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  • Paul
    Paul 2 hours ago

    Great review !! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Jamie H
    Jamie H 3 hours ago

    Totally skipped the main parts...

  • our canada
    our canada 11 hours ago


  • da realone
    da realone 17 hours ago

    How do you charge it? Mine has been plug in for 3 good days without no result of changing. It's still at 25 percent

  • LadyGryffin
    LadyGryffin 23 hours ago

    I would love to know where this was filmed! Unless it's purely effects?

  • Techspot
    Techspot Day ago

    I would suggest starting nut by hand to prevent cross threading. As well using torque sticks to prevent over torquing. I could be wrong here but it actually looked like you cross threaded the 1st nut going back on as it seemed like the tool was working hard even before touching the rim. Thanks for showing us the tool in action ;)

  • Exercise Bikes

    Great video! If you want more tips and reviews about Exercise Bikes, we can help as well

  • Donald Durand
    Donald Durand 2 days ago

    You did not fix any of the cracks in your driveway first?

  • Jeromy Seal
    Jeromy Seal 2 days ago

    After about two weeks the dust cover on mine started falling off and now it won't even stay on at all. I must say, however, I have put it through several hundred board feet of the kind of use that it is not intended for and it is still going strong.

  • flexiblematthew
    flexiblematthew 2 days ago

    I like mine. I have it laying in the rear window of my car attached to the controller and the car battery to counter the effects 9f a stupid bmw parasitic draw....

  • Sean Denbow
    Sean Denbow 2 days ago

    is premier made by rustoleum?

  • Rosse Hufft
    Rosse Hufft 2 days ago

    Intéressant .. mais je vois pas qu’il aie utilisé le bocal de 72 oz...

  • kenchuku
    kenchuku 3 days ago

    Are you familiar with the Durarest? If so, does the AT seem to be better?

  • bob bob
    bob bob 4 days ago


  • Ronin
    Ronin 5 days ago

    who'd have thought, use a driveway cleaner to clean your driveway

    BRIAN DORGAN 5 days ago

    Hello Mark,It would be helpful if you could provide the on-line link to set the date and time of this unit. Very bad customer service from Magellan from what I can see.

  • Skye Earley
    Skye Earley 6 days ago

    This makes me so happy

  • Judy Kitenge
    Judy Kitenge 6 days ago

    Comment faire pour manger quand les assiettes sont les uns sur les autres autres. Faudrait il le déplacer et n'utiliser que ce dont on a besoin?merci

  • Alexander Pas
    Alexander Pas 6 days ago

    Nice video. Wouldn't mind if the same amount of information was given in a 5 minute video though. A lot of thought and effort went into this, but you need to pause it to really take a look at some of the beautiful trees, because they disappear within a second.

    • Canadian Tire
      Canadian Tire 5 days ago

      Hi Alexander, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We'll share it with the team.

  • Good Views
    Good Views 7 days ago


  • kray z Dude
    kray z Dude 9 days ago

    Is ther any left hand catchers for sale

    • Canadian Tire
      Canadian Tire 5 days ago

      Hi there, You can find the Vaughn Street goalie glove, which is available in both right and left handed options. Thanks!

  • Jason Rolling
    Jason Rolling 10 days ago

    Thks for the vid. I just bought the same one

  • J L
    J L 11 days ago

    Never buy any MasterCraft battery cordless tool again. I lost my battery, can't find a replacement in any Canadian tire nor online.

    • J L
      J L 5 days ago

      @Canadian Tire Not asking for return or exchange or any sort. For got sake just simply make the darn battery available for people to buy as an extra back-up or lost replacement. Most other companies had it why not MasterCraft on this particular product?

    • Canadian Tire
      Canadian Tire 5 days ago

      We're sorry to hear about your frustration. To process a warranty claim, a receipt is required to confirm if the product is within the warranty period.

    • J L
      J L 5 days ago

      @Canadian Tire l dialed the number then led me to 1800 689 9928. Guess what, l have to have my receipt if under 3 yr to have replacement. Else, not part including battery sale separately. What the Fxxx. That mean if you bought the tool even 1 day outside the 3 yr or lost the receipt, your entire tool will be junk because of a missing battery. How nice to encourage to create waste which could simply provide a battery like BD, Melita, DeWalt. Learn my lesson, walk away from MasterCraft even on sales. Your part lost, couldn't find a replacement, hardly use took becoming a total junk. Other brand may be little expensive, even on sales, at lease l know if I lost or broken, con easily find the replacement.

