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The great NAMCO robbery - SGR
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  • thousandlegger
    thousandlegger 12 minutes ago

    The word "orientated" should be considered hate speech. Just say "oriented."

  • Little BlackCat
    Little BlackCat 17 minutes ago

    Thanks Daniel, I enjoy these monthly updates. Have you heard of the Unknown Realms Kickstarter for the C64?

  • anthony d
    anthony d 31 minute ago

    Lol no modern kid will play with toy soldiers. They just wanted to jump on the girls can do this too crap for some quick cash

  • Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
    Mantis Toboggan, M.D. 34 minutes ago

    I love the kickstarter series keep it my British posh man

  • fireflocs
    fireflocs Hour ago

    Intellivision Amico > Atari VCS

  • James Wood
    James Wood Hour ago

    Suzanne Martins looks like one of those con women chavs. How did she even get in control of the cash like that? Was someone stupid enough to give her the power over the accounts? David is definitely behind the fraud too

  • A Really Bored Individual

    Have you heard of a shitshow known as the Purr Cat Cafe? If not, the dumpster fire is still quite hot and it's a pretty absurd rabbit hole.

  • David Valencia
    David Valencia Hour ago

    Loved playing House of the Dead at Peter Piper Pizza! The sideshow screens freaked me out, especially the chainsaw zombie. I found it interesting and got the urge to play it. Definitely deserves a good film adaptation because the 2003 version was a huge letdown.

  • MiG-21bis Fishbed-L

    Oh boy, another flying car proposal. That's such a new twist and totally not played out. What he won't tell you: Weather will piss in your cheerios if you're flying to work. How many of you actually perform the checks that your car's manual recommends? You do that every time you fly and then some. You'll have to communicate with ATC since traffic is maintained by controllers, usually. We have flying cars, like the Terrafugia Transition. They're exceedingly expensive and offer uninspiring performance both on the road and in the air. VTOL flight is extremely energy expensive and nothing impresses your boss like pelting him with loose gravel and bits of detritus with your wash. Everytime you hear flying car, you should be conditioned to hear "Scam"

  • Qun Mang
    Qun Mang 2 hours ago

    Still waiting on a game on Kickstarter from 2012- Two Guys SpaceVenture. I don't think many actually believed their release date of Feb. 2013, but here we are in Dec. 2019 and it still hasn't been released though it has had the occasional update (last one six months ago). Every month that goes by I get closer to believing I will see it on this series at some point...

  • Tim Chuma
    Tim Chuma 2 hours ago

    Not everyone has Werner Herzog on hand to make them a video for their antisanal salt.

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 2 hours ago

    The DS is the best Nintendo console and will forever be the best.

  • Tim Chuma
    Tim Chuma 2 hours ago

    I can remember them saying there would be eight chapters for Shenmue back in the day.

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 2 hours ago

    I’ve been playing GTA since vice city when I was like 5. It was such a huge part of my childhood. I’ve replayed the entire gta 5 story mode like 6 times.

  • Floppybot
    Floppybot 2 hours ago

    Ohh, Genesis Michael Jackson Moonwalker print? Did something happen with that game?

  • Zed Gee
    Zed Gee 2 hours ago

    I would back a shenmue 4 I overall enjoyed 3 despite some misgivings I has in regards to the plot NO SPOILERS! But I found the game great until the rushed ending

  • Thespokenone
    Thespokenone 2 hours ago

    I see Scott pilgrim, I click.

  • M. Wells
    M. Wells 2 hours ago

    That's pretty much the best thing you can say about Shenmue 3. "It exists, and it's right here."

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 3 hours ago

    I was born in 97 and playing this and animal crossing on game cube and tomb raider on PS1 were some of my earliest memories. Watching this footage brings back so many fuzzy memories.

  • FoxeyeValkyrie
    FoxeyeValkyrie 3 hours ago

    Who is that anime figure and where can I find one?

  • S4ns
    S4ns 3 hours ago

    I still say Star Citizen will be the biggest April Fool's Day joke of the century.

