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Levison Wood
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Hidden’s Izabella Scorupco
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Yudai Chiba
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Narcos’ Eric Newman
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Safe’s Harlan Coben
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Jeremy Sisto
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Catherine Zeta-Jones
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Big Freedia
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Paul Hollywood
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Rike Schmid
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Tom Cullen
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Origins’ Jason Silva
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Adi Hasak
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Ross Kemp
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Fleabag’s Lydia Hampson
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Jenna Coleman
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Caspar Lee & Joe Sugg
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Eva Longoria
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Dickensian’s Tony Jordan
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Iain Glen
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Outcast's David Alpert
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Rob Schneider
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Tim Kring
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Maral's Aras Bulut Iynemli
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Mark Burnett & Roma Downey
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Donald Sutherland
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Joe Bastianich
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Elizabeth Hurley
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Spotless's Brendan Coyle
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Katherine Mills
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Under the Dome's Neal Baer
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  • Sky Red
    Sky Red 3 hours ago

    Maşallah diyelim ❤

  • Voice For Bangladesh
    Voice For Bangladesh 11 hours ago

    Oh my god they speak very good English.Now i understood why the kissing scenes looked so real.

  • Eugenie Heraty
    Eugenie Heraty 15 hours ago

    It's kinda fun seeing the way sexy Jon Hamm fiddles & picks with his fingers as Lizzy talks

  • Michele Bailey
    Michele Bailey 21 hour ago

    I love his voice.

  • Volkan Sarıgül

    Hafta da 6 gün yada 7 gün, hiç ara vermeden ,günde 12 -15 saat çalisan,bir iki yil dinlenip, tekrar is basi yapma sansi olmayan yani surekli calismak zorunda olan, asgari ücret maaş ile çalisan ,zamanini kendi icin hicbirsey yapmadan tuketen, insanlara yardim et Allahim...

  • Claudia Cruz
    Claudia Cruz Day ago

    Que hombre mas divino! La voz es impactante asi como el!

  • claire bigelow

    Funny how the Bastianich family always forget that they are part Croatian and Slovenian ....they are NOT 100% Italian.. no matter how much they put on airs that they are ..... !!! shame on them

  • mehdi ünlü
    mehdi ünlü 2 days ago

    Çok başarılı ikiside

  • Jamel Ling
    Jamel Ling 3 days ago

    I wished attention to detail was paid to the steam locomotive. When the locomotive or engine was in town or approaching town and you saw the loco with the whistle blowing there was never any steam coming out of the whistle, no movement of the bell either. No spent steam coming out of the cylinders. Look at any 1860-1880's steam locomotive and you have steam evidence all over. Not here. Was really disappointing for something so obvious.

  • edileine teodoro
    edileine teodoro 4 days ago

    Alem de tudo, Halit tem uma voz maravilhosa, pelo amor de Deus, kkk imagino um monte de coisas💕💖 Adoro esse casal🤩💋 Que fofos juntos e que engracada que ela e🥳 Ele parece mais reservado 🤩e ela mais moleca🥳🤟🖖 Porem se olham com amor profundo e com muito carinho💖💕💋🥰


    He is the most cutest japanese actor🥺😫💖

  • Nohemy Hernandez
    Nohemy Hernandez 4 days ago

    Oh my god!! I love how happy they were. Suleiman was my one of my best shows here in usa in spanish and i come inlove of suleiman Nice couple🌸🌸

  • Joyce Fulko
    Joyce Fulko 4 days ago

    Good story I like it

  • Shay Ryler Ellington

    anthonys teeth???

  • koray altın
    koray altın 6 days ago

    ingilizceniz iyi değil. sürekli aynı temel düzey kelimeler kullanıyorsunuz. bunun yanı sıra bergüzar sen bir amerikalı değilsin sakin ol, hiç bu kadar el kol hareketlerini kullandığını görmedim.

  • mazzymuso
    mazzymuso 6 days ago

    Brendan is such an articulate and interesting man. Could listen to him for hours.

  • Amy Tehrani
    Amy Tehrani 6 days ago

    I miss this show. Could you create season 3, 4, 5 & 6 pretty please.

  • Shadnaz Shprstan
    Shadnaz Shprstan 6 days ago

    The more Kerem speaks english, the more i fall in love with him:)))❤💫

  • Amartz Alex
    Amartz Alex 7 days ago

    This history is beautifull lot sad❤😥

  • Isni Rashid
    Isni Rashid 9 days ago

    Is she a muslim.?