    • Canadian Tire
      Canadian Tire 5 days ago

      Hi there, We're sorry to hear you lost your battery! Please give us a call at 1-800-387-8803 and we'll try to help!

  • Truth Win
    Truth Win 12 days ago

    I don't know to shave

  • TheGreenWolf - Roblox

    I need a green, tall bike. I want it for Christmas. 🥺😢😭

  • Thomas D
    Thomas D 13 days ago

    The replacement blades cost more than the knife! Why would you want to carry around such a massive knife with only a 1" cutting lenght? Can't even cut an apple or open a envelope open with that thing! Just buy a decent budget folding knife that you can easily slip into your pocket or purse. That's original hand tool, utility knife and it will last you a life time. Oh and learn to sharpen a knife instead of dispising of a used blade.

  • Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz 13 days ago

    Great ! It looks really expert! Keep up the helpful work!

  • Bottle Jack Buddy
    Bottle Jack Buddy 14 days ago

    Good looking jack. Nice small design.

  • Jay Trump
    Jay Trump 14 days ago

    This video is for a bench grinder lol

  • Dennis Roy
    Dennis Roy 14 days ago

    I have this same model faucet, installation was very simple but the faucet is very tight when I pull down and it will not detract, the weight at the bottom of the sink is all nice and free flowing. Any suggestions?

  • Colorado Jeep Girl
    Colorado Jeep Girl 14 days ago

    They look nice!

  • V J
    V J 14 days ago

    👍🏼thank you!

  • james hetherington
    james hetherington 14 days ago

    My god I had shivers running through my spine when you wiped your car . !!!! Take the tag off the cloth, It will deffinatly scratch yout paint !! Please !

  • Heikki Kärnä
    Heikki Kärnä 15 days ago

    Here is some more informatiion about my invention. This has been on the market 15 years time. There has happened NO ACCIDENT.

  • Michael Hohe
    Michael Hohe 15 days ago

    so winter rated all terrains for all year round light offroading shoes.

  • Danny Ip
    Danny Ip 16 days ago

    I will definitely purchase this for my parents some day!!!

  • Geoff Shera
    Geoff Shera 17 days ago

    Tire ad showing cars sliding around corners. Just what I'm looking for in a consumer tire.

    • Canadian Tire
      Canadian Tire 5 days ago

      Hi Geoff, The drivers shown are professionals testing tire performance on closed tracks to ensure they hold up to the rigors of Canadian driving conditions.

  • Prism Jack
    Prism Jack 18 days ago

    Canadian tire

  • Paul Schortemeyer
    Paul Schortemeyer 18 days ago

    Thank you for the helpful review. Can you give an exact weight for this bag?

    • Canadian Tire
      Canadian Tire Day ago

      Hi Paul, This sleeping bag is 1.98kg. Thanks!

  • MS Malika
    MS Malika 19 days ago

    It’s looks pretty nice

  • Spenf Boulagwai
    Spenf Boulagwai 19 days ago


  • GoldenPieMan
    GoldenPieMan 19 days ago

    This is THE best video I have seen in my life!

  • Maria Bustos
    Maria Bustos 20 days ago

    Wow I could make a better tutorial than this for a free bike

  • elle moreland
    elle moreland 20 days ago

    How do i remove melted wax frim the heel of a shoe without leaving a wax stain on the wood

  • Matt Vel
    Matt Vel 21 day ago

    i should design your trees and show you what you need to order! make your sales grow!

  • Tracy
    Tracy 22 days ago

    hey canadian tire

  • Robert Haibi
    Robert Haibi 22 days ago

    Add coals to one side only .Sear meat and move to other side. Always on next cook add coals to other side as favouring one side can warp your kettle.That would be the side that doesn't have the ash marks.Also when cooking take notice of wind direction and keep the top damper on the down side as to keep draft flowing from hot coals to meat.

  • kingbertron420
    kingbertron420 23 days ago

    how do you get it to stop beeping

  • sabrina ach
    sabrina ach 24 days ago

    Salut J'ai une question concernant la quantité d huile à utiliser dans une friteuse électrique, par exemple friteuse de capacité de 2L est ce que on peut utiliser une quantite inférieur d huile !? Ou on est obliger de mettre 2L d huile!? Et merci pour vous

  • lolwutdavid
    lolwutdavid 24 days ago

    That background music was way too damn loud.

