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Tips to travel in Mumbai
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Tips to Travel in Bangalore
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  • Rupali Satam
    Rupali Satam 4 days ago

    Near by hotel name

  • Ajaz shaikh
    Ajaz shaikh 5 days ago

    Very good video bhai. Definitely i will contact you before going to safari world with my family.

  • Anonymous_ me
    Anonymous_ me 6 days ago

    Share your Instagram ID

  • Telugu Vlogger KP
    Telugu Vlogger KP 7 days ago


  • Prakash Varsur
    Prakash Varsur 8 days ago

    Bhai kitna kharch huva puri trip ka

  • Zeba Shaikh
    Zeba Shaikh 11 days ago

    Hello can u help me out with some information I also booked a hotel in a one The thing is i saw a package in clear trip it says van group of 10 , car group of 3 and the last is join in transfer I didn't understand the package could u please help me out

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 10 days ago

      In the beginning of the video u might have seen a car which is approx 10 seaters.. that is share in vehicle where different people traveling to same destination clubbed together in one vehicle ( upto seating capacity of the vehicle only)

    • Zeba Shaikh
      Zeba Shaikh 10 days ago

      @Raji Reddy ok so wt will be join in transfer ?

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 11 days ago

      Group of 10 is for those who are with large groups like 10 ... and 3 prople they will alot car with 4 seat capacity this will be little expensive as you are two...

    • Zeba Shaikh
      Zeba Shaikh 11 days ago

      @Raji Reddy wt is it actually? wt is the difference between the other 2 sir?

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 11 days ago

      Ok then best is go for share in transfers

  • Tirthankar Dattagupta

    Good video , thanks

  • Kasu Inna Reddy
    Kasu Inna Reddy Month ago

    Sir please guide us for sri Lanka tour

  • ahmed hussain
    ahmed hussain Month ago

    Nice bro

  • Chirag Jeram
    Chirag Jeram Month ago

    sir after seeing your video, we had booked this hotel and we had great fun in budget, really helpful, thank you sir

  • Ashikur Rahman
    Ashikur Rahman Month ago


  • Mukesh Agrawal
    Mukesh Agrawal Month ago

    Tickets of Safari + Marine Park with transfers link only shows option for transfer not the whole package...How to get the whole package with discount?

  • Itishreeya Sahoo
    Itishreeya Sahoo 2 months ago


  • Bulbul Tiwari
    Bulbul Tiwari 2 months ago

    Kya paries h hotal kya 3 4 day

    MY NATIONAL TRIP 2 months ago

    What is your seat no plz reply

  • Sangita Ekka
    Sangita Ekka 2 months ago

    Hello... I planned to Thailand with my husband in September 1st week. But due to monsoon I worried. Later we have no time so can we go in that time or rain bit us... Please suggest

  • Tejaswini Amudala
    Tejaswini Amudala 2 months ago

    Govinda Govinda

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  • Ram
    Ram 3 months ago

    f i stay 2 places like 3 days in pattaya then 2 days in bangkok, so i fill the both hotel address in visa on arrival & immigration forms?

  • Sai Kumar reddy
    Sai Kumar reddy 3 months ago

    Hi bro... Is August month end is good for rohtang pass

  • Vikas vannela
    Vikas vannela 3 months ago

    రీసెంట్ గా వెళ్ళాం మేము.. సూపర్ బయ్యా.. manali

  • Vaishnavi Patel
    Vaishnavi Patel 3 months ago

    roads from delhi to manali are risky??...means can a person travel with bike ??..

  • Gaju Donadkar Gaju Donadkar

    I love you Hyderabad

  • Udbhas Puitandi
    Udbhas Puitandi 4 months ago

    Is it for business class....or the food is complementary for economy class as well ??

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 4 months ago

      No it was economy class only... but in air india flights food is complementary

  • ramya pidugu
    ramya pidugu 4 months ago

    crazy.. thank you sir.. actually its my dream to visit manali since i was in 8th class ... after watching this i felt like i'm already in manali

  • digambar Borude
    digambar Borude 4 months ago

    How much for boating?

