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Windows 95 HAX - Hak5 2507
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Hak5 2425
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  • Robbie Norton
    Robbie Norton 5 hours ago

    They could have an interviewer that was a little more into what he was doing instead of saying "how horrible" =)

  • Willy Kling
    Willy Kling 7 hours ago

    Exactly what you want in your mad scientist lair when the police raid you. Fun for the forensics lab, LOL. Wiring up a tantalum cap backwards to the 5v supply would give you a nice little pop with smoke.

  • Time the Avenger
    Time the Avenger 9 hours ago

    Yes, and isn't it beautiful? I will take the risk of a "Surveillance State" to stop the wave of entitled scumbags stealing everything that isn't nailed down. That is the very purpose of "Ring"'s business model-surveillance. Get it?

  • 20th Century Fox Youtube 2 weeks ago 4 weeks ago

    Facebook could sell you on privacy and encryption until theyre blue in tbe face but it doesnt mean much when theyre selling your data to whoever wants it.

  • Karl Bergen
    Karl Bergen 13 hours ago

    I've seen a number of videos on reverse shell. Could they be used to fix a computer with a software problem since you can see everything one it? Could they be used to modify a computer such as to install a working new operating system?

  • Rudy Kalkbasepijpje
    Rudy Kalkbasepijpje 22 hours ago

    Another one got caught today, it's all over the papers. "Teenager Arrested in Computer Crime Scandal", "Hacker Arrested after Bank Tampering"... Damn kids. They're all alike.

  • LiL Boy John yt

    where do you type these commands????

  • LiL Boy John yt

    I'm so happy I bought the rubber ducky

  • piejordan101man

    Since the exploit for Android is publicly released, does this mean the phone that have a locked bootloader, may be rooted using it?

  • releasethe01
    releasethe01 Day ago

    amazing :)

  • tld8102
    tld8102 Day ago

    Can confirm ovpn works. China>Australia port 8102

  • Otacon
    Otacon Day ago

    Are you guys worried about the new RU-clip policy? There's a new piece that states instructional videos on ethical hacking is not allowed 😒

  • Moe Tha1mexikan

    You don’t have to jailbreak an iPhone it’s very easy to download a 3party app’s

  • renier john Sediego

    <script>window.alert(" wow , i love the prototype you made with low power device, amazing ")</script>

  • Charles Davis
    Charles Davis 2 days ago

    screen crab is another way big corporations spy on there employees

  • Zailani Kasbolah
    Zailani Kasbolah 2 days ago

    13 years ago.. walauuuu

  • The Gaming Phoenix
    The Gaming Phoenix 2 days ago

    Checkm8 is a tethered jailbreak, the moment you disconnect ur phone from ur computer it will shutdown and will physically not turn on until you reconnect to computer.

    • iTzWolfKilla
      iTzWolfKilla 2 days ago

      The Gaming Phoenix yo I got a question, if apple makes a new update can I update my phone still & be able to jailbreak

  • Croaking Toad
    Croaking Toad 2 days ago

    Is there a more build related video for this?

  • TheRedstoneDino TRD

    the only reason I watch this show is for the intro music lol

  • cosmic entity
    cosmic entity 2 days ago

    Don't trust Facebook and Israel

  • justin pineda
    justin pineda 2 days ago

    Hi there, please suggest a linux environment for ios. Im using ish on my ipad mini right now. But seems some commands are not working. I used kali linux before in my windows tablet, but right now i preferred ipad as my machine. More power and success in your channel 😊

  • n0rg
    n0rg 3 days ago

    FET - is that for field effect transistor?

  • LiL Boy John yt
    LiL Boy John yt 3 days ago

    i love hak5 tutorials because its very detail

  • Phoenix Shield
    Phoenix Shield 3 days ago

    What server did you use?

  • Erich Mais
    Erich Mais 3 days ago

    government: Facebook needs back door to info Government: ban Huawei for spying(q1-profits)

  • fernandoblazin
    fernandoblazin 3 days ago

    are you bastards a news site now why dont you jokers make videos about the hardware that you sell

  • Akash Karad
    Akash Karad 3 days ago

    is it The Reverse Engineering Technique ??

