true and halauries blcn chvbvhvvcbcb tznxbh what

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    1 dislike from a pokemon hunter.

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      *Pokemon_Go* Unlimited Pokecoins

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      *Pokemon Go Unlimited Pokecoins*

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      *Pokemon_Go Pokecoins*

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      yeah XD

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    XD keep em' coming please!

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    lol so much talent lol 🐔😂🐔

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    וואו! איזה יופי!!

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    Avi St 3 years ago

    Where are more videos bro?

    • Dor Mango
      Dor Mango 3 years ago

      ניסיון נחמד אבי.

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    More please!

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      ניסיון נחמד שאול.

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    noooo! XD

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    Я тебя на сервери видел =)

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    Your videos are great, lol Keep following your heart

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      Thank you for your support! ^~^

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    Im watchingg

  • Real Whigger
    Real Whigger 3 years ago

    I love the editing you make but I think it would be AWSOME if you actually do game plays and edit them... Keep up the great work😁👍🏻

    • Dor Mango
      Dor Mango 3 years ago

      !I understand and Thank you for your support ^~^

  • Avi St
    Avi St 3 years ago

    More videos! too short

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    Raj Hiray 3 years ago

    u could be a champion

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  • Raj Hiray
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    bro y r u doing this???

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  • O S V S L
    O S V S L 3 years ago

    Hey! Do you like the new Doom by chance? Could you watch my video about it and let me know what you think?

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    just no

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    lol that click bait title

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    john cenaXD

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    nice video

  • Avi St
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    Too short

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    fuck you

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      +Dor Mango I See you for 2 Minutes^-^

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      don`t bother he`s like 12 :)

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  • Vasorex
    Vasorex 3 years ago

    Hey, Cooles Video! Verfolge dich schon länger und ich muss sagen deine Videos sind echt gut Mach weiter so! Würde uns freuen wenn du auch bei uns vorbei schaust:

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    Nusse 3 years ago

    saw you on my gaming account on utub is CB_K1NGplays

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    lol i just saw y 4th place in

  • TheBushMaori NZ
    TheBushMaori NZ 3 years ago

    Hey man whats your PSN name can i add you?

    • Dor Mango
      Dor Mango 3 years ago

      +TheBushMaori NZ you are the Sir_skittles26?

  • Epicplier- Septiceye

    amazing if you ask me

    • Dor Mango
      Dor Mango 3 years ago

      +Epicplier- Septiceye thx man ! :D

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    X Dude 3 years ago

    Cool vid bro

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    Vennori 3 years ago

    sweet video, i dropped a like on it! sending love from my channel to yours! :D

    • Dor Mango
      Dor Mango 3 years ago

      +Vennori man your message make my day :D

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    Armin1080P 3 years ago

    Great video! I would like to add it to my Top 5 of the week with credits to you :D, just reply or message Armin1080p on Twitter.

    • Dor Mango
      Dor Mango 3 years ago

      +Armin1080P omg man your Amazing! and sorry i dont have twitter haha

  • Hachinaka
    Hachinaka 3 years ago

    I'm a huge PsVita fan , and I want to say , there's a way to record it properly by hooking it to the computer , and pls play the newest games bruh , this is old , so old and not a PsVita exclusive . Good Luck.

    • Dor Mango
      Dor Mango 3 years ago

      +Genie Gamelab yeah i got you thx for the tip but there a few new games that i like and own

  • Avi St
    Avi St 3 years ago

    You didn't wash your hands properly!