  • Bhaskar Das
    Bhaskar Das 5 months ago

    I like to Hyderabad

  • Vinay Khemani
    Vinay Khemani 5 months ago

    Sir after signature which date I have to mention my flight departure is on 31/5 and Thailand arrival is on 1/6 please help

  • Aryan shetty
    Aryan shetty 5 months ago

    love u sirji . thanks for discount

  • Moh Ashraf
    Moh Ashraf 5 months ago


  • Prabhu Kumar Meenugula

    Aakada Am SIM card use chaiyali

  • Vishal 2010Yadav
    Vishal 2010Yadav 5 months ago

    Very very nice video

  • kavi arav
    kavi arav 5 months ago

    Is there any refreshing, bathing facility available near sri vaari merry?

  • mastan shaik
    mastan shaik 5 months ago

    Super bro nice video

  • Madhuri Myleri22
    Madhuri Myleri22 5 months ago

    BroCan you please send me the details about the Hyderabad to manali trip in low cost and hotel also

  • shreya bhaduri
    shreya bhaduri 5 months ago

    Can you tell me are manali roads safe to travel at night . I mean my family has been thinking of leaving manali at 12pm and reaching delhi airport by 1am or maybe more. Is night journey safe ?

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 5 months ago

      It is safe as u r leaving by 12 pm mostly u will be out of the imp ghat roads of Himachal within day light tine

  • Priya Dsouza
    Priya Dsouza 6 months ago

    Hi can you provide the link for the ticket booking, don't find it on ur video on in the comments

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 6 months ago

      Hi here is the link U can explore more options too goo.gl/ZTTpWR

  • Mjfghz Fisbiscjirs
    Mjfghz Fisbiscjirs 6 months ago

    i love you husan Sagar my first love story start

  • pradeep b
    pradeep b 6 months ago

    Should we take another Visa for Phuket from Bangkok. Or else we can go directly.

  • pradeep b
    pradeep b 6 months ago

    Hi Raji Reddy. I am Pradeep I am planning to visit Bangkok Pattaya and Phuket. With my family we are 3 members. Me my wife and my son 2.5 year old boy. What is the cost of the trip. Is there any Visa cost for 2.5 year baby.

    • Uday balla
      Uday balla 4 months ago

      Mo Visa fee for anyone ri8 now.

  • Ajinkya Kambe
    Ajinkya Kambe 6 months ago


    KRISHNA DEY 6 months ago

    Thiland e visa me jankari cahiye

  • Harsh N
    Harsh N 6 months ago


    • Renu Jain
      Renu Jain 3 months ago

      Bhaiya kya hum tiger ke sath pic lene dete h vaha

  • Sahana Roy
    Sahana Roy 6 months ago

    Can you tell me the names of all animal sightseeing places in Bangkok?

  • Sangita Ekka
    Sangita Ekka 7 months ago

    Please give full day 3 days itinerary in Bangkok

  • Divya sharma
    Divya sharma 7 months ago

    How's lunch Buffett for vegetarian also how's it taste wise

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 7 months ago

      Veg has limited options and taste was average

  • Ahamad Abdul
    Ahamad Abdul 7 months ago

    nyccc yaar

  • Naveen Dasari
    Naveen Dasari 7 months ago

    hi bro can you pls suggest best sites or app for booking Hostels world wide....

  • Traveling Bong
    Traveling Bong 7 months ago

    Give some accomodation tips pls...

  • Aey Know
    Aey Know 7 months ago

    I come from Thailand also

  • Aey Know
    Aey Know 7 months ago

    Actually taxi is so very expensive like50up but sometime its 90

  • M U S A
    M U S A 7 months ago

    The winner of the mannequin challenge.

