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  • T Barry
    T Barry 5 days ago

    The next President has to sit down with Congress and together add an amendment to the constitution stating that any sitting criminal President shall be, and will be indicted for high crimes and misdemeanors against the constitution and all Federal law. This should fall under checks and balances protecting the one piece of paper that holds this Nation together. This new amendment would supersede any rule in place at the Department of Judice and if the Electoral College got stupid once again and hired off the street the new amendment would crush the traitor.

  • Max Binnewies
    Max Binnewies 8 days ago

    Good video, thanks!

  • 10k subs with no videos challenge but its o ye ye

    Hey guys, I don't have data, so stfu

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    nightmares 13 days ago

    I might just need to eat better but I can't go to the doctors

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    nightmares 13 days ago

    How do I tell if its dark brown or black

  • nightmares
    nightmares 13 days ago

    But all the videos I've seen it says it just passed too quickly but I literally ate 6 hours ago I don't think its that

  • Tina Stewart
    Tina Stewart 14 days ago

    "give rights to the people"..... NO, they are meant to protect our natural rights. Very important distinction!

  • Stephan Brun
    Stephan Brun 19 days ago

    Stringy stool can also result from a semi-liquid state, so don't be concerned if you've just had diarrhoea and the stool is thinner than normal. Obstructory stool is presumably normal brown stool with small diameter.

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  • M Led
    M Led Month ago

    The amendments DO NOT give rights, rights are unalienable. The amendments simply outline some of the rights people have.

  • Colt Moore
    Colt Moore Month ago

    Is there a link to the background theme? I really dig it! Great video by the way! It cleared this topic up for me.

  • François Leclerc

    A bag of rock is more creative than rationalists, the army of generic stormtroopers XD

  • jason harvote
    jason harvote Month ago

    Well the living xonstitution is the stupidest gayest lie amd nonsense i have ever heard its same as saying the gods 10 comandments like thou shalt not kill should not be obeyed because it was writen ling ago amlnd need to be appplied to current time that also could be said for actual current time laws that were made few years back and they should not be obeyed and are null amd void and should applied to current times that living belief leads lots of room for law breakings.

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    Highly offended by your drawing of Washington. Did you even bother to look at a picture? Go Huskies!

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    Peter D Morrison Month ago

    Using his mum's poor broken oven 😂

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    RationallySkeptical 2 months ago

    0:52 It's not a REWTER! It's a ROWTER! (And 'us' doesn't have a Z in it... it's crazy how often you guys pronounce things incorrectly considering you invented the language....)

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    Purple BEE 2 months ago

    I just poo'd and my poo is green. Also, my poo always floats and my stomach kinda feels empty?

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    Sam Finoh 2 months ago

    Awesome now I don’t need to worry about it ..... let her rip 💨

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    NursingMDM 3 months ago

    Element 99. (2014, January 21). Rationalism Vs Empiricism [Video file]. Retrieved from ru-clip.com/video/m1g8wjsEQyw/video.html APA citation

  • ThinkTank255
    ThinkTank255 3 months ago

    Infinity is a fallacy. I have developed a formal proof of this. Unfortunately, that proof will destroy large portions of modern mathematics (any theorem that relies on infinity in any way, including any and all references to Natural numbers, Real numbers, Complex numbers, Surreal numbers, or any other "infinite" set). The proof, however, should make it possible to mechanize mathematics and remove mathematicians entirely from the picture (sorry guys, time for a new career).

  • João Vítor G. L.
    João Vítor G. L. 3 months ago

    This video is full of misconceptions.

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    Jay Wulf 3 months ago

    Ambitious effort. I would encourage you to continue. May I advise you to work on your voice, it is presently distracting from the message. Maybe a bit of cadence and tonal training.

  • kiên Trung
    kiên Trung 3 months ago

    Bombing other countries and get a Nobel peace prize - Barack Obama

  • vscogirl
    vscogirl 3 months ago

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me I feel like I can’t be happy and I just keep worrying bout this thing and I never goes away and I dang tell anyone

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    Daniel Garcia Marquez 4 months ago

    just wanna tell you that im gonna win a nobel in the future. wait for it

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    Cloud7 4 months ago

    i juggle them both to guide me in my decisions to gain better experience in the path of my life.

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    not good

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    "bonjorr" ya pretty good learner he is LOL

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    I'm only watching this video because I got like, 1738--- (sorry) like, 12 brain freezes while eating a sundae on a Sunday, and here comes the 13th

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    Great video.

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    Imagine if someone wanted access to a Weapon, that could saturate all living spaces within the... oh i dont know, 2.5 Ghz Spectrum... Man wouldnt that be so HARD to do. Could you imagine living in a World where that was possible? Guess we will never know, Right fellow Peasants?

