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  • Digital Dre
    Digital Dre 24 minutes ago

    dude this is pure emotion

  • koko ardrianto
    koko ardrianto Hour ago

    Beauty. I like this

  • Calvin Liu
    Calvin Liu 2 hours ago

    What do you think compared to the moza air 2? Thinking of switching. Also I like the footage stuff more than a real review

  • Видео 38
    Видео 38 2 hours ago


  • Hurricane Images
    Hurricane Images 2 hours ago

    I noticed you using the Accsoon wireless transmitter in an earlier video. Can you say how these two compare to each other?

  • CS Films
    CS Films 2 hours ago

    im the one of your fans Brandon Li :)

  • BK42 Channel
    BK42 Channel 3 hours ago

    Beautiful :)

  • Jeremy Kruis
    Jeremy Kruis 3 hours ago

    Please do a film in the Philippines :) ❤️❤️❤️

  • VforVallee
    VforVallee 3 hours ago

    Omg OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! Brandon this is why I picked up a camera one day, o saw Hong Kong Strong and that did it for me, this video is just breathtakingly well thought out, the colours, the lighting the stunning visual transitions everything is sooooo well planned and executed. You’re hands down the best on this platform for this style of film making, seriously! You use a mirrorless camera and a gimbal and can produce this!!!! 🤯

  • thokarsubash
    thokarsubash 3 hours ago

    Oh my god !!! Thank you brandon for showing us your talents.

  • Jeremy Kruis
    Jeremy Kruis 4 hours ago

    What a masterpiece! Thanks for sharing this with us Brandon!

  • Renji Mathews
    Renji Mathews 4 hours ago

    Absolutely incredible work Brandon!!!

  • Metti Helalat
    Metti Helalat 4 hours ago

    Hey With short hair you are more stylish bro

  • Metti Helalat
    Metti Helalat 4 hours ago

    Amazing ... Only you can put a bunch of idea together seemlessly ... I feel again wave of seol mood in some part of video which was quite nice

  • Kishore Yadav
    Kishore Yadav 4 hours ago

    which color profile you are using in sony cameras?

  • onegloveTV
    onegloveTV 5 hours ago


  • Video and Photography

    Really really loved this video!!

  • bienveqe
    bienveqe 6 hours ago

    Man i watched your shortfilm... was awesome... i enjoyed the journey. Btw good spanish and your girl also did a great work. Solo quiero que sepas disfrute mucho de "Pasión de Andalucia". Saludos, big hugs for you both guys.

  • Keith Bivens
    Keith Bivens 6 hours ago

    You and your films have been an inspiration to me. Throughout my life certain people made a positive influence on my creative path. They set me on a course that took my creativity to a whole other level and opened my eyes to possibilities I never considered before. You are one such person. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Here's the link to my latest film. I just wanted to share with you something that was birth from the inspiration your work has given me.

  • Chill & Explore
    Chill & Explore 6 hours ago

    You go straight to the source through your videos man.. You're able to make it happen wherever you are ! Can't never thank you enough for this another inspiration you give to us. Greetings 💓

  • Attorney That Rides
    Attorney That Rides 7 hours ago

    Much better video than others I have watched that are the same ole! Keep the tips coming!

  • Tell-A-Vision Films
    Tell-A-Vision Films 7 hours ago

    This here is perfect! Bravo! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • gaban hernandez
    gaban hernandez 8 hours ago

    Wow amazing, big big applause 👏👏

  • Philip Naccarato
    Philip Naccarato 8 hours ago

    Absolutely amazing! Amazing work! This video definitely shows the fiery heart, passion and soul of beautiful Andalucia Spain! So enchanting and magical! Absolutely amazing! Amazing work!

  • peng lv
    peng lv 8 hours ago


  • ÆRIl
    ÆRIl 8 hours ago

    This is just..this video itself has a god-like presence. Its just that good

  • Redd
    Redd 8 hours ago

    In 6:20 why does it seem like it misses some frames.

  • A R
    A R 9 hours ago

    Brandon, I'm from Monterrey Mexico, I live in Texas now. I travel often to Spain and I have always love real flamenco puro. You have made an amazing job on the andalucia video. Please contact me if you want to do something alike for Monterrey, Mexico is a treasure like andalucia.

  • Almer Kolasinac
    Almer Kolasinac 9 hours ago

    you're incredibly gifted Brandon, keep making magic!

  • Rob Johns
    Rob Johns 9 hours ago

    The Passion of Andalusia is an understatement. Absolutely bloody brilliant! Brandon Li is one of the best filmmakers out there, very skilled and passionate. Raises the bar yet again.

  • abdullah alwakil
    abdullah alwakil 9 hours ago

    How could someone think about all of that, and still be a human, respect

  • It's Yara
    It's Yara 9 hours ago

    How do I even fix the frame rate in the camera?

