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  • Idk Lol
    Idk Lol 4 hours ago

    Number 2: the “I’m weird I’m a weirdo” shit Number 1: the fact that they made a second season after that

  • Rihan Sotelo
    Rihan Sotelo 4 hours ago

    Actually this is my first time watching them. 😂 sorry where am i living

  • Laura Plant
    Laura Plant 4 hours ago

    I camt watch "Memphis", its heart breaking. His father knew he was not going to complete the trip!

    • Laura Plant
      Laura Plant 4 hours ago

      "My life started with my favorite person and ended with my favorite person, and that's pretty good" uuuughhhhhh 😭😭😭😭

  • SwiftTelly20
    SwiftTelly20 4 hours ago

    I disagree with this list. All characters have some flaws, even the good ones.

  • Giulia.
    Giulia. 4 hours ago

    Can’t wait to see ray and Kylo ren in this 😅

  • Ghost Gaming
    Ghost Gaming 4 hours ago

    I was just here to see whether the best romance anime was no.1 and it was.

  • Giulia.
    Giulia. 4 hours ago

    I love all this anime but can’t stand Toradora. The female protagonist was annoying

  • Tracey G
    Tracey G 4 hours ago

    Didn't know I needed such a specific subgenre to lose myself in 🤗

  • the yellow cat
    the yellow cat 4 hours ago

    Jade IS the best character in Victorious

  • Marie Christine
    Marie Christine 4 hours ago

    Didn’t you watch super Carlin brothers ? Woody was won by Andy’s dad when he was a kid

  • Chachi Shapiro
    Chachi Shapiro 4 hours ago

    Mr. Dink’s friend, old Chester. Whoa, what a way to end this.

  • R4sKal
    R4sKal 4 hours ago

    The hallway of screaming heads from "Return to Oz" not even on the list? I'm baffled.

  • Cas Wardenaar
    Cas Wardenaar 4 hours ago

    I am the biggest fan of the 100 and clake I love the chacarter. If you can read this you are truely a fan: oso kik raun I love love loveeeee the 100

  • SwiftTelly20
    SwiftTelly20 4 hours ago

    I love Mulan mostly because of mushu. Eddie Murphy is brilliant.

  • Cas Wardenaar
    Cas Wardenaar 4 hours ago

    I wanna be on that school to see you

  • Hello kittys child
    Hello kittys child 4 hours ago

    I feel bad for charlie, she actually had broken ribs and had them duct taped. But i also think she needed to say something

  • Kayleigh Preen
    Kayleigh Preen 4 hours ago

    After was such a shit book on Wattpad, like it promotes cheating and toxic relationships, and it’s pretty basic. Like the girl moves to college and falls in love with the bad boy, plus the guy they casted for the role looks nothing like Harry styles😂like if you’re going to make a movie off a fanfic at least make the character look like the celebrity. (That’s not me slandering Hero, it’s just me saying they should have casted someone who resembled Harry Styles to an extent)

  • bhuang8981
    bhuang8981 4 hours ago

    The iCarly theory can't work cause Drake Bell makes a guest appearance

  • Rachael Ross
    Rachael Ross 4 hours ago

    Calum Chambers is a god with or without a beard

  • ivoryvignettes
    ivoryvignettes 4 hours ago

    Wow this was depressing :l

  • Galaxy bean
    Galaxy bean 4 hours ago

    I'm gemini and for some reason and I.. Hate Myself Idk why

  • Xavier
    Xavier 5 hours ago

    Chantelle should have been here

  • La Locks
    La Locks 5 hours ago

    I know a Picses who shot a Sag, then turned the gun om themselves. I know two other couples who are these two signs and they're miserable. Fire and water are not a good match.

  • Denny Tate
    Denny Tate 5 hours ago

    Well, Britney didn't hit the scene as a solo artist until fall of 98, and wasn't heavily known until 99. So it's not fair to pin Madonna against her. 80s Major Queens = Madonna, Whitney, Pat Benetar, and Janet! Some of the 90s queens also shared royalty in the 80s. ( Mariah Carey is the queen of the 90s ), along with Madonna, Whitney, Celine Dion, Janet, Alanis, Aaliyah, etc..

  • Adele 2404
    Adele 2404 5 hours ago

    And how could charles- BOY- change to Cece - GIRL?!

  • Keely Davies
    Keely Davies 5 hours ago

    About time and the time travellers wife are my favourites 😍

  • L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ

    So on my annoying fourth comment my list goes... 1. Princess Diana 2. Princess Bubblegum 3. Princess Lavinia

  • jadenova
    jadenova 5 hours ago

    Is that a Lawrence in the Mousetrap game?