  • Rj Rc Nunn
    Rj Rc Nunn 9 days ago


  • Edna Dijkstra
    Edna Dijkstra 9 days ago

    Lovely couple.

  • Munira Noorani
    Munira Noorani 9 days ago

    Beautiful couple ♥️ Halit thank you for visiting Karachi . Would love to see wounded love in English sub title . I was wondering if there is a dvd out in Turkey ( English sub title) . . Pakistanis love to visit Turkey and if available could ask someone to bring it . Unfortunately , Netflix and u tube are not carrying this amazing serial . We do not have paypal to get it across either .

  • Saadia Tahir
    Saadia Tahir 10 days ago

    Just watched this series just for alvaro♥️😍

  • Nafiye Güler
    Nafiye Güler 11 days ago

    Allahım bir an önce başlasın

  • Nayyera Abbasi
    Nayyera Abbasi 12 days ago

    Love u .❤❤❤❤ From Pakistan.😍💖

  • Mailen Perez
    Mailen Perez 13 days ago

    Los amo❤ desde Argentina 🇦🇷

  • Nur Hasanah09
    Nur Hasanah09 14 days ago


  • canabis86
    canabis86 14 days ago

    Nadal piękna i pełna klasy. Kocham Panią💗

  • 7.62 x 39
    7.62 x 39 15 days ago

    Sir Dayne

  • Асия Темирова


  • Vitalii Omelianchuk
    Vitalii Omelianchuk 17 days ago

    Pretty woman, very... Изабелла - супер красавица 👍👸

  • Darlita Ibarrola
    Darlita Ibarrola 17 days ago

    These 2 actores are Amazing!!!! I fell in love with them watching the series in Español. Are you serious it is in English? Please tell me how i can see it in English.

  • Derin Kocamustafaogullari

    sesde sıkıntı var

  • Powersandassoent DOROTHY A

    Wow that is absolutely true and I thought it was only me because I always know about what's happening with everyone and then I pay little attention to the actual person who pass away or whatever happened with the robbery all of that comes. I can tell you the stories about the The Cast or of a guess. Thanks I Love it.I love❤ the casts and always been a part of me thanks. Peace and Blessings #PAE #enjoyinglife #LifeChanging 🙏💜🕯

  • Vir Will
    Vir Will 18 days ago

    I watch the show but not enough people of color

  • Nancy Elena Hid
    Nancy Elena Hid 19 days ago

    Beatiflour family I love of Argentine

  • Mr Ssd
    Mr Ssd 19 days ago

    البروفيسور وسيم 😊😍😍

  • lutaporjustiça do consumidor

    Andie MacDowell. Quando olho suas filhas. Posso afirmar "DEUS É GRANDE" - tenho que concordar com os árabes "Allahu Akbar", embora seja "AGNÓSTICO". Permitindo que sua BELEZA FOSSE REPASSADA PARA UMA NOVA GERAÇÃO. \\\GOOGLE TRADUTOR/// Andie MacDowell. When I look at your daughters. I can say "GOD IS GREAT" - I have to agree with the Arabs "Allahu Akbar", even though it is "AGNOSTIC". Allowing your Beauty to be passed on to a new generation.

  • Khanum Herati
    Khanum Herati 20 days ago

    Feride jan❤️ hakimana Feride jan 💌

  • Наташенька Весна

    Замечательный актер. Если бы ещё был перевод этого интервью на русском . 😍😘

  • Aura  Collins
    Aura Collins 21 day ago

    Fan of these two great actors, in the UK i could not find this story or the ending of 1001 Nights

  • Tyrone Williams
    Tyrone Williams 21 day ago

    World class British actress.....

  • Şafak Güler
    Şafak Güler 21 day ago

    bu halit ergenç gibi bi oyuncu yok mk ya şu duruşa bak

  • Aby Media
    Aby Media 23 days ago

    When I watch wounded love... without seeing these two people I auto... get boring

  • siti sofea
    siti sofea 23 days ago

    love u guys from malaysia

  • David Laloupe
    David Laloupe 24 days ago

    That is an actor that might have been awesome as geralt of rivia

  • Khalidi Mohamedi
    Khalidi Mohamedi 24 days ago

    Aziza karibu Tanzania

  • Harvey Specter
    Harvey Specter 25 days ago

    matching V shirts - they got on

  • Sovdat Alieva
    Sovdat Alieva 25 days ago

    Обожаю Керема 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

  • Gamze Şen
    Gamze Şen 26 days ago

    Adam çok iyi ya konuşuyor yetenkli her konuda

  • Erza stv
    Erza stv 27 days ago

    beatifull Fahrye ❤️🌹

  • Denise Wendt
    Denise Wendt 28 days ago

    An excellent interview by both of these Turkish Actors. I support Turkish Actors to be Interviewed in English. Loved it.

