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  • asang Sogo
    asang Sogo 21 hour ago

    Can't get over this song.. M addicted.

  • peachysean
    peachysean Day ago

    Khalid: can we just talk? Jeremy: Talk is overrated lets just vibe Blackbear: well.. Fuck you, and you, and youuuuuu

  • Tenkay
    Tenkay 2 days ago


  • Tenkay
    Tenkay 2 days ago


    STENMARK6 3 days ago

    Talk is overrated? Then just talk to Khalid :)

  • Sêptëmbėr Jãį
    Sêptëmbėr Jãį 4 days ago

    0:27 I thought it was even “Cause I got nasty thangs that I wanna do” or “Cause I got names and thangs that I wanna do” instead of “Cause I can name some thangs that I wanna do” 😭😩😅

  • Okaii Bae
    Okaii Bae 5 days ago

    Still fire in 2k19

  • Yassine Bidawi
    Yassine Bidawi 7 days ago

    X starts at 1:02 ( cause bitch...)

  • ReMeDy
    ReMeDy 8 days ago

    Guys if you turn p upside down its d and q is b M is W

  • dErPy LiFe
    dErPy LiFe 14 days ago


  • sarah khatab
    sarah khatab 15 days ago

    Yes talk is overrated Love this song

    NARUTOUZUMAKIFAN 19 days ago


  • viola sheeler
    viola sheeler 25 days ago

    I LOVE THIS SONG ❤️❤️👌👌😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🥶🥶dripping like FIGI WE CAN MAKE LOVE in 3 D😘😘😘

    BOOT SCOOT 25 days ago


  • RissaFiction
    RissaFiction 25 days ago


  • lovely flower
    lovely flower Month ago

    me: love is over ex: love is not over yet bby

  • Copyrighted life
    Copyrighted life Month ago


  • Jessyka Slay
    Jessyka Slay Month ago

    My new song

  • Taylor Sinc
    Taylor Sinc Month ago

    Oml it’s infer not Prefer

  • Wouldy Wincy
    Wouldy Wincy Month ago


  • Danielle Brock
    Danielle Brock Month ago

    Ngl I thought it said f*ck instead of vibe 😂

  • Jaymee Chrystie
    Jaymee Chrystie Month ago

    They used black bears sound for IDFC ☺️❤️

  • HighwayStar149
    HighwayStar149 Month ago


  • phoenix _wolvz
    phoenix _wolvz Month ago

    I know that u only with me for the clout? The first thing that comes to mind is Tal Fishman

  • Hannah. Belpedio fan

    Jeremy Zucker + Alec Benjamin + Black bear = perfection

    • Celina Khan
      Celina Khan 25 days ago

      4got NF now that is perfection lmfao

  • Soe Tun
    Soe Tun Month ago

    Next music collaboration should be with Blackbear, Jeremy Zukcers, AND FUCKING EDEN 💖😭

  • Starry Night
    Starry Night 2 months ago

    when you want to sing the song but you can't say the n-word

  • MonMon 123
    MonMon 123 2 months ago

    i liked this song because of how he sang the chorus lmaooo

  • Teairra da Baka UwU
    Teairra da Baka UwU 2 months ago


  • Teairra da Baka UwU
    Teairra da Baka UwU 2 months ago


  • Cheesecake Pop!
    Cheesecake Pop! 2 months ago

    Oof... It's so old yet it's still good!

  • Kaguya sama
    Kaguya sama 2 months ago


  • panic at my chemical falling In reverse pilots

    I’m not crying. You are 🤧

  • Carolmel ATL Productions


  • i LiKe My ChIcKeN FrIeD

    Face blown off

  • Ash The Human
    Ash The Human 2 months ago

    "Love is overrated" sounds like an Ace. Can I say that bc I'm ace or is it offensive still? Welp.

