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  • Puck aNm
    Puck aNm 3 minutes ago

    audio is shit quality.

  • Cheryl Harris
    Cheryl Harris 35 minutes ago

    I think all Californians should go to Maxine Waters house and Pelosi and take a dump!! As all braces in California are now poluted with feces. They are crooks and evil vile people.

  • David Mcneil
    David Mcneil 40 minutes ago

    NOT answered any question EVER. DIRTY MUSRAT.... VERMIN NEEDS POISONING ..

  • Dick Tator
    Dick Tator 42 minutes ago

    #ONE am fighting for all

  • Alethea Gittings
    Alethea Gittings 44 minutes ago

    I don't know enough about her to consider her for the presidency in 2024. It's too soon. I do like her concise and truthful responses. It is not only Dems, but all parties that constantly deceive us. We the people must diligently research and stop letting our emotions lead us into irrational actions.

  • James Hewitt
    James Hewitt 45 minutes ago

    Doesn't T I stand for. Too ignorant.

  • Tito Pradado
    Tito Pradado 51 minute ago

    Candace Owens would rather take the FIGHT outside the White House as she has too much RESPECT for the White House, unlike the Fake News, who has none let alone morals and creditability to say the least.

  • Tito Pradado
    Tito Pradado 54 minutes ago

    Mad Max Waters $6 Million Mansion is actually the new version of Ole Democrat Plantation and Waters is one of many Democrat Plantation gate keepers.

  • Morag Osullivan
    Morag Osullivan 55 minutes ago

    I love this young woman! X

  • Tito Pradado
    Tito Pradado 57 minutes ago

    This is why they ( Democrats and haters ) hate president Trump, as he has expose the corruption from within. Just like the MAGA hat, it's not a symbol of Racism and Corruption, rather is has Expose the Racism and Corruption in America.

  • Ed Perez
    Ed Perez Hour ago

    Bro! I was rushing and opened mine up on the driveway. Damn thing broke. One of the braces folded I was like FFFFFFk!!! haha. Yeah but I still need another one though, Any other type you recommend? This heat ain't no joke

  • Brenda
    Brenda 2 hours ago

    It is a privilege to watch God's elect speak the truth.

  • Endless Summer
    Endless Summer 2 hours ago

    It's about TIME SOMEONE THROWS THIS RACIST BS RIGHT BACK IN THEIR FACE!! Al Sharpton has been race-bating and bringing FALSE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE FOR YEARS- Should have his racist ass thrown in jail!

  • Derby Jack The Blues Man

    Telib is a traitor needs to be taken out one way or the other!

  • pauline palmer
    pauline palmer 2 hours ago

    Owens:Jordan:Meadows, and missing is McCarthy and Nunez.The real Republicans,no BS.They know how to sock it to those evil,hateful Dems.Mr.Pres".They got your back."There are others but off hand I cannot remember name.The Dems do not know what to do about them.

  • J . Steven Hutchens
    J . Steven Hutchens 2 hours ago

    Who is the woman at Candaces left ?

  • Johan Ludeke
    Johan Ludeke 2 hours ago

    What about the Vic President of Obama that protects his family members why is his not personal And know one is in title to request his wrong doing in Ukraine and China. Only when the person is close to the President Trump then the can be dun

  • Karen Chandler
    Karen Chandler 3 hours ago

    Thanks so much you helped me again safe me so much time on the phone with Direc TV

  • Canadian Girl
    Canadian Girl 3 hours ago

    Watch the lady sitting in the back in the black top with the white collar. Looks like Candace was ruffling her Leftist feathers.

  • Elliot J
    Elliot J 3 hours ago

    Summary : Candace never laughed at being mentioned in the mass murderer's manifesto, she said it was hilarious that the "experts" didn't have any facts or data to back up their claims that America was being overrun by white supremacists. Lefties always twist and manipulate words to suit their narrative.

  • Heath Barker
    Heath Barker 3 hours ago

    Candace Owens is one AWESOME young lady. Love her.

  • Lisa Rodriguez
    Lisa Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    Ms Owen's voice and message is smooth and flawless...Definitely Presidential material.

  • Douglas Chitwood
    Douglas Chitwood 3 hours ago

    I think Black America is just the wrong word, sounds devided already. GREEN purple' orange' We are Americans.