  • jadenova
    jadenova 5 hours ago

    2:22 Mila Kunis?

  • I don’t know YouTube wanted a name for me

    Geese I wonder what Ariana grande is doing now 🤔

  • takenliars
    takenliars 5 hours ago


  • RaLPhis Xamida
    RaLPhis Xamida 5 hours ago

    Agony= Into the Woods This Day Aria= My little Pony (I know I cheated) ;)

  • L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ

    PRINCESS DIANA WHOOP WHOOP! She should have top place. I loved Justice League as a kid, I may of may not have jsut ordered the entire series... heheh

  • Benala Hasina
    Benala Hasina 5 hours ago

    Blue Spring Ride is my favorite anime romance KouxFutaba ❤ I Like Clannad After story too 😍 Tomoya and Nagisa is one of best and cutest couple I've ever seen ❤

  • L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ

    NOOOO!!! Princess Lavinia deserved a place on this list (from Jane and the Dragon) I know it wasn't a well known show, but it was one of those kids shows which if you watched, really watched, you'd realise the adult topics underneath.

  • ssbbSephi
    ssbbSephi 5 hours ago

    you mean the fight where korras ass got kicked by kuvira? sure, if you see it that way it can be in this list

  • Luigi Echica
    Luigi Echica 5 hours ago

    Rachel McAdams 3 out of the top 5. The queen of this genre of movies.

  • Sascha Denker
    Sascha Denker 5 hours ago

    Jasmine as true!

  • L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ

    "In this world I don't stand a chance" *zooms out onto giant room in a palace where everything is probably made of gold* XD

  • Khushbu 1999
    Khushbu 1999 5 hours ago

    The mosttt mostt mosttt shocking moment was hayleys death... Mannn it wass heart attackk

  • Leto85
    Leto85 5 hours ago

    If the Time Traveller's Wife isn't on here then you have to go back and alter it.

    • Leto85
      Leto85 5 hours ago

      12 minutes later: good list!

  • RoseGolden
    RoseGolden 5 hours ago

    I'm really how odd the name psychoits is.......

  • Hiii안녕
    Hiii안녕 5 hours ago

    Is it true that Leo and Pisces can’t be together cause if not I’m sad, I dreamt of me my crush He’s a Leo of course being together

  • L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ

    The song 'Hellfire' in general pretty much explains the maturity ofthe plot.

  • andy luo
    andy luo 5 hours ago

    Perhaps you should choose characters that everyone knows.

  • ლუკა მინდორაშვილი

    I think first story was better

  • Indi Christiansen
    Indi Christiansen 5 hours ago

    So Cinderella is Capricorn!. This is definitely true. If there's anything I hold true to its both my word and my ability to work hard, especially through tough situations. I started my new job right in the middle of a flu outbreak, copped it, then copped gastroenteritis during a second outbreak. I started under an RN who taught me what being bullied feels like and still managed to stick her out. Although if I was in cinderellas position, my lack of ability to tolerate nonsense for the sake there of. (People being dicks for no good reason, entitled shitheads who have never worked hard, or been tested a day in their lives, who have everything handed to them and have such an easy life they don't know the value of had work) I might have just packed it in before the end. Not believing that anyone out there, prince or not is going to spare my situation a thought or that simply wishing and dreaming of a better life is going to make a difference. I also agree Tiana sounds like ore of a Capricorn than cinderella. I will work my ass off, I will protect those I love like a fiery sword, I have personal integrity and will not be stepped on. Cinderella tolerates being stepped on until someone comes to save her, always polite if a little dry and sarcastic. Never flinching. This too I believe embodies capricorns. I worked for someone who was a bully and until the day she resigned, I withstood her condescension and humiliating behaviour toward me while never letting on to her how much she was smothering my ability to actually do mu job well. A micromanager. Only ever venting in her absence or away from work. Cinderella works her ass off for her step family because they exert power over her, knowing she is being stepped all over and they deserve to have their tea spiked. but always, she withstands, meets their 'needs' and never utters a word of protest. Holding onto a quite fiery conviction that her suffering will one day end. Thats all well and good, but if that were me, Id be taking a leaf out of Tiana s book and actually doing something to better my situation while refusing to take their crap lying down.

  • PaperJam Sans
    PaperJam Sans 5 hours ago

    I’m an aries and my bff is a Sagittarius..... WHAT DOSE THIS MEAN-

  • Amanda Peter
    Amanda Peter 5 hours ago

    I'm a Leo. I had my money on Pocahontas or Moana. Got it right!