  • Brittany Hudgins
    Brittany Hudgins 2 months ago

    Love it ❤

  • Nikasha Shah
    Nikasha Shah 2 months ago


  • ctrey
    ctrey 2 months ago

    This is a collab i don't know i needed😭

  • Bea Pillada
    Bea Pillada 2 months ago


  • wanmy peguero
    wanmy peguero 2 months ago

    q bien le quitaste la parte final q dañaba esta obra d art

  • Javier Helder
    Javier Helder 2 months ago

    Mirror ,sound ,singing synthesizer

  • Rebecca Finan
    Rebecca Finan 2 months ago

    Anybody else think he’s trryna hold back tears while singing this no just me

    • nobody
      nobody 2 months ago

      i feel like it too :|

  • JJ Wolfie
    JJ Wolfie 2 months ago

    If Scarlxd started yelling at me is start dancing

  • shuveksha gautam
    shuveksha gautam 3 months ago

    this guy is amazing

  • Cristobal Jimenez
    Cristobal Jimenez 3 months ago


  • X. Shadows
    X. Shadows 3 months ago

    I swear if this song gets put in a movie trailer the sonic apademic will return

  • Sad.boy_life
    Sad.boy_life 3 months ago

    Khalid:can we just talk? Jeremy zucker:talk is overrated Me:then what am i suppose to do?

  • josh maccomas
    josh maccomas 3 months ago


  • Autumn Bowman
    Autumn Bowman 3 months ago

    this song is so addictingggg

  • Raine Drop
    Raine Drop 3 months ago

    jeremy zucker + blackbear = perfection

  • Emiko Yesaki
    Emiko Yesaki 3 months ago

    Jeremy Zucker's songs are basically all the messed up thoughts in my brain.🤔

  • Cidny Jane Roa
    Cidny Jane Roa 3 months ago

    This song is really a nice because it give me a vibe when i here this❤💙💚

  • LegendsNeverDie
    LegendsNeverDie 3 months ago

    Jeremy Zucker: Talk is overrated khalid: Can we just talk

    • Phúc Hồ
      Phúc Hồ Month ago

      Thats what i thought

    • BreeziiTea
      BreeziiTea Month ago

      Listen to Jeremy.

    • Zero's
      Zero's 2 months ago

      Just put it upside down then it'll work like a conversation

  • andrea stars music
    andrea stars music 3 months ago

    Who else thinks this is underrated

  • L337
    L337 3 months ago

    Take shots everytime they say nibba.

    • Ján Kalanin
      Ján Kalanin Month ago

      @L337 brto nozt gobna lhie rjis chakengr ix focled up

    • L337
      L337 2 months ago

      @burned wires It was an r/woosh

    • burned wires
      burned wires 2 months ago

      You can't have that much achoal

  • Nyisha Taylor
    Nyisha Taylor 3 months ago

    This song is sooooo under rated!!

  • Julie Rivera
    Julie Rivera 3 months ago

    All I want to do is smile but that’s so hard when you don’t know how😞

    • Yunie Patunie
      Yunie Patunie 3 months ago

      Julie Rivera yay! I am happy that you feel better🙂

    • Julie Rivera
      Julie Rivera 3 months ago

      Thxs that makes me a little better

    • Yunie Patunie
      Yunie Patunie 3 months ago

      Julie Rivera awwww I am sorry....😔 but remember, the “happy moment” will come to you soon just like it did to me☺️

  • J'Maya Thomas
    J'Maya Thomas 3 months ago

    He is underrated 💙💙💙💙💖💖💖

  • Cenivnt Cayumam
    Cenivnt Cayumam 3 months ago

    This is good

  • Reina Emery
    Reina Emery 3 months ago

    "talk is over baby lets just fight" brUH i literally thought that was the lyrics😂

  • SaraiZ
    SaraiZ 3 months ago

    I’ve been lookin for this song for the past week 🤗... takes me back to 2015

  • Isis Ryan
    Isis Ryan 4 months ago

    I don’t want love, lust or shit. Just want someone to listen to and who’ll listen to me. Actually I just want someone to connect with. A best friend who’s more than a friend

  • Foxy 69 MLG gaming Fernandez

    This beat tho

  • Sam Gauvin
    Sam Gauvin 4 months ago

    Talk= Overrated Jeremy Zucker= Underrated

  • Christopher Freeman
    Christopher Freeman 4 months ago


  • Lovely _Lana
    Lovely _Lana 4 months ago

    The beat kind of sounds like the beat from Idfc

  • ItsYaGirl Kayy
    ItsYaGirl Kayy 4 months ago

    Lol and my dumbass thought he was saying “talk is overrated let’s just fight” 😂😂😂

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 months ago

    Where the original video went 😢

    • Toni Toni
      Toni Toni 21 day ago

      It's still up,they just cut it short😒

    • amyah d’
      amyah d’ 3 months ago

      John Doe it’s back up.