  • lawliet chang
    lawliet chang 3 days ago

    sailor moon??

  • Luit Serrano
    Luit Serrano 3 days ago

    Is shannon american indian

  • Luit Serrano
    Luit Serrano 3 days ago

    You talk to dame much drink water. Let chenne talk

  • Roman
    Roman 3 days ago

    IIIIIIIIIIII LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I spent straight 3 hour on the Arch wiki and now it work omg I was so so close 17:41 I put tun0 instead of the real one lmaoooo i'm so glad it work

  • DaveTech Canada
    DaveTech Canada 4 days ago

    Phone jacking is epidemic. Corporate makes more millions. Same as Mickey Soft deny all liability and convice the sheeple it's their fault. It's ok we can setup payment arrangement. #1 thieves these days in all countries come with LTD on the end of their name. 36 plus years in this business, easiest hack is still the people. Corporate knows that.

  • Dean Shean
    Dean Shean 4 days ago

    Idk if you people will read this, but I like her hair.

  • Zidane
    Zidane 4 days ago

    Tutorial ??

  • Beta Exploits
    Beta Exploits 4 days ago

    i love how when he say Glytch the auto glitches lmao

  • xPsIXx
    xPsIXx 4 days ago

    "Its a bug" - Signal

    CRYPTO-RADIO 4 days ago

    Het, where is Darren Chickens?

    CRYPTO-RADIO 4 days ago

    Face Book is become a Liberal Target for low thinking Replughicoons to focus on. The bashed Face Book for Getting Hacked, now the bash Face Book for Tightening Up the Security. USA Government Hypocrisy, it is Hatred of Social Workers and Progressive Democrats that they Identify as Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Henry Allen Laudemilk

    She is so hot!

  • Don Hill
    Don Hill 4 days ago

    For many companies that sold applications to to the wild, they had a strict export(encryption policy). Basically they didn't want encryption to be available to certain countries who the NSA couldn't decrypt..

  • Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield 4 days ago

    9:47 Inception reference

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz 4 days ago

    man talks too fast.

  • Anime man
    Anime man 4 days ago

    You live in texas

  • InfiniteWonderz
    InfiniteWonderz 4 days ago

    fk peter dutton, from australia

  • David Nunes Lendvay

    Sweet iOS 13 A13 jailbreak coming soon. Yay 😁😘😘😘

    • Matt
      Matt 3 days ago

      David Nunes Lendvay nope, checkm8 is only for A11 and below

    • Dude It’s Just a Game
      Dude It’s Just a Game 4 days ago

      David Nunes Lendvay not a A13

  • Zync
    Zync 5 days ago

    You should add threatwire to Google podcast too

  • Jake Britton
    Jake Britton 5 days ago

    Government creates back door, hacker opens that back door, any questions?

  • Lukas Andresson
    Lukas Andresson 5 days ago

    I Wonder how many times they have to route the packages to get to the destination. Nmap has a built in function for scanning the subnet.


    Yes, let's have our privacy taken away yet more with a government back door for the "illusion" of the government "helping" us faster. They lie to get what they want and to keep spying on us and people don't even realize that they spy on us other ways and they only tell us about "some" spying they do.

  • generationace425
    generationace425 5 days ago

    For the Google Chrome bug, what exactly does she mean about chaining the exploit? Does that mean we shouldnt use Chrome for the time being? And did I hear that right? The Samsung s10 lines aren't affected by this zero day? Thanks in advanced everyone.

  • GCM
    GCM 5 days ago

    As always... "think of the children"

  • Anonymous Trutherz
    Anonymous Trutherz 5 days ago

    All these old hackers are dying.... It is so sad.... RIP.... You will forever live on in the cloud but sadly there is no system restore availble for you yet....

  • DoitalJosh
    DoitalJosh 5 days ago

    Would love to see the output of ifconfig on that system.

  • vincent snell
    vincent snell 5 days ago

    Is Hak5 slowly dying? it seems like ThreatWire is the only thing you guys post anymore, I feel like I haven't seen Darren in a full year.