  • Sliltury
    Sliltury 3 hours ago

    I remember when the loot crates were first going around I was like this is cool I love junk, then I saw my shelves full of junk... Im good... Finally something useful, a ruberband gun... yes please. How powerful does an Atari machine need to be🤷‍♂️

  • MrRandomTV1000
    MrRandomTV1000 3 hours ago

    It completely boggles my mind how we can have great battletoad cameos in other games yet when they revealed the new BT game it was absolutely horrible. How is this even possible? It completely makes no sense. Obviously they know how to make good battletoads as seen in the cameos like killer instinct so why oh why did they produce the garbage that is the new BT?

  • Ichimatsu Matsuno
    Ichimatsu Matsuno 3 hours ago

    I just remember wanting to get the Loot Anime box but decided against it because I didn't want to have to pay out every month, and most of the anime I liked I was certain they wouldn't put anything from them in the boxes.

  • Knife Teeth
    Knife Teeth 3 hours ago

    Shenmue Free. Never thought I'd see the day.

  • melvin shermen
    melvin shermen 4 hours ago

    Now do perfect dark

  • Brad Bowen
    Brad Bowen 4 hours ago

    Netflix only canceled mst3k because the only people watching it were already subscribed to their service

  • FPrimusUnicron
    FPrimusUnicron 4 hours ago

    Shenmue is crap, 1, 2 , then we have 3...its below that

  • swytchblayd
    swytchblayd 4 hours ago

    "Atari will always prioritize delivering a high-quality product over a self-imposed deadline." Alone in the Dark Illumination and that Haunted House game would have words to say on the contrary, but you already killed them...

  • Jack Morris
    Jack Morris 4 hours ago

    Daisy the cat adventure is from Florida so pretty normal shit from there really! Lol

  • Cassandra Castro
    Cassandra Castro 5 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion as it may be, I was never impressed by Goldeneye. I never had an N64 back in the day, so I only played it when visiting friends; however by the time I could play it with them I had been playing FPS games for the longest time on PC, so Goldeneye came as a generic one to me. I'm by no means supporter of the PC Master Race nonsense, but I was raised playing on PC, so I got used to playing Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and it's clones, etc., and definitely it didn't help that at the time I tried Goldeneye I was really enjoying Half Life.

  • The RoGus
    The RoGus 5 hours ago

    Once again the day was saved by Kickscamming!

  • Zonic Mirage
    Zonic Mirage 5 hours ago

    Someday, I need that SHG Dreamcast figure.

  • Salud 74
    Salud 74 5 hours ago

    7:20 whats with his Teeth

  • SinKillerJ Tachikawa

    That's a sick Sega Hard Girls figure, I need to get Saturn at some point myself.

  • Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot 5 hours ago

    So it has been 3 games and Shenmue is still walking around in villages, talking to people and doing silly quests? Will he get around to avenging his dad in maybe the 4th game? LOL :D

  • II II
    II II 5 hours ago

    Fuck me. What a colossal balls up.

  • Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot 5 hours ago

    I will never understand why so many people adore Shenmue. Such a basic story and what was so unique about it? The minigames? Yakuza already did that and how.

  • Real1Gaming
    Real1Gaming 6 hours ago

    I would back Shenmue IV in a nano second.

  • Moises Cortez
    Moises Cortez 6 hours ago

    Star citizen biggest scam of the century, at least they can enjoy their sports cars and long vacations.

  • Moises Cortez
    Moises Cortez 6 hours ago

    This was way to biased with the Shenmue part.

  • Frostare
    Frostare 6 hours ago

    Oooh, it's that time of the month again! =D 14:56 =) 16:20 =P

  • Chris Plissken
    Chris Plissken 6 hours ago

    xD that kojima reference the ups simulator

  • Matthew Given
    Matthew Given 6 hours ago

    Slope's game room Loot Crate anyone?

  • shenmueIII suporta o PNR e Chega e Mario Machado

    I have not yet received my 700 € shenmue II kickstart award / tier.

  • VapeyGamer
    VapeyGamer 7 hours ago

    If the vcs ever comes out and isnt built by at games ill be amazed.

  • Greg Adams
    Greg Adams 7 hours ago

    I suspect the 'console' and 'original compositions' versions are the Saturn and ST-V versions. Do you have a turntable to listen to these on? Do they come with download codes? Nice to be seeing Treasure soundtracks getting vinyl releases.

