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  • Uhgene Ignorian
    Uhgene Ignorian 14 hours ago

    I need help, I put this on my Tesla but it only spits out electricity instead of flames. What did do wrong?

  • Rejeckjoel
    Rejeckjoel 2 days ago

    for me?????? ( 5:37) ahahahahahaha+

    PR PEACOCK BASS 3 days ago

    do you have an install of this that i can use

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 6 days ago

    I retract

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 6 days ago

    Shut the fuck up

  • Jake
    Jake 7 days ago

    The minute long mustang burnout was really not necessary

  • FishingStix 610
    FishingStix 610 9 days ago

    U should bondo those rivet holes then sand and paint it

  • Omar ganem
    Omar ganem 10 days ago

    Its actually tells you 1 oz per gallon on the back of the bottle

  • Joe
    Joe 12 days ago

    Instructions not clear, dick is stuck in the muffler

  • izwabbit
    izwabbit 12 days ago

    BUT MOOOOM it goes POP! crack! BANG! POP! POP! :D

  • Jerrell Booker
    Jerrell Booker 13 days ago

    Would it work on a auto 3.8

  • 13BlcKJcK13
    13BlcKJcK13 15 days ago

    Dig it! Currently refurbing my 2.0T and man....... a stripped bolt sets you back..... power to you and glad she’s up and running again!

  • Fugiwaratofu860
    Fugiwaratofu860 15 days ago

    live and learn brotha. we all make mistakes and some may ridicule you but you'll never do it again. its those who don't learn that are truly idiots.

  • Chuck Tate - Driven365

    Hey Tyler, we should compare turbo builds! Maybe collab on a video.

  • Raging AssCheeks
    Raging AssCheeks 15 days ago

    What about automatic genesis? I heard connecting it to the brake is the way to go?

    • Tyler Cordura
      Tyler Cordura 13 days ago

      People do it all the time, if you’re up for it then do it😂

    • Austin E
      Austin E 15 days ago

      Definitely let me know because iv got an auto tiburon that I wanna shoot flames

  • Justin castillo
    Justin castillo 15 days ago

    Maybe y’all would of had better luck if y’all used better tools than those harbor freight ass drills and bits..i woulda had that shit out in a matter of mins

  • click slide bang
    click slide bang 15 days ago

    We need new content. Buy a BK2;)

  • Jorge Davila
    Jorge Davila 15 days ago

    dam i hope i can get mine revived soon as well! 🙏😢

  • Luis Pardo
    Luis Pardo 16 days ago

    How reliable is this turbo kit ??

  • Louis B
    Louis B 16 days ago

    Should link up sometime when my g35 is a lil more put together 👌

  • PJ Morrison
    PJ Morrison 16 days ago

    We need more frequent posts bro, you make dope content.. But the wait time...😭😭

  • lovecurse56
    lovecurse56 16 days ago

    I'm looking at getting the cx racing kit bc I love the top mount look but after watching everything that's gone wrong with the kit from your videos I'm a little skeptical lol.

    • lovecurse56
      lovecurse56 16 days ago

      @Tyler Cordura Thanks for the reply man! So custom lines and stronger bolts for the manifold basically is what you're saying? I got a welder in case the welds need to be reinforced.

    • Tyler Cordura
      Tyler Cordura 16 days ago

      There is a way to make this kit work! You just have to make sure everything is done right and you support it. Basically reinforce the manifold, and use all custom lines (nothing provided by them, and you should be good.

    • lovecurse56
      lovecurse56 16 days ago

      I got a BK2 btw

  • Jonel Manicdao
    Jonel Manicdao 16 days ago

    What do you recommend for a first mod😂 I have a bk1 genesis that I just got

    • SlowBK2
      SlowBK2 16 days ago

      First mod return it and get a 350z hr

    • placebo effect
      placebo effect 16 days ago

      @Jonel Manicdao do turbo back exhaust, and then tune. Car is so much better with tune and it's a good baseline

    • Jonel Manicdao
      Jonel Manicdao 16 days ago

      I love your build by the way😍and where can I get that Wang,😂

  • David F
    David F 16 days ago

    Safety goggles when you drill bro! Drill bits snap big time

    • PJ Morrison
      PJ Morrison 16 days ago

      David F I learned the hard way😅

    • Tyler Cordura
      Tyler Cordura 16 days ago

      I know, I know! Usually I wear eye protection.

  • Juan Tapia
    Juan Tapia 16 days ago

    Comeback! Lol. I mean I've been seeing you kill it on IG. Keep the videos going man and keep having fun.

