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Spending time alone
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The KPOP Tag!!
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Sisters Q&A!!!
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2017 Winter Lookbook
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Snippet of Sherry's Life
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    you are so ugly bitch 👿

  • Lj Lu
    Lj Lu 3 days ago


  • Rose Zwijsen
    Rose Zwijsen 4 days ago

    wow, you have not updated for one month

  • Elizabeth Djong
    Elizabeth Djong 6 days ago

    Ahahaha.... when i was still living in Singapore, these all happened to me as well. Graciousness and good manners are still severely lacking in the society due to the concept of "taking care of myself before others" mentality. I mean rude people are everywhere, but as Singapore is such a compact city, you really, really feel it. "Stand there like a potato".. yup.

  • DaNNy Wu
    DaNNy Wu 7 days ago

    Better the. Hong Kong 😂

  • Lucy Tang
    Lucy Tang 12 days ago

    I normally have the exact same experience with you and I am always the youngest in my team so far. I agree with you that what we can only control is how we react to those comments. Think big! Btw, hope you've been enjoying SG so far and VC world is also really very challenging but rewarding:)

  • Summer Tan
    Summer Tan 16 days ago

    hope can see your more videos about singapore

  • Ahma Rafael Tolentino

    WOW this was so satisfying! Its like I was ranting myself without speaking out loud! Hahahah Have a great day tho loool

  • Ima_Luc
    Ima_Luc 20 days ago

    I enjoyed this way too much because I relate too hard with this everyday living in nyc

  • hermin ignacio
    hermin ignacio 23 days ago

    same thoughts here, those are the questions that gives me sleepless nights...

  • AnimalUnleashedHD
    AnimalUnleashedHD 23 days ago

    1:53 Hahah 😂😂

  • Z L
    Z L 24 days ago

    It’s even more difficult if you are an introvert... Like me, I’ve been in HK for 4 years, and I tried very hard to get out of comfort zone to meet some people. But somehow, I just can’t bond with people.

  • Shang Zhai
    Shang Zhai 27 days ago

    It is the time to show the differences of expressions of two languages. Sometimes you roll your eyes and are speechless in the video, if it is Chinese, you could say "我当时就黑人问号脸了", which can express your feelings very suitably. But in English, there is not a suitable sentence to express that mood.

  • Kelsey Zhang
    Kelsey Zhang 27 days ago

    肿眼睛也挺好看的 年轻可爱

  • AnonymousViewer1000

    As a man, I often think that the caning that is imposed in Singapore as a deterrent to sex crime (and other crimes as well) is probably a very effective way of promoting safety and respect for women. Do you feel this way or do you think that the punishment is too severe and maybe should be modified or discontinued?

  • Kelsey Zhang
    Kelsey Zhang Month ago

    整了牙齿 割了双眼皮 变了一个人一样

  • wave
    wave Month ago

    Woooi, small girl, there is no written rule that you must stand at one side of the escalator just to make way for another to pass over you. Just because you think so doesn't make it so. You are not the social benchmark of everything in singapore.

  • SuperKingemperor
    SuperKingemperor Month ago

    Great on the English subs, I understand!

  • 권민지

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  • Julynn Ng
    Julynn Ng Month ago

    the worst is, when the next station is the station that most people gets off, nobody move the hell in! They all choose to stand right in the middle of the door and block the entire way like a door god, guarding the damn train door. Like hey come on, you want to get to work, so do i. You want to go home, so do i! Why not just move the hell in and nobody gets hurts! There was once i try to board the train seeing there was a little space (plus i was annoyed), cause there were clearly lots of space inside. Guess what? I got glare and tsk at! LIKE HELL YOU WOMAN, move the fuck in and you won't feel squeezy at all. There is no ghost nor dinosaur that would eat you up!

  • CelciuzX
    CelciuzX Month ago

    Not sure you know how pretty and confident you are. Keep rocking it on!

