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  • Sept77
    Sept77 2 days ago

    Just date the spider, you fucking coward

  • Doctor Doctor
    Doctor Doctor Month ago

    I know I’m late to the party but a movie of this would be great imagine if it’s was the crew trying to get out and or making a living on the ship and during it people die from like old age or accidents just in the end the main character who looks pretty old in the end wasn’t old at all finds out that his wife was a monster that try’s to comfort the crew before they die from melnorish making it seem like time went by so long in there head but in reality was only two weeks and the crew members who died naturally died because of starvation

  • Hawkins 157
    Hawkins 157 Month ago

    Ignorance is bliss.

  • osita pelu -chan UwU σѕιтα

    3:00 xdxd me morí de la risa aunque si es muchas veces sierto xd

  • xyoopridex
    xyoopridex Month ago

    I understand the alien but what the hell happened to the space itself?

  • TaliiLars
    TaliiLars Month ago

    Nice. Free sex.

  • Crazy ChickenGuy
    Crazy ChickenGuy Month ago

    Got some dead space vibes from this one somehow

  • Frankie
    Frankie 2 months ago

    Two of my favorite SUBTLE details I didn’t catch til about the 4th watch was the alien changes the scenario minutely and “Greta” walks in and greets him on his left where initially it was his right at the beginning as to ensuring the fantasy is never second guessed The second detail being how the second time around the pain in her voice and face when she goes “hey thom” and “it’s good to see you”.....what a short but effective episode :) did better in minutes what event horizon did at full length 😬

  • —TheLegend27 —
    —TheLegend27 — 2 months ago

    When in doubt Paper bag it

  • Sebastian Avanzatti
    Sebastian Avanzatti 2 months ago [love death & robots] - three robots - the extinction of the human race

  • Ryan McLaughlin
    Ryan McLaughlin 2 months ago

    This is Camille Paglia's book Sexual Personae in a nutshell...

  • mreshadow
    mreshadow 3 months ago

    Imagine if someone knew you as well as you know yourself - all your memories, experiences and feelings. They would feel all the trauma that you do when this happens. She's done it so many times

  • mint chan
    mint chan 3 months ago


  • mint chan
    mint chan 3 months ago


  • Makuta Firkax
    Makuta Firkax 3 months ago

    reality is often disappointing.

  • nathan taylor
    nathan taylor 3 months ago

    I think she/they enjoy learning about alien life the same way we do. But if you'er stuck in the middle of space you still have to eat! Here's an interesting question what would the human race do in the reverse situation? If we had nothing but horrible looking aliens life sent our way. I think we would study some, learn to love some and eat some.

  • Joseph Medrano
    Joseph Medrano 3 months ago

    Bro imagine if video games look this good

  • El Macho
    El Macho 3 months ago

    That was . . . scary!

  • Yellow Pikmin88
    Yellow Pikmin88 3 months ago

    Like many others have said the creature is guardian wanting to give the stranded a peaceful passing within the illusion rather than leave them to die a slow painful death from starvation/dehydration. Not only that but she also uses the illusion because the stranded are too small minded to see past her lovecraftian appearance. It's easy for someone to take one look at her true form and go "AGH! Help! Run! A big scary ugly alien and it's gonna eat me!"

  • Chris Andrew 2002
    Chris Andrew 2002 4 months ago

    It’s fucked up because he really has no choice to accept the fake reality. If he tries to fight it he’s just going to wake up to himself starving to death as he can’t even stand up. This would be such a bad trip

  • Travis
    Travis 4 months ago

    Watched this at 2 am with a friend who what hed it already. After that part I looked at him and asked, "you expect me to go to sleep after that?"

  • Syrus Henry
    Syrus Henry 4 months ago

    This episode gives me chills every time

  • Ivan Raimi
    Ivan Raimi 4 months ago

    It makes you wonder what is out there in space. Those kind of creatures and places might really exist in our universe

  • Ultralagger R.E.V
    Ultralagger R.E.V 4 months ago

    Siri got hired on this

  • Tom Couger
    Tom Couger 4 months ago

    Spider has puss puss?