  • Ashraf Ali
    Ashraf Ali 7 months ago

    Bro if 10k thb for each person or if we go 3 person how much cash carry for visa on arrival process 30k thb or 20k thb

  • Salim Shaikh
    Salim Shaikh 8 months ago

    Thanks sir

  • nalanda designers
    nalanda designers 8 months ago

    Which time suitable and not rush To visit bsngkok

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 8 months ago

      Best is travel between December to march as weather will be good... as it is peak season u will find rush too

  • Srinivas Naik
    Srinivas Naik 8 months ago

    Anna ne pH no ev

  • Gorli Ramu
    Gorli Ramu 8 months ago

    River rafting entha sepu untadi Anna?

  • Ankur Sen
    Ankur Sen 8 months ago

    Which beach is good for doing water activities like snorkeling and scuba diving ?

  • lorena sim
    lorena sim 8 months ago

    You can see more here; facebook.com/thesanctuaryoftruthpattaya/

  • Prosenjit Das
    Prosenjit Das 8 months ago

    Sir Ji country of residence me to Indians ko India hi likhna hai na

    • Prosenjit Das
      Prosenjit Das 8 months ago

      Aur arrival card and departure card me flight number different hoga na

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 8 months ago

      Ha bro

  • aneem jar
    aneem jar 8 months ago

    Nice sir.. at wat time u started climbing ? At wat time u got divya dharsan ticket ?

  • Madhu Vadagam
    Madhu Vadagam 9 months ago

    Bro April lo plan chestunam Ala untadi

  • Adarsh Ps
    Adarsh Ps 9 months ago

    Can we exchange Indian currency in thailand

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 9 months ago

      Yes but limited stores will accept

  • golden boy dance group dunguripali

    Annna send your no plzzzz

  • Merry Adhadi
    Merry Adhadi 9 months ago

    one of the dangerous roads in the world? all mountain roads are dangerous! just go slow enjoy the beautiful scenery. great video!, i really like mountains and hills view!

  • golden boy dance group dunguripali

    Seight seeing kese book karen pattaya seight seeing. Tell me the idea plz

  • choles reddy
    choles reddy 9 months ago

    ANNA lakshadweep islands VIDEO PLEASE

  • Sagar Yadav
    Sagar Yadav 9 months ago

    😍Gandhiji Modiji & Prabhas 👌

  • Cris John Semacio
    Cris John Semacio 9 months ago

    Can i ask if the tickets from klook safari world tour already includes buffet lunch? Thank you..

    • Cris John Semacio
      Cris John Semacio 9 months ago

      @Raji Reddy thank you for the response..

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 9 months ago

      They have both with lunch and without options while booking

  • white fox
    white fox 9 months ago

    how many passport size photographs do we have to carry along with us

    • pushpa sejwal
      pushpa sejwal 9 months ago

      Passport size Is 3.5×4.5cm without border they have given 4×6cm photo to be attached .. do we have to get it clicked or take that size photo b4 hand ?? Plz m confused about the photo . Explain plz

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 9 months ago

      One is enough but for safe side carry two


    Thanks bro...


    hai bro..mana camera lopaliki tesukoni velaavacha

    ARAVID KUMAR 9 months ago

    Sir U know Tami?

  • chaitu anusuri
    chaitu anusuri 9 months ago

    Bro I have doubts...about Thailand tour can u give mail r fb 2 conversation with u?

    • Nikhil Gupta
      Nikhil Gupta 8 months ago

      What's ur mobile number , can I call u if ok ..I'm.frm del

  • Ankit Mulchandani
    Ankit Mulchandani 9 months ago

    Can i get ur num?n if u cn share some tips to travel thailand

  • nagesh veeturi
    nagesh veeturi 9 months ago


    AFFAN IU 10 months ago

    How will we get discount on link?

  • Rk Tpt
    Rk Tpt 10 months ago

    Next tour ekkadiki veltharu

  • Prashant Gupta
    Prashant Gupta 10 months ago

    Guys Just Go To Thailand And Enjoy..Visa On Arrival Fee is free till January 2019..Means you don't have to pay any money at the Visa On Arrival counter

  • Akansha Bhardwaj
    Akansha Bhardwaj 10 months ago

    How much time it takes to reach there

  • ritika gupta
    ritika gupta 10 months ago


    • ritika gupta
      ritika gupta 10 months ago

      @Raji Reddy and your videos are really very helpful... Thanks a tonne

    • ritika gupta
      ritika gupta 10 months ago

      @Raji Reddy any good restaurants that you can suggest for vegetarians? I eat eggs but my family doesn't.. need to plan for all... Also can you mail me your detailed itinerary on ritika.agupta@gmail.com?

