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Why Bronze is Fascinating...
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Too Much Awesome Stuff!
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Curved Swords CAN Thrust!
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  • EJ Wu
    EJ Wu 35 seconds ago

    How much did you spend for fuel?

  • Mr.Frozenite
    Mr.Frozenite Minute ago

    Your stay in Ontario wasn’t good? Sorry eh... living in southern Ontario is quite nice. As you said life near Ottawa and Toronto is pretty good.

  • Colin Mackay
    Colin Mackay Minute ago

    Welcome to NS man! My home town is Yarmouth and I also lived in Wolfville for 4 years. You'll love it here.

  • OKimcallinit
    OKimcallinit 4 minutes ago

    SK has plenty of wind turbines. They just aren't along the #1

  • mirrorsedgy
    mirrorsedgy 6 minutes ago

    don't stab me please X_X

  • Marcel Paquet
    Marcel Paquet 7 minutes ago

    Skall if a German grandma designed the highway there wouldn't be a speed limit

  • Meatbyproducts
    Meatbyproducts 8 minutes ago

    Well crap, you used to live near me. Now you're a nation away

  • Jacob W
    Jacob W 8 minutes ago

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us, I enjoyed it.

  • Jake the Greatest
    Jake the Greatest 9 minutes ago

    Lantern pistol has been remade better now days

  • Dakota T.
    Dakota T. 10 minutes ago

    Just so you know the takeover lanes going up hill are for people to get a round semi-trucks who have to go slow up the hill or mountain.

  • Eric Poupart
    Eric Poupart 10 minutes ago

    Hahaha ya Quebec city bridge. I got confuse there to and i m from Montreal 🤣

  • Clyde Osborne
    Clyde Osborne 12 minutes ago

    How much did it cost you for petrol?

  • Burningspud
    Burningspud 13 minutes ago

    Wind turbines are garbage for energy given their cost. Also they kill literal tons of birds a year.

  • Daniel Frelick
    Daniel Frelick 13 minutes ago

    Welcome to the Maritimes Skallagrim!

  • Lance Biggums
    Lance Biggums 13 minutes ago

    Châtaigneray would have been spelled and pronounced Chastaigneray back then, so you're correct either way. Any time you see that accent circonflex (â, ê, î, ô) the accent is replacing what used to be an s back in the Middle French days

  • Wanmohan
    Wanmohan 14 minutes ago

    Who is the third person?

  • Look-a
    Look-a 15 minutes ago

    In northern Sweden sometimes there is reindeer herds walking ALONG the road at snail pace. They don't give a fuck about horns or driving really close to them and shouting. They will also show their disrespect by shitting and pissing right infront of the car.

  • Eks calybur
    Eks calybur 15 minutes ago

    wind turbines, industrial bird murders, same thing, right?

  • Raf 'Guard' Leblanc
    Raf 'Guard' Leblanc 17 minutes ago

    Conglaturations with the move! Hope you have fun and do well!

  • Seven Proxies
    Seven Proxies 18 minutes ago

    "Winterpeg" where the winters will peg your ass

  • - king-
    - king- 18 minutes ago

    its urumi not whip sword ok

  • plasmathunderdx
    plasmathunderdx 19 minutes ago

    Quebec requires pretty much everything to be in French to the point where they have inspectors to enforce it. You have a sign that has French and english? the French has to be more prominent or you get a fine.

  • Anthony Hayes
    Anthony Hayes 20 minutes ago

    15:18 try being around Ohioan Subaru drivers

  • Brian Blackwell
    Brian Blackwell 21 minute ago

    You are very lucky man, your spouse is very forgiving

  • Seven Proxies
    Seven Proxies 25 minutes ago

    Was that your first rodeo Skall? :P

  • Jimmy Brassard
    Jimmy Brassard 26 minutes ago

    Im from the province of Québec and even i get confused on that bridge. (In Québec city) 😂

  • An Epic Otter
    An Epic Otter 28 minutes ago

    Congratulations! I truly hope you're happy in your new home

  • S B
    S B 28 minutes ago

    Why the move?