  • The asiatic Lion
    The asiatic Lion 4 months ago

    The main character is racist the spider just wanted to give home a home.

  • the living God limbo
    the living God limbo 4 months ago

    So did he fuck a spider

  • Alex L.
    Alex L. 4 months ago

    Guys, is you have questions about plot - just read novel Beyond the Aquila Rift by Alastair Reynolds. Movie based on it!

  • The Gharqad Tree
    The Gharqad Tree 4 months ago

    Potatoes English explanation : For those who have not understood yet, this is all about the religion called « catholicism ». This is a sci-fi version of the lambs, a place beteween heaven and hell for children who has not been baptised. The lost soul. The spider is a copy of the virgin mary who takes care of the humankind’s. That’s why there is so much religious symbols in the entire episode. Stange serie btw. I feel something really morbid in it.

  • Treppenwitz ‍
    Treppenwitz ‍ 4 months ago

    Honestly I'd rather smash the alien itself

  • Sikkunt Che
    Sikkunt Che 4 months ago

    The music enhanced this episode so much... I’ve never felt this feeling before

  • [Soul Rebel In Stereo]

    Its from an outer limits episode lmao

  • Baabaablacksheephaveyouanywool

    Greta looks like an alien anus with the heart of an angel.

  • Deborah Stephens
    Deborah Stephens 4 months ago

    I don’t think he should have been able to walk in his emaciated state

  • Jorge Jaramillo
    Jorge Jaramillo 5 months ago

    Yo : mamá la magia existe Mamá: .....emm ok

  • IG: WotAndresito
    IG: WotAndresito 5 months ago

    I need more

  • The Screenslaver
    The Screenslaver 5 months ago

    If I had a baby I would want K-VRC monitoring him/her despite them not being that great at their job

  • nicko
    nicko 5 months ago

    yer average night in the warp

  • X Versum
    X Versum 5 months ago

    Say: "Terabyte"

  • pac-man pro
    pac-man pro 6 months ago

    jaja que estaba aquí para que se me aparecen las fotos y no se cuando se puede hacer un comentario


    Luis Dewitt ¿que tal si haces una colaboración con TL2bie?

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez 6 months ago

    When I first saw the ending I thought Tom was in Hell.

  • Odin Son
    Odin Son 6 months ago

    I'd wake up. Eat some leftovers from my ship and the other ships and just try to live in real life. Greta though looks like monster from Earth's standards I'd get over it after the initial shock.

  • Corvo .Attano
    Corvo .Attano 6 months ago

    1:17 you can see something starting to ooze from what might be her tear canals. We can assume this due to this creature having different biology. I do not believe that this creature is malevolent in the slightest. It has the ability to read minds, which could be a result of the advanced empathy it possessed, much more so than anything in human imagination. I would presume that reading a creatures mind would require the highest degree of empathy and advanced intelligence. I believe that she was the first of the lost souls to end up there, so she more than anyone else understand their predicament. I would want Alastair Reynolds to expand on this more!

  • Thegalian 08
    Thegalian 08 6 months ago


  • philip joseph
    philip joseph 6 months ago

    Everybody laying the fuck down. Nobody ready for that shit

  • Jxudo
    Jxudo 6 months ago

    Best episode of the whole series.

  • The native group Small town folk

    I like how the episode ends with a “living in the shadows”

  • Kitty Doggo
    Kitty Doggo 6 months ago

    But I'm actually being real here, K-Vrc is THICC

    EL SÁNDWICH MÁGICO 6 months ago


  • Mastergifle
    Mastergifle 6 months ago


  • King C
    King C 6 months ago

    At the end Siri had a flash back I know that's not her name but she sounds like her

  • Pale Embers
    Pale Embers 6 months ago

    Greta screams Thom screams I scream Stole it from someone. Hehe

  • Armisael
    Armisael 6 months ago

    "Hey, you can't just crack one of those off, you gotta WARN us..."

