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  • Madelyn Brown
    Madelyn Brown 2 hours ago

    The check was from fnaf his enemy

  • Dick Dastardly
    Dick Dastardly 2 hours ago

    The power of poon

  • Leapz
    Leapz 2 hours ago

    *Execute order... 66*

  • Dragoart110
    Dragoart110 2 hours ago

    Do itttt

  • Cheetah Machinima
    Cheetah Machinima 2 hours ago

    Strange.. while listening to these at work on my ear buds all I could hear was Green Needle. I know Brainstorm too! But try as hard as I could to hear Brainstorm, I was hearing 3 syllables that could only be "Needle". Now at home watching this on my phone, I do very clearly hear Brainstorm.. not Green Needle. I know about this before even coming into this video on my current Film/Game Theory binge so I know this is right, and it's so cool! Looking through the comments I'm really interested to know more about how display devices and speaker systems affect these ideas so dramatically..m

  • John Wick
    John Wick 2 hours ago

    This actually makes no sense because why are mike and josh missing too?? Just left there lives and girlfriend behind while they started a new life for killing a girl who did nothing..makes no sense

  • Evan H.
    Evan H. 2 hours ago

    Endgame: exists Matpat: oh well crap

  • Nyla Krieser
    Nyla Krieser 2 hours ago

    Lmao this whole theory hinges on the fact that Hiccup set out to train a dragon, which isn’t true. The other Vikings on Berk didn’t follow the same formula Hiccup did because Hiccup set out to kill a dragon. I honestly wonder if you even watched the whole film? Because Toothless also had a chance to kill Hiccup at the beginning, so if that boi can’t feel why would he spare him? Great video though, it was really interesting to learn about Lizards :)

  • Dick Dastardly
    Dick Dastardly 2 hours ago

    Cocaine is out. Long live Methamphetamine!!!

  • Subeed Jena
    Subeed Jena 2 hours ago


  • XxKhaos VoidxX
    XxKhaos VoidxX 2 hours ago

    Coming in VERY late but I'm happy I knew the answer before the video ^^ I was like either A he kill Thanos easily....or B and more likely Thanos's strength and durability would not only allow him to survive the attack but barely even feel it. :) Thank you Matt Pat your a gentleman and a scholar and I appreciate the videos and work you put into it. Learning is fun again and not work ^^

  • Josh
    Josh 3 hours ago

    I support the idea that the AI or even possibly a scientist that has uploaded his brain into a computer has done this because of the horrific effects of war, global warming, and the depletion of earths resources. So the culprit froze humanity in order to allow the earth to be restored.

  • Ryan Septimus Nick Thomas Bishop

    strong gurgle

  • rdstirewalt
    rdstirewalt 3 hours ago

    Sounded like you were describing the modern dimocrat party.

  • James Moore
    James Moore 3 hours ago

    I'm enjoying the sp00k

  • Arnel Deomampo
    Arnel Deomampo 3 hours ago

    joker: **exis-- matpat: ok, pause right there

  • Dick Dastardly
    Dick Dastardly 3 hours ago

    So Europeans ruined North America in just about every conceivable way


    Matpat chillax remember the rat had 5 years of trial and error

    GILBERT GAMES 3 hours ago

    No mention or clip of the original movie in 2003... no clap and a half my dear sir...

  • Shahid Al-Mubin
    Shahid Al-Mubin 3 hours ago

    Stormbreaker in MCU does not have any enchantment like Mjolnir, that is why Thanos could block it and use it against Thor.

  • Shahid Al-Mubin
    Shahid Al-Mubin 3 hours ago

    Odin would certainly disagree about yourThanos's Theory.

  • KW reaper
    KW reaper 3 hours ago

    I know you dug a little bit into shinning in the it theory but the shinning is the most confusing and scary movies I’ve seen there so many unexplained things that no one understands the theory would be insane

  • Christopher Saavedra

    But the Blair Witch game found some sort of creature appeared. I hope Matpat figure it out what kind of monster in the game that might something happen to the movie.

  • wise boy
    wise boy 3 hours ago

    Green needle and laurel is only what I heard

  • TonalDesigns
    TonalDesigns 3 hours ago

    Your intro wasn't 90 seconds long, it was not an accurate anime intro.

  • Tivani Zara
    Tivani Zara 3 hours ago

    An incredible analysis!!!

  • Dave Marvel
    Dave Marvel 3 hours ago

    Do more of these! I love these horror RU-clip videos

  • Xá Franco
    Xá Franco 3 hours ago

    Shitty movie

  • onur bayramli
    onur bayramli 3 hours ago

    09:33 he said *MY* statue i thought it was bills statue like waaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Nazael Rahl
    Nazael Rahl 3 hours ago

    Or it just took them longer in the first place. Just because we didn't see them awkwardly talking about amazon porn encyclopedia for a month it does not mean they didn't. Watch final two seasons of Game of Thrones to see "just because they are bad at making cuts it does not mean everything happens in an afternoon" masterpiece :D

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor 3 hours ago


  • Dakota Jones
    Dakota Jones 3 hours ago

    7:52 Grammar Nazis

  • Faizaan Naseem
    Faizaan Naseem 3 hours ago

    Yeah... the Spider-Man falls should have turned him to mush.