  • Charles
    Charles 16 days ago

    Been subscribed since flare days!! How reliable are the genesis stock internals?

    • Tyler Cordura
      Tyler Cordura 16 days ago

      A BK2 should handle it all day. The BK1 like mine need a decent amount to keep them safe

    • Charles
      Charles 16 days ago

      Not really sure really, honestly just a reliable 300-400 hp build for the streets

    • Tyler Cordura
      Tyler Cordura 16 days ago

      Depends lol, what are you trying to do?

  • Golden Toe
    Golden Toe 16 days ago

    I had a genesis when you first got your genesis and now I have a viper

  • Golden Toe
    Golden Toe 16 days ago

    Been a while

  • win King
    win King 16 days ago

    No way what a drama. Good to see you kept positive with a good sense of humor while doing everything you can to get it all correct. Thnx for the video

  • Jeffrey Cattelino
    Jeffrey Cattelino 16 days ago

    Cx racing kit ftw

    • Jeffrey Cattelino
      Jeffrey Cattelino 16 days ago

      @Tyler Cordura you already made one. Im going with a stock location turbo for mine when my stock turbo blows im at 44k miles on my 11.

    • Tyler Cordura
      Tyler Cordura 16 days ago

      For real! If you need an in-depth review of how to make this thing work and best back for your buck let me know😂

  • Chewie Moua
    Chewie Moua 18 days ago

    Keep up the good work bro!

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater 18 days ago

    Nice to see u back Tyler👍🏻.

  • Blueknight
    Blueknight 20 days ago

    That shouldn’t be considered lowering.

  • squirrel300zx
    squirrel300zx 20 days ago

    instructions are unclear. I unhooked battery, laid out wiring and now my penis is stuck in the grommet in the firewall.

  • Black on Black Exotic Review

    just get a tune ;)

  • Cyril Olsen
    Cyril Olsen 25 days ago

    What car is that?

  • AlexanderVan Nguyen

    Manual or auto?

  • MotorHead Tech
    MotorHead Tech Month ago

    Clickbate this is a turbo car, i'm trying to find out how to get flames on my Porsche 911 Carrera 4 (flatsix 3.6 ) non turbo car

    • MotorHead Tech
      MotorHead Tech Month ago

      @Tyler Cordura oh youre right i looked up support for wotbox they exist for the 911, but i rather just get it custom tuned, it looked like you have a 2.0t

    • Tyler Cordura
      Tyler Cordura Month ago

      Also for your 911 I would recommend getting a custom exhaust and having someone tune your car... I’m sure it will shoot flames.

    • Tyler Cordura
      Tyler Cordura Month ago

      Not clickbate... this works on N/A cars too... most mustangs use this for 2 step.

  • anthony alvarado
    anthony alvarado Month ago

    Is everything else about the body stock besides the fenders which you’ve installed?

  • GCNation
    GCNation Month ago

    I actually got it for no lift shift and using 2step as a launch control. The reason you'd get this over tuning your car to have these features is because with this you can change the settings whenever you want. For me convenience was the reason I got it. Flames are cool and yes I use it as such at meets etc. But I do a lot of racing and no lift shift is by far the best thing about this wotbox hands down. I don't do many dig runs but when I do, I use my launch control. The wotbox when used correctly is a great tool imo and has some advantages. Now yes we all know most gen owners did install one to roast marshmallows which is fine and all. But that's what gave the wotbox a bad rep within the Genesis community and possibly other communities.

    • David Restrepo-Toro
      David Restrepo-Toro 21 day ago

      GCNation should’ve of made a tutorial video of how to install

    • GCNation
      GCNation Month ago

      @Tyler Cordura yeah they can be a little finicky but if you have it set up properly it should be just fine like mine is. Just gotta setup the threshold perfectly and there's 0 issues with it. For me it has never failed me and I will put emphasis on the word properly because if you don't use it properly then yes it's just a huge ricer mod and you have fun with it I guess but used properly it should do what you needed to do for racing purposes which is what it was designed 4. But we all know 99% of people buy it for the flames so my points are valid but useless 😂 keep up the great content, I remember when I first started watching you.. and glad to see you growing

    • Tyler Cordura
      Tyler Cordura Month ago

      There are some benefits, but if done Improperly or the no liftshift fails your trans is toast... especially because these gen trans are fragile to begin with and you have to admit WOT BOXs are pretty finicky. Not putting them down, just my reasoning as to why I didn’t use the no lift shift feature

  • GenesisRhapsodos
    GenesisRhapsodos Month ago

    As a genesis owner im laughing my ass off rn 🤣

  • ChoengDo Tuner
    ChoengDo Tuner Month ago

    my trunk color is yellow :) ru-clip.com/video/whjyJXGrEHg/video.html

  • kim Dierichsen
    kim Dierichsen Month ago

    What a load of shit!!