  • Mecha Zombie
    Mecha Zombie 7 months ago

    Greta is my waifu <3

  • W X
    W X 7 months ago

    Best ending scene...

  • Breeze
    Breeze 7 months ago

    Ive made an edit with this episode, im sure you will love it :3

  • Baron Harkonnen
    Baron Harkonnen 7 months ago

    kill it with fire

  • Ivan Marinov
    Ivan Marinov 7 months ago

    I wonder when she says "I care for all the lost souls that end up here" if it can also be interpreted as her saying she's a custodian not that she necessarily has empathy for them.

  • Jonathon Polk
    Jonathon Polk 7 months ago

    One thing that was omitted from the show is why no one can go back (other than the time and resource requirements). There were hubs of sender units throught the galaxy, created by an unknown race. Each hub was in a "bubble" of lower mass density than the background, allowing for easier jump routes due to less interference. The hubs were initially connected, but over the course of time, stars shifted and many connections (including all the routes between hubs) were lost. Some senders drifted beyond the bubbles and got lost out in the middle of nowhere. Occasionally, a glitch in the sender network allowed for a route connection to be made with a lost sender unit. The story doesnt explicitly say why, but it implies this is a consequence of the fact that the network was designed to operate as a fully integrated whole (rather than disconnected hubs), and that glitches allowing unwanted remote connections occurred when the system tried to return to its base operating protocol, or when galactic shift enabled temporary reconnections among senders. However, travel among senders creates "turbulence" that can damage ships if the course is not correctly plotted. This is what happened to the crew and all the other castaways from alien races. An accidental connection to a lost sender occurred, but due to the rough course plotting and duration of the jumps, the trip would tear ships apart, such that they were inoperative upon arrival at the hive. And because the lost sender was so far away, it was completely disconnected from any other hub, so it could not be used to go home. Further, they cant settle on any nearby star systems because the lost sender is 1/2 light year from the nearest star, which is too far for sublight travel. Also, the star is a brown dwarf that will not have any inhabitable planets. So they are all stranded with nowhere to go.

  • Zonatewalter7
    Zonatewalter7 7 months ago

    I think that Greta is supposed to be an empathetic creature, otherwise her appearance wouldn't make sense. Her abominable physiology was designed to be a stark contrast to her compassion; probably a main theme of the story and not to mention that the scenario where Greta keeps Tom there just to be consumed is too unimaginative since the story would become a simple horror tale.

  • Nancy l
    Nancy l 7 months ago

    My favorite episode!! Powerful and scary throughout . Especially the ending! I saw this episode several times!

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 7 months ago

    Thom= Moth

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez 7 months ago

    Poor Greta, having to do this simulation with so many other people. She can never fully interact with them or help keep them alive so all she can do is stay in the shadows and keep them happy.

  • Gary King
    Gary King 7 months ago

    How the hell does he stand up so easily when he’s THAT weak and malnourished. He’s skinnier than me, for crying out loud!

    • Bobby Rebholz
      Bobby Rebholz 18 days ago

      he didn't stand up easily. He needed to support his entire weight on his pod with his left hand and then he limped. Dude barely was able to move.

  • 陈彦
    陈彦 7 months ago

    am i something wrong ? i still want this girl after seeing truth. back to the dream.

  • Kim Phụng
    Kim Phụng 7 months ago

    Empathy my ass ! That creature suck dry his life in reality but also make a beautiful illusion about it , just like muder in her own paradise . It’s not caring or loving , that’s a bullshit lies they made out of it ! Well the background music when he met her says it all , he’s just being fooled by things called love :)

  • Lil Stupid
    Lil Stupid 7 months ago

    I would be scared too of that spider even though if i lnow it doesnt want to do any harm i mean just look at it. Oh GAWD its the first time i know true fear.