  • rae gruder
    rae gruder 3 hours ago

    Tyson mad respect for you.❤❤❤❤

  • Christopher TheCarpenter

    I would vote for Ms Owen's, I voted Trump and I would vote for Ms.Owens and insist on her. Want to being america together, bring Ms Owen's to the white house

  • lois mccann
    lois mccann 3 hours ago

    Ok, I BELIEVE as a 60 year old Canadian, the Wench ( BUBBLE HEAD BLEACH BLONDE ) AND THE BOBBLE HEAD, LIE-ON, NEXT TO HER, SCREAM IGNORANCE, OBVIOUSLY " DEM CRAP" TOUCHY FEELY CREEPS. Candace, if you want to debate against this lower level you will need to dumb yourself down a little bit ( OR MAYBE A WHOLE LOT) try taking a sleeping pill before you start, at least you will be on the same PLAIN!

  • Handle with Kare
    Handle with Kare 3 hours ago

    What a discovery. Wouldn't it be lovely if all members of congress were so reflective and heart-centered!

  • John Tiffault
    John Tiffault 3 hours ago

    Sometimes you ask questions to get the persons point of view and nothing else. You just want them to commit. It’s a trap. Very effective. We now know how omar acts when called out. Voice inflection, body language and overall demeanor. We can now shit test her on just about everything. Beautiful

  • Tito Pradado
    Tito Pradado 3 hours ago

    Why is it that 86% of Democrats like Crooked Hillary, constantly uses the Race Card and Fearmongering tactics... Talk about over KILL.. Luckily most Americans and the World, knows its Bull Shit. The only racist person here is when someone like Crooked Hillary, constantly uses the Race Card to further her pathetic corrupt career as that is truth RACISM.. But unfortunately we have some who don't know any better or just simply stuck on full retard.

  • Stephen Szczepankiewicz

    That Talib is plain and simple a POS ...

  • Napili54
    Napili54 4 hours ago

    Time to investigate and IMPEACH maxi pad.

    THE STONES 4 hours ago


  • B. Bailey
    B. Bailey 4 hours ago

    What's up with Mr. Klein to her left?...

  • marie renfro
    marie renfro 4 hours ago

    Just watch how the democrats win on every thing said because they won't give Republicans a chance. Just watch sharpton filibuster and get away with it.

  • Dave Pitsch
    Dave Pitsch 4 hours ago

    Watching Candace Owens rip those people to shreds could never get tiring. I have multiple sclerosis, I hope everybody checks out my channel and subscribes :-)

  • Joseph Walsh
    Joseph Walsh 4 hours ago

    Don't mess with this young lady she's not going to be outspoken ...kudos to miss Owens ...

  • marie renfro
    marie renfro 4 hours ago

    I can't watch all these crooked democrats. Why does gatze even bother? He doesn't have a chance.

    THE STONES 4 hours ago


  • Robert Krump
    Robert Krump 4 hours ago

    I would say you haven't got the time you're a lying witch manipulating witch you do not deserve the time and that may sound ungodly but i get sick of listening to some lying witch

  • Robert Krump
    Robert Krump 4 hours ago

    She's a lying witch what she is and we all know that

      ANTHONY OSSEI 2 hours ago

      No, it is not referring to Candace. I mean it is not in reference to Candace Owen's. Pardon me.

    • Mike Roberts
      Mike Roberts 4 hours ago

      Robert Krump who are you talking about? It certainly better not be Candace. She stated everything factual and Google is a wonderful that stupid people like you she learn to utilize. Again if you are referring to Candace then you are dumber than a bag of hammers with no facts to back up your rhetoric.

  • Robert Krump
    Robert Krump 4 hours ago

    Well if I was there and I was speaking I'd say Miss talib your horse's ass and you're dirty liar

  • Beth
    Beth 5 hours ago

    Never heard of TI

  • Sara Rehman
    Sara Rehman 5 hours ago

    how do you install the fan?

  • Tito Pradado
    Tito Pradado 5 hours ago

    You don't have to be active in any political party whether it be Democrat or Republican. All you have to do is your own homework to see the TRUTH on how the Democrats constantly use Fearmongering and the Race Card during every election cycles. Its a common practice they have been using for decades but those days are coming to an END... as Black Americans, and all Americans in general are finally seeing how they are being played by these idiots. as you can only play are broken record over and over again until you finally get SICK and Tried of listening to it.