  • Boomer Grace
    Boomer Grace 9 hours ago

    You know that part in the Kung Fu series from, gulp, 1975, where Kwai Chang Caine's master talks about grabbing the stone from his hand? Brandon... it's time for you to leave... RU-clip. Please call 1-800-Hollywood and start gracing the silver screen with your magnificent work. And while you're at it, come speak and inspire my middle school students in Paso Robles, California.

  • Luqmanography
    Luqmanography 9 hours ago

    Li, u're a genius 🌹

  • Group III
    Group III 11 hours ago

    Yay Faye!! That was very interesting. Thank you for sharing and teaching me. 🤓😌

  • Four Eyes Productions
    Four Eyes Productions 11 hours ago

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!! The stories are beautiful, the emotions real, the grading and pacing breathtaking. What beautiful and unique images you've captured there, well done Sir, I highly respect your work !

  • Kripa Pizzorno
    Kripa Pizzorno 11 hours ago

    INSANE!! So maybe incredible camera moves, I have no idea how you pulled off. And the editing flows so smoothly, perfectly capturing the passion of the culture. Thank you for creating great cinematic art like this.

  • mycollegeshirt
    mycollegeshirt 11 hours ago

    david sandberg is the master of boring locations

  • Amitabha Naskar
    Amitabha Naskar 11 hours ago


  • Manuel De La Corrala
    Manuel De La Corrala 11 hours ago

    Enhorabuena y gracias por haber realizado un vídeo tan tremendamente espectacular de nuestra tierra.

  • marouane okba
    marouane okba 12 hours ago

    thanks man I love it

  • Marlon Ayres
    Marlon Ayres 12 hours ago

    I've been searching for this solution for the longest time, I've done remote control of a Nikon Dslr via USB back in 2013 with pretty stable feed throughout a wedding shoot, but never been able wirelessly, you found the answer at last, thanks for sharing that Brandon!

  • Fabian Calcagno
    Fabian Calcagno 12 hours ago

    Increíble video hiciste!!!! voy a difundirlo...

  • Sirola Doppler
    Sirola Doppler 12 hours ago

    ole mi brandonnnnnn

  • jared battle
    jared battle 12 hours ago

    Very nice cinematography and seamless transitions

  • Ekrem Kurtcu
    Ekrem Kurtcu 13 hours ago

    just perfect. bravo. music is incredible!

  • jaclyn vu
    jaclyn vu 14 hours ago

    this gave me chills. the smooth transitions are SO AMAZING

  • Prarthan Ramesh
    Prarthan Ramesh 14 hours ago

    Wow, i literally watched by holding one breath Mind blowing work 😍

  • Aziel Timur
    Aziel Timur 14 hours ago


  • der Ryk1
    der Ryk1 14 hours ago

    All of your shots are spectacular and epic in all of your videos.

  • Sinelo
    Sinelo 14 hours ago

    An awesome and thrilling short movie, but you omitted some samples of the flamenco: tarantas, el cante de las minas (the singing of the mining), performed by the miners after work in small bars (tabernas)

  • De Toate Combinate!
    De Toate Combinate! 14 hours ago

    I almost crying :)) . You inspire me to do some diferent videos. 🔥🔥🔥

  • asannaneyeview
    asannaneyeview 14 hours ago

    loved the film and the director's commentary! really inspiring. keep em coming, Brandon!

  • jcbart
    jcbart 15 hours ago

    It's so cool i cant feel the kold

  • Ashvir Creations
    Ashvir Creations 15 hours ago

    Superb shots and edit

  • Shatonix
    Shatonix 15 hours ago

    your songs are beautiful . What is the name of them

  • trini caar
    trini caar 15 hours ago

    ¡Sin palabras!. Viendo el vídeo me he sentido como en una nube. Al final los bellos de punta. Creo que has captado en poco más de ocho minutos la pasión de esta tierra.¡ ENHORABUENA!

  • Michael Fitzpatrick
    Michael Fitzpatrick 15 hours ago

    This was absolutely stunningly beautiful

  • Antonio RY
    Antonio RY 16 hours ago

    I am sevillano and I live in Sevilla, Andalucía, and in my opinion this video is wonderful, very good!

  • Mosadoluwa Akinjobi
    Mosadoluwa Akinjobi 16 hours ago

    You're so good at your craft. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Michael Drohomyretsky
    Michael Drohomyretsky 17 hours ago more words

  • Helder Oliveira
    Helder Oliveira 17 hours ago

    Ridiculous!!!! You're amazing!

  • Chok1
    Chok1 17 hours ago

    The rythm is amazing!!!

  • Juan Antonio
    Juan Antonio 17 hours ago

    Bravo por tu trabajo!!