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    Janet smith 6 months ago

    Black jelly beans can cause green bowel movements...due to the food dye.

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    Wow! I am more concern about when I stand and walk off what will happen

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    Even my internet is slow that I can hardly watch this video with 10 minuite

  • John Constantine Grey
    John Constantine Grey 6 months ago

    Empiricist cultures need to changed that's why I support evangelical and Baptist missionaries because they put more effort in evangelization ten Catholic do.

  • John Constantine Grey
    John Constantine Grey 6 months ago

    Sense experience is sinful.

  • John Constantine Grey
    John Constantine Grey 6 months ago

    Empiricism is idiotic. Why would anyone ever support that.

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    Is it white dextrin

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    VirgateSpy 7 months ago

    well and then there are companies/academies that simply expect you to be able to multitask...

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    love the format. well narrated. thanks.

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    Poast-ear-e-or-eye or poast-ear-e-or-e; day-cart; sol-ips-ism

  • Mikaela and Jaxson vlogs Daily

    👌 gotti

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    Good, but please decrease music volume in the mix.

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    Educating people on maths. Englishes, too! Sorry but just excruciating.

  • Asasas
    Asasas 8 months ago

    We evolve thanks to our ancestors experience, so maybe Empiricism is close to reality that Rationalism.

  • David Henderson
    David Henderson 8 months ago

    Some day some one is going to find a way to divide by zero. When they do interesting things are going to happen.

  • Matthias M.
    Matthias M. 8 months ago

    Thanks for the great video. Do you have a link to the study that shows how the heart beat of ones mother is correlated to taste of music? Cheers!

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    Okay This Was An Excellent Bite Of More Good Information! Yes More Good!

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    I did 1337/0

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    cara 10 months ago

    you pronounce and spell so many concepts (solipsism), and even names (Descartes) wrong

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    I liked the way you explained it with a British accent.

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    TRUMP MAGA 2020!!!!

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  • TommyTwobats
    TommyTwobats 11 months ago

    I am an English teacher to mainly Japanese college students. When my students make sentences up like, "Which do you like chocolate?" , and I get that 'jarring" feeling, would it be more useful to think of this empirically or rationally? If I suppose they wanted to say something that I would say in the form of something like, 'Which chocolate do you like?", is my knowledge or perception recalled from a rational or empirical process. Are my intuitions empirical? Is my knowledge faulty when I , upon repeating the process change my mind about either the speaker's intention or the way I would reform any sentence to align with what I suppose to be a 'natural' or 'standard' form?

    • charles sanchez
      charles sanchez 2 months ago

      I think I understand your question, it's just not totally clear/specific. Your first is: is my "knowledge" of being able to understand what the student really meant rational or empirical? Well, it gets back to the question of rationalism vs empiricism. You are taking something in your mind, in this case, the rules of grammar. You are hearing someone say something, and you then go through a mental process recalling the rules of grammar and subsequently make it mean something in your own mind. In your mind, you say "Oh, that means 'which chocolate do you like?'" The process that went on in your mind was empirical. It was empirical because where did you learn these rules of grammar that were part of your mental processes? From your senses (empirically). Would you agree? You probably learned them as a kid, learning from conversation with people, etc. These are all forms of empiricism. You acquired "knowledge" of the rules empirically. Think if you were walking with your mom at a grocery store and she says "Broccoli or broccolini?" and in your mind you attribute this to mean: "Do you want broccoli or broccolini?" Notice this is not what she asked, but you process it in that way. This is the same process as your student. It doesn't matter the native language. What matters is the mental process. You are going through a mental process of assuming what is meant. The question is: Is that process acquired empirically or rationally? Good questions and I hope this helps!

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    TommyTwobats 11 months ago

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    Chino Bambino Year ago

    why do we continue to allow colored people and liberal women to represent us.. these women now a days have way to many rights and power... we need to take that away asap.. unless ur a conservative woman they will have no voice and very little rights... they can vote for trumpp and any Republican for senate or the house..if any are caught marching like they have been w thee me too movement they can be prisoned and or raped nd killed... colored people unfourtnatley will never be slaves again HOWEVER we can strip them of their voice and their rights.. we need legislation to put that thuu asap

    • ValEnterprize
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      You need some chemo therapy

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    DS GAMING Year ago

    You're explaining the constitution better than my American teacher

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    Stephan Brun Year ago

    Lol, the origin of math isn't a priori thinking. It's a posteriori counting. It's just that most of the empirical work is already done. The ancient world had a better understanding of this. Presumably why they incorporated visual evidence in mathematical proofs.

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    Where's the other videos about making the military thermite?

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