  • madindeed
    madindeed 29 days ago

    Keremin ingilizcesine cok dustum. Gozleri kapatip dinlemeli :p

  • bella belle
    bella belle 29 days ago

    his english ya😍😍

  • Robert Letsch
    Robert Letsch 29 days ago

    August 20, 2019 - Hi Levison - just caught the last episode of "From Russia to Iran : Crossing the wild frontier" on BBC Earth. I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I got so interested that I wanted to know more about you and your travels .. so I checked you out on RU-clip .. and found that I can now watch many of your travel adventures through the internet. I am fascinated by the fact that on just our tiny little planet that there are so many different cultures, beliefs, languages, and ways of thinking .. meaning ways of understanding and seeing life. I am also very interested in understanding more and more about our solar system of which Earth is a part and how it fits in to the rest of our galaxy with billions of stars and the fact that we now know that there are billions of galaxies in our universe. However, with all this knowledge that we now have such easy access to in our time .. I am saddened by the fact that there is so much strife going on on our tiny planet > the continuous wars, environmental destruction, and mistreated of other species of life aside from humans .. which concludes me to the fact that the human species is still such a primitive species of life .. and unless there are some radical changes .. that this primitive way of human life just may destroy the species and many others surviving on our tiny planet. We already know that our planet and solar system will not be around forever .. but the savage ways of human behaviour are destroying the quality of life for all species .. which I find very sad. I was born in Groningen, Netherlands, Aug 4, 1947 .. lived in West Africa (Nigeria & Ghana) from 1951-1958. My father worked for a Dutch shipping company so we did quite a bit of traveling up and down from Amsterdam to Lagos, Nigeria. I've lived in Montreal, Canada from October 1959 to the present day .. having traveled a bit in Canada, USA, Caribbean and quite a bit in Central America predominantly Mexico. For sure travel and meeting different cultures opens one's eyes and broadens one's thinking

  • Geoffrey Jarvis
    Geoffrey Jarvis Month ago

    Yes I miss the show with these two in it. Kris Marshall's character was just so hapless. Ben played a more complex and interesting role. And the two fine actors (Ban and Sara) made us believe in their unlikely but growing attraction of opposites. And of course it helped that Sara is so attractive .

  • Apurva Kumar Joshi

    I can't get used to any Mr. David with any accent other than the well known Belgian accent of Poirot

  • Caroline Lynch
    Caroline Lynch Month ago

    Hap is a womaniser. Mucks about with 2 women in it.

  • Jeff Libby
    Jeff Libby Month ago

    She is breathtaking... 99.9% perfection

  • 07808749914
    07808749914 Month ago

    ثنائي فد شي

  • Chiara 34 B
    Chiara 34 B Month ago

    David the most poirot ever. He can also speaks with his eyes here!

  • Irham Yusoff
    Irham Yusoff Month ago

    I personally love it because Ottoman Empire is a big part of Islam History.

  • yesmissfrancon
    yesmissfrancon Month ago

    A joy to watch. Much respect for Spanish culture.

  • Elizabeth Colon Cruz

    El amor de mi vida el hombre d mis sueños que bello escucharlo hablando Inglés el es perfecto en todo el sentido de la palabra lo amoooooooooo🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰

  • Blanky Sandoval Coria

    Me encanto verlos en la conferencia los vi en la novela El corazón de la ciudad y me encantaron 👏👏👏😍😚🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • Nancy Flores
    Nancy Flores Month ago

    Por favor traducción traducción gracias

  • Edward Schoenman
    Edward Schoenman Month ago

    And after HOW it went down hill.

  • Гуля Токоева

    Allahim hich ayrimasin.

  • Krzysztof U
    Krzysztof U Month ago

    Izabella, my Polish favorite actress.

  • Junior Fhaia
    Junior Fhaia Month ago

    Só seu fã meu amigo moro no Brasil em Maceió Alagoas abraço ciryl

  • Othmane El moumne

    It's not a english , It's chinnese

  • DooM DooMerson
    DooM DooMerson Month ago

    Still Bond girl material! WOW

  • Grisel reinamomo
    Grisel reinamomo Month ago

    Kerem bursin 💝 hande dogandemir .!!! Zeyker forever

  • zadruga unofficial

    Vatanım Sensin (Wounded Love) is the best series I`ve ever watched. So powerful story.