  • Katherine Tong
    Katherine Tong Month ago

    I can totally relate to that. Being a Hongkonger working in Shanghai, I experienced the same stuff. Kudos to all the expats, we’ll be doing fine! Alone means freeeeeeedom, just use it and do whatever you want!

  • Chan Helmy
    Chan Helmy Month ago

    Props to you for ranting, sometimes you just gotta get it out of your system. 😀

  • Maecy O
    Maecy O Month ago

    LOL dkm

  • Delia cao
    Delia cao Month ago


  • Stephen Zeng
    Stephen Zeng Month ago

    So many people standing on the escalators on the side that supposed to be reversed for people to walk. They only care about their personal space, do not care about other's emergency

  • a1108aa
    a1108aa Month ago

    Please do a rant in chinese!

  • a1108aa
    a1108aa Month ago

    Omg you are so cute!

  • HN
    HN Month ago

    Im sorry but this is so funny I almost choke myself

  • Eugene Danhe
    Eugene Danhe Month ago

    but i thought u have been ranting since...ok.....nvm...happy ranting

  • AppleIsTheBest
    AppleIsTheBest Month ago

    Angry translator

  • Daniel N
    Daniel N Month ago

    😂😂😂 hilarious video...

  • George Rattanasmay

    You are so funny. Your rants express exactly how I feel when I travel or try to get to work.

  • ruying
    ruying Month ago

    Totally can relate lol. Daily life in Singapore. Just go "MMM" next time to blend in. 😂

  • xq Ch
    xq Ch Month ago

    Not a morning case tho, my uni provides shuttle buses that allow passengers to board from both front and back doors. Those who just arrive/wait less longer than you've waited at the bus stop will get on the bus from the back door before you (who is one of those queuing up at the front door). Then, the bus is full of people going up from the back. Congratz, you have to wait for the next shift!

  • Drmicky141
    Drmicky141 Month ago

    Thanks for sharing a local’s perspective of Singapore Sherry. It’s good to let off some steam by talking about it and I for one would love to hear more.

  • Juliuspang
    Juliuspang Month ago

    HAHAHHA welcome to singapore weekday morning crowd rush

  • wayniho为你好

    Welcome to Singapore!!! LOL!!!!

  • Maureen Soh
    Maureen Soh Month ago

    I feel you! Tks for sharing this video!

  • Peter Lee
    Peter Lee Month ago

    Welcome to sg reality Sherry, you have been staying in Canada for too long, or you have been hanging out with your civilised westernised friends in sg in your own comfort zone, you are so out of touch with reality, hopefully you will wake up soon haha

    • wave
      wave Month ago

      Hey dude, westernised people are more uncivilised, you must be blind not to know, you love white ass, huh? Singapore is more genuine, and more down to earth. Certainly less put on than caucasians.

  • Nico Liu
    Nico Liu Month ago

    I thought I bumped into you in the elevator yesterday morning... hope it wasn’t me that annoyed you 😅 Another one you could add: People deciding where to go to right after they step off the escalator...

  • Karsten Berning
    Karsten Berning Month ago

    :) I tought you lived in Hongkong? :D Happens here all the time. :D

  • Wing Lam Law
    Wing Lam Law Month ago

    This video is hilarious I love that 😂😂go get some coffee Sherry

  • Dickson Ng
    Dickson Ng Month ago

    Omg! So funny.... I wish to have more vid like this but i have to ranted dilemma now...

  • Denver Jr Mines
    Denver Jr Mines Month ago

    Hahah some people just cant buy common sense..😂😥

  • Evonne Chen
    Evonne Chen Month ago

    Sherrry 你說普通話好可愛😍😍😍

  • J Chan
    J Chan Month ago

    I came across a lot of these and I'm totally agree with you. These people are so annoying, self-centered, inconsiderate and rude. They are everywhere and surprisingly some are educated people.