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 10 months ago

      Not much only limited... but if u are eggtarian there are more options available

    PREPFORIT 10 months ago

    Thank You I had the same comment/ Question as someone else.Do I just tell the driver I am getting off at South Pattaya Road.?

      PREPFORIT 10 months ago

      Oh ok Thank You.

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 10 months ago

      Bus driver?? If yes just drop out from bus at the last dropping point that is airport bus stop.. ( no need to tell driver anything )

  • Ram Wgl1
    Ram Wgl1 10 months ago

    anna nenu 2trips veldam anukuntuna bangkok and malaysia 2trips ki kalipe karchulaki antha money thesukelalo chepandi anna

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 10 months ago

      That depends on our expenses type bro but carry approx 70k inr to cover both of ur trips

  • Ram Wgl1
    Ram Wgl1 10 months ago

    anna karchulaki antha money thesukellali chepadi plz chpandi

  • Jerry Perry
    Jerry Perry 10 months ago

    I generally don't like animal parks. There are ugly things going on behind the scenes that they don't show the tourists. They are all bad but Safari World is one where they have taken exploitation to the extreme. I especially remember a chimpanzee they had locked in a cage. There wasn't sunlight. Just kept it there for years and years, alone in the dark. Then it disappeared. To this day Safari World refuses to tell what happened to it. They were offered a large amount to have it released and moved to a sanctuary in Africa. Much more than they originally payed for it. The reason Safari Park refused was most likely because they feared bad publicity. No other reason to keep an animal that they had practically killed.

    • Chalky White
      Chalky White 2 months ago

      Disgusting place should be shut down...

  • SuperSunilkumar007
    SuperSunilkumar007 10 months ago

    Sir I m going Pattaya and Bangkok so which address will be given on this coloum address in Thailand Pattaya address or Bangkok address or both ? Plz Guide

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 10 months ago

      Just mention that hotel adress where u r staying max days

  • siva krishna
    siva krishna 10 months ago

    Nice video sir

  • Sandip Shingrakhia
    Sandip Shingrakhia 10 months ago

    par yeh hotel konsi hai hame yeh jan na hai

  • time to travel
    time to travel 11 months ago


    ELECTRICALS TRENDZ 11 months ago

    Helo sir i m big fan of you.sir aap video shoot kis cameras se karte hai.go pro ja koi aur.gopro me to zoom nahi hota.

  • Mari Appan
    Mari Appan 11 months ago

    how can choose local sight seeing transportation , have u gone there as single sir

    • Vignesh Waran
      Vignesh Waran 29 days ago

      @Raji Reddy do we international license for bike rent??

    • Raji Reddy
      Raji Reddy 11 months ago

      In coral island i have taken bike on rent bro.. i have visited along with a friend

  • Chandsab Chapparband
    Chandsab Chapparband 11 months ago


  • Subin Pillai In to the world

    From link 20 dollar everything covered?

  • tsering mutup
    tsering mutup 11 months ago

    How about invitation latter instead of hotel booking? Is it ok?

  • sarma vedula
    sarma vedula 11 months ago

    Reddy garu! Good presentation. Keep going.

  • Matla Esther
    Matla Esther Year ago

    How much one person

  • Archana Bussoopun

    how can i reach manali from mumbai??please i am from mauritius and definitely want to go on a trip to shimla and manali..and how many days i can completely visit shimla and manali??i also want to travel in the kalka train to shimla

  • Sajid Khan
    Sajid Khan Year ago

    Rajiv sir . I preffer to watch your video . And your hindi speaking is very good ... please sir travel to more countries and make video for us ... this video is very very use full ...

  • Ankit Tomar
    Ankit Tomar Year ago

    October me ho jata hai snowfall????

  • Josyula Pravallika

    I went there once