  • Dragon Fruit50
    Dragon Fruit50 3 hours ago

    Captain "America" isn't Captain america he only has one star He would be using a flip flop

  • Marcurio Sky
    Marcurio Sky 3 hours ago

    Diet Coke sucks!

  • Diverge
    Diverge 3 hours ago

    The thing is.. Crunchyroll doesn't even have Attack on Titans

  • Dick Dastardly
    Dick Dastardly 3 hours ago

    The time Film Theory made Mrs. Doubtfire seem scarier than 99% of horror movies coming out today.

  • 1800 Eat Phones
    1800 Eat Phones 3 hours ago

    This vid is hypothesized spoilers

  • MisdaFire INFEXUS
    MisdaFire INFEXUS 3 hours ago

    Lol clooose

  • Lucky's Palace
    Lucky's Palace 4 hours ago

    Me realizing the world is run by nerds: MY PEOPLE! RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE!

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole 4 hours ago

    Internet ppl are so clever

  • Amelia Sanchez
    Amelia Sanchez 4 hours ago

    I actually did a project on 5th grade about how long vacations on other countries last because of the P&F theme song. I was extremely dissapointed that there was no country in the world that gave 104 days of summer vacation.

  • Braedyn Allen
    Braedyn Allen 4 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion: Matpat is a genius and his voice makes him a perfect narrator in

  • Cara Gallagher
    Cara Gallagher 4 hours ago

    Iron man died

  • 8-Bit Bug
    8-Bit Bug 4 hours ago

    Basically The entire comment section Is a member of JojoFanbase

  • TheDwarvenDefender
    TheDwarvenDefender 4 hours ago

    Guys, the plot twist was very predictable. It's like none of you remember Bill and his PC. Of course MatPat could guess it. It was probably his first theory, but he was probably like, "Nah, too obvious."

  • shadowlord141
    shadowlord141 4 hours ago

    But remember Arthur has to become the joker so where he's waring his suit could just be after his transformation

  • Lucky's Palace
    Lucky's Palace 4 hours ago

    I remember watching the old batman movies as a young child in like 2012 and these shows were always AMAZING to me. This theory was unexpected.

  • Deborah Shepherd
    Deborah Shepherd 4 hours ago

    That dancing guy with the pumpkin on his head made me laugh

  • Christian Ramos
    Christian Ramos 4 hours ago

    What if the blair witch just manipulates josh and mike to lure heathers into the house so the blair witch can finish its plan

  • Harry Jones
    Harry Jones 4 hours ago

    Good theory, but I have to ask... if Mike and Josh were behind everything, what happened to them? Did they just... disappear?

  • Vivek Ranjan
    Vivek Ranjan 4 hours ago

    But what now, the shield broke in endgame. Thanos broke the shield. Then saitama could break it easily.

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore 4 hours ago

    Already knew this ROFL

  • Do not read my profile picture

    This is more of cryostasis than petrification to be logical.

  • Dick Dastardly
    Dick Dastardly 4 hours ago

    Longbottom’s Army?

  • TheDwarvenDefender
    TheDwarvenDefender 4 hours ago

    "Greatest video game movie." [Screams in Wreck-it.]

  • Adrian Muyot
    Adrian Muyot 4 hours ago

    could just be 7 sunken ships filled with a shit ton of MSG!!!!!! THAT COULD JUST BE IT CAUSE....MSG ISN'T THAT BAD CAUSE IT'S DELISIOUS

  • Conrad Jonsson
    Conrad Jonsson 4 hours ago

    242,112 persons is not the population of 47 countries....

  • Do not read my profile picture

    This anime is by far the best in portraying the beauty and philosophies of science. As an engineering student, i can vouch for its accuracy in engineering science. It also captures the unconventional fact that science requires more perseverance than pure intellect. There will be trial and error. Because that is the heart of the scientific process. To learn back from your mistakes through experimentation. There is no such thing as certain failure in the mind of a true scientist. As Einstein once said, “I am not a genius, i am just incredibly curious.”

  • WanderingWolfos 94
    WanderingWolfos 94 4 hours ago

    Matpat! Are you guys planning on playing the Blair Witch game on gtlive? Just curious. 😁

  • Yukihyo
    Yukihyo 4 hours ago

    Scientifically accurate Catdog

  • SamGaming
    SamGaming 4 hours ago

    The dead ppl could have been turned to ashes I wrote this because i dont want to accept that they eat ppl

  • Dick Dastardly
    Dick Dastardly 4 hours ago

    Reading the books as a kid I remember thinking that Harry was super lucky Voldemort is an incompetent moron.

  • Arfan Eka Diandra
    Arfan Eka Diandra 5 hours ago

    MatPat: Don't watch at night Me, watching at night (I'm accompanied with my TV watching Milo Murphy's Law): Well, k, I'm fucked.

  • Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem

    Even though frogs do try to come out when it's too hot...would anyone try this???