  • Leech Life
    Leech Life 24 days ago

    You actually DON’T want to match the shooter’s speed! If you do, you will be too deep in the net and open up too many holes by time the shooter shoots. What you want to do is manage the gap. Depending on how fast the shooter is going, you want to go at a speed where the shooter is 1-2 stick lengths away from you when your heels are touching the top of the crease. This makes you big in the net, and it makes it hard for the shooter to skate/dangle around you.

  • MC Mango (Official)
    MC Mango (Official) 25 days ago

    9 million views but 17 likes? Ads are weird.

  • Ashley from CA
    Ashley from CA 27 days ago

    What top coat do you recommend? Am refinishing our farmhouse table which is made of pine. #Crate&Barrel

    • Canadian Tire
      Canadian Tire 5 days ago

      Hi Ashley, You can use the Varathane Water Base Interior or the Varathane Professional Clear finish (keep in mind if you use the oil base it will make the stain a little darker because of the amber tone in the finish). Another option is the Varathane Triple Thick. Links to the products are below. We hope this helps!

  • D Ddd
    D Ddd 28 days ago

    I once put a half a gallon of Coleman lantern fuel on 10 lbs of charcoal when I first started grilling !!!!!!!!!😳what a rush when I threw the match on it ,!!!!!!!!!!!🤣

  • David Samuel Donahue

    I watched this commercial being filmed when I was on set for my #testedforlifeincanada shoot. Really cool seeing what goes into a commercial!

  • David Samuel Donahue

    I see me!!

  • Chris Graham
    Chris Graham Month ago

    What is the maximum speed or RPM for this drill and does it have a variable speed trigger switch?

  • Liftmaster1280
    Liftmaster1280 Month ago

    The reason you had to adjust the springs first, is because the opener is not designed to open/close a heavy door, it's designed to move a well balanced door. All openers are like that

  • fojnica222
    fojnica222 Month ago

    new car cleaning on

  • Shaun Mattice
    Shaun Mattice Month ago

    May Day!

  • manuel amaro
    manuel amaro Month ago

    This thing woks lol nice. Did you season the wok before first use?

  • Declan Slater
    Declan Slater Month ago

    Lol Canadian Tire drooped the ball on this one

  • A Lockhart
    A Lockhart Month ago

    Bought a bike, gears ended up not being adjusted as all, brakes were to tight, so at wasn't tightened

  • Sally
    Sally Month ago

    The cardboard idea makes the job much simpler - especially if you have five of the same size windows to do! Thank you!

  • Bike Daily
    Bike Daily Month ago

    choke yo front :)

  • Punkygirl
    Punkygirl Month ago

    au moins montrez à quoi ressemble le bouchon de la jauge certains n'ont ni manuel ni connaissances

  • Thomas Nappo
    Thomas Nappo Month ago

    Just bought one...hope it cooks better then it looks

  • Thomas Nappo
    Thomas Nappo Month ago

    If anyone has the 4 burner vermont..pls tell me how you like..or..hate this grill..thx very much

  • Thomas Nappo
    Thomas Nappo Month ago

    Just bought one...see how it goes..very solid bbq...hope it works better then it looks

  • SundayFoggyNotions

    This is NOT the Ferrari of toasters...NEH!! This is NOT the Porche of toasters....NEH!! This is the Bogatii of ALL toasters on planet earth!! It's like someone FINALLY said "Lets take a million dollars, price be dammed and make the world's best toaster PERIOD" We all have a bucket list of things we wish would work properly in the back of our minds, and this is one I can permanently scratch off for all of eternity! It's like it took a century to finally crack the code of making the perfect toaster with zero compromising! Yeah! It's that incredible!!

  • Sarah Chapman
    Sarah Chapman Month ago

    I don't got this

  • traileater
    traileater Month ago

    This welder should include the proper tip for Flux core welding, is comes with a tip for Gas welding. Should have both really. $9 for the proper one and it makes a huge difference! Anti splatter spray is also good to have.

  • Linda Simmonds
    Linda Simmonds Month ago

    D'après toutes mes recherches on conseil une carte de 32GO, tu devrais changer ta 16GO.

