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  • Peiyi T
    Peiyi T Day ago

    can u do a mirror one?

    Hala ALSULAMI 2 days ago

    Why is the girl in the purple shirt always in front?

  • jone Lee
    jone Lee 2 days ago


  • Irwan Irwansyah
    Irwan Irwansyah 5 days ago

    More 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭

  • Septi Marlinda
    Septi Marlinda 6 days ago



    STARTS AT 0:57

  • 시드
    시드 8 days ago


  • 김찬
    김찬 9 days ago

    와...몸매가 황금비율이네...

  • Valerie Johana
    Valerie Johana 11 days ago

    Como se Llama está canción? 1:35

  • Min Jimin
    Min Jimin 12 days ago

    I miss you guys..

    • Min Jimin
      Min Jimin 5 days ago

      Krush LDN I will support you guys with all my heart see you soon :)💜

    • Krush LDN
      Krush LDN 6 days ago

      we’re still alive! our schedules have been hectic but we are currently planning our next covers and will be back soon!💓 your support is always appreciated :) - kaya

  • 이일섭
    이일섭 14 days ago

    오! 엄청 잘 추네!

  • kaixtsu u
    kaixtsu u 15 days ago

    Les salió hermoso ♡

  • Ghyan Andrea
    Ghyan Andrea 16 days ago

    Lmao the girl with bleach hair kinda annoys me .

  • got7 & jackson wang's•multifandom 101-kpop trash

    i. am. in. love. YALL WENT OFFFFF

  • Maria Soreut
    Maria Soreut 20 days ago


  • sheReAdY SMH
    sheReAdY SMH 21 day ago


  • ыхыхых drdrdrdr

    slow .-.

  • stella o
    stella o 26 days ago

    Great cover girls 💕❤️✨✨ love your outfits

  • 강은주
    강은주 29 days ago

    y’all are FIERCE 🌸❤️

  • Uma Completa army.
    Uma Completa army. 29 days ago

    Parabens, eu amei o trabalho de vcs. Otimos dancarinos.

  • myra
    myra Month ago

    The girl in the nct lightstick green shirt did amazing😍

  • 99san
    99san Month ago

    the sync- y’all killed it

  • polarized wave horizontally

    👏👏👏👏👏👏 from korea

  • 이서진
    이서진 Month ago


  • Chica Vegetta777
    Chica Vegetta777 Month ago

    QUE BONITOOOOOOOOOOOO les dieron awuita :,D

  • My Jams
    My Jams Month ago

    I wanna join your group😩

  • 고윤성
    고윤성 Month ago


  • Goddess of Peace
    Goddess of Peace Month ago


  • thank u kanye
    thank u kanye Month ago

    im screaming. that's literally the best cover of icy i've seen.

  • Herrmann Rommel
    Herrmann Rommel Month ago's super epic. Shoots. I can't breathe myself cause of you group being in sync.

  • youtube park jm
    youtube park jm Month ago

    정말 잘추시네요 멋짐 폭발!

  • Free Soul
    Free Soul Month ago

    Wow~ 잘보고 갑니다

  • life
    life Month ago


  • minyo
    minyo Month ago

    I see black women and kpop and I click!! So good🔥🔥

  • o s
    o s Month ago

    오 진짜 잘하신다

  • Youl j
    Youl j Month ago

    Wow!! amazing😍👏👏👏👏👏

  • stan day6 !!!!
    stan day6 !!!! Month ago


  • rmwillbepresident bts

    와... 완젼 프로느낌 빡빡 온다 멋쪄!!

  • gon
    gon Month ago

    those formations and synchronization though, you guys killed it!

  • Abbie Louise
    Abbie Louise Month ago

    no way was this a year ago. I remember watching this omg

    • Krush LDN
      Krush LDN Month ago

      time goes so fast🥺💓

  • Chuu Choo
    Chuu Choo Month ago

    Only in The Uk you will get someone in a full Adidas trackie dancing to Kpop

  • bluesoil7
    bluesoil7 Month ago

    Wow~~~♥Awesome!!!!Best of the best^♥~

  • 윤상원
    윤상원 Month ago

    멋져요 ~~^^♡

  • sinuremi
    sinuremi Month ago

    너무 잘한다...

  • grannys92
    grannys92 Month ago

    One of the Best cover in the world !

  • happy khys
    happy khys Month ago

    당신들의 열정에 박수를 보냅니다~♡♡

  • 최경혜
    최경혜 Month ago

    런던 파리 둘중하나라

  • 178ckv comic
    178ckv comic Month ago


  • Henrique Doidop
    Henrique Doidop Month ago

    sou br adorei s2

  • 왕고래
    왕고래 Month ago

    와 우 ~ 멋지다

  • 조아조아땅콩

    Awesome! perfect

  • 김은석
    김은석 Month ago


  • JSA공동경비구함

    와우 완전 멋지네요 ㅎㅎㅎ^^

  • Ju0 kim
    Ju0 kim Month ago

    ok.. this is perfect

  • dy H
    dy H Month ago

    회색옷 입으신분 하기싫은거 같은데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Muhaba Muhaba
    Muhaba Muhaba Month ago

    why the camera is not clear

  • Glen Lendle
    Glen Lendle Month ago

    Keep it up Girl ! Support from afar xD

  • Scarlett sapphire

    I think people forget that covers can have their OWN unique style too doesnt make them wrong in any way for doing so I loved it

  • Matheus Piccoli
    Matheus Piccoli Month ago

    A câmera indo pra trás pra ver quem estava olhando, um total de ZERO pessoas!!!