    So technically ,just technically can i eat titan I feel hungry

  • John Hunter
    John Hunter 5 hours ago


  • Eric gonzalez
    Eric gonzalez 5 hours ago

    Me not watching nor caring about last 4 or 5 Disney movies, Mat Pat I got a theory me being ok let me see what is this about

  • John Hunter
    John Hunter 5 hours ago


  • شایان معصوم


  • Disturbed_KnifeZ
    Disturbed_KnifeZ 5 hours ago

    And who said that the soul splits perfectly in half?

  • Steven Lesmana
    Steven Lesmana 5 hours ago

    I think, the reason why Arthur Fleck leads a hords of crazy clown masked people so the goverment respect the ones that are on low grades/poor

  • Mark Lester
    Mark Lester 5 hours ago

    In high school we gave a thing going on that if someone says green everyone else has to say that its not a creative colour.

  • Disturbed_KnifeZ
    Disturbed_KnifeZ 5 hours ago

    5 minutes in, I see a big problem. You say that everyone assumes that they're equal pieces. I believe that they aren't, sure. But it is never specifically mentioned that the soul is ripped in half. Only "rips it apart". Supposedly if he wanted to, he could have every part of his soul that he make horocruxes of only 10% of his soul, leaving 30% in his original body. Therefore, no one horocrux is more Voldemort than Voldemort

  • Elizabeth Schwartz
    Elizabeth Schwartz 5 hours ago

    I was absolutely afraid of touching algae. I still am. But I have severe anxiety, so take that how you want it.

  • Foxer 7777
    Foxer 7777 5 hours ago

    Bakubae ❤️

  • The Blizzard
    The Blizzard 5 hours ago

    I thought it was Dragon ball Z 's Warrior Pants?

  • Piraten Hund berkan
    Piraten Hund berkan 5 hours ago

    Nah i know something stronger and unstopable its a Steve with op and mods maybe Joke: thanos: how did you got that inviniti gauntlet .Steve : mods and a bit of cheating

  • Peter Parker’s Ashes

    Why did you mention the other movies for his powers if they aren’t cannon?

  • Dylan
    Dylan 5 hours ago

    This theory is probably gonna end up being horribly wrong

  • Zack HD
    Zack HD 5 hours ago

    Hahahahahah you always make me laugh

  • Sonya Haruto
    Sonya Haruto 5 hours ago

    No matter how dangerous, I'd still play SAO

  • Coolkid42
    Coolkid42 5 hours ago

    But were gonna rate area 51 not area 85

  • yasemin ozut
    yasemin ozut 5 hours ago

    Türkçe yazıyı benden başka gören var mı?

  • Luke O’Grady
    Luke O’Grady 5 hours ago

    Best intro ever

  • Odin666
    Odin666 5 hours ago

    No way they would just give away that plot twist where Rey goes to the dark side in the first trailer like that. It’s just to make us think and make theory videos about it for the next few months...

  • Limerence
    Limerence 5 hours ago

    Stick him on a train and crash it at high speeds. If the force alone doesn't kill his brain it will crack his bones and perhaps pierce his organs. You could also poison him, give him weaponised disease, drown him, bury him alive, boil him. There are plenty of ways to kill someone! Still great theory though!

  • bacon nator
    bacon nator 5 hours ago

    Kratos“sniff ”found a God to kill

  • Ray Cornish
    Ray Cornish 5 hours ago

    This... This Is like, so relatable. Why do I understand this? This is so relatable.

  • TheDwarvenDefender
    TheDwarvenDefender 5 hours ago

    This entire video is just him getting everything half-right. • Tony focuses on family. • Cap stops focusing on self-sacrifice. • Black Widow has a relationship and self-sacrifice. • Bruce turns into The Hulk. • Thor finds a new family to fight for.


    I mean this vedio was good and all but I gotta ask why do they need "spells"

  • GoatheadTough
    GoatheadTough 5 hours ago

    Stephen king was first

  • natalie Moore
    natalie Moore 5 hours ago

    I love this also hahaha

  • 888EKO888
    888EKO888 5 hours ago

    But he wasn’t trying to get revenge. Rick/morty was absorbing his genius to become more intelligent ...

  • Itz me Alice
    Itz me Alice 5 hours ago


  • Adam Shapira
    Adam Shapira 5 hours ago

    Do a 2 part!

    DANTEZANIMATIONS 6 hours ago

    I heard Carl Azuz talk in the beginning.

  • Yukihyo
    Yukihyo 6 hours ago

    As someone who has lived with hair growing almost to my knees, her little tower would be filled with so many loose hairs. I would have to vaccum weekly or have to live with a carpet of my own hair on the floor XD it would grow back tho. I always though, how can I still have a full head of hair with this much falling out. I guess the magic has to explain why her hairs dont fall out.

    NOOBEST GAMER 6 hours ago

    Ok matpat what I'm about to ask you is going to be a little tough WE NEED A MEME REVIEW THREOY what happen to Poppy Gloria of is the pewdiepie really dead in the I series pls do meh birthdays coming up uwu

  • MsWolfia
    MsWolfia 6 hours ago

    Video: *about brainstorm and green needle* Me: *hears green stall*