  • kalyan raghavan
    kalyan raghavan Month ago

    Philippa Gregory is the most renowned and world famous author of many historical novels. Great writer.

  • Mickdad Uhuru
    Mickdad Uhuru Month ago

    Wounded love is the best series i have ever watch. Çok güzer yani. Wallah jameel. Fantastic. Nzuri sana. Congratulations halit and azize 😊 for the great work halaaaaa

  • bombora69WA
    bombora69WA Month ago

    The writers do a great job to intermingle the novels into seasons. My favourite show.

  • Mohd Asri Ismail
    Mohd Asri Ismail Month ago

    My favorite turkis couple... 😂

    VIDEO TRACK Month ago

    Sereany can't speak English.... how sad 😪

  • Una McCarthy
    Una McCarthy Month ago

    Womaniser? Well I guess everyone wants a bit and he has been generous. I bet he is great in bed too.

    • Caroline Lynch
      Caroline Lynch Month ago

      @Una McCarthy He does dirty things with Florida Grange in that truck 😡 and looks at her legs in a lecherous way that I got upset about. Does dirty things with christina hendricks as well. Did not like him in or. Why is he always paired with women like them all the time??

    • Una McCarthy
      Una McCarthy Month ago

      Who said I was referring to james himself. He is an actor 😊

    • Caroline Lynch
      Caroline Lynch Month ago

      😡😡😡😡😡 Don't like the second line of your comment. Sad face. I love James and I wouldn't say a thing like that 😡😡😡😡😡 disgusting

  • renkler ve pezevenkler

    annnd... ammm... sooo.... hisss.... kerem bursin anladık anadilin gibi konuşabiliyosun fkldkcşdöxçcöcşx

  • kanatlarim var ruhumda

    candan ablam 😍😍😍😍💝💝💝

  • Meg Shimatsu
    Meg Shimatsu Month ago

    Love Bosch. Great TV writing. The peripheral characters are all interesting too. Kind of sad his ex was written off. Harry Bosch has a strong moral code, but lives in a world of greed and corruption. He wins some battles and loses others.

  • pumela tsewu
    pumela tsewu 2 months ago

    I love Money heist so much, am not even done watching part3 but already looking forward for part 4🙈

  • Aylza Melo
    Aylza Melo 2 months ago

    Essa moça é bonita.

  • FatedFlames
    FatedFlames 2 months ago

    And there will always be fans who come from the adaptation and go to the book as well

  • auxi ol
    auxi ol 2 months ago

    Oyele éstos actores si que son bien refinados que bien pronuncian el idioma inglés. Linda pareja muy buena la actuación en esta novela.

  • silvania syl
    silvania syl 2 months ago

    Umas das melhores séries que assisti. E Lars está perfeito.

  • Murat Arat
    Murat Arat 2 months ago

    Dil bir iletişim aracıdır. Hava atma aracı değil... Buradan yorumculara söylüyorum. Bir yabancı dili onlar gibi konuşma çabasında ki mantığı anlamıyorum. Konuşuyor musun konuşuyorsun, anlıyorlar mı anlıyorlar. Nedir bu şu güzel konuştu bu güzel konuştu. Uluslarası çevirmenlik sınavı mı bu !!?

  • thovenne p
    thovenne p 2 months ago

    titus rocks!

  • Неля Мир
    Неля Мир 2 months ago

    Я подумала если играла роль Бидар султана у нее на 100 % изменилось мнение. Она очень красиво внушительно сыграла свою роль. Но интервью она дает полураздетом виде жаль......

  • Luana Rodrigues
    Luana Rodrigues 2 months ago

    Mais que homem lindo esse luke

  • Mark Musicman
    Mark Musicman 2 months ago

    I think the actor potraying the Swede is the perfect villain. Great actor in this Series. "Hmm?"

  • Noe Nia
    Noe Nia 2 months ago

    I wanna thanks to Halit abd Berguzar ❣ Thay are best together ❤❣☝️ Thay love give us lot of energy ❣❤💗 Peace,lovely ,truly ... I cant explane my feels about them ❣❤ Feeling proud 🙌

  • walkiria mallea
    walkiria mallea 2 months ago

    He's speak very good english ,without accent

  • Yaren Çakmak
    Yaren Çakmak 2 months ago

    Kerem konuşsun ben dinliyim abi efsane konuşuyor

  • Penelope
    Penelope 2 months ago

    First to comment

  • Daniella Slon
    Daniella Slon 2 months ago

    Congrats to the cast and producers of Herrens Veje - brilliant and thought-provoking series. Loving it.