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  • RBLawren63
    RBLawren63 Day ago

    Are these taxi cabs?

  • matheus mathechan

    I hope that thing dont transform to a demolisher

  • Al antoney Francis

    You tube .Killer jook

  • NJPN 2019
    NJPN 2019 2 days ago

    Philippines need this kind of railway

  • Louafi Ahmed
    Louafi Ahmed 2 days ago

    ماشاء الله

  • Louafi Ahmed
    Louafi Ahmed 2 days ago

    ماشاء الله

  • Toan Nguyen
    Toan Nguyen 5 days ago


  • Michael Percival
    Michael Percival 5 days ago


  • BalkanNewMission Balkan

    Ameizing good job !!material how is material ???

  • lacaver64
    lacaver64 7 days ago

    yes you have the true feed you have plongee and you have the ring rolls that you need graduate the inclination I has 4 machines, this machines are repetitive and with very good precicion and you make more tencion and harder the bar and the treads are very glad bye

  • hang xiaohuz
    hang xiaohuz 8 days ago

    This is because the Police in the U.K. cannot be bothered to tell you they found your stolen motorcycle or bike or car or jewellery. Oh sorry they said they never found no jewellery,

  • Kenny G
    Kenny G 9 days ago

    Music.............................S --- U --- C --- K --- S

  • Raju Debnath
    Raju Debnath 9 days ago


  • Christopher Kennedy

    Holy Jesus! I want that drill bit

  • Fesal Khokhar
    Fesal Khokhar 9 days ago

    Best work nice technology

  • Jeremy Akan
    Jeremy Akan 13 days ago

    My hole 🤣

  • Rustic Kumar
    Rustic Kumar 16 days ago

    Hindi vedios banaye sir.

  • mend168
    mend168 19 days ago

    Quite possibly the most annoying background music.

  • Masud Alam
    Masud Alam 19 days ago

    This fohinni used music in background..................!!!

  • Jorge Vidal Ovando
    Jorge Vidal Ovando 20 days ago


  • MattPK
    MattPK 21 day ago

    Very interesting work being done! A wide range of customers. Very nice!

  • Immortal Discoveries


  • Timothy Smith
    Timothy Smith 22 days ago

    Why??? You all suck a bag of dicks!!

  • arnie shanks
    arnie shanks 22 days ago

    And they bang on about the environment These bikes could have given kids and adults such fun and good times but “no” the dictatorship police government we are ruled by wont allow it I’m referring to the first part of the video...,. Let’s crush these perfectly good serviceable bikes then contaminate the earth just a little more and add to pollution..... great thinking wombles

  • Iron Forge
    Iron Forge 25 days ago

    what a waste of time and resources I know many have a tear in their eyes watching this..... i be there with a truck and saving the lot! and whats with the cops in the Hi vis gear lol

  • Derrick Santos
    Derrick Santos 25 days ago

    Finally saw a video on how ships are made... riveting.

  • Vijay Panchal
    Vijay Panchal 27 days ago

    This technology was invent in india many year back we called it TAA. There is story of a blacksmith using this technology for British.

  • Jason Karl
    Jason Karl 28 days ago

    I truly wish to meet the person who put this music together, then listened to it and thought "Ya know what, this sounds good. I made a great decision". I'd actually go as far as to say that this person should never be left alone to make another decision as long as it lives

  • 9
    9 Month ago

    But shouldn't they be opposed 90° between each instead of 180°? P.S...always thought it would have laggers involved in it...guess not

  • B Laws
    B Laws Month ago

    Steel eating machine grinds relentlessly. Until they toss in a 72 schwinn varsity! Eeeeek Emergency all stop! Engine reverse!!! Run for your lives she’s going to blow!!