  • Céci loriot
    Céci loriot 4 months ago

    Original clip

  • Dexter Productions
    Dexter Productions 4 months ago

    When black panthers jam comes up

  • •Birb Lover•
    •Birb Lover• 4 months ago

    Fuccckkk he’s my savior I love him

  • Bri Knows That Gacha Stufd

    I'm depressed so I'm fine with this (even though I'm 10)

  • brokenxtbh
    brokenxtbh 4 months ago

    Love becomes a drug, and your drug sees that your addicted, your emotionally attached to them..... then they brake your heart and you no long have a drug. Love can be like that...

  • Kylla Zawada
    Kylla Zawada 4 months ago

    make a karaoke please

  • Dajha Heard
    Dajha Heard 4 months ago

    Yesss 😍😍

  • Neta _
    Neta _ 4 months ago

    Oh look He can swear daaaamnnnn

  • Blu_zie
    Blu_zie 4 months ago

    *this song is overrated lets just rhyme* *singing is overrated in my eyes*

  • Anthony Edwards
    Anthony Edwards 4 months ago

    Why was lyrics add on the video ???? Not cool at all!!!!

    • UniqueLyricz
      UniqueLyricz 4 months ago

      Because it’s a “lyric” “video” 😂

  • Anthony Edwards
    Anthony Edwards 4 months ago

    Who deleted the a original video

  • Livin' Lez'n'proud
    Livin' Lez'n'proud 4 months ago

    Well....WELLL.... somebody get me an oxygen tank!!!!

  • Lea Think
    Lea Think 4 months ago

    Talk is overrated so write a song 🤷‍♀️

  • Lea Think
    Lea Think 4 months ago

    Talk is overrated so write a song 🤷‍♀️

  • creeper
    creeper 4 months ago

    My white teacher when I get new braids: who dat boi( girl)

  • Th_Miner
    Th_Miner 4 months ago

    if you listen carefully, it sounds sort of like IDFC by blackbear. No, just me? okay...

    • silvrer
      silvrer 3 days ago

      Th_Miner yh lmao right at the start the first second sounds like the start to idfc

    • Random User
      Random User Month ago

      Th_Miner well there are only a few Notes with a guitar and most beats sound the same

    • BreeziiTea
      BreeziiTea Month ago

      It does!

    • Nova Silvis
      Nova Silvis 2 months ago


    • Zelmar Éléonore
      Zelmar Éléonore 2 months ago


  • emily gillgrass
    emily gillgrass 4 months ago

    Addicted <3

  • Antonio Jeter
    Antonio Jeter 4 months ago

    Aye, this beat SLAPS the DNA outta listeners mouth for sho!!!!

  • Shay Mays
    Shay Mays 4 months ago

    YessS ❤️ this is a banger❗️

  • BananaCartt Hehe
    BananaCartt Hehe 4 months ago

    Is this on Apple Music?

  • Penelope turner
    Penelope turner 4 months ago

    Mary Jane brought me here

  • Mini Henderson
    Mini Henderson 4 months ago

    Always in my playlist 😧💔💗💯

  • Lolsevryday
    Lolsevryday 4 months ago

    who dat boy who them ears

    • King Boat
      King Boat 15 days ago

      Lolsevryday 😂😂🔥

  • Mariyam Layasha
    Mariyam Layasha 4 months ago

    ima try not to talk for a day.. talk is overrated bissss i actually thought it said 'talk is overrated lets just fly' i was drawing n wasnt looking at the lyrics lol

  • Phoebe Lopez
    Phoebe Lopez 5 months ago

    So I’m bi and is it normal if u start thinking about ur crush (girl) in a dirty way?🔥😂

  • daddy night
    daddy night 5 months ago

    My ex's favorite song i listen to it when i cut now

  • Azize Ebru
    Azize Ebru 5 months ago


  • Rachel Welch
    Rachel Welch 5 months ago

    I love this song I'm rewind it😜

  • Asha Osman
    Asha Osman 5 months ago

    What happened to her channel

    • Asha Osman
      Asha Osman 4 months ago

      YaBoiTweety ohh wow ok.

    • YaBoiTweety
      YaBoiTweety 4 months ago

      Queen M990 she got signed & took them down

  • Kawaii Onee-chan
    Kawaii Onee-chan 5 months ago

    Who came here from howieazy