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David E. Tavarez
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  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 12 days ago

    its called baby got back

  • Kaidan Hetzer
    Kaidan Hetzer Month ago

    Holy crap for the UN it was kim

  • Mitsuo Mits
    Mitsuo Mits Month ago

    Lol never saw this one... How many of this are there!?😂😂😟

  • mil2k11
    mil2k11 4 months ago

    I'm sorry. Brian Williams was a boss. The fact he lost his job simply because he fibbed a bit as to his whereabouts during certain occasions should seem quite small compared to how these other old-school guys are losing theirs. You assault somebody you lose your job. You fabricate a story you lose your job. Something doesn't sit right with me there. Bring Brian Back! In today's world, he did nothing wrong. He just tried gaining ratings for the CEO's and others who are at risk if their stock shares don't go up. He took a bullet for you tools - man up and give that man a raise.

    • Muff Diver
      Muff Diver Month ago

      Brian Williams didn't "take any bullets". He LIED about "taking bullets". And whereas some public figures are expected to lie, this is not the case with network news anchors. Walter Cronkite was the "most trusted man in America". David Brinkley, Peter Jennings & Tom Brokaw were similarly esteemed & trusted, because of their perceived objectivity & honesty. By contrast, Brian Williams, despite being paid a healthy 25 million a year to simply deliver actual news, sought personal glorification by *FALSELY* insinuating *HIMSELF* into the news with bullshit TALL tales about being shot down aboard a military aircraft. His credibility as a "journalist" is now nonexistent, and that's why he's currently where he belongs: a hack, dishing out left-wing opinion & commentary on MSNBC.

  • Devon Kildare
    Devon Kildare 6 months ago

    this is why the internet was invented

  • Rob Ricci
    Rob Ricci 6 months ago

    This was done before the late night hosts decided to go against Trump.

    • Stevie
      Stevie 19 days ago

      And for good reason, lol.

  • Paul Stephens
    Paul Stephens 8 months ago

    not to be a buzzkill, but the song is actually called Baby Got Back.

    • Kellie Kane
      Kellie Kane Month ago

      Absolutely! I hate when people can't get the title right

  • Jorge Esquivia Escobar

    0:23 best part LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂

  • oldschoolsinger
    oldschoolsinger 10 months ago

    Pure fucking genius. Probably one of the most original, creative videos ever made.

  • Matt Elrod
    Matt Elrod 10 months ago

    Kathy lee saying makes me so horny is the best part of this

  • Tyler Nersinger
    Tyler Nersinger 11 months ago

    "I like big butts and I cannot lie." I think that's the only thing you can't lie about, Mr. Williams. Or maybe you were lying about that too.

  • crystalclear
    crystalclear 11 months ago

    Jeez...i'm gonna pee my pants

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Year ago


  • Black Goku
    Black Goku Year ago

    How did i got “tied” up here?

  • Jack Flynn
    Jack Flynn Year ago

    Why I am focusing on his ties?

    • Abhishek Iyer
      Abhishek Iyer Year ago

      Jack Flynn sounds like someone’s hooked and can’t stop staring

  • John Frost
    John Frost Year ago

    How is this not more popular? This is amazing.

    • Brian G
      Brian G 6 months ago

      Brian Williams got caught in a couple lies about his coverage in the war and he was thrashed and got demoted to reports on MSNBC.

    • DreamyWolf
      DreamyWolf 11 months ago

      vasilip They're gone cause Brian fucked up.

    • vasilip
      vasilip Year ago

      Original uploads of Brian Williams rap-videos had millions of views, I dont know why they are gone.

  • Frank Castle The Punisher

    How much tie has this man ??

  • jacob matthews
    jacob matthews Year ago

    Laugh track ruins it

    • Jerod M
      Jerod M Year ago

      it's not a laugh track. This was played on Jimmy Fallon and the laughing was from the audience in the studio as they played it.

  • Ludmila Barros
    Ludmila Barros 7 years ago

    nice video.