  • Asmerom Bahta
    Asmerom Bahta Month ago

    Thanks man

  • Павел Сгибнев

    Лучше б мне отдали! Русские поймут😄

  • VIJAY Singh
    VIJAY Singh Month ago


  • Korpai Kpt
    Korpai Kpt Month ago


  • Nobody
    Nobody Month ago

    Why???? I am mechanic, I could made these poor soul back to life again and you killed these poor souls

  • yanik ivanov
    yanik ivanov Month ago

    Electric motor is soo much easier to make and for somre reason electric cars are more expensive....

  • RC Hobbyist Extreme

    Nothing beats a cast crank shaft. Those pressed cranks cannot hold a candle to a good old fashioned cast one.

  • conny hallström
    conny hallström Month ago

    Many of them could been classics =(

  • Vijay Panchal
    Vijay Panchal Month ago

    What an excellent setup excellent tooling and machining. The passion at his best.

  • lin zhu
    lin zhu Month ago

    what are the tool names/categories called?

  • Andreis Melo
    Andreis Melo Month ago

    Who is the manufacturer and brand of this machine?

  • servextreme
    servextreme Month ago

    Why using crappy audiojungle watermarked music? Just picking from NCS (NoCopyrightSounds) would have been far more decent....

  • Raghu Rama Rao Pattamatta

    Japanese space utilisation and provision of public transportation is showcased here through their innovative technology.

  • J.C. Kohle
    J.C. Kohle Month ago

    Such an ordinary crankshaft. I don't accept that this is German engineering manufacture for a minute. Also I am tiring of you Chinglish speaking bastards pretending not to be Asian. You should remove the lousy musical score. And get the hell out ofthe English speaking world with your bloody lies and posing. Crap crankshaft, Another she'll be right product from the home of 90Ib. quarterbacks.

  • Dr.Nadeem Qamar
    Dr.Nadeem Qamar Month ago

    Beautiful n precision in work.

  • chirag satani
    chirag satani Month ago

    Make work

  • banjir jir
    banjir jir Month ago

    The most expensive way to make half omelette

  • Faris Razal
    Faris Razal Month ago

    Annoying music

  • George Rivera
    George Rivera Month ago

    I could have repaired that motorcycle and that bicycle. Bicycles fighting back at 3:13. GO bicycles!

  • mah kouhi
    mah kouhi Month ago

    The best

  • chia sẽ kinh ngiêm đông cơ máy

    viêt nam ma lam đuoc là han o nhuc phá sang

  • Tretown Tret
    Tretown Tret Month ago


  • Kamsala Vijay
    Kamsala Vijay Month ago

    Iti jods

  • Steve Pepin
    Steve Pepin Month ago

    11:46 Hmmm, looks like we're not at Porsche any more...

  • carson chan
    carson chan Month ago

    holy shit

  • AA/AD J
    AA/AD J Month ago

    I think Germany is the last hope for European technology manufacturer. Or maybe Russia and Germany 🤔 ...........

    • Le Chat Botté
      Le Chat Botté 11 days ago

      AA/AD J the UK is still one of the best and most advanced technology, japan an south korea, even the US and canada are amazing

  • Daniel Milliken
    Daniel Milliken Month ago

    No point in doing this tbh it’s a waste of bikes,mopeds and quads which could of been used for parts or actual use. Pointless action tbh . GIMPS

  • renga nathan
    renga nathan Month ago


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  • Sara Gonzalez
    Sara Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Ride that dirtbag!!!🤣😁🤣😁🤣

  • Hassan AL Zubi
    Hassan AL Zubi 2 months ago

    هل يؤدي الى سقوط الباقي بالضروره ام يتخذ شكل حر ? other than screwing the chairs

  • Damal
    Damal 2 months ago


  • Shaheed Baldeo
    Shaheed Baldeo 2 months ago

    How amazing to see the level of comfort that is springing us all the way home ,,. Thanks for the video

  • Know The
    Know The 2 months ago

    What is the milage

  • Amir Jebraili
    Amir Jebraili 2 months ago

    با سلام و عرض ادب خدمت شما

    • Amir Jebraili
      Amir Jebraili 2 months ago

      در مورد ساخت دستگاه های باور سازی با نقشه و ابعاد آن. فیلم بگذارید

  • Farid Alam
    Farid Alam 2 months ago


  • El Padre De Los Homúnculos

    Doitsu no kagaku wa sekai ichi!

