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  • Joseph Cek
    Joseph Cek 4 years ago

    It's not a conspiracy... Just a hoax to convince the public that we have always been escaping the firmament of earth and deadly radiation belt .. This was clearly shot on earth in the desert. And with photoshop, the colors were changed and effects added to mimic a mars terrain... That's why you find also Indian pottery.

  • Fifth Business
    Fifth Business 4 years ago

    What is the theme music?

  • ViperFlint
    ViperFlint 5 years ago

    omfg lizards on mars, nope just the desert on earth, if u were smart there are green stuff on the surface also known as plants dufus .

  • sanju daniel
    sanju daniel 6 years ago

    want to goo there.....:***

  • Rvshajahan Han
    Rvshajahan Han 6 years ago

    ranjini haridas she is female insect of kerala

  • uskladjeno
    uskladjeno 6 years ago


  • vinu jose
    vinu jose 6 years ago

    maradona kayarepidichapol ahha,,,pavam malayale kayarepidichapol ohhooo

  • sanju daniel
    sanju daniel 6 years ago


  • sanju daniel
    sanju daniel 6 years ago


  • Anto Dominic
    Anto Dominic 6 years ago

    nice 1 daa...:)

  • Vinayak R.Nath
    Vinayak R.Nath 6 years ago

    sumthn amazing.. superb bro..

  • vishnu Narayan
    vishnu Narayan 6 years ago

    simply superb :) :) :)