  • Rose Shrimp
    Rose Shrimp 7 hours ago

    >watching daniel ibbertson video >a kickstarter made by one of the tutors at my university is the recommendation of the month i... i guess it's good he wasn't one of the news segments, lmao...

  • Chris Plissken
    Chris Plissken 7 hours ago

    in all honesty I love the old school feel of the graphics on shenmue 3 it wouldn't feel right if the graphics would of been up to date with 2019 ...as it its I think it looks great it brings tons of nostalgia back

  • horrorkesh
    horrorkesh 7 hours ago

    Star Citizen has absolutely no reason to actually release they not only have made so much money but they make so much money from it being in a non release state

  • horrorkesh
    horrorkesh 7 hours ago

    The funny thing I find about female army men is the feminist will share it but they will not donate to it the extreme feminists and NPCs only do things for their own projects they don't help anybody else's

  • horrorkesh
    horrorkesh 7 hours ago

    Sonic Mania suffers from the same thing that the Sonic series suffers from it was a cool concept at the time and something nobody had done but nowadays it's very clunky and for me I just don't enjoy that kind of game

  • horrorkesh
    horrorkesh 7 hours ago

    I honestly don't know why they tried to sell shenmue on any store the only people who wanted it already backed it

  • Cold Drip Gaming
    Cold Drip Gaming 7 hours ago

    Who the hell changes their chipset after it's gone to production!? That's insanity. Also star citizen always have well polished adverts as they thrive on milking people for money given Chris Roberts is incompetent and they're 5 years behind schedule and counting.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 8 hours ago

    Why can't we just have Scott Pilgrim vs the world on current consoles and PC?! Every time I hear about another project involved with that getting funded l'm like come on.

  • tone167
    tone167 8 hours ago

    On a scale of 1 to ZX Spectrum Vega+, how much of a scam is the Atari VCS?

  • Nikolas Mace
    Nikolas Mace 8 hours ago

    Can you look at the history of World Of Warcraft💀🔪👹👻🐺🐊🐉🕷

  • Donmegamuffin
    Donmegamuffin 8 hours ago

    The systematic reduction in prison sentences for the women is absolutely disgusting and highlights the systematic sexism against men in the prison system imo.

  • Nikolas Mace
    Nikolas Mace 8 hours ago

    Can you look at the history of Mario and Luigi🍄🐢

  • Peter King
    Peter King 8 hours ago

    During her interview her body language gives it away as a lie.

  • Bryan O'Leary
    Bryan O'Leary 8 hours ago

    F for Rick Meul

  • Katrina Payne
    Katrina Payne 8 hours ago

    That awkward moment when No Man's Sky is better at being Star Citizen than Star Citizen is at being Star Citizen. Oh... and didn't Atari VCS try to release a version of their product that lacked a fair amount of their circuitry? Like maybe a print out of the circuit board (a la Sega Tower Mini)?

  • Vulcan Raven
    Vulcan Raven 8 hours ago

    Every time i see a kickscamer video i always wish there would be 500 sam hydes to make more kickstarterTV

  • Mike White
    Mike White 8 hours ago

    5:57 that’s the look of someone with a murder basement

  • Perry Unicorn
    Perry Unicorn 8 hours ago

    EMF sensitivity isn't a conspiracy theory..EMF's output can mess up even people who aren't sensitive if there is too much of it in an area. But yeah this man is just trying to take advantage of people who have a real problem which is gross. Some of these people have to pack up their lives and move to a dead zone where there is no wireless communication. It is a real problem though not very well understood.

  • The Espatier
    The Espatier 8 hours ago

    Upgrading the CPU... to run 42 year old Atari games?

  • Terry Beardmore
    Terry Beardmore 9 hours ago

    MST3K actually had high viewing figures on Netflix. The reason it was cancelled is because people only watched one episode at a time, instead of binge watching 3 or more. Netflix said that it was actually consistently bringing viewers in, it just didn't fit with their binge watch model.

  • Jolis Parsec
    Jolis Parsec 9 hours ago

    Actually, Dan, I’m pretty sure Netflix took the money raised for Mystery Science Theatre and funneled it into more of their crappy Netflix Originals shows and movies instead. Unless someone can prove otherwise, I’m calling Netflix out on being very shady regarding this show’s cancellation. 😒

  • choppert6
    choppert6 9 hours ago

    Elysian Shadows should be on the next Kickstarter scammer list

  • Nat Knutson
    Nat Knutson 9 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure the average cell phone is more than powerful enough to emulate atari.

