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  • Jim Palmore
    Jim Palmore Month ago

    love it, are there move videos of this bike ??

  • Vegaz Vegaz
    Vegaz Vegaz 5 months ago

    What sizedo you use on the main jet?

  • Sum Bitch
    Sum Bitch 5 months ago

    Bars through me off but crazy

  • Arence McDowell
    Arence McDowell 6 months ago

    What brand wheel do you have

  • The Infinit Ryda
    The Infinit Ryda 6 months ago

    nice ride. Chain drive? I get ideas for mine from vids. let me know what you think of mine.

  • Yordan Nahatch
    Yordan Nahatch 7 months ago

    What swingarm did you use?

  • Darrell Ward
    Darrell Ward 7 months ago

    What Exhaust do you have.

  • Bike Elie
    Bike Elie 8 months ago

    Wht did u used for air filter for the carb

  • Airbrush Addiction
    Airbrush Addiction 9 months ago

    Nice bike I'm building a 2000 Yamaha Roadstar 1600 bagger would the forks be the same on your bike as my 1600 and if so how did you convert your to air forks?

  • Mission Capable
    Mission Capable Year ago

    Would look killer with a springer

  • RM alterações
    RM alterações Year ago

    brutal a moto

  • RM alterações
    RM alterações Year ago


  • RM alterações
    RM alterações Year ago

    muito fixe

  • Slim Jim
    Slim Jim Year ago

    Did you had to cut the neck for the 26"

  • jricardo551
    jricardo551 Year ago

    If you could post details on bike like what you did would be great. I’m planning on doing one myself. Thanks

  • Kyle Semien
    Kyle Semien Year ago

    what air cylinder is this

  • Mike Keefe
    Mike Keefe Year ago

    Info on the front air forks , please...

  • Sergio eats tacos

    What exhaust is that?

  • Mountain SilverFox

    What width rims did u guys use to fit those wider tires?

  • gootip
    gootip Year ago

    Nice bike i got the same fairing on my 1200s also gonna paint wheels gold. But im goin with the gold fly bar as well

  • Prabhakar Mark
    Prabhakar Mark Year ago


  • James  S
    James S 2 years ago

    That is nasty bro shit sounds mean as hell

  • William Warren
    William Warren 2 years ago

    Now I like this one

  • Oneday Garage
    Oneday Garage 2 years ago

    I made my gas tank rusty and am wondering if I should be worried about it eating through. I clear coated it but wanted to know if y'all lined the gas tank

  • Prabhakar Mark
    Prabhakar Mark 2 years ago

    Wow..!!! never seen a better Dyna built like this one its Badass...!!!

  • Tail End Customs
    Tail End Customs 2 years ago

    Good job guys!

  • Static Cycles Shop
    Static Cycles Shop 2 years ago

    Its a vstar 1100 that we dod all the modifications to

  • Rockhaller
    Rockhaller 2 years ago

    What frame is this?

  • Static Cycles Shop
    Static Cycles Shop 2 years ago

    Its our own air ride. Envy Air. $800 for a full kit. You must have frame modification for you to lay on ground

  • Kole Green
    Kole Green 2 years ago

    what air ride u have ? been looking for on that will go low enough to lay fram least just for the rear

  • MonitorMark
    MonitorMark 2 years ago

    what size bars are those?

  • Dboi0623
    Dboi0623 2 years ago

    what size rear shocks are those?

  • chathamgal09
    chathamgal09 2 years ago

    Sweet bike!!!

  • Gabbi Reverde
    Gabbi Reverde 3 years ago

    looks awesome wanna do that bars set up to my 2007 XL1200L

  • dicky doo
    dicky doo 3 years ago

    I love this sporty! I have mine set up much the same. The Memphis shades cafe fairing makes a big difference with bugs and wind pressure.

  • Z Park
    Z Park 3 years ago

    where can I get those handles?

    • Bike Elie
      Bike Elie 8 months ago

      Z Park I have one I can sale u

  • Albert Truong
    Albert Truong 3 years ago

    Looks great! What brand and height are those bars?

  • Static Cycles Shop
    Static Cycles Shop 3 years ago

    Thanks man. Roadking frontend. Softail stretched fenders. Neck is stretched and raked. 26" front wheel 18" rear. Lowered suspension front and rear. Has a nice stance and rode great.

    • pichej22
      pichej22 2 years ago

      Where is the derby cover and exhaust pipe from?

  • Static Cycles Shop
    Static Cycles Shop 3 years ago

    Memphis shades

  • ddebro
    ddebro 3 years ago

    Wow man!!! I think this is my favorite Dyna right now... You gotta give some details on what it took to get it there. Love the blacked out roadking style nacelle. looks like the neck was stretched also. Bike is killer man!

  • Dusty Birdwell
    Dusty Birdwell 3 years ago

    what Fairing is that?

  • franco vasconcelos
    franco vasconcelos 3 years ago

  • Static Cycles Shop
    Static Cycles Shop 3 years ago

    For your envied cycles build email- with info and number.