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24 HOUR Tropical Tree Fort!!
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  • Gennifer Pate
    Gennifer Pate 2 hours ago


  • Gennifer Pate
    Gennifer Pate 2 hours ago


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  • Syhime Murray
    Syhime Murray 3 hours ago

    Staff off ouch 2.0

  • Helayna Desrochers
    Helayna Desrochers 3 hours ago

    Chris is a faker

  • Helayna Desrochers
    Helayna Desrochers 3 hours ago

    Who os watching in 2019

  • Anthony Solis LaBelle

    So sad

  • Cayleb Tucker
    Cayleb Tucker 3 hours ago

    This was so awesome

  • Christo Sanchez
    Christo Sanchez 3 hours ago


  • Brandi Finley
    Brandi Finley 3 hours ago

    Their was probably an animal attack at the zoo or somethin like dat

  • The Toy Crew
    The Toy Crew 3 hours ago

    poor Jeffy + Roby lucky Criss. 1. ICE WATER 2.GLITER GUE 3.FETHERS AND GLUE # Criss plays in flour, canon ball!

  • Allison Marie
    Allison Marie 3 hours ago

    I like your names andvideosby

    • Allison Marie
      Allison Marie 3 hours ago


    • Allison Marie
      Allison Marie 3 hours ago


  • Carl Clapham
    Carl Clapham 3 hours ago

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  • macen henderson
    macen henderson 3 hours ago

    Wow so cool, I like and hit the bell and subscribe

  • Rhonda McLean
    Rhonda McLean 3 hours ago

    Black side deadly racest

  • Nicole Patterson
    Nicole Patterson 4 hours ago


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    jaytee2300 4 hours ago


  • Blackout Studios
    Blackout Studios 4 hours ago

    2:58 he should have named it diversity

  • Nitro_Ninja737
    Nitro_Ninja737 4 hours ago

    Staff of ouch 2.0

  • hungrytadpole
    hungrytadpole 4 hours ago

    Starf of ouch 2.0

  • Janeth Garcia
    Janeth Garcia 4 hours ago

    I cracked my ipad because I hit the subscribe button way to hard now I need a new one

  • Bharat Vekariya
    Bharat Vekariya 4 hours ago

    Stupid stupid man is Jeff

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  • Funniest Channel
    Funniest Channel 4 hours ago


  • Michael Rees
    Michael Rees 4 hours ago

    Hi cam and jeff

  • Cassidy Evans
    Cassidy Evans 5 hours ago

    How do you get these ideas and you are awesome

  • Cassy Martin
    Cassy Martin 5 hours ago

    I can do a back 360

  • Ian M
    Ian M 5 hours ago

    Make a boat for all of you to float on

  • Cassidy Evans
    Cassidy Evans 5 hours ago

    I just love jeef and his boat

  • CagyStarfish 311
    CagyStarfish 311 5 hours ago

    I love you guys keep it up

  • Maripet Short
    Maripet Short 5 hours ago

    1463 that’s the code

  • IDontKnowAName oof
    IDontKnowAName oof 5 hours ago


  • Hussen Sedebeh
    Hussen Sedebeh 5 hours ago

    jeff is like

  • Hussen Sedebeh
    Hussen Sedebeh 5 hours ago


  • Evilpudding 35
    Evilpudding 35 5 hours ago

    I don’t think they should jump in the pool with those weapon

  • Callie Wilson
    Callie Wilson 5 hours ago

    If you like the dangie bros then leave a like and comment

  • David VnG
    David VnG 5 hours ago

    Am i the only one that knows Corbin from Guava Juice

  • Lewis Liu
    Lewis Liu 6 hours ago

    I have karate chopped a wooden board before

  • Kimberly Cullen
    Kimberly Cullen 6 hours ago

    Robert is upset one like= one good weapon for Rob

  • Markiplier. Depression

    They are snorkeling not scubaing lol no hate tho

  • Solo Clutch
    Solo Clutch 6 hours ago

    Thanks to yall I got a free games. Yall are the best. Plz give shout out youtube channel Solo Clutch

  • Bobby G
    Bobby G 6 hours ago

    Jeff gets the cool point

  • Madison Southard
    Madison Southard 6 hours ago


  • Mitchell Miller
    Mitchell Miller 6 hours ago


  • FaZeArrow400
    FaZeArrow400 6 hours ago

    Who s warning in 2020

  • Spong Bob
    Spong Bob 6 hours ago

    I see new comments in your old channel when u played clash royal πŸ‘‘

  • Logan Lemons
    Logan Lemons 6 hours ago

    Jeff why are you always making Spears

  • Cap Forever
    Cap Forever 6 hours ago

    You guys should make a diy weapons you chose for each other

  • Crazy_Kittens_That_Multiply *

    *”I saw a really cute chick-...en”*

  • tux pop
    tux pop 7 hours ago

    It looks like Thor's tiny hammer and storm breaker

  • Jonah & Alex Shapiro

    I remember when the channel was called cam and jeff

  • Jack o lantern 14
    Jack o lantern 14 7 hours ago

    Jeff=Donald Duck

  • Madison Davis
    Madison Davis 7 hours ago

    More like the com back is nub πŸ₯΄

  • E Simpson323
    E Simpson323 7 hours ago


  • Lyric Central
    Lyric Central 7 hours ago

    I’m so sorry Jeff ( for laughing).

