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Hidden Worlds (Documentary)
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Enrico Caruso (Documentary)
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Patrick Henry (Documentary)
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King George III (Documentary)
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Sally Hemings (Documentary)
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Monsters (Documentary)
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Astrology (Documentary)
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  • mxp299l
    mxp299l 10 minutes ago


  • Ben Lee
    Ben Lee 11 minutes ago

    I would be abominable 2 if I was cold all the time

  • Carolyn Davidson
    Carolyn Davidson 23 minutes ago

    This man is full of silly putty! Comparing our souls with the light of a bulb going out. SERIOUSLY?

  • per solbakken
    per solbakken 52 minutes ago


  • per solbakken
    per solbakken Hour ago


  • Trust your instincs

    They just won't admit they are real but we don't need there confirmation do we now.

  • PlinkBink
    PlinkBink Hour ago

    1:12 FURRY

  • Wadjet
    Wadjet Hour ago

    *what would have happened if he was a black boy from the hood? ( the monk )*

  • Wadjet
    Wadjet Hour ago

    *Bill Kurtis tho😩😍*

  • Kaye Smalley
    Kaye Smalley 2 hours ago

    Some People that are religious are actually way more evil.than actual witches.....don't be brain washed

  • DeeMan Entertainment

    It wa$ ea$y coming up with idea$ and inventions back then with a new country ! I'd like to see him do this now !!!

  • Clair Davies
    Clair Davies 3 hours ago

    Free mason scum

  • Vernon Sanders
    Vernon Sanders 3 hours ago

    The oil clothes somebody was thinking their feet were probably rocking

  • Tammy Waltman
    Tammy Waltman 4 hours ago

    Who's watching in 2019?

  • Moe
    Moe 4 hours ago

    If I told you my name was Brigham Young would you get your Bible and go to Utah with me

    • Wadjet
      Wadjet Hour ago

      *hell to the naw😞*

  • Kyote 10
    Kyote 10 4 hours ago

    I love your voice! You used to do the show American Greed eh?!? 😁

  • Tiffany Foy
    Tiffany Foy 4 hours ago

    And they called us the "weaker sex"...ok😒😒😩😩😎

  • Awake andreborn
    Awake andreborn 6 hours ago

    So much anger towards those monsters.

  • Samothiel
    Samothiel 6 hours ago

    The ring is a symbol of Saturn in the Occult. Magick is real, we see it and speak it everyday without knowing, well people who are sleeping do. I consider myself to be awake and I choose my words carefully.

  • Michael Miljour
    Michael Miljour 6 hours ago

    “Alien rapes nun and escapes in ufo”,,,,,,,,,,Watch it soon on the history channel

  • Miss Mythic
    Miss Mythic 7 hours ago

    Holy orange face, batman.

  • Jimmy McGreedy
    Jimmy McGreedy 7 hours ago

    Hiwassee is a jackass

  • Quikvmax Biggus Dickus

    I live a few miles from Cave In Rock,the area is filled with pillbillies and methheads now.

  • cathy gillis
    cathy gillis 7 hours ago

    does make you wonder if prophecies are self fulfilling, from a psychological drive - if you are aware of it? the brain is a scary thing lol

  • cathy gillis
    cathy gillis 7 hours ago

    2019 lol

  • StOrm
    StOrm 8 hours ago

    What in the hell is this? I mean good Lord people??

  • Uncle Scam
    Uncle Scam 8 hours ago

    You know damn well those hookers vaginas smelled like death.

  • nikada vise
    nikada vise 9 hours ago

    "The Misery Of Women" would be a more appropriate title..............

  • Djouwairiat Mohamed
    Djouwairiat Mohamed 9 hours ago

    It's an interesting documentary but it's annoying that they only focus in Western wife how about others culture? So now the world is only composed by Europe?

  • madtoytle
    madtoytle 9 hours ago

    ...behind every strong man there is a weak woman!

  • Evan Horn
    Evan Horn 10 hours ago

    Christianity is a superstition

  • Paul Chung
    Paul Chung 10 hours ago

    Ben as a human I dont like him dont caring wife and daughter after sons loss If he was in Asian country he wojkd be impeached or something

  • Vincent Cuseo
    Vincent Cuseo 10 hours ago

    Black Bart, the original Dread Pirate Roberts. Inconceivable!!

  • Just me Just me
    Just me Just me 10 hours ago

    Some of those people like like they smiling talking about it....creepy

  • Orlando Johnson
    Orlando Johnson 10 hours ago

    To a degree I believe there is a creature that remains elusive in certain areas of the world!! But in certain parts of USA it has been killed off or deforestation decimated & the remains hidden or destroyed!? To deny the belief of giants etc Imagine a man like creature big enough to fight large brown bears(grizzly Kodiak etc!?)... That's yo A if it gets its hands on you!? Mayb that's why we haven't got a good view of one😂🤠😜 Lol!!!!! It's believable & unbelievable! We have a lot of technology now... so it is hard to truly accept!!? Btw that thumbnail!!!! Looks huge!!! I'd b going the other way.... or sitting still until it left the area!!!