    AKEWSD 5 days ago

    Ooo no... How do we protect ourselves

  • dfasdfasdfasdf
    dfasdfasdfasdf 5 days ago

    "That's a backdoor, folks" Thank you Shannon for staying true. They want to spy on law abiding citizens, and those people are pieces of trash.

  • RustyOfThePast
    RustyOfThePast 5 days ago

    Thank You for Your Video. Like your comments in this video. Entertaining.

  • Эдуард Мартыненко

    Why just don't use free VPN in Opera? It's essentially their main selling point at the moment.

    • Sean
      Sean 4 days ago

      Because when using a free vpn. You are the product. Meaning there selling your info to keep there company alive. So probably best to use a paid vpn...

  • Martin
    Martin 6 days ago

    Hi, what is the best hardware firewall for home and small business??

  • DredPirateRobots
    DredPirateRobots 6 days ago

    Shannon: "Signal Bug" Me: "Heart Drops"

  • Gerso Guillen
    Gerso Guillen 6 days ago

    What in San Antonio, TX... sweet!?

  • anonymous mc
    anonymous mc 6 days ago

    Sand paper

  • Killerherts
    Killerherts 6 days ago

    Drive your car through a herd of nuns or babies I love tech people.

  • Adam Jenssen
    Adam Jenssen 6 days ago

    2:58 What kind of font is that? I like it!

  • kassan
    kassan 6 days ago

    Oo texas cyber summit in sa why haven't i heard of that *looks at ticket price * I'll just stay home and watch threat wire

  • o k
    o k 6 days ago

    Sweet! Maybe we can get temp root without unlocking our bootloaders!

  • joshua c
    joshua c 6 days ago

    How do you configure Openwrt with a 4g module to interpret it as a phone? I've got a GL.inet Spitz and I'm getting a whole lot more speed than tethering. It only works for a few seconds until the network realizes it's not a phone.

  • anonamous365
    anonamous365 6 days ago

    Lawfull rape

  • lostie-case
    lostie-case 6 days ago

    Facebook comming with end-2-end enc is just hilarious.. they just pressed "share" on their PGP XD

  • Mike Trieu
    Mike Trieu 6 days ago

    Why do people pronounce the 'X' in Xiaomi as a 'Z' like it's Greek? It's closer to a 'Sh'.

  • The Archivist
    The Archivist 6 days ago

    Welp, I know how I am rooting my phone now.

    • Mystery Bag
      Mystery Bag 5 days ago

      Unlocked bootloader is the way to go, stock roms no bloatware. Hand picked google services if you want them or none at all.

  • Beppe Stålbrand
    Beppe Stålbrand 6 days ago

    Your are awesome! Don't forget that when winter is coming. Thaaaaanx

  • Jason Hall
    Jason Hall 6 days ago

    You might be better off, writing an input filter for log stash and pulling in the pcap files and using elastic search to do the heavy lifting, should be way faster than any pcap reader

  • Gee Kay
    Gee Kay 6 days ago

    There are lot of zero days actually, but you have to pay like litterally millions to get one.. a know zero day is no more zero day ahaha! And beautiful FB... getting 3 apps data in 1 single time, if you see whatsapp and you are using it, your'e sharing tons of data actually, good game (1@ . Time to get back to pigeons with manually encrypted messages 😂😂😂

  • Roger Duckworth
    Roger Duckworth 6 days ago

    Worse than useless

  • A Khaleel Baloch
    A Khaleel Baloch 6 days ago

    When she says Firefox v.69, a smile appears on her face

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates 6 days ago

    "NEVER!" Trust FaceBook...

    • Brendan
      Brendan 6 days ago

      I don't trust FB, but I do trust them a hell of a lot more than our Police State surveillance industry.