  • blushandcannabis89
    blushandcannabis89 7 months ago

    This was my absolute FAVORITE episode. Talk about a mind fuck

  • fongfongy
    fongfongy 7 months ago

    One thing that confuses me is that she genuinely seems to care for the "lost souls", however, they all seem to be caught in a trap of her own making. I guess we can only speculate as to how she arrived there, her motivations etc

  • slapabantha
    slapabantha 7 months ago

    You people that actually think Greta is... "consuming" them, are ridiculous. If her motivation was to consume them what benefit does keeping them docile/entranced in a perfect peaceful scenario give to her? She could easily kill Tom, considering he's weak and emaciated...if it was as simple as her consuming them she would've done it already. There is no reason to keep them alive and ease their suffering, if that were the case. The only other logical explination is that she is a truly benevolent and empathetic creature and her intentions are completely pure...she is merely trying to bring peace to their inevitable and shocking end. (starving to death on an anomalous space station, hundreds of light years from earth, with no real explanation as to how/why they got there ...)

    • Nate
      Nate 3 months ago

      Think of it as living on a farm, and playing with your favorite pig, which you name Emma. You like Emma, but you know deep down that its not gonna last, and you're gonna have to eat at some point. So, you give Emma what comfort you can before the day comes.

    PEGASUS MASTER 7 months ago

    Never look your food in the eye lmao.

    MISAEL G.P. 7 months ago

    Silly humans, the tardigrade is the REAL pinnacle of creation!

  • julius abuan
    julius abuan 7 months ago

    bunch of morons - robot w hat

  • Romeo Class
    Romeo Class 7 months ago

    Anyone know if that music fading in while explanation about human extinction is from an actual song?

  • Methlokaijufan97
    Methlokaijufan97 7 months ago

    Is that Hugh jackman ?

  • blackshot
    blackshot 7 months ago

    Song name in the end?

  • Sorry Mom I Am So High

    Lmao he got the sloppy from the xenomoroh

  • trippin916
    trippin916 7 months ago

    such a perfect soundtrack.

  • LIMBO 777 crak
    LIMBO 777 crak 7 months ago

    Puto haquer

  • dany E_z
    dany E_z 7 months ago

    Como se llama la musica de el 1:22

  • jonharson
    jonharson 7 months ago

    Mass Effect 4: Andromeda's Madness

  • G3t R3kt O.o
    G3t R3kt O.o 7 months ago

    I think he just take care off the People ho Landed in the Station dat they have an Easyer Death

  • LorenZ
    LorenZ 7 months ago

    This episode is stuck in my head. It has so many interpretation. A wonderful rapresentation of the real meaning of cosmic horror.

  • haw yee
    haw yee 7 months ago

    greta's face when she says "alright thom" has haunted me since i watched this

  • Flightcore ?
    Flightcore ? 7 months ago

    Okay, but what happened to the station then? It's pretty obvious that there must have been normal live some time ago

    • pie puppy
      pie puppy 7 months ago

      Flightcore ? Or not. It almost seems as tho these creatures managed to turn a huge floating meteor into a hive. Thom is standing on his ship and everything else unnatural in the place is also other ships. It may just be a huge space rock with a giant hole in it, taken over by those creatures and the victims are led to believe its a station

  • Nadia
    Nadia 7 months ago

    That shit fucked me up so bad

  • Lutendo Sikhala
    Lutendo Sikhala 7 months ago

    Lol I literally also screamed with Thom when that creature came out

  • Alexander Fukui
    Alexander Fukui 8 months ago

    1:13 What she shows in her profile pic. 1:17 What you get in real life.

    • Deborah Stephens
      Deborah Stephens 4 months ago

      Alexander Fukui they totally knew what they were doing there XD I thought it was gonna be the purple lady from mass effect but BOY was I wrong

  • Булат Усманов

    "Three worlds collide" by Yudkowski.

  • ZgermanGuy
    ZgermanGuy 8 months ago

    The thing that many people missed. In the beginning of the episode we saw a small statue of maria and jesus symbolising how the spider Queen loves the lost souls just like a mother loves her children. Also what is the cornerstone of christianity? Mercy, the creatures know that humans cant handle how they look so they do the only merciful thing that they can in this bad Situation they put them in a dream world so they can atleast die happy and not have to slowly starve to death and be afraid

  • Alby Uras
    Alby Uras 8 months ago

    If she cares for him, why did he become so thin?