  • xTeaCup Firesx
    xTeaCup Firesx 5 hours ago

    Lewis and Franny was a cute couple for me until now, I still find it as a big plot twist xD

  • Эмилия Тагиева

    What about Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump?

  • Heidi Svenson
    Heidi Svenson 5 hours ago

    EDIT: Un-subbed. TL;DL: Pro tip: Just STFU! I'm sorry but, I think this compilation finally drove the last nail in the coffin re: this channel. I am SO over the HORRIBLY written, over-enunciated VOs. PLEASE, for the love of God - listen. Aargh!! You NEVER actually just SHOW the damn clip that we came to enjoy. You yammer BS over the entire thing in the most condescending possible way. It makes me want to COME OUT OF MY SKIN! It is NOT necessary to set up every bloody clip! Doink! Do you REALLY think your audience is completely lost without your God-awful explanations?!? All you are doing is alienating your ever-diminishing viewership. (And btw, no need to separate or re-brand yourself as "Ms." Mojo ...for your women viewers??...WTF?) Your stiff, cringe-worthy programming was forgivable at first, but your hack formula of over-explaining the minutiae and then relentlessly re-capping it . (...and it is not lost on me that I am doing exactly that right now in this PAINFULLY long comment - - but I'm just hoping it'll help drive the point home). Yes, I am irritated more than I should be about a stupid RU-clip channel - but you KNOW exactly what you're doing. That is time we'll never get back, much like I am trying to do to you if you even bother to read all of this. So, how's it feel? "Ms. Mojo" - Masters of speaking the bloody obvious. At least twice.

  • Henry Dinh
    Henry Dinh 5 hours ago

    Season one was really bad. I was so happy I made it through the 6 episodes of hell. TBH I only watched it because of Ron and his RU-clip snippets of hilarity.

  • Liu Kang
    Liu Kang 5 hours ago

    It's rosita from the walking dead

  • Holler Story’s
    Holler Story’s 5 hours ago

    If you got excited when you saw stranger things make this blue | | | Į

  • Eleni Biniari
    Eleni Biniari 5 hours ago

    Leonardo in three at least of the forbitten loves of the history... ofcourse the Scorpio!

  • Molly Williams
    Molly Williams 5 hours ago

    ariana: i’m so successful victoria: i think we’re *ALL* successful

  • Elle452
    Elle452 5 hours ago someone born at the end of the 80s and growing up in the 90s - these were almost ALL relevant. Like are you guys confused about when DVDs and the Wii came about? I feel like I need to mention that Saved by the Bell ran from 1989 to 1994.... I also had a Walkman! In the early 2000s I upgraded to a disc man.

  • renee lamanna
    renee lamanna 5 hours ago

    Y’all should have put beetlejucie on the list

  • abigayy
    abigayy 5 hours ago

    sharpay absolutely did not deserve to be in this list

  • the gacha hyper
    the gacha hyper 6 hours ago

    Wait i just realised chips mom had to give birth to chip in her teacup form! Why enchantresss why!?

  • Isaac Annan Jr
    Isaac Annan Jr 6 hours ago

    Do a That’s So Raven where they now 😂💀

  • Dora Umekwe
    Dora Umekwe 6 hours ago

    Great Gatsby : Long lost love

  • shadow Monk
    shadow Monk 6 hours ago

    Feeling proud that WatchMojo is making a video on Bollywood actress

  • Arturo Mendiola
    Arturo Mendiola 6 hours ago

    The show is better it tells more details and it’s not supposed to be funny because in the book it’s depressing

  • jonathan brown
    jonathan brown 6 hours ago

    Ten kids let's pray the kids don't look like him dam get plastic surgery dude.Tami

  • Benika Jimo
    Benika Jimo 6 hours ago

    Then there's me and Chris Evans . We try to keep it low . 😎

  • Rohini Kumar
    Rohini Kumar 6 hours ago

    "Everything about Bart Bass"

  • Troy Matthews
    Troy Matthews 6 hours ago

    Sam and Jade for Jade and Sam. Or Jade and Cat

  • CheL Gazm
    CheL Gazm 6 hours ago

    The Jacket

  • m. mache
    m. mache 6 hours ago

    I will tell you why prinsseces Catherine Middleton she got the billions Dollars smile how about that eny more questions please do will be answered by myself Hollywood mo RAAD Artists and judges in general Seleberity singer's Actors Actress models fashions beginnings stars singer's strictly come dance songs writer don't be surprised by Google youtube proof and proved by mo RAAD Artists and judges on RU-clip International? Mo?