  • Tito Pradado
    Tito Pradado 5 hours ago

    This is why I finally left the Racist Fearmongering Democrats as they treat us like we're VICTIMS and STUPID to say the least. 33 yrs as a Democrats is no more. Candace Owens, said the TRUTH. I lived in Chicago for over 22 yrs. and I saw how Democrat Policies have destroyed the black communities.. But unfortunately we have some who are in total denial and hate to face the truth. Part of Recovery is a hard case of intervention by Ms. Owens.

  • mandybelle p
    mandybelle p 5 hours ago

    Candace 2024!!!

    THE STONES 5 hours ago

    aksed how ignorant can you be....

  • Chris Roulez
    Chris Roulez 5 hours ago

    Black ,white, yellow, pink ,ext, ,people listen ,there's a life in God that puts you above ,all this mess.? And keeps you satisfied ,that makes you successful and prospers ,Remember Jesus said it is in your bible . And nothing shall be impossible on to you ?? You know,those words could only have come from God himself?

    THE STONES 5 hours ago

    planet of the snakes you aks me no class

  • kennapop3
    kennapop3 5 hours ago

    Great moment before I head to church, Thank you Jesus.

  • Normal60621
    Normal60621 5 hours ago

    Bravo Ms. Owens!! The two white racist women sit like deer in the headlights.

  • Pardeep Dhillon
    Pardeep Dhillon 5 hours ago

    Shurrup ms tlaib

  • Chris Roulez
    Chris Roulez 5 hours ago

    See when we obey God , we get closer to Him , you get more authority ? And that is true , you can see it here

  • James Mckeraghan
    James Mckeraghan 5 hours ago


  • Matt Allen
    Matt Allen 5 hours ago

    Yall keep copying videos that already been seen and showing it as recent

  • Joyce Mussomelli
    Joyce Mussomelli 5 hours ago

    Ms.Owens is so intelligent she make the democrats look like they are missing one large part of their brain

  • Bill Spencer
    Bill Spencer 5 hours ago

    Outstanding individual Candace Owens is! Them other people are the problem! Selfish and UNAMERICAN! Trump is the only one who stands up for Americans!

  • Victoria Bache
    Victoria Bache 5 hours ago

    You lie ! Get out of USA! NOW! You are garbage!

  • Normal60621
    Normal60621 5 hours ago

    Candace Owens is such a good person and truthful person. The two white racist women are disgusting and have no real data or evidence to show their argument. It is important to show this video to as many people as possible. The blonde was actually trying to lie about Candace Owens and fails miserably. The other white woman realized the intelligence of Ms. Owens and kept her mouth shut. I hope the women realize that they are being used by the Democratic Party as tools of hate. Bravo Ms. Owens - Good always destroys Evil!!

    • Lenell Marshall
      Lenell Marshall 53 minutes ago

      I am patiently waiting for her to destroy that nasty, racists tlaib woman.

    • suzy schwarz
      suzy schwarz Hour ago

      I am so proud of you Mrs Owens Farmer. God will bless you for your integrity so lacking with all leftist Marxist. Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. We will never give up to the devils.

  • called out
    called out 5 hours ago

    Candice you are winning

  • Normal60621
    Normal60621 5 hours ago

    The two white racist women that are trying to create a false narrative without evidence or data is classic Democratic manipulation. Candace Owens has made fools out of these two hateful women. I intend to show this to all my classes and contacts. I hope these women change their ways and realize the harm they are doing to so many Americans. I love you Candace and keep fighting the good fight!!

  • Abdi Dubow
    Abdi Dubow 6 hours ago

    Black Panter give me thumbs pls

  • Abdi Dubow
    Abdi Dubow 6 hours ago

    I like this lady she talk her mind,black panther resistance

  • Darren
    Darren 6 hours ago

    They have a new thing out asking are you woke I think she is more awake than anybody in our government today Trump is doing a great job love the man but she is the most woke person I've heard speak yet

  • Chad Russell
    Chad Russell 6 hours ago


  • Kevy Moranski
    Kevy Moranski 6 hours ago

    What an intelligent dollface!!!

  • Chad Russell
    Chad Russell 6 hours ago

    Where is her replacement?