  • Jake paul is banned from lazytown

    Aisha is so fsjngkjdangkjd PRETTY LIKE WTF

  • Neriah Rumi
    Neriah Rumi Month ago

    i love you guys 😭💖

  • Miss_Anonymous x
    Miss_Anonymous x Month ago

    Damn I mean a better view would have been nice but damnnnn girlssss you can dance . 💃


    How come I wasn't here

  • Lalisa in Your Area

    this is way better than most of dance cover i see here in youtube.

  • Lonely Whale
    Lonely Whale Month ago

    This is def my fav cover !

  • Megan Hurst
    Megan Hurst Month ago

    AMAZING!! I also saw the day cover!! You ladies are amazing dancers!! Much Love!!

    • Krush LDN
      Krush LDN Month ago

      your support means a lot to us!!💓 thank you!!!

  • Leonardo Di Caprio


  • KOREA All
    KOREA All Month ago

    대중들 앞에서 춤을 춘다는 것이 쉽지 않을텐데... 모두 열정적으로 잘 추었습니다. If you're curious about the text, use Google Translator. For reference, I used Hangul. ~~ ^^

    • Krush LDN
      Krush LDN Month ago

      좋은 댓글 감사합니다❤️

  • 곽상준
    곽상준 Month ago

    거리가 넓어서 댄스 버스킹하기 좋은거같네요 이렇게 멋진댄스도 볼수 있고요

  • vipone vilay
    vipone vilay Month ago

    Super caméra man : la caméra ne bouge pas trop , c'est parfait .! Merci !

  • GC F
    GC F Month ago

  • Ashley
    Ashley Month ago

    maybe next time dance in a place where theres more room for people to walk through i'm getting second hand embarrassment for those people haha btw you guys danced great best cover ive seen dance wise to this song

  • zynbw
    zynbw Month ago

    You guys did do well!! You deserve more views and subs 💕 also, that video shot from above is so satisfying because it shows how perfectly in sync you were !

  • Luiza Mayara Ribeiro

    Meu deus é a negra mais bonita que eu já viiii

  • tnaomie
    tnaomie Month ago

    oh wow. YOU GUYS ROCK!😍👍🏽

  • Bryce Jeniel Allera

    Omg. The best non-Asian cover of this song 💓💓💓 that Rap Break was very well done, the 'neck snap' was so satisfying, kudos!

  • GianPaul Gutiérrez

    I love it 🥰

  • TheHipIntrovert !

    replayed the intro so many times. It was so smooth.

  • Melodies_Memory of exy

    Nice one done 👍

    YEJIBOOM Month ago


  • Ari H
    Ari H Month ago

    I’m surprised there wasn’t a huge crowd, y’all were amazing 👏👏👏

  • Taegyu Kim
    Taegyu Kim Month ago

    엄지 척! (Thumbs up)

  • emily
    emily Month ago

    amazing !

  • 라인플레이하진ഒ

    오오!! 잘추신다ㅠㅅㅠ 저도 저거 배우는데 이런.. 전 포기하겠어요ㅠ 쭈꾸미도 아니고ㅠㅠ 이번에 학예회로 이거춘답니다.. 한마디로 망했죠

  • stray kids hoo
    stray kids hoo Month ago

    this was so good :D please cover kard dumb litty

  • Bianca
    Bianca Month ago

    Got me smiling from ear to ear 🤩🤩👏👏👏💕

  • Atiq
    Atiq Month ago

    Clean and great cover

  • Bяатурuтi •


  • Oscar Cortez
    Oscar Cortez Month ago

    Can you do chicken noodle soup by jhope

  • Oscar Cortez
    Oscar Cortez Month ago

    Can you do chicken noodle soup by jhope

  • Oscar Cortez
    Oscar Cortez Month ago

    I luv it 😍😍😍🏩

  • Palpasha Karki
    Palpasha Karki Month ago

    Y'all are more in time than my clock 😔

  • LunaMun
    LunaMun Month ago

    Where's the energy guys? You a dsnce very well but miss in energy. Fighting!

  • Jujube
    Jujube Month ago


  • Abigail Quispe R
    Abigail Quispe R Month ago

    This is so wow Omg..... The best. Yeahhh

  • 코끼리
    코끼리 Month ago

    You guys are awesome great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cooooooool. I've watched the other icy cover video of you and it was amazing as well! @_@

  • Atypically Normal

    Your best cover to date!😍😍😍

  • iGOT7 problems, But you got no jams

    I love the way this was filmed, the colors are everything the background does with it so well just the initial beginning I already knew this was bouta be one of the best covers on this channel 🙌🏾 Like y'all did that 👏🏾

  • It's Kathyy
    It's Kathyy Month ago

    I’m sorry I didn’t like this. It wasn’t in sync. And it looked like some of you were tired :(

  • haja- leu
    haja- leu Month ago

    I get to the end never watched a better cover💗💕💕💓💓💟