  • Anthony Medina
    Anthony Medina Month ago

    Will not pass smog with this. It happened to me

    • Tyler Cordura
      Tyler Cordura Month ago

      I’ve passed smog with it twice. You have to wire it nicely and tuck it, it also has no effect on emissions.... it’s all based on your exhaust

  • J.G. Bloodworth
    J.G. Bloodworth Month ago

    Smart move to change your oil religiously. These turbo charged engines need their synthetic oil changed to stay tip top.

    • Big Ballah
      Big Ballah Month ago

      @Tyler Cordura Tyler what oil are you using on your gen Coupe? I use Mobile synthetic high mileage 5-30, and a good quality oil filter.

    • Tyler Cordura
      Tyler Cordura Month ago


  • click slide bang
    click slide bang Month ago

    You still haven't bought a bk2

  • Ballistic Cinema
    Ballistic Cinema Month ago

    I wanna see someone do this to a car with a stock exhaust

    • Its Sal
      Its Sal Month ago

      Ballistic Cinema I run stock exhaust. All blown out lmao

  • Benjamin Hernandez

    Where can I buy one?

  • blake flynn
    blake flynn Month ago

    Keep up the good work bro your killin it🙏


    I want to see the CAR please

  • mike scully
    mike scully Month ago

    Buy the way ,get a proper hair cut so you look like you dont suck dick.

  • mike scully
    mike scully Month ago

    You big fuckin baby , got off mommas tit. kids today kill me.

  • Kimora Knox
    Kimora Knox Month ago

    Does your mom work,

  • Andrew Hill
    Andrew Hill Month ago

    Did you have any problems with the aftermarket tubes slipping off under heavy boost? Happened to me...

  • Juiced Life
    Juiced Life Month ago

    Just throw the whole camera man away...

  • Angel Arias
    Angel Arias Month ago

    what do i do at the end? what happen after the website?

  • Angel Arias
    Angel Arias Month ago

    could this blow out my engine?

  • S1MKASH1
    S1MKASH1 Month ago

    It's funny how everyone is shitting at you for not drifting but you can't really drift on roads like that.

  • Josh Gosney
    Josh Gosney Month ago

    Bro I love your genesis. I have one as well. Dude where you from? I stay in Fontana California I need a genesis buddy in my area

  • KenntonOnTrac
    KenntonOnTrac Month ago

    Big wang gang? To me it's the compensation nation

  • Myles Walraven
    Myles Walraven Month ago

    Hey Tyler i have a question? i own a genesis coupe 3.8 mt 2010 i have brand new battery but my car wont start to me it sounds like the flywheel went bad becuase of a bad starter but the flywheel should be very strong material. i have a video i can email to you as well as my car making a ticking sound. my engine light is ticking and the sound is comming form the ecu main relay/fuse do you know anything about that fuse? would it be the ecu computer doing that for saftey ? please get back to me my email is myleswalraven97@gmail.com

  • Andrew Scianna
    Andrew Scianna Month ago

    A cut out will never give u that much hp

    • Andrew Scianna
      Andrew Scianna Month ago

      @Tyler Cordura a cut out will never give u that much power

    • Tyler Cordura
      Tyler Cordura Month ago

      Lol I have the dyno results and papers. I have physical proof of my set up and the difference between the cut out closed and it being open. Please tell me and the world how you know more than the dyno and a professional tuner. Please master engineer explain? Lol I have a stock exhaust paired with a very large turbo. It chokes out the turbo and doesn’t allow it to flow or spool enough to make power, when the cut out is open the turbo spools 1000rpms sooner and makes a huge gain in boost as it spools more freely. Results closed cut out = 10lbs of boost 270whp. Cut out open = 24lbs of boost 450whp. Simple maths lol

  • King Of Beast Kennels

    Do you know how fucking hard it is to find this car in uk

  • Power House
    Power House Month ago

    Question! Does water affect your ECU from the hood vent on the right?

    • Tyler Cordura
      Tyler Cordura Month ago

      Not that I’ve seen. It been like this for over a year

  • Dan Kim
    Dan Kim Month ago

    Probably i would've wrapped/painted it before stapling them to the car qhich couldve done it mu self

  • Anthony sales
    Anthony sales Month ago

    anyone know what type of horns those are?