  • Philthy Tanks
    Philthy Tanks 9 hours ago

    Toejam and Earl on the SEGA Genesis was like the biggest game of my childhood, I loved that game soooo much! Such great nostalgia feelings from just watching this!

  • Nexus Prime
    Nexus Prime 9 hours ago

    No mention of Timesplitters? That first level of the third game was all Goldeneye.

  • Nat Knutson
    Nat Knutson 9 hours ago

    I can guaruntee the only people funding the toy army girls are feminists who would never touch the toys after. They probably protest soldiers funerals too

  • Jerkin Jerry
    Jerkin Jerry 9 hours ago

    Not sure how this ended up on my recommended, but I'm glad it did.

  • Lucas Malheiros
    Lucas Malheiros 9 hours ago

    Does anyone know which game/anime is that pink haired sword wielding girl from?

    • Daniel Ibbertson
      Daniel Ibbertson 8 hours ago

      If you are a fan of sega. Well worth watching... very good

    • Rena Koyo
      Rena Koyo 9 hours ago

      The anime is Sega Hard Girls, an anime based around personifications of the Sega consoles. The girl shown in this vid is of the Dreamcast, one of the main characters.

  • Darth Kai
    Darth Kai 9 hours ago

    Shenmue 3 IS ONLY for those that played 1 & 2 when they originally released. Even then, it may not stick. I played 1 & 2 (still have my Dreamcast copies) and unfortunately, gaming has just evolved to a point that makes Shenmue 3 feel VERY dated. I may not even finish it right now (and yes, I helped back the KS), too many awesome games getting released!

  • tyler durden
    tyler durden 9 hours ago

    Go to 2:10 to skip the on video advertisement

  • Irish Shaman
    Irish Shaman 9 hours ago

    A new video out just after I finished work for the day? I see.

    • Irish Shaman
      Irish Shaman 8 hours ago

      @Daniel Ibbertson Oh and thank you for the heads up on that JRPG, I'll be checking it out for sure! Not too many kicking around as of late and I'm a huge Fire Emblem fan so makes sense!

    • Daniel Ibbertson
      Daniel Ibbertson 8 hours ago

      Ur welcome

  • Pooky1991
    Pooky1991 9 hours ago

    Oh yeah. Shenmue 3 barely had much coverage. Its quite a rabbit hole. Also i have a feeling Star Citizen is gonna generate a lot of material if it ever releases in my lifetime.

  • Pantsmode
    Pantsmode 9 hours ago

    Of course Netflix dropped the show, they needed more space for Big Mouth's 100 more seasons.

  • Richard Franco
    Richard Franco 10 hours ago

    You harry bastard!

  • Pantsmode
    Pantsmode 10 hours ago

    This comment has been sponsored by Skillshare.

  • SOHGuy
    SOHGuy 10 hours ago

    When I heard Scott Pilgrim vs the World music I almost had a heart attack, please tell me that there is a official kickstarter to get this game on modern platforms. Only to get disappointed with a board game. It looks alright but... I really just want to redownload the game again :( the game is way much better than streets of rage, double dragon and final fight.

    • SOHGuy
      SOHGuy 4 hours ago

      @Daniel Ibbertson Yo thanks for reminding me of that game. I'm gonna go get it.

    • Wes Horne
      Wes Horne 5 hours ago

      I haven't played Scott Pilgrim (and unfortunately probably never will) but I will say River City Girls is a really fun game. It's not very long but the music is great and the animation and combos are impressive.

    • Daniel Ibbertson
      Daniel Ibbertson 8 hours ago

      If you havent checked it out. Try river city girls. It's the closest thing to that game we have now

  • gingergreek
    gingergreek 10 hours ago

    Great Vid as always. Can't wait for the kickscammers one

    • gingergreek
      gingergreek 8 hours ago

      @Daniel Ibbertson Yeah I can imagine. Given how many scams you've uncovered. No rush, love your content in general

    • Daniel Ibbertson
      Daniel Ibbertson 8 hours ago

      The main videos are harder to make tbh always looking for interesting stories

  • Stephen J
    Stephen J 10 hours ago

    I just wanted to say as a hardcore fan of Shenmue since 2000, Shenmue 3 was exactly what I hoped it would be and delivered! Just wish the game ended the story but maybe we'll get a 4th with so much work done if they use Unreal again.