  • Bibek Kunwar
    Bibek Kunwar 17 hours ago


    JYOTIRMOY ROY 17 hours ago


  • Jay Guerrero
    Jay Guerrero 18 hours ago

    God of all Gimbals

  • Jaime Rodriguez
    Jaime Rodriguez 19 hours ago

    I haven't seen what the weight limit is on this model yet, so I'm wondering what the biggest difference is between the Weebill lab other than a paint job.

  • Francesco Paggiaro
    Francesco Paggiaro 19 hours ago

    So interesting, thanks Brandon

  • Juan Carlos EM
    Juan Carlos EM 19 hours ago

    Es una maravilla de corto

  • jomsart
    jomsart 19 hours ago

    Is this a single man / camera setup? Looks amazing

  • MNU.Vision
    MNU.Vision 19 hours ago

    Man that is simply.. amazing =D I watched every second of it and I couldn't take my eyes of it! ... The whole story intrigues me a lot and I will take in cosideration to visit this wonderfull region soon! thx for sharing this nice and inspiring video! Take care!

  • Areesz Ganddi
    Areesz Ganddi 19 hours ago

    Fantastic video man.... great shots and edit !bravo,

  • Savage proFuk
    Savage proFuk 19 hours ago

    So sick, I love it 😍

  • moha lafi
    moha lafi 19 hours ago

    this is my first ever youtube comment, i couldnt not leave a comment on this master piece. you litterally took us on a journy here, both visually and emotionally through the sound and footage on the video, best thing is how different from every other travel video out there ! i cannot imagine how you pulled this off and managed to do it. seriously, thank you for making this

  • Lee Đỗ
    Lee Đỗ 20 hours ago


  • Zainvisuals
    Zainvisuals 20 hours ago

    Always awesome.. make a huge moment in to one. Come to indonesian sometime bro, you will find a huge culture to explore. Thanks

  • Arinka Dian Nugraha
    Arinka Dian Nugraha 20 hours ago

    your videos always get me entertain

    DR.MAULIK SHAH 20 hours ago

    Beautiful camera work and a meticulous edit. Great work buddy.

  • Fathur Ibrahim
    Fathur Ibrahim 20 hours ago

    absolute killer!

  • Ardi Supartha
    Ardi Supartha 20 hours ago


  • salman rahiman
    salman rahiman 21 hour ago

    The Director

    THATIDIOT 21 hour ago

    King of camera movement

  • djamel eddine Leklou
    djamel eddine Leklou 22 hours ago

    I discovered you 2 days ago ,and now I'm a big fan of yours from ALGERIA

  • Amandose
    Amandose 22 hours ago

    Brandon, what is your skincare routine?

  • Karan Chordia
    Karan Chordia 22 hours ago

    What an amazing piece of art!

  • Matteusus
    Matteusus 22 hours ago

    Simple Excellent!!!

  • Wowa Hahn
    Wowa Hahn 23 hours ago

    Masterpiece, best video of this year! And there are still some people who dislike? Who dislikes this masterpiece? Haters gonna hate, always xD

  • Clint Maxwell
    Clint Maxwell 23 hours ago

    Wow this was incredible! Loved every bit of it!

    JF_ PHILIPP 23 hours ago

    just wonderfull , thank you for the trip :-) Bests regards from Colmar, Alsace JF 😍😍

  • Francesco Paggiaro
    Francesco Paggiaro 23 hours ago

    In the future when hollywood need a crane they'll just say: why you need a crane when we have a brandon lee in the set?

  • Johann Beute
    Johann Beute 23 hours ago

    Could this be ... The new Watchtower of Turkey we've all been waiting for?

  • Samanvay Ghoghara
    Samanvay Ghoghara 23 hours ago

    he nailed it .. Who can do this other than brandon😍

  • Studio Paris JPH
    Studio Paris JPH 23 hours ago

    Wonderfull work ! magic

  • Kuro Wanna
    Kuro Wanna 23 hours ago

    Any gimbal company who want to sell lots of gimbal, give this man to test it. Now i want one even my footages will look nothing like this.

  • hbk 2010
    hbk 2010 Day ago

    Af on or off??????

  • mritech1994
    mritech1994 Day ago

    AAAHHHHHHHH SO PLEASING!!! Awesome footage!!!1

  • Picture Pulse
    Picture Pulse Day ago

    Chiang Mai is so beautiful, I wanna go back there. Btw great footage.

  • Midastouch Productions

    You are an amazing filmmaker Brandon Li, everytime I see your work, I get motivated and inspired to do better and better.

  • Travel Addict
    Travel Addict Day ago

    You are truly an inspiration to new filmmakers. Please continue to be of service to others. You are using your gift of giving for GOOD.