  • Opzzkilla
    Opzzkilla Month ago

    What seats are those

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater 2 months ago

    That SUCKS Tyler😳🤭. Hopefully your luck turns soon🙏🏻.

  • Zachary Corniel
    Zachary Corniel 2 months ago

    It’s called a Viper ACR not an ARC

  • WillyKDM
    WillyKDM 2 months ago


  • RytheGeneral
    RytheGeneral 2 months ago


  • sp00n
    sp00n 2 months ago

    Yo these yeezys better be fake if you're working on your cars in them

  • Chris Mantovani
    Chris Mantovani 2 months ago

    After buying an aftermarket turbo do you know how much installation would cost if you brought it to a shop and had them install it? I have a 2014 genesis 2.0t r spec?? Any feedback would be appreciated. From the looks of the video it looks like u installed it yourself but you probably know what shops typically charge for an install like this ( your turbo not the cutout)

    • Chris Mantovani
      Chris Mantovani 2 months ago

      @Tyler Cordura that would be pretty sick!! Have any ideas on what shops typically charge for installation with a setup like yours? Any recommended shops you know of near Clearwater Fl by chance?

    • Tyler Cordura
      Tyler Cordura 2 months ago

      The BK2 is definitely worth it. My same exact set up on a BK2 will soar over 500hp easily. On stock internals.

    • Chris Mantovani
      Chris Mantovani 2 months ago

      Just debating whether or not to build the genesis ( its slow af stock) or just get rid of it and get something else

  • Hugh Mann
    Hugh Mann 2 months ago

    We cant hear you over the shit music. No offense bro

  • Ruben Rios
    Ruben Rios 2 months ago

    5:33 sand it

  • funny af
    funny af 2 months ago

    your fuickin music is WAYYYYYY too loud

  • Rob Gillies
    Rob Gillies 2 months ago

    Or just get a fast car.

  • Bxlt
    Bxlt 2 months ago

    What front bumper do you have on the genesis?

  • puzzled_miata
    puzzled_miata 2 months ago

    Got nausea from this video. Not cause the build nut from the unsteady ass camera. With the curves of the car I feel like your wing should tuck closer to the body.

  • Legion Fitness
    Legion Fitness 2 months ago

    That genesis is 🔥🔥

  • Emad Saad Drastic Measures Hip Hop

    where do i buy the fender roller?

  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    theres no way he can run out of air with a turbo thats fresh air being pumped

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams 2 months ago

    Your car is badass

  • Mike At OnPoint
    Mike At OnPoint 2 months ago

    Did she just say it’s easy to spray a gun? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    DEBOtheGIANT 2 months ago

    I want that bike man. What is that

  • Baka's Garage
    Baka's Garage 2 months ago

    hell yeah

  • Fazz.
    Fazz. 2 months ago

    fuck yeahhhh brahhhh

    • Tyler Cordura
      Tyler Cordura 2 months ago

      Get back in the game. Lets make videos.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 3 months ago

    Yes more bike content 🤘🏾

  • richard vitagliano
    richard vitagliano 3 months ago

    i bet you can unwrap the chick in record time LOL good one huh............................

  • J. C.
    J. C. 3 months ago

    Pretty fuckin ghetto

  • Steve Mac
    Steve Mac 3 months ago

    Between that 911 and the Lamborghini sheeeet

  • Steve Mac
    Steve Mac 3 months ago

    How did you win number #2 out if Porsches Lamborghinis GTRs with a Hyundai and it’s not even that custom made of us there different categories or classes. Congrats but it doesn’t make sense

  • Josh Gosney
    Josh Gosney 3 months ago

    Bro you from the inland inpire?

  • INT expert
    INT expert 3 months ago

    Ohh Yay i love getting click baited.

  • Daniel Dimayuga
    Daniel Dimayuga 3 months ago

    Bro, when you said can we get a quick prayer before she drove😭

  • Kingz Gaming
    Kingz Gaming 3 months ago

    Lol not drifting that’s just donuts lol

  • Ben 124
    Ben 124 3 months ago

    He got flares but hes not rolling fat tires

  • Jacob Proctor
    Jacob Proctor 3 months ago

    I hate it when the title sounds like an actually well thought out, planned, well edited video with key points and then it turns out to be a 20 year old vlogger who shows you random shit and you have to watch his boring ass life from a top down view with elevator music playing in the background. Hate this shit.

  • Tomas Torres
    Tomas Torres 3 months ago

    Oh snap!! 💪🏼👍🏼