  • Benkolli Nasro
    Benkolli Nasro 6 days ago

    Today is my birthday 😔😔 can i have a heart from the heart please?? 🙄🙄

  • if:fc taco is fml:then : fml fi

    Super disorganized and yada yada,but; first story: !='when $facebook -eq messenger ';roflololol @backdoors.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 days ago

    If the government is concerned about children then start with discouraging single parent homes. Then secure the borders. Human trafficking thrives on open borders. Instead our government would rather be an authoritarian regime violating our rights.

    • fleaf
      fleaf 5 days ago

      when someone says "secure the border" that's when you know they have literally no clue what they're talking about. a minority of immigrants come in to countries through actual land borders.

    • Tyler Prometheus
      Tyler Prometheus 6 days ago

      start with removing half of congress

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 days ago

    So much for "being secure in our papers(communications)"

  • Darkey VilKulak
    Darkey VilKulak 7 days ago

    Why the govs always try "think of the children" narrative. First of all Facebook is not place for children. Second existing of criminals does not mean the state has the right to snoop what you are doing in private. That's against the idea of due process. such act implies that we are all criminals by default.

    • Hu Hu
      Hu Hu 4 days ago

      We live in an age where you are guilty until proven innocent so this only perpetuates that.

    • wksuk dot com
      wksuk dot com 6 days ago


  • Mork the Chicken
    Mork the Chicken 7 days ago

    RU-clip comment

  • Jedidiah Schmith
    Jedidiah Schmith 7 days ago


  • SakyTalks
    SakyTalks 7 days ago

    Reading the first time I thought Netflix dropped a trailer for some zombie movie 😂😂😂😂

  • Mom`s Spaghetti
    Mom`s Spaghetti 7 days ago


  • Alex the Great
    Alex the Great 7 days ago


  • cyberjack-CJ
    cyberjack-CJ 7 days ago

    Full encryption for Facebook ? Hahaha never going to happen government need it for "data analysis" .. basically spying on everyone that uses it ..but that's not exactly a secret really ..goes without saying ..do you think policy has changed since Snowdon report ? ..hahhah ...nope .. obviously NOT

    • Billy Bob
      Billy Bob 7 days ago

      I've been thinking about that for a while. I wonder what they would do if we made a third party encryption app with no back door? It could be done with python.

  • wksuk dot com
    wksuk dot com 7 days ago

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

    • Jake Britton
      Jake Britton 5 days ago

      I love that quote.

    • S B
      S B 5 days ago

      And everyone did it anyways..cuz new iphone be shiny

    • Brendan
      Brendan 6 days ago

      There it is!

    • Alienymous
      Alienymous 7 days ago

      Best quote ever spoken!

  • JakeFrosty CS:GO
    JakeFrosty CS:GO 7 days ago

    4th comment

    • mr finn
      mr finn 6 days ago

      I plead the 5th.

    • Dave M
      Dave M 7 days ago

      4th amendment

  • ViolentOrchid
    ViolentOrchid 7 days ago

    F*ck those letter-writers. Protect your assets, Facebook.

  • Mr Kozhe
    Mr Kozhe 7 days ago

    any idea how the zero day is executed?

  • Brad Chesney
    Brad Chesney 7 days ago


  • Rayan BEN
    Rayan BEN 7 days ago

    Love zero days by the way bluekeep exploit have been released

  • Nick T
    Nick T 7 days ago

    what a disapointment, got a device to test it out for myself, i mean come on it's really straight forward, plug, update 6.1, install quick creds, config, and pouff no more space on device... dosn't work as advertised either.. now i have to factory reset bullshit and waste time reading post of a TON of people having hte same issue all the way 2 years back... man seriously i should have google it before buying, what a waste of time

  • Susan A
    Susan A 7 days ago

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  • Hot legendary Wheels

    Subscribed to your channel. Great information. Love your videos.

  • Augustine Lopez
    Augustine Lopez 8 days ago

    Nice video. I liked the art in back ground the topic and your vice. Furthermore a podcast sounds like a great idea. 😎 Later

  • Karam J
    Karam J 8 days ago

    If NixiePixel was still making videos, I'd want you and her to do a crossover episode.

  • Czeekaj
    Czeekaj 8 days ago

    wait you can own a phone you paid for? su alpine chgpasswd root younowownyourphone