  • Nella
    Nella Month ago

    Why it's really enjoyable watching you ranting lol

  • kenny sung
    kenny sung Month ago

    People who are walking in front of you, but then decides to say fuck it and turn a 180. P.S. 5:45 are goals

  • Shanshan
    Shanshan Month ago

    It’s good to rant, especially in a funny way. It helps you release your inner rage and pressure. It’s also highly relatable for many of us. Crazy people everywhere. You did good Sherry👍

  • Craziecat70
    Craziecat70 Month ago

    so cute with your little hands

  • K Lee
    K Lee Month ago

    anyone notice at 1:19 it says clash of true 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Ng
    Michael Ng Month ago

    I think I know this girl

  • James Tan
    James Tan Month ago

    I feel you in all your annoying instances... This is definitely our everyday lives...

  • SuperKingemperor
    SuperKingemperor Month ago

    One person theatrical, lol. This is hilarious.

  • Arthur Lee
    Arthur Lee Month ago

    I used to walk everywhere during university. For some reason, people on skateboards and long boards have to skate within 2 feet from me even though the walkway was like 20 yards wide. Like why?

  • dtyli77
    dtyli77 Month ago

    People who do not have their money ready when they reach the front of the line and start rummaging for their wallet, plus those who don’t think about their food order until they get to the front, or people who start to have a conversation with the person serving them while a queue forms behind them, or people who use the six items or less queue when they have so much more than that, or people who treat waiters or people in the service industry like crap and feel like they’re totally beneath them, or people who don’t hold the door open or look behind to see if there is someone behind, or a group of people who walk on the sidewalk in a single line across the pavement, or people who don’t clean up after themselves in a food court, or people looking at their phone while talking to you, or people parking right next to you when there is plenty of space available elsewhere, or people playing with chopsticks like they’re drums or tying their hair with them. That’s it for the moment. Until something is invented that people will use and annoy me.

  • Bean
    Bean Month ago

    Lol clearly too Canadian

  • hkmitsui
    hkmitsui Month ago

    Sorry to laugh at your rage mode but totally get it. Hilarious

    • hkmitsui
      hkmitsui Month ago

      Was kinda waiting for your to curse but you didnt. Nice self control haha

  • Chloe Ma
    Chloe Ma Month ago

    LMAOO I'm dead, love this type of video bc its so relatable :')

  • alex greene
    alex greene Month ago

    Somehow, still found you cute when you're annoyed.

    • sherrybyw
      sherrybyw Month ago

      Roger Loo 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Roger Loo
      Roger Loo Month ago

      Then if you want her to be more cute. Find her & walk straight into her. God bless you.

  • Chrissy Mou
    Chrissy Mou Month ago

    Come back to Canada.

    • sherrybyw
      sherrybyw Month ago

      Most likely going back to Canada for Christmas!! ❄️

  • Arteris Dewberry
    Arteris Dewberry Month ago

    I agree with number 1. It's so annoying when people are walking on the sidewalk looking deep into their phones. They are not paying attention to the road and they bump into you. Instead of not saying sorry, they blame it on you. Ugggghhhhh!!!! I hate it when people can't even say sorry to me. Btw you are beautiful!

  • tijames
    tijames Month ago

    Like a potato! 😂 tbh I feel like everyone has the same pet peeves amirite?

    • sherrybyw
      sherrybyw Month ago

      I know I can't be the only one!

  • Evelyn Yu
    Evelyn Yu Month ago

    Hi Sherry! OMG!!! I can relate to this regularly as well living in San Francisco, CA. Adding on to the escalator pet peeve is when tourist gets off the subway train and they have all their luggage. They get on the escalator with 10 luggage blocking the way for those who are trying to walk up the escalator. At least people move over when you tell them "EXCUSE ME!"

    • sherrybyw
      sherrybyw Month ago

      Hahaha glad you can relate! Cheer up with this cup of coffee ☕️

  • Mehmet Oguz Derin

    Although expression of your issues in other videos are quite valuable to listen to, this was a real unnecessary one. Academic or business communication concerns are better, rant on them more. 😹

  • Rose Zwijsen
    Rose Zwijsen Month ago

    these situations happen quite often in China. The best way is to fight back and tell them what they are supposed to do.