  • schonnj
    schonnj 29 minutes ago

    As a native of Halifax, I bid you welcome, and I hope you enjoy it here. It's unfortunate your arrival coincided with Dorian. We rarely get extreme weather, our last big storm was Juan in 2003.

  • Ryuu Tatsujin
    Ryuu Tatsujin 30 minutes ago

    When you get unpacked and settled, you should give us a house tour!

  • Crusade
    Crusade 30 minutes ago

    The German Grandma joke... Hey Skall, the Germans have the Autobahn, usually there are more than enough lanes and in more than one place NO speed limit.

  • Kamil Zmora
    Kamil Zmora 31 minute ago

  • Ringtail Paladin
    Ringtail Paladin 34 minutes ago

    Is there a Blood and Iron nearby there, too?

  • Superman Man
    Superman Man 34 minutes ago

    he said "shaft" :)

  • Hawkticus' History Corner

    Pickup Drivers in BC: We're the worst drivers ever! Chicago Drivers: Hold my beer.

  • alexandre desrosiers
    alexandre desrosiers 36 minutes ago

    To be clear on three things : Yes, the roads in Québec are awful. Yes, driving in Montreal is fucking shit. And yes, the road signs are really bad.

  • Climber31Gaming
    Climber31Gaming 36 minutes ago

    My understanding is that the double lanes on the up hills are there to allow heavy/slow trucks to climb the hill without cars piling up behind them. But yeah, it's annoying to try and pass uphill.

  • S B
    S B 36 minutes ago

    Amazing views.

  • Kamil Zmora
    Kamil Zmora 36 minutes ago

    Marsden,i respect you and everything,but go to Sieniawski Fencing and see POLISH CROSS CUTTING ART.. This is how our national sabre art was looks like.

  • Evil Alien
    Evil Alien 37 minutes ago

    Thats cool that means you drove right by my house hope yous settle in ok

  • SuicideNeil
    SuicideNeil 37 minutes ago

    Viking marauds across Canada to find a new home...

  • Gage Crewe
    Gage Crewe 38 minutes ago

    If it's not too much trouble Skall, I'd like to know what you think of the Hatchet from this same manufacturer. Same price range, different axe.

  • Nameymcnameface
    Nameymcnameface 38 minutes ago

    West coast best coast.

  • Chris Picon
    Chris Picon 41 minute ago

    1:23 now I want to see a Minecraft let’s play by Skal

  • Kaiser Franz von Lappen der 2.

    Mr Dorian?

  • Simplistic Owl
    Simplistic Owl 42 minutes ago

    Nice! So good to see that you made it. Once you've recovered from all this I am excited for all the new content.

  • Alex McGilvery
    Alex McGilvery 43 minutes ago

    Good fun to see familiar landmarks across the country. The uphill passing lanes are to get past the 18 wheelers, not the porches. Glad you survived the trip.

  • rideswithscissors
    rideswithscissors 45 minutes ago

    Did you have the satellite radio? That would have made the trip a lot better.

  • Ryuu Tatsujin
    Ryuu Tatsujin 46 minutes ago

    As an Ontarian, yeah, fuck northern Ontario. Also, did I hear you say that there are worse drivers somewhere else in Canada other than Quebec? Holy crap, first time I've hear that Quebecers weren't the worst (nvm, you went through Montreal and found out how insane they are xD). Also, the only province in the country where translations aren't mandatory, kinda pretentious and snobbish if you ask me.

  • Cameron VanDeMeme
    Cameron VanDeMeme 46 minutes ago

    Berta boys would of given you a dodge pick up escort if you asked lmao

  • Dragor88
    Dragor88 46 minutes ago

    Just be glad it wasnt one of the older UHauls, one from the 1980s

  • brian coleman
    brian coleman 47 minutes ago

    Am I the only one that immediately though of the Dovenking song from skyrim at 2:15 w/ that mountain? Yes? Ok...I'll go back to my corner..... lol

    • NumaNugget
      NumaNugget 41 minute ago

      "Dovenking" hahaha what? Dovahkiin

  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson 47 minutes ago

    They were also known to wear horned helmets with a torque and huge mustache

  • Galtur
    Galtur 48 minutes ago

    HEY, you cant compare Onatario with germany, especialy if you mention the speed limit... Our higways are almoust never under 100Kph

  • fred6319
    fred6319 49 minutes ago

    no trains?