  • Homebrew Gaming
    Homebrew Gaming 10 hours ago

    Shenmue 3 was a hectic preorder PC exclusive Store mess so it killed me from getting it, but have fun DJ Slopes

  • Dion R
    Dion R 10 hours ago

    Atari died in 1996. That should have been the first red flag that the VCS was a scam from the start.

    • Fat Tiger
      Fat Tiger 9 hours ago

      Atari died when Nolan Bushnell was forced out.

  • SoS Legio Primus
    SoS Legio Primus 10 hours ago

    I do not get the love for Shen Mue. I thought they sucked back in the day and suck even worse today. I find them too much of a typical Japanese game and there is no innovation, just iterative experiences. It is just playing the same game over and over; which all Japanese games, anime, manga suffer from, from Gundam to Pokemon and everything else. Even the storylines constantly repeat.

  • lostsanityreturned
    lostsanityreturned 10 hours ago

    Netflix cares less about overall ratings, but more about consecutive viewings. This was revealed a while back, if a show has people finishing it/binging it with few breaks it fares better in their analytics. If a show only has an episode watched once a week the analytics are likely to scarper it. Which explains why MST2K moved to "the gauntlet" style for season 2, but the reality is the show just doesn't suit binge watching for the majority of people. They are full movies, and bad movies at that... The riff track can only entertain for so long :P That and the humour took a while to find its feet with the first season (for older fans)

  • Menhir Mike
    Menhir Mike 10 hours ago

    Shenmue III never had a chance to be as groundbreaking as Shenmue I - it would have to be at least as good as GTA V, which is already 6 years old. Probably also mixed with some of the mystique and insanity of Death Stranding. The real question wasn't whether it was groundbreaking, but whether it was good - and from what I'm seeing, it's a good game, just not an excellent one.

  • Leandro Pontes
    Leandro Pontes 10 hours ago

    I do so enjoy pissing people off by saying "Star Citizen is still vaporware".

  • Ray2Jerry
    Ray2Jerry 10 hours ago

    Talk about scams, that lady has been promising to take me for a ride for years but still hasn't shown up 😭

  • J D
    J D 10 hours ago

    Can we start a Kickstarter campaign to get that wart removed from your nose ?

  • Max B.
    Max B. 10 hours ago

    Couple years of my life playing multiplayer with three friends all day long. With some Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing, Smash Bros & WcW vs. nWo Revenge in between.

  • Feral Cyborg Gaming
    Feral Cyborg Gaming 10 hours ago

    Atari VCS (Videogame Console Scam) You're welcome.

  • theimporter
    theimporter 10 hours ago

    I have that Dreamcast figure, in fact, I have all 3 SEGA Hard Girls figures.

  • Random Hajile
    Random Hajile 10 hours ago

    Star Citizen is an *absolute scam.*

    • Bandit Leader
      Bandit Leader 9 hours ago

      @Dr. Froggle its a scam. Its just one big demo simulator that costs $100 to play

    • Dr. Froggle
      Dr. Froggle 10 hours ago

      It's obviously not though. They're regularly adding significant technology that's actually functional and entirely playable right now. People crying on the internet about it being a scam often have no real knowledge of the development but want to jump on the hate wagon to feel included, the type of people that think Trevor Noah is a comedian.

    • Leandro Pontes
      Leandro Pontes 10 hours ago

      Star Citizen Forever would be an apt name.

  • Cazz Strew
    Cazz Strew 10 hours ago

    Atari should of asked the backers what they wanted to do instead of making the decision for them, be a lot less backlash and opinions on whether the whole thing is a scam or not.

  • cartmann94
    cartmann94 10 hours ago

    I'll be eagerly awaiting the Star Citizen video when the game gets released. in 2020? 2025? 2040? Who knows!!

  • Reagan Dow
    Reagan Dow 10 hours ago

    Please get in touch with me as well if “stealth” is going to Go live again with his kick starter. I will certainly get involved. The man has amazing talent. Please save my name!!