  • Gbenro Oduyela
    Gbenro Oduyela Month ago

    If you are ranting before coffee, maybe you dont need the coffee

  • ThatOneMohamed
    ThatOneMohamed Month ago

    I've never seen you rant before because you always talk about the amazing things in your life and vlog alot which I love!

    • sherrybyw
      sherrybyw Month ago

      I want to show all the amazing ups and downs in life 😁 Bali vlog coming soon!

  • Tan Lin Ghee
    Tan Lin Ghee Month ago

    U can go to this place at vivocity 1st floor called wonderland savour n try their coffee n quite nice

  • Escobar Furious Sr.

    Sherry Rants needs to be a thing.

  • Tan Lin Ghee
    Tan Lin Ghee Month ago

    Me too

  • Tan Lin Ghee
    Tan Lin Ghee Month ago

    Still hurts?

  • yohoshop
    yohoshop Month ago

    I can rest my head on your lap all day, look at you and listen to you all day.🤗

  • Kerina Wang
    Kerina Wang Month ago


  • Nolra08
    Nolra08 Month ago

    It' funny to see how you rant about these things haha... I those things happens to me I will shove my way in and out...

  • Michelle L
    Michelle L Month ago

    I totally feel you. The most annoying ones are those with their mobile phone glued to their eyes all the time while walking, and bumped into you, and react in ways as if it's your fault! And those who loves to push you in or out of the subway! If I am on a bad mood, I will just yell at them to stop pushing!

  • Kaitlyn Tan
    Kaitlyn Tan Month ago

    Haha omg Sherry! I totally feel you. There was one time I was so pissed with this one guy infront of me using his phone when the mrt door was about to shut right in front of me I literally pushed him and he ended up in the train with me instead of missing it. 😂

    • sherrybyw
      sherrybyw Month ago

      I've been tempted to do that 😂 (Am I tarnishing my "image" on youtube by saying that....whoops 🤷🏻‍♀️)

  • y2k
    y2k Month ago

    You are preaching to the choir girl !!!!+

  • Ka Yan
    Ka Yan Month ago

    OMG u are so funny while you rant 😂😂 more videos like this

  • Xavier K
    Xavier K Month ago

    Welcome to Singapore LOL

  • Cam C
    Cam C Month ago

    TSK. hahaha typical singaporean response. Next time just tsk back 😉

  • Mensch Über
    Mensch Über Month ago

    I feel you, I live in NYC, one time there was this millennial who was walking and staring at her phone at the same time, and she was coming my way. I purposely stood there to see if she would bump into me. She walked until about 0.5 inch away from me and raised her head all astonished, then I asked her: " what do you expect? You were staring at your phone while walking," then she walked away scared.

    • K Lee
      K Lee Month ago

      she must have been so shocked 😂

  • NiwaLeaf
    NiwaLeaf Month ago

    I don’t know if you’re in Toronto right now but this is literally my morning everyday here. 😭😂 I feel you girl. ❤️

    • sherrybyw
      sherrybyw Month ago

      I don't miss commuting on the TTC 😂

  • 熊貓頎

    I somehow like the decaffeinated rage mode sherry morexdddddd

  • Raymond Hoang
    Raymond Hoang Month ago

    OMG!! Your Rage-rant mode is entertaining and scary at same time.. Love your expressions when your angry😂The escalators is the worst when someone stands right in the middle.. One I hate is when someone gets a friend to safe their spot in lane or walk out then comeback like they never left.. Hope your day and week gets a lot better.. Sorry you have to go though this type of stuff on a daily basis Sherry

    • sherrybyw
      sherrybyw Month ago

      I've been told I am a very expressive person haha & these are just small problems in life 😁 Have a wonderful week ahead!