  • Muhammad Awais
    Muhammad Awais Month ago

    Why are there less likes??

  • Jean Miller
    Jean Miller Month ago

    This curtain is very wonderful. And It's on a big sale. The biggest function is that insulated design saves your Energy cost by balancing room temperature against summer heat and winter chil. You can have a look.

  • Weirdo iPhone
    Weirdo iPhone Month ago

    Julia Lacelle No! You Cannot Leave Heater On All Overnight It Will Cause Fire!

  • Christiana
    Christiana Month ago

    The only roll over tested car seat/booster

  • D G
    D G Month ago

    I have a pack myself but can't find my model number in a manual. Model is J5C09 ME.Anyone has one?

  • TheYellowShrimp
    TheYellowShrimp Month ago

    le fumoir a bois classic et originel il existe pas ? c'est un peu pourris comme fumoir si on peux pas choisir avec quel bois on fume. le type de bois apporte beaucoup a la viande

  • WuZe_YouR_Friend
    WuZe_YouR_Friend Month ago

    Au moins on ne manque pas d'aide dans cette vidéo

  • Skabetti Spaghetti

    Hahaha. This was good, but she mispronounced "bow." The rod doesn't take a bow. It bows the way a a bow bends when you shoot an arrow from it. Obviously, she's a commentator and not a practitioner. Who's the editor?

    • banje72
      banje72 Month ago

      Skabetti Spaghetti She is using the form of “bow” which means “to bend under pressure”, which is pronounced the same way as “take a bow”.

  • pro element
    pro element Month ago

    Is that truck lifted?

  • David Van Remortel

    Sadly I bought one when on sale. two weeks in and on third use, the inlet port came right out of the unit. Not even sure how it was attached to begin with. Canadian Tire will be taking this back.

    • David Van Remortel
      David Van Remortel 21 day ago

      I'll check that.. great find

    • hank
      hank 21 day ago

      Hey just figured it out. Their is a spring locking mechanism inside the hole where you put your inlet port. Mine was seized. I put on some WD40 and poked it to come out and now it’s working fine.

    • hank
      hank 21 day ago

      David Van Remortel this just happened to me and I don’t have the receipt.

  • Lori Waters
    Lori Waters Month ago

    No one ever shows the results when driveway has dried

  • botchedonce
    botchedonce Month ago

    I just got one also. How do you attach the 1/4 inch collett? Do you slide it into the 1/2 inch and just tighten?

  • Laurent Engle
    Laurent Engle 2 months ago

    Dommage la musique trés forte

  • PePe alonso
    PePe alonso 2 months ago

    Au grand soleil looool

  • Tenzin T
    Tenzin T 2 months ago

    what size roller?

  • Shams Ujjama
    Shams Ujjama 2 months ago


  • Aztec Arts
    Aztec Arts 2 months ago

    Summer or 3 season tent ?

  • Alexandru-Daniel Popovici

    80ft :) You would say just about anything for the sake of business. Bull$$$hi$$hing anyone?! I would love to see how you back those claims with data. :)

  • Super Sonic
    Super Sonic 2 months ago

    En plein soleil bravo !!

  • is what it is
    is what it is 2 months ago

    This tire has the mountain snowflake symbol on the sidewall. This tire was absolutely phenomenal on my work Escape in all terrain. I Never had a problem. Look on Tire Rack at the reviews and ratings. This things scores as high as the best snow tire does in snow tests

    • Icutmetal
      Icutmetal Month ago

      Look at Tire Rack’s rating again; they aren’t #1 anymore...or 2, 3, or 4.

  • Steve Amato
    Steve Amato 2 months ago

    You aren't using these properly. Please re-read (or read) the instructions, The black chock goes under the yellow one to lock and support the yellow chock once leveled,

  • XxkillerslumberXx X
    XxkillerslumberXx X 2 months ago


  • Jon Hensley
    Jon Hensley 2 months ago


  • SD Cruiser
    SD Cruiser 2 months ago

    Question, can you add the switch into a multi room speaker? For example, starting say Amazon music and have it start on all devices Echos/Ecobee.

  • Kay Shamrock
    Kay Shamrock 2 months ago

    What is that tool called that you are using at 0:53? I can never find any pumpkin carving kits in my area that comes with something like that.