  • Chad Russell
    Chad Russell 6 hours ago

    Are we really gonna pretend their isn't someone else who could've actually answered the questions with correct answers? Why is she still holding her position? Obviously she has no idea of what she is talking about.

  • Christopher Thrawn
    Christopher Thrawn 6 hours ago

    Bravo lady!

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith 6 hours ago

    God-bless Jim Jordan mark meadows and Candace Owens

    • suzy schwarz
      suzy schwarz Hour ago

      Joshua Smith wonderful and brave peoples against the evil. We are with you always.

  • Chris Middlebrook
    Chris Middlebrook 6 hours ago

    Liberals are hurting themselves, because of them I fell into politics, until recently, I paid no attention to politics, but SJW's started attacking my games . Dumbest crap I've heard , the worst part they convinced game devs to change their development to cater to their feelings ....and now iam here , I dont know enough to have a full blown convo on politics , but I kno enough to vote, and I discovered iam a conservative I think , I dont kno everything what there trying to push , but things I do know I 100% agree ...I mean how can you run a country based on feelings ...iam a fact kinda guy ...

    • Elliot J
      Elliot J 3 hours ago

      People in the real world tend to be Conservative. After they did some research.

  • Arlo Marlo
    Arlo Marlo 6 hours ago

    Trump should make Candace Press Secretary now!!!

  • Patricia Smith
    Patricia Smith 6 hours ago

    Get them Miss Owens you are great, I love you. The dems never help the Africa Americans. They use them.

    • suzy schwarz
      suzy schwarz Hour ago

      Patricia Smith quite right thank our Lord for Miss Owens . God bless her and also very much Jim Jordan.

    • mandybelle p
      mandybelle p 5 hours ago

      Your are spot on God bless candace Owens for shedding light on the truth!!

  • Chris Middlebrook
    Chris Middlebrook 6 hours ago

    Iam 35 ...I will be registering to vote for first time, candace needs to run for president once trump finishes his terms <---(plural)

    • Syrian truther dissecting the truth from agendas
      Syrian truther dissecting the truth from agendas Hour ago

      Chris Middlebrook I would sign to vote first time ever if we had a Candice in Australia make sure u do it

    • bowlingballmagic
      bowlingballmagic 2 hours ago

      Elaine Bernier one party, meaning that we will not see a Republican in the White House again. Civil war? , Balkanized section of the US?peaceful separation would be the best possible solution. It’s dismal to know in my heart that this statement is true.

    • Elaine Bernier
      Elaine Bernier 2 hours ago

      I guess you mean all the young people will be brainwashed because of the school system and liberalism being taught .😥

    • Elaine Bernier
      Elaine Bernier 2 hours ago

      @bowlingballmagic why do you say one party? And which party?

    • bowlingballmagic
      bowlingballmagic 3 hours ago

      Unfortunately, this will be our last run. All the brain washed combined with shifting demographics will prove to be the fatal blow that ended the two party system. I wish I was wrong. Enjoy every day and cherish these last good years God bless-

  • T C L
    T C L 6 hours ago

    She's real.

  • ralph holiman
    ralph holiman 6 hours ago

    How did someone like AOC get elected to Congress instead of someone like this smart and intelligent woman?

  • Bryson Watt
    Bryson Watt 6 hours ago

    I just got credited by successfulhackers,wordpress,com

  • Vince Vant
    Vince Vant 7 hours ago

    3 years ago the socialist were financially bankrupt this time around they are morally bankrupt

  • Kerry Dennard
    Kerry Dennard 7 hours ago

    And I am a black American

  • Kerry Dennard
    Kerry Dennard 7 hours ago

    A goddamn Rockstar they cannot defeat her because she comes with the truth and that will never be defeated she exposes the real racism in America the Democratic party

  • Lexus Morant
    Lexus Morant 7 hours ago

    Al for president 2020

  • Audre Myers
    Audre Myers 8 hours ago

    Candace Owens is such a national treasure. When she speaks about what is REALLY happening in our beloved America, she brings tears to my eyes and my chest swells with pride over this wonderful young woman.

  • Lifestyle Genius
    Lifestyle Genius 8 hours ago


  • Nathan James
    Nathan James 8 hours ago

    There all just a bunch of idiot's

  • Tan Peng Leng
    Tan Peng Leng 8 hours ago

    The Dems need to wear hearing aids!