  • TheFirefly91
    TheFirefly91 Month ago

    i love this kind of honest video haha

  • Jake Wong
    Jake Wong Month ago

    Typical Singapore morning. Wait till you are rushing for work, queue for the MRT, the train arrives and the people in front just walk into the train cabin and stand close to the entrance without moving all the way in. Usually, in those instances, I will just shout, "Hellloooooo move in please, thank you!". Anyway, love your videos. Newly subscribed. I've sent you msgs on IG, FB and also left a comment on your previous vid in regards to getting some advice from you. Hope you could help! Thanks and stay excellent! :D

  • Emyemilys
    Emyemilys Month ago

    Were you a member of story telling club in school? So figurative and funny your expressions 😂😂

    • ruicher du
      ruicher du 28 days ago


    • sherrybyw
      sherrybyw Month ago

      Storytelling club...this is the best compliment ever. I should have started that club in school!

    • ChanelLVbbyxoxo
      ChanelLVbbyxoxo Month ago

      I agree 😂😂😂😂

  • Pink
    Pink Month ago

    Like this video vy much, can’t agree more😂😂😂😂

  • ali baba
    ali baba Month ago

    welcome to singapore 😂

  • morjuken05
    morjuken05 Month ago

    Really love your positive attitude despite all the unpleasant experience. Your rage mode is still so funny and positive. Here many people expect doors to be opened for them and they do not thank you for it. People rush to be the first but sadly they cannot even move fast. People expect you to give way to them. I am generally a very nice person and I give way to most people.

    • sherrybyw
      sherrybyw Month ago

      Haha I'm glad you think so - always gotta try to be positive!!

  • Cy Lau Chunkhin
    Cy Lau Chunkhin Month ago

    Those who take their own sweet time walking slowly after coming off from a fast escalator, probably they are typing messages, playing some games or watching some videos, as if there is nobody following behind them. Cant they just quickly move a few meters away before continue their business?

  • Strumento
    Strumento Month ago

    Plot twist: That girl was watching your youtube video and was annoyed for being interrupted.

    • sherrybyw
      sherrybyw Month ago

      Should have titled this "'Dear person that bumped into me..." 😂

  • Anson Kwok
    Anson Kwok Month ago

    sounds like a total Hong Kong thing to me ;)

  • poolfans
    poolfans Month ago

    Hahahaha... you r so funny....

  • sherrybyw
    sherrybyw Month ago

    Alright it’s rant time. How many of these do you relate to? What are your biggest pet peeves? 😂

    • Roger Loo
      Roger Loo Month ago

      Guess what, you're very right. Singapore have too many low class & zero intelligent people around. Perhaps if could cast out all this annoying people to 3rd world countries, Singapore can be a better place.

    • James Tan
      James Tan Month ago

      All of them especially the escalator one... I really hate ppl standing at the side where one can walk up the escalator....

    • Smart G Home
      Smart G Home Month ago

      Feel you Sherry :) Like literally these days people are glued to phones & not being considerate enough. Maybe can launch a campaign to help educate people about this

    • Peeravat KPR
      Peeravat KPR Month ago

      All of them. Especially the elevator thing. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Ps. someone should lobby to make the escalator thing a law.

  • Alex Lo
    Alex Lo Month ago

    avoid public transport during peak hours = less stressful life

  • jas l
    jas l Month ago

    Omg this legit happens to me on a daily basis. SO DONE especially when you're already in a rush to work! No one needs that extra stress

    • sherrybyw
      sherrybyw Month ago

      Sometimes, all the most annoying things in life love to appear all at once and at the most inconvenient time...tell me about it!

  • owen Lim
    owen Lim Month ago

    I hate slow and obnoxious walker. Some people walk on the left side, some on the right. Why can't they just stay on the left since in Singapore, cars drive on the left. Same situation while climbing up the stairs. I also find it very irritating when some people step on my polished shoe as though it's a floor mat on a train carriage when there is clearly enough space for them to pass through. I know that we are not in Japan, I hate it when people talk lowly on the train. Why does it seem like there is a hidden obstacle that makes people walk slow in/out of the train door. Some people do not queue up and just cut a queue. Some people do not place their " combat bag " on the floor, which prevent more people to get on the train/bus Many people in Singapore lack common sense that we need rules and instruction on how to do things, no wonder Singapore is known for being a nanny state.