  • Kyle Mears
    Kyle Mears 7 hours ago

    Banana I love you you are so cool 😎

  • Kaedence Rodine
    Kaedence Rodine 7 hours ago

    Staff of ouch 2.0

  • shincy jose
    shincy jose 7 hours ago

    Rob You are a nub

  • Lila Beamish
    Lila Beamish 8 hours ago

    Poor Jeff

  • Damen Tube
    Damen Tube 8 hours ago

    I like double shot latte

  • Rachelmummy Ace
    Rachelmummy Ace 8 hours ago

    I'm watching this in 2019 reply and put 2019 to if you're watching this in 2019

  • shay kinsella
    shay kinsella 9 hours ago

    5:56-6:03 what the f***

  • Jaxx gaming
    Jaxx gaming 9 hours ago

    7:02 don't worry u look good

  • Jo WΓ llace
    Jo WΓ llace 9 hours ago


  • Julie Yorke
    Julie Yorke 9 hours ago

    Staff of ouch 2β€’0 one like =one pray

  • Jonas Rynning
    Jonas Rynning 9 hours ago

    The first one shuld been named yin and yang

  • Andy Clark
    Andy Clark 9 hours ago

    Chris is

  • Keith Briggs
    Keith Briggs 9 hours ago

    I like Jeff s

  • SMG Anims
    SMG Anims 10 hours ago

    I would've named Jeff's weapon "Ying and Yang" cuz light and dark or something like that... But I like the staff of ouch "ouch I stubbed my toe" and im dissapointed in robs weapon and I batter run from chris's Edit these are all supposed to be jokes sorry if I upset u rob

  • Alaan Hazmath
    Alaan Hazmath 10 hours ago


    JAKE STER 10 hours ago

    What’s the difference between snowmen and snow women.............. snow balls

  • jeebus022
    jeebus022 10 hours ago

    The return of the mouse traps! I was watching your older videos and those mouse traps always brought the lulz.

  • Will Taylor
    Will Taylor 10 hours ago

    RIP Mr. Frosty

  • Will Taylor
    Will Taylor 10 hours ago

    I love Mr. Snowman

  • Saxon Pouncey
    Saxon Pouncey 10 hours ago

    Did anybody see a shadow in Christmas doing his weapon

  • gio _
    gio _ 10 hours ago

    Bamboo shoot??? The name should be "Bamburrito" sorry for the bad joke

  • Sydney Littdem
    Sydney Littdem 10 hours ago

    Robert's weapon is the coolest!

  • eryk the cool guy !
    eryk the cool guy ! 10 hours ago

    I love you danger bros

  • Nicole Dorrian
    Nicole Dorrian 11 hours ago

    Here before 2mil

  • Loizos Papacharalambous

    Was this their first video

  • Philip Foran
    Philip Foran 11 hours ago

    I think jeff

  • Jennifer Reiner
    Jennifer Reiner 11 hours ago

    The only one that has the most of us who we were all very good condition and a lot more to do. but, it would take to make a yout I was a little while πŸ˜ πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜›

    MICHAEL POWER 11 hours ago


  • Zachary Kevin
    Zachary Kevin 12 hours ago

    How did you bye stuff on amazon if the amazon is on fire πŸ”₯

  • Crystal Hopper
    Crystal Hopper 12 hours ago


  • Hafjell Rc
    Hafjell Rc 12 hours ago


  • The Mexican Trio Vlogers


  • The Mexican Trio Vlogers


  • Rebekah Duke
    Rebekah Duke 13 hours ago

    The staf of och 2.0

  • Ben Kee
    Ben Kee 13 hours ago

    Chris is my brother u know

  • G Carter
    G Carter 13 hours ago

    I pick Rob all day because baseball is amazing

  • Catnip Kittie5
    Catnip Kittie5 13 hours ago

    you know youre rich when "smash your phone" is a punishment in a game you make

  • DJs Football
    DJs Football 13 hours ago

    Who else saw the alien shadow at the start of Chris's time

  • Cece Z
    Cece Z 14 hours ago

    Here is Jeff He is 0 years old How old can he get? I like he is a year older

  • ProHackerBro
    ProHackerBro 14 hours ago

    R. I. P mrfrosty please make a time machine to save him

  • Tomas Suchanek
    Tomas Suchanek 14 hours ago


  • Isabelle Willoughby
    Isabelle Willoughby 14 hours ago

    Jeff looked freaky standing in the backround the second day when Cam was explaining what they where doing the 2nd day u guys should have slid down on ur feet reply what u think that would be like, u sliding on ur feet

  • Suzanne Conway
    Suzanne Conway 14 hours ago

    You could have saved those pumpkins for Halloween

  • Cassandra Koopman
    Cassandra Koopman 14 hours ago