  • CrasherXtreme
    CrasherXtreme 8 hours ago

    with federal regulatory activity at historic highs under President Obama, investors were scared off from making long-term commitments. As a result, much of the Federal Reserve’s easy money sat safely on the sidelines. As the shock was settling in less than three weeks after Trump’s election, Paul Krugman, a New York Times columnist and economist, said of President-elect Trump’s manufacturing jobs promises, “Nothing policy can do will bring back those lost jobs. The service sector is the future of work; but nobody wants to hear it.” Both periods are considered by most economists to be in the mature stage of the business cycle. In Obama’s case, slow economic growth, especially regarding sluggish manufacturing employment, was considered the “new normal.” The national economy grew by 1.6% in 2016, Obama’s last year. From October 2014 to December 2016, private sector employment grew by 4.4% as the unemployment rate dipped to 4.7%. In the past 26 months, private employers have grown their payrolls by 4.0% as the job market has tightened considerably, with official unemployment dropping to 3.8%. While overall employment numbers are comparable, the difference in manufacturing is profound. In the last 26 months of Obama’s presidency, manufacturing employment grew by 96,000 or 0.8%. In Trump’s first 26 months, manufacturers added 479,000 jobs, or 3.9%, 399% more jobs than Obama’s record.

  • Walter De wit
    Walter De wit 8 hours ago

    White people telling black people how to think and whats good for them, treating them like slaves. Is this ever gonna stop?

  • Joyce Chapman
    Joyce Chapman 9 hours ago

    I really hate Ilhan Omar she is anti-American and has no business in our politics! She needs to be stripped of her citizenship and she needs to be deported.

  • Enigma Unresolved
    Enigma Unresolved 9 hours ago

    "Muslim legislators". Well our assumption is well founded due to Islam hate of non Muslims and the doctrine of taqqiyah which many Muslims seem to perpetually seem to be employing to protect and further Islamic spread to obtain a global caliphate.

  • LoveInTheLight
    LoveInTheLight 9 hours ago

    You guys, I know how important this is but what the people in the background. Look at they're expressions🤣they're like Damn she telling facts

  • Gina Monique
    Gina Monique 9 hours ago


  • Kumiko Naito
    Kumiko Naito 9 hours ago

    Take a long hard look at the white old gentleman on the side of Candace Owens. His facial expression says a million and one things about Who he is and what he’s thinking. He wants her to shut up Soooooo bad that he can’t sit still hearing her tell the TRUTH. Watch him carefully,..... he is the face of the left the media and the Democratic Party.

  • jimatmile56
    jimatmile56 9 hours ago

    Candace would make a great press secretary. I would love to see her in that job. Kick ass!

  • Trixy Daltons wild west shows

    If the left has any anger and animosity towards a black woman it’s because she’s educated enough to see through their lies.Mrs.Owens is the light at the end of the tunnel for the black community and the rest of us and should be paid very well for her services.Id vote for her as our first lady president.You Mrs.Owens are a beautiful person.

  • Nigel Dowthwaite
    Nigel Dowthwaite 11 hours ago

    Nice one! go Candace!

  • Scotty Barker
    Scotty Barker 11 hours ago

    I was so happy when Trup got in as president as I knew he would run things like a business even though everyone close to me said "nooo he's gonna blow up the world" They can eat their hat now, Next move get Trump lead Australia and UK out of the traditional Cabal and Royal bloodlines, to a better, happier earth

  • samdee pride
    samdee pride 11 hours ago

    Black lives matter

    THE COLLECTOR 11 hours ago

    I'm fcking in love!!!

  • Cyber
    Cyber 12 hours ago

    Isn't funny that the best defender of truth against the white supremacy political LEFT farce is a black woman and the perpetrators of it are white people?

  • Pete Burke
    Pete Burke 12 hours ago

    Well. I'm not a Democrat nor a Republican. I'm not an even an independent. With that said, I would never vote for a party that blocks free speech. Black people White people brown and Red people Don't let the croud indoctrinate you into anger. Here's a bitty for you. To the ........for which it stands. One Nation Under God Not Man. I believe that anytime a Republic becomes Democracy we will loose our God given rights. In a Democracy Freedom Rights and Christmas can be voted out because the mob rules. In a Republic None of the above is an issue. Either you want the freedom to be who you are Or Freedom to stop the people from being who they are.. The only race is the Human Race