  • DreamingFlurry
    DreamingFlurry 50 minutes ago

    Hey - I am truly offended, Skall! I am going to cry now! (Note: JOKE!) Still, it is kind of true that Germany (I happen to be German) over-regulates a lot of things :( Congrats on moving into your new place (I don't know how you do it, but for me - despite on the one hand seeking "adventure" (normal life is so fucking boring!) - moving over a thousand kilometers from where I live would be kind of hard (not because of the place actually, but because I'd only see my friends every couple of years if I did that...otherwise it would be discord and calls only -.-)

  • reicirith
    reicirith 53 minutes ago

    Regarding Northern Ontario: I mean... it's one lane because not enough people drive there to warrant a two lane road. Honestly, Southern Ontario is equally boring. The only beautiful and cool areas in Ontario are the lakes/Georgian Bay. Also Ontario has tonnes of amazing craft beer places (because water is cheap, so it's a popular place for brewers to go). It's too bad you didn't enjoy it. Ontario is pretty boring, but it's not as bad as your experience sounded.

    YOU_WILL_LOVE_EACH_OTHER 53 minutes ago

    Saskatchewan looks like the perfect place to build wind turbines, did you saw any? there's a similar flat in my country and there's wind turbines all the way, also the wind is so hard it yanks your car around.

  • Lukasz Szendera
    Lukasz Szendera 56 minutes ago

    You Just worry about all your fine swords to be retrofitted with GPS.. Dont you? ;-).

  • Nathan Valley
    Nathan Valley 57 minutes ago

    Nice fireplace ! Glad you made a safe trip! Hope the new place is everything you want and need! Can't wait to see the content you create on your new land!!

    YOU_WILL_LOVE_EACH_OTHER 59 minutes ago

    Whoa who would have thought that crossing biomes in real life was like crossing biomes in Minecraft. lol.

  • tuomopoika
    tuomopoika Hour ago

    The suicidal driving is part of French culture so I guess it comes from there. Much of the landscape looks very much like Finland, we just don't have the mountains.

  • Graham Parr
    Graham Parr Hour ago

    Tiredness when driving is a combination of opposing things, boredom and concentration.

  • Jasdou07
    Jasdou07 Hour ago

    Hello from Québec, glad you enjoyed your stay! (and sorry for the roads) :')

  • Chad Herbert
    Chad Herbert Hour ago

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing your adventure! I’ve done the Toronto to BC drive both ways and was curious about the eastern portion. I thought I’d been doing a lot of driving over the last few months to teach HEMA in neighbouring towns, but your drive was epic in comparison! Glad you all are safely home! Take care and can’t wait for more videos! 😎⚔️🤪

  • Fabio Varrà
    Fabio Varrà Hour ago

    Regina=Queen in italian

  • DwarfInBlues
    DwarfInBlues Hour ago

    Congratulations on successfully enduring the haul! Have a swift acclimatization!

  • Driznar Del'Unyar

    Hope you find the new digs to your liking. Grew up in BC, I will always miss it, until I move back.

  • notstayinsdowns
    notstayinsdowns Hour ago

    Think about doing that in a wagon, ugh.

  • Daniel Duntavs Saunders

    I've been to Cohrane, worst two weeks of my life, black flies and mosquitoes

  • Mathu-Andrew Budge

    Now, We're entering Winnie's Peg - On the left - Vagina and verdant Vagitation.

  • D H
    D H Hour ago

    I hate to break it to all of Skall's fans, but this video is obviously fake. He isn't in Canada, where are all the moose and syrup trees huh?

  • Enusama
    Enusama Hour ago

    10:57 Germans are efficient and on the Autobahn in some places there isn't even a speed limit

  • Taylor
    Taylor Hour ago

    Reminds me of when I moved to Alaska from the eastern USA. Drove all the way across the country, then north through BC and the Yukon. Can confirm that Canada is in fact vast and mostly empty.