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller 11 hours ago

    What if they're a form of prehistoric man that because of their size they were able to survive the native Americans called them the men of the woods who you never make eye contact with and who hear this from all races why no news papers or tv so why would they say such things me

  • Ryan Gregor
    Ryan Gregor 11 hours ago

    Ohhh history channel What happened????????????

  • Alexander LaVey
    Alexander LaVey 11 hours ago

    22:44 frank looks like a dirty, filthy man

  • Adam Halstead
    Adam Halstead 12 hours ago

    This is very Americanized version of Freemasonry, and is very different to what we do here in the UK.

  • Leray Bojangles
    Leray Bojangles 12 hours ago

    Stretch, scratch, burp, & fart ;),

  • Jon Brix
    Jon Brix 13 hours ago

    Gago tong mga to ah!

  • Alejandro Hermida
    Alejandro Hermida 13 hours ago

    Mrs. Teeter your eyes shine when you went talk about the erotic scene's 💪

  • Spxx Fones
    Spxx Fones 13 hours ago

    The story needs to be told by those who know

  • Asheara Woods
    Asheara Woods 13 hours ago

    Where can I sign up? Lol

  • Kyle Paul
    Kyle Paul 14 hours ago

    That is one irritating jew at 29:20

  • Billy Hallmon
    Billy Hallmon 14 hours ago

    Debunkers are the scum of the Earth.

  • l l
    l l 16 hours ago

    39:33 Pennsylblania?

  • The Captain
    The Captain 16 hours ago

    Trump is a far greater President Lincoln was

  • Harry Dunn
    Harry Dunn 16 hours ago

    His name is Mudd

  • Adena Bernard
    Adena Bernard 16 hours ago


  • Michael Flynt
    Michael Flynt 16 hours ago

    The statement" bind up our nations wounds was Lincoln's way of telling the confederation to go ahead and write the historical account and America herself will maintain the southern status quo.

  • Reezy37
    Reezy37 17 hours ago

    Haven't seen this documentary in probably 14 years

  • Marshall Ray
    Marshall Ray 17 hours ago

    These guys call Neanderthal man's belief in the afterlife the first superstition, as if they know anymore about what happens after we die than Neanderthal man does.

  • Taylor R
    Taylor R 17 hours ago

    Why was it taboo for Abe to speak before his father? Was it inappropriate for children to speak at all in that era?

  • Martha Perdew
    Martha Perdew 18 hours ago

    I would have loved to lived then ,I wouldnt have worn a stupid dress and I would have carried a gun !

  • Moonbeam 87
    Moonbeam 87 18 hours ago

    Even Magicians Like Houdini, and the Masked Magician have Used a form of The Guillotine, for their Shows.

  • Her Self
    Her Self 18 hours ago

    What most people think of as a witch isn’t really. they could be your neighbor, friend, never know. Most don’t go around saying what they are. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing and do great harm.

  • robideals
    robideals 19 hours ago

    New York Times creating it's own narrative for news back in 1916, who would have thunk it!

  • Michael Wonsower
    Michael Wonsower 19 hours ago

    I wonder what actual members of exclusive secret societies think when they watch this?

    • Adam Halstead
      Adam Halstead 12 hours ago

      Its informative to us, and makes us aware what goes on in other countries.

  • MrJrsdts
    MrJrsdts 19 hours ago

    They say they closed it down but they kept on going. And they know who they really are.

  • Moonbeam 87
    Moonbeam 87 19 hours ago

    Sir Nicholas de Mimsy AKA Nearly Headless Nick, The Harry Potter Saga.

  • Collins Darkwa
    Collins Darkwa 19 hours ago

    Very interesting

  • Top Rate
    Top Rate 20 hours ago

    Westerners usually portray these Africans as Caucasians. That needs to stop.

  • Matthew Logan
    Matthew Logan 20 hours ago

    The best of bray road

  • bigshot 45
    bigshot 45 20 hours ago

    Why don't God deliver the message himself why god.need someone to do that for 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • tlg tlg
    tlg tlg 21 hour ago

    The main word said at a brothel is "NEXT"!!

  • NoNeomarxist Actor
    NoNeomarxist Actor 21 hour ago

    Ben also said/warned and vigorously ' No Paupers in the States ' ! Those who require the charity of others ,or we get what we have today ,hillary, a.o.c. , sanders , and the fraudulent Cherokee ect. ect. !