    • Thomas Raines
      Thomas Raines 7 months ago

      Alby Uras there’s no food they’re in the middle of fucking nowhere.

    • Tyler Baldwin
      Tyler Baldwin 8 months ago

      Because it's likely that there isn't food for the humans stranded there.

  • The Hash Slinging Slasher

    You can see the pain in her eyes when she said yes it's really me John

  • Kanati
    Kanati 8 months ago

    If they release a plushie of the orange bot I will buy it instantly

  • Alexanime
    Alexanime 8 months ago

    Realtalk! I love the series. All episodes are really great and they give me a message. All art styles! So many work for little movies about "Lucky 13", a spaceship with bad legends, but its loyalty; "Three Robots" looking at the destroyed world after existence of humans; "Zima Blue" give us a moment thinking about the meaning of life; a yogurt controlls the stupid mankind; "Good Hunting"s story is really deep for me or "Beyond The Aquila-Rift" remembered me like "Dead Space"! (I like the trilogy) I love "Love Death + Robots" and robots! Sorry for that, but its true. 🖕😂 And sorry for my english. Its not my first language... ^^"

  • TerminalCarrion
    TerminalCarrion 8 months ago

    The horrifying imagery made me want to be cynical, but I’d like to think that whatever the hive was really did care. That there just wasn’t anyway to get them back or help them. They repeatedly tried to help the minds of the people stuck there. They didn’t try to hide the truth, they eased them into it piece by piece. When it was too much, they hit reset and tried again. I think their ultimate goal would be to have them aware of the truth without mentally breaking them, letting them spend their remaining time happy but not ignorant of their situation.

    THE NEGROMANCER 8 months ago

    My interpretation was that the aliens “care” for the humans is to feed off them to survive but try to give them a paradise in their minds

    • Wowisthatasardinecan 11
      Wowisthatasardinecan 11 7 months ago

      Kevineitor199 it’s not a mass relay but it does look like one. But yeah the alien actually does legitimately care for them, and rather them waking up to a literal hell so puts them into comfortable environment. It’s basically a hospice she’s created because everyone who goes there will die eventually. Maybe she eats them after they die though

      THE NEGROMANCER 7 months ago

      Kevineitor199 wow that’s amazing

    • Kevinsky
      Kevinsky 7 months ago

      i read about this story and basically the alien tries to give them a mental paradise becuase the mass relay sometimes fail and they get send off course, and she really care for them she isnt feeding on them

  • Demon Hunter
    Demon Hunter 8 months ago

    This reminds alot of the game SOMA, the ending is quite similar as well. For me, this short it is a greater play on the phrase "ignorance is bliss". Faced with the utter hopelessness of the situation, is it better to live in a fictional reality? It is a more extreme reflection on how modern society works today; we humans constantly looking for different forms of distractions to avoid the harsh realities of life. We would rather spend time and effort in fictional worlds than in the actual world we live in. This can easily be a metaphor for different forms of addiction, escapism, and other ways people do to try and escape from the reality of simply living. If you really want to get meta, watching Love Death + Robots is in itself a escape/distraction from the reality of our own lives.

  • Splat Pad
    Splat Pad 8 months ago

    So if the first robot's name is "XBOT 4000" and the second robot's name is "K-VRC", then what's the name of the third robot?

  • Michael Beever
    Michael Beever 8 months ago

    Couldn't she ease him into it? If she's being truthful, surely she could use her telepathy to gradually introduce him to his surroundings? The way she said "you're not ready" makes me think that it's not a problem of food or water, it's one of mental stability. She knows how his mind works, so why would she reveal herself to him that way, knowing how strange she looks to a human?

    • Thomas Raines
      Thomas Raines 7 months ago

      The Stars Called, They Want Their Dust Back he wanted the truth, the FULL truth and she tried several times to explain to him in a way what was happening in a calm gentle way and he wouldn’t listen so she complied with what he wanted.

    • drewsterman
      drewsterman 7 months ago

      Nope! She gave him exactly what he asked for