  • Mex420Mex
    Mex420Mex Hour ago

    Liked before I even watched the video. Glad to hear you made it home, guys! Welcome to NS! :D

  • Nate Windwood
    Nate Windwood Hour ago

    Congratulations of finally making it! :)

  • Danny Henslowe
    Danny Henslowe Hour ago

    Im not sure why you think Vancouver Island is safe from bad weather and natural disasters, it sits directly on one of the biggest fault lines of the entire continent, and every winter we experience some of the most violent wind storms in all of Canada - Not to mention some places on the island have the highest yearly rainfall totals in all of North America.

  • Дейон Бюр

    Ah! My native Skyrim)

  • Michal Haša
    Michal Haša Hour ago

    What a nice mountains!

  • B4 freedomfighter

    With far less effort, you could've driven to the greatest nation on earth: Texas. And made a far happier and more free life.

  • William Spears
    William Spears Hour ago

    You made it safely through the Ghost River Triangle?

  • Shawn Wolf
    Shawn Wolf Hour ago

    Glad you made it, Skal! Looking forward to more updates :D

  • PantsuRobota
    PantsuRobota Hour ago

    Damn it's look like Russia most of the time

  • Cameron Youngs
    Cameron Youngs Hour ago

    Welcome to my timezone mate

  • Chaos Omega
    Chaos Omega Hour ago

    I hope the Calgarians treated you well! If not, I apologize.

  • Call Me Ninj
    Call Me Ninj Hour ago

    Are you going to re purple paper a wall for your background?

  • Dick Dasterdly
    Dick Dasterdly Hour ago

    Wife forgot the phone now you gotta go back for another trip

  • Mister Ree
    Mister Ree Hour ago

    Dudes got 2 wives now.

  • Call Me Ninj
    Call Me Ninj Hour ago

    I would have loved to have been able to see the looks on the neighbours faces as you were unloading all those weapons

  • Lurkian Danti
    Lurkian Danti Hour ago

    House Tour !!!)

  • Call Me Ninj
    Call Me Ninj Hour ago

    Personally, I always find travelling wipes me right out. So I'm very much not surprised that you guys are so tired. In fact I'm somewhat shocked that you actually managed to Chronicle the whole thing I'd have been way too drained to do so

  • Cherub1210
    Cherub1210 Hour ago

    Excuse me, we germans dont rly now speed Limits 😂

  • Seelenschmiede
    Seelenschmiede Hour ago

    Very nice views and very nice to know you made it through and are good and healthy (again).

  • aires420 war
    aires420 war Hour ago

    Glad u r safe

  • Call Me Ninj
    Call Me Ninj Hour ago

    Welcome to the east coast, in any case. Well... Most of the way to the East Coast. Greetings from Port Aux Basques Newfoundland

  • exlibrisas
    exlibrisas Hour ago

    :D God you foreigners are so picky. You couldn't survive here in Lithuania for more then a day: boring landscape, terrible soviet architecture, bad roads, lots of industry and serious people. I love the last part though, but it's not for flashy optimistic foreigners.

  • The Metamancer
    The Metamancer Hour ago

    I grew up in Alaska for ~10 years. This was a good reminder of home. Good luck with the move!

  • Call Me Ninj
    Call Me Ninj Hour ago

    It's actually against the law in Canada to use a single language. But, given the federal government's weakness when it comes to Quebec , that law is rarely enforced when it's French only

    • NightWarp
      NightWarp Hour ago

      yay, another Quebec basher, so let me enlighten you, it depends.. that applies for federal stuff, post office.. ministry of blah blah.. any federal services has to be done in both across the country, its not always enforced, in either way depending where you are. Some province offer it at provincial level as well, but aside from that... your local gas station can do whatever it wants man. So dont expect to be served in English in a little town of 500 in back water Quebec. The same i wouldn't except to be served in french in a mom and pop restaurent in Halifax. its common sense. Then there's the fact, no EVERYONE speaks both languages, some that learned it in school 30 years ago most likely dont remember it, as well, those with prejudiced against anything different wont make the effort to accommodate. This is valid on BOTH side. I seen it from both side in my travels across our great country.

  • E.A. Nanes
    E.A. Nanes Hour ago

    Thanks for showing us the provinces Ontariens don't usually go to (like Northern Ontario. lol)

  • masvindu
    masvindu Hour ago

    We do not obey speed limits in Ontario Skall :P