  • Rawaid Ahmad
    Rawaid Ahmad 2 months ago

    I am new here and i M intreted in this feild and i M tourist

  • Rawaid Ahmad
    Rawaid Ahmad 2 months ago


  • Nguyen Phong
    Nguyen Phong 2 months ago

    Ai VN like cái nào?

  • lucio alves
    lucio alves 2 months ago


  • Bry Baller
    Bry Baller 2 months ago

    Is this crankshaft gonna be put in BMWs?

  • antonius weijers
    antonius weijers 2 months ago

    Very Very Interesting Documentary.. Delete the Stupid Annoying Background Noise Please..

  • Jerry Wiki
    Jerry Wiki 2 months ago

    Wat a waste of motorbikes

  • Yuki Mosincha
    Yuki Mosincha 2 months ago

    I want one moto for me!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢

  • Yuki Mosincha
    Yuki Mosincha 2 months ago

    My favorite vid of the trash destruction 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    SPIDERS WEB 2 months ago

    What a bunch of and adults in poorer countries would appreciate these bikes very people are very selfish for crushing these bikes🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚵‍♂️... you have no conception of what it would have ment for poor people to have one of these for transport...instead of walking 10 miles for water or food,they could have ridden...very selfish you should be ashamed for doing this...horrible 😥😪🤬

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 2 months ago

    Es un buen sitio para meter, a tanto político corrupto, a religiosos violadores, y demás lacras delincuentes de mi país . Saludos desde Colombia

  • Buicaotien Bui caotien

    Toàn xe chất cho tui một cn

  • Kemalettin Tetik
    Kemalettin Tetik 2 months ago

    Kolay gelsin👍

  • Roy Rice
    Roy Rice 2 months ago

    For those of you who don't know what's happening here, it's called "re-cycling".......

  • Roy Rice
    Roy Rice 2 months ago

    Japan has too much "stuff"........yuh think!!!!

  • Roy Rice
    Roy Rice 2 months ago

    What you, your bike and a brick wall look like at 200 mph.

  • احمد احمد شريف


  • Nghia Tran
    Nghia Tran 2 months ago

    Vinfat cũng làm được... Hay quá ah

  • Ronaldo Bezerra
    Ronaldo Bezerra 2 months ago

    Trabalho totalmente mecanizado

  • Nguyễn Phú Trọng
    Nguyễn Phú Trọng 2 months ago

    is the welding tech for round objects only?

  • dennis neo
    dennis neo 2 months ago

    But it does nothing, so it's not even as good as a Swiss watch movement.

  • Алексей Коняшкин

    Сердце кровью облилось,когда мотоцикл уничтожили

  • Cozyhome
    Cozyhome 3 months ago

    Wrong title.

  • RedneckSpaceMan
    RedneckSpaceMan 3 months ago


  • Rony Raj
    Rony Raj 3 months ago

    Tata ace ingine valbe

  • Atabek Devleti Ahiska Türk

    А в росии за спиженый велик 15 лет дают

  • Stewart Gani
    Stewart Gani 3 months ago

    All those poor motorcycles, my heart just breaks by looking at it....

  • Bolero Quê hương
    Bolero Quê hương 3 months ago

    Toàn xe đẹp, bỏ uổng quá

  • planetcheck
    planetcheck 3 months ago

    Horror video!

  • james1seattle
    james1seattle 3 months ago

    This would have been a great video if you had not put an orange and black area at the bottom blocking part of the manufactering process. Perhaps minimal text at the bottom explaining the process we were watching would have been better. I wasn't interested in BMW. Also, it seemed more like a video made to compare Chinese manufacturing to German manufacturing than a video about Porsche.

  • rajanik movaliya
    rajanik movaliya 3 months ago

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