  • Kheldaurus
    Kheldaurus 6 hours ago

    all of the people should be stabbed to death

  • Chaima Amri
    Chaima Amri 6 hours ago

    sad love story ?!!!!?

  • Louis Kerk
    Louis Kerk 6 hours ago

    You forgot to talk about how Brenda Song is in Disney Amphibia 🐸

  • Tura got7
    Tura got7 6 hours ago

    Why is after getting a sequel? 🤢

  • Serotonin
    Serotonin 6 hours ago

    looking back this show makes absolutely 0 sense but I loved it lmao

  • nimra habib
    nimra habib 6 hours ago

    My father also abused me physically .And now I am getting married 19 Nov 2019 to a guy I don't love .And I haven't completed my studies yet.He has hitten me several times

  • just an alternative emo kid

    can y'all please stop complaining about josh ambrose not being playes by jordan burchett, jordan fisher is great for the role

  • Kourtney Moriarti
    Kourtney Moriarti 6 hours ago

    Idk man, I think Vanessa Hudgens in Spring Breakers was a lot more shocking. She took a complete 180 from her role as Gabriella

  • just an alternative emo kid


  • Lamia Binta Rehan
    Lamia Binta Rehan 6 hours ago

    Aren't we emotional too... Or is just me? 😩

  • Amanda Anaya
    Amanda Anaya 6 hours ago

    Pocahontas better not be on this list.................. GODDAMIT!!!!!!

  • Amanda Anaya
    Amanda Anaya 6 hours ago

    My bigfat Greek wedding should be number 10 or 8 at most

  • Kiki
    Kiki 6 hours ago

    Every isak remake of skam

  • shekhar tyagi
    shekhar tyagi 6 hours ago

    Le blanc also hosted TOP GEAR ...... And was pretty good at it too.

    PORSCHE GT2 RS 6 hours ago

    My Crush Exactly Looks Like Blaire Waldorf.

  • Serotonin
    Serotonin 6 hours ago

    also Blaine is one year younger than Kurt, so he joined NYADA one year later, so how are they in the same classes ?

  • Ghillie01
    Ghillie01 6 hours ago

    wait why is there a MsMojo why couldnt this have been done on Watch mojo what difference does it make

  • Nadia Ali
    Nadia Ali 6 hours ago

    Please do one on raven

  • jess_a_banana
    jess_a_banana 7 hours ago

    Because I am what? Sickening.

  • Justice Eads
    Justice Eads 7 hours ago

    My question is have you actually watched the show?

  • chris evans
    chris evans 7 hours ago

    The list is a joke. The best pop songs cannot be judged simply on sales or viral popularity.Earliest track is 1983, are you for real?Wannabe is just a teeny bop anthem by a profoundly untalented pseudo band. It's only redeeming feature is that it ends.Ditto NSYC, meritless and forgettable in the extreme. I will always love you is a country/soul ballad, so not a pop song at all.Britney's best song is, of course, "Toxic", so that dispenses with "Baby One More Time".Madonna is massively overrated, shouldn't be anywhere near this list.It's so bad I felt relieved by the honorable mention of TayTay's "Shake It Off".With the exception of Number One, which is the only bona fide example of pop perfection present, the list misses entirely. It ignores the Beatles and virtually every other established titan of pop authorship. I could even rattle off 10 one-hit wonders that are better than this rubbish.Good example: The Emotions "Best Of My Love" perfect pop song, great vocals, danceable as fuck, superb arrangement.... geddouttahere.Anyway. 1/10 must try harder. Much harder.

  • Møther Mønster
    Møther Mønster 7 hours ago


  • Sophie Collet
    Sophie Collet 7 hours ago

    i love how she puts ramdom movie sences!

  • TheConfusedVampire
    TheConfusedVampire 7 hours ago

    I'm Merida, the Scorpio.... yeah, what you said about me is true. Definitely. Weapons on the dinner table? Drinking from the fire falls just to be able to say I did it? Emotionally-fueled-sneaky-convoluted plans? Yep to all.

  • Marlix
    Marlix 7 hours ago

    most of the comments be like: *any disney princess* has more of a sagitarius tho

  • Sojagrem MONARCH
    Sojagrem MONARCH 7 hours ago

    Kimi no na wa should've been no.1....

  • Yoongi'sTurtle
    Yoongi'sTurtle 7 hours ago

    now thats just ironic lol

  • Riley Ingle
    Riley Ingle 7 hours ago

    Proud Pocahontas here ☺️