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 21 hour ago

    Viva la Quackenbush

  • Pork Fat
    Pork Fat 21 hour ago

    Reincarnation ? please no...I don't ever want to come back to this existance ever again.

  • Jose Renteria
    Jose Renteria 22 hours ago

    It was supposedly about a fight for land plots. The parents got the little girls to act like they were bewitched so that those parents could get the land they wanted. Innocent people were killed.

  • Alexander LaVey
    Alexander LaVey 22 hours ago

    Good lord what an ugly family. Geez, some people will screw ANYthing... 🤮

  • Baruch Ben-David
    Baruch Ben-David 22 hours ago

    Ya know, scientists should also ask the question, "How do I know?" Much of what passes for "science" is nothing more than faith in yet another dogma.

  • Anthony Weldon
    Anthony Weldon 22 hours ago

    you punk botch uncivilized lice ridden raping cock suckers. fta Go NAVY

  • Crystal Hiscock
    Crystal Hiscock 22 hours ago

    I just love ghosts stories because it's history and also I have some books on them too.

  • Alaa Eltayeb
    Alaa Eltayeb 23 hours ago

    rest in peace Benazir Bhutto

  • Mike Ledger
    Mike Ledger 23 hours ago

    I’ll admit it’s a fit area for the gerbil area. Back then next to the time is good

  • Alexander LaVey
    Alexander LaVey 23 hours ago

    What a bunch of horseshit!

  • graça faria
    graça faria 23 hours ago

    Ghosts are real...spirits are energy that never dies… :)

  • TheOyvin
    TheOyvin 23 hours ago

    I don't think the state of Missouri ever succeeded from the union, want to check on that for me?

  • David Fergusson

    French citizens could put it to good use right now

  • william crow
    william crow Day ago

    Days of Judgment, Identity politics in 2019

  • Victoria Greyh

    God has that history!

  • anthony nagle
    anthony nagle Day ago

    "Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed"..

  • Troll Mctrollerson

    Could you imagine these guys sitting in on a socialist convention

  • William Anthony

    The future usually arrives unannounced!

  • Rewattee Froimchuk

    Thank you!!!

  • pvahanen
    pvahanen Day ago

    If you have footprints on the sandy beach. There is no evidence that anyone has passed! Who can prove that someone has passed it. Bring proof! Who was it!

  • Bob Owens
    Bob Owens Day ago

    Who's afraid of witches ,that's laughable.all the death and destruction from America comes via the government,big pharma,big oil to name a few.whos actually ever been negatively affected by a witch.i would guess nobody

  • Baro Ferret
    Baro Ferret Day ago

    is it narrated by Stacey Keach?

  • Raymond Parsley

    Do we believe the skeptics and the government... or our lying eyes... I'll go with the latter.

    • pvahanen
      pvahanen Day ago

      If you have footprints on the sandy beach. There is no evidence that anyone has passed! Who can prove that someone has passed it. Bring proof! Who was it!

  • Charles Martino

    Just what crooked Hillary rotten Clinton needs

  • Carol durkin
    Carol durkin Day ago

    Can’t get

  • SS 007
    SS 007 Day ago

    John Kerry is that you?

  • foxyroxstar
    foxyroxstar Day ago

    They Created Him In The Re-Write Post The MudFlood of 1810-12 that Wiped "OUT" The Civilization Leaving Only A Remnant! The Calvery, Witness/Survivors?, The Wild Wild West. Frequency Electricity..Hey! The United States Capitol Dome Redesigned For It you Can See it! (resonate converter? inductive coupler? who knows!) The Cival War...Ridding Structures In Favour of The Re-Write! The KremlinSmithsonianN(A)SA...Let's Have Some PROOF! Watch This? Nah.

  • Cyrus Hyram
    Cyrus Hyram Day ago

    This is the most horrible, frightening, scary movie ever! I can't watch it but I know how it ends! Go ahead, turn off the lights and see the evil that walks amongst us. They will tear your soul apart

  • Pete Randolph
    Pete Randolph Day ago

    I miss the pre ice road/ ax men/ ancient alien History Channel. It used to be my go to channel.... now... unwatchable.

  • Raul Quiroz
    Raul Quiroz Day ago

    17:46 Even back then Poe roasted people and was a savage.

  • Black SONRISE
    Black SONRISE Day ago

    Let us get this straight. Egypt is a Greek word after they Ptolemies invaded and conquered that African territory. Egyptians NEVER BUILT 1 PYRAMID because they were already built when it was CALLED KMT.

  • West Lisbon
    West Lisbon Day ago

    Sometimes I think Christianity is witchcraft because of the pagan holidays.

  • #Farmlands
    #Farmlands Day